After an intense pitching duel and a thrilling walk-off home run by Phillip Ervin in extra innings, the Reds (53-69) look to build off that momentum in the second game of the series tonight at GABP. First pitch will be at 7:10 ET.

Starting Pitchers

Pitcher IP ERA xFIP K% BB%
Matt Harvey 111.0 5.19 4.52 17.6% 6.1%
Madison Bumgarner 79.2 2.71 4.35 19.8% 9.5%

It’s the middle of the August and Matt Harvey is still a Red. It is what it is. Harvey hasn’t done anything to drastically hurt his trade value, but it makes you wonder how many, if any, teams are inquiring about him. His overall ERA for the season is over 5.00, but his ERA with the Reds is 4.61 in 84 innings.

Harvey is another Reds pitcher who has been victimized by the home run ball. He’s given up 14 home runs during his time in Cincinnati thus far and 20 home runs in 2018. He’s also given up 84 hits with the Reds, which can be averaged out to a hit every inning. But while home runs and hits in general have been his problem, walks have not been. Harvey has walked just 20 batters all season, including with the Mets.

Andrew McCutchen and Brandon Belt are the two players to look out for against Harvey. Belt has two home runs against him in 11 plate appearances.

matt harvey vs giants

We don’t tend to hear much about Madison Bumgarner, at least not like a few years ago when he was a Cy Young candidate and won a World Series MVP. Dealing with injuries for the last two years will do that. Last season, Bumgarner dealt with a shoulder injury suffered while riding his dirt bike, but returned to finish with a 3.32 ERA and 3.95 FIP in 111.0 innings.

This season, Bumgarner suffered a fractured left hand after getting hit with a line drive in spring training at the end of March. He returned on June 5, and has pitched solidly since, recording a 2.71 ERA and a 3.70 FIP in 79.2 innings. In his last start against the Dodgers, he gave up seven hits and two runs in six innings, with four strikeouts and two walks.

It’s too bad Joey Votto had to go on the DL (thanks again, Ryan Madson), as he hits .400 off Bumgarner. Instead, Billy Hamilton and Scooter Gennett could do some damage. Both have home runs against him.

bumgarner vs reds


1. Andrew McCutchen (RF)
2. Joe Panik (2B)
3. Buster Posey (C)
4. Brandon Belt (1B)
5. Evan Longoria (3B)
6. Brandon Crawford (SS)
7. Alen Hanson (LF)
8. Steven Duggar (CF)
9. Madison Bumgarner (P)
1. Billy Hamilton (CF)
2. Jose Peraza (SS)
3. Scooter Gennett (2B)
4. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
5. Phillip Ervin (RF)
6. Tucker Barnhart (C)
7. Dilson Herrera (LF)
8. Brandon Dixon (1B)
9. Matt Harvey (P)

News and Notes

-If you’re going to the game tonight, look out for this young girl who is trying achieve a goal of throwing out a first pitch with her robotic hand at all 30 ballparks. Tonight will be her 28th park.

-The Reds have some of the best players in the Florida State League in their farm system, according to Baseball America.

-The Reds have some All-Star prospects in the Midwest League as well.

-As a follow-up to the Phillip Ervin article yesterday, here’s a comparison of Ervin vs. Mason Williams in both the majors and the minor leagues.

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  1. That’s really odd that BA has Taylor Trammel as the best OF arm in the FSL.

    I always thought the knock on him was he had a noodle arm?

    Good news is better than bad, just don’t know how seriously to take BA on that!

    • I think his arm was what many felt held him back from being an MLB CF, so that is interesting

  2. “Harvey hasn’t done anything to drastically hurt his trade value, but it makes you wonder how many, if any, teams are inquiring about him.”

    Harvey was well on his way to refuting his critical pundits…until he laid an egg in his July 22nd start. Everyone seemed to be waiting on Harvey to stumble and fertilize their skepticism or continue with his dominating success and give them reason to pause and consider. His 3 starts since the July 22nd start have done nothing to enhance anyone’s opinion of his value, except the Reds of course. Harvey just had no wiggle room to attract positive attention unless he nailed down every start. I doubt there is any real interest in Harvey at this point. I also doubt that he will have much FA value without a 1-year balloon contract to try and reestablish his value and I would certainly not want to use GABP to try and reestablish that value.

    • And yet, he’s our 2nd best pitcher behind Disco – Our 2nd best pitcher and no one would want him.. Our starting pitchers are complete trash.

  3. Thanks for the ‘heads up’ on Hailey’s appearance for the 1st pitch at GABP tonight. That’s a must see opportunity.

  4. I really like Clementina. Tough player with a lot of power!!! Hope they keep him

  5. We’ll see who wins the game but the real winner tonight will be Hailey.

  6. Okay, we got Ervin and Herrera in the same starting lineup tonight. Hope they shine.

  7. To Mark Lang’s point above about Harvey as 2nd best pitcher…..

    On the Giants broadcast last night, play by play guy Duane Kuiper quoted Bruce Bochy as saying SF was facing “the Reds 3 best pitchers”….Disco, Harvey, Castillo.

    (Not quite Corbin/Greinke/Godley or Nola/Arrieta/Pivetta).

    A guy who has to prove he can get through 200 innings next year, a guy on his last chance and a guy whose stuff for sure plays, but is far from a finished product.

    Let the sorting continue.

    • Harvey is not on his last chance. There are teams that would take him. They just aren’t going to give somebody up for him by trading for him. He will be signed by somebody in the off season.

  8. Way to make their pitcher work.

  9. I didn’t take my grouchy pill today. So I’m gonna tell you I’m looking at a pitcher’s durland I’m enjoying it.

    • My 13-year-old turned me on to Gravity Falls. Apparently, AutoCorrect knows this

  10. Jose!

  11. Dixon’s bat died a hero… 2 run double

  12. Dixon!

  13. Fun game so far!! I like Dixon alot….hopefully that will give him some confidence! Better then Senzel, Ervin, and everyone else at AAA. He’s got some power and can run and can play all over. He’s better then Blandino imo and Blandino is better then what we’ve had in years past on the bench.

    Harvey? They need to see if he’ll sign for 2 years. He starts off almost every guy 0-1 and doesn’t groove 0-2s with 2 men like Castillo. The Reds aren’t going to field 3-4 better starters next year.

  14. Gennett!!!


  15. Nice 2 strike sac fly by Ervin and heads up running by Scooter

    • Yep….gifted us a run by throwing home when they had zero chance to get Peraza. I’ve seen that a ton from the Reds too. Dumb baseball?

      Scooter tied for the lead in the NL with 3 hit games….going for another tonite! Peraza looks great too!

  16. I did not mean to ignore



  17. I am rooting so hard for a Harvey no-hitter.

    Always fun to watch, the Giants are truly one of the worst road teams in recent memory, and really old, and…

    it will lead to all sorts of hot takes on how wise the Reds were to hold on to him and how they should re-sign him before the season ends.

    h/t to Jack (good call).

  18. Shoot!

    Nice try by Jose though

  19. Switching back and forth from the Bengals game. Not impressed with their run game and offense. As for Peraza that was a nice try on preserving Harvey’s no no.


  21. Dilson Dilson Dilson!!!!!!!!

    Delightful delightful delightful

  22. Dilson longball!! Madbum a shell of his former self.

  23. Nice Homer Herrera. See you next weekend when you get to start again. I would like to strangle Riggleman

    • It would be easier to break all his fingers and then fill out the lineup card for him.

  24. Easy Jack but if you need some help.

  25. Are we sure we want Billy to get the most at bats every game?Didn’t we try that for like 4 years?

  26. So they just brought Williams in for Herrera. Thanks for that homer, Dilson. Take a seat.
    And btw, when will Aquino ever get to play? Outfielders out the wazoo.

  27. The offense will be pretty good next year….maybe very good? The bench should be good…esp if Dilson, Dixon, and Blandino are on it. The pen worries me some…H&H will both be 34 next year. Overall though…if they can add 1 decent starter and maybe keep Harvey then they could surprise alot of people! Oakland came out of nowhere.

    Scooter leading the NL in 3 hit games….unless Jose Mart with the Cards kept pace?

  28. Suarez!


  29. Chad Dotson and Redleg Nation with a shoutout from Chris Welsh!

  30. Chad and The Big 50 just got a shout out by Chris Welsh

  31. That was a generous call by the official scorer, I think

  32. I couldn’t agree with Welsh more than Eugenio needs a day off. He’s earned it.

  33. Nice damage control by Lorenzen.

  34. The Reds official scorer needs a drug test if he thinks that was a hit by Williams

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