The Cincinnati Reds (49-64) have lost 6 of their last 7 games, and are in desperate need of a win tonight in Citi Field against the New York Mets (46-64). The Reds were dominated most of the game by Noah Syndergaard, and their late rally came up short in a 6-4 loss.

Starting Pitchers

Starting Lineups

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  1. Bill

    1. Jose Peraza (R) SS
    2. Brandon Dixon (R) 1B
    3. Scooter Gennett (L) 2B
    4. Eugenio Suarez (R) 3B
    5. Phillip Ervin (R) LF
    6. Tucker Barnhart (S) C
    7. Mason Williams (L) RF
    8. Sal Romano (L) P
    9. Billy Hamilton (S) CF

    Votto, Winker, and Schebler being injured is going to be hard to overcome

      • kmartin

        It gets worse tomorrow because deGrom is pitching.

  2. roger garrett

    Five guys carried this team all year offensively.Nothing was done to fill the other three holes or at least two of them so whatever happens for here on out is on the front office.Scooter should set in favor of Herrera and Casali in favor of Tucker against a lefty every time they see one.

    • Scott C

      Scooter playing and Hamilton playing. Way to go rebuild!

  3. Old-school

    Other than Suarez , no one is swinging with power. The Ball is different in 2018 than 2017 for some . Injuries are a factor. Schebler’s power is missed as well as Winker’s run creation. Duvall was good for a home run a week as a 4th OF.

    But, looking forward, Votto’s power decline is real. He might not get 12 this year. He’s becoming Joe Mauer and Mark Grace. Scooter isn’t hitting 25 ever again, let alone 30. Barnhart and Peraza might hit 2-3 more this year. Hamilton might hit one more- Phil has a split the pot going on that.

    The 2014 team hit 131 home runs. The 1998 team hit 137. This team sits at 117 and stuck in the muck with ~ 50 games to go. Run creation and ISO matter. Bottom 3 worst power in 2 decades +.

    • Jack

      You might be right. Front office has to look at Scooter and say did he peak already or is the shoulder to blame? If it’s the shoulder then he needs to sit and get it fixed now. If he peaked then it’s time to move on from him.

      • D Ray White

        Or, the sharps line of thought well before the trade deadline. How the front office managed to bungle the non-trade of any one/all of Hernandez, Hughes, Scooter, Harvey is mind boggling. The Front Office is a Clown Show.

    • Bill

      I’m not ready to accept Votto hitting 10 HR a year is the norm. He might not ever hit 30 again, but I think he is still hitting it hard enough, just not seeing the results this year. Schebler has power and there is no reason to believe Scooter couldn’t hit 25 with a healthy shoulder. Suarez can hit 30 and Winker has shown that he has more power than displayed in AAA.

      • Old-school

        I’m not ready to accept Votto 10 HR either. But this year it’s less than 15 and hard to imagine a scenario of 30 next year. If anyone can do it though, it’s Votto. Schebler can hit 25 and Winker 15 and Senzel can be a an OPS machine.

  4. Bill J

    They would move Senzel before they move BHam, maybe even Scooter.

  5. Sliotar

    Old-School is right regarding more HRs needed.

    There is the GABP effect, which can’t be forgotten.

    Reds HRs at Home – 65 in 57 games
    Reds HRs Away – 52 in 56 games

    On a club that does not have enough power, the offense can look putrid on the road, and has at times during this road trip.

  6. Sliotar

    One more interesting Home/Away thing, which ties in Steve Mancuso’s recurring point about keeping BB% high.

    (Thanks, FanGraphs)

    Reds walk percentage in home games …. 10.7% (second best in MLB, behind Yankees)
    Reds walk percentage in road games ….. 8.5% (tied for 13th)

    Of the guys with 100 PAs and still with team, here are home/away BB% splits

    Votto – 18.3 (home) / 17.1
    Barnhart – 12.9 / 8.4
    Suarez – 10.7 / 10.8
    Hamilton – 9.9 / 8.6
    Peraza – 8.4 / 2.1
    Gennett – 6.2 / 7.5

    2 points

    1) Suarez …. a season for the ages, and a model of consistency, any park, any where

    2) The leadoff hitter tonight has a 2.1% walk percentage in road games, worst among Reds regulars.

    Peraza is above league average in wRC+ (106) on road, but only 5 walks in 241 road PAs.

    In the MLB of 2018, this feels sub-optimal.

    At a minimum, a leadoff guy with a better walk rate, then having Votto htting 2nd with the 1B holding the runner, would likely set up a sequence of good things and potentially a big inning.

  7. Seat101

    Until he starts getting walks, I think Peraza should be seven if the picture is batting sixth, seventh, or eighth Depending on whether the picture is batting eighth, ninth, or we have a DH

    • Seat101

      I did not mean to post that in that condition. The short version is Peraza should not be batting in the top half of the order until he learns how to get a league average with walks

      • Indy Red Man

        One big problem with batting Peraza in front of the pitcher. You’re encouraging more stupid bunts from Riggleman. Classic Dusty/Price/Riggleman move is to waste an out to move a guy up that is a good basestealer anyway. If Tucker B. is on first then its not that dumb usually. In a great lineup Peraza could be a 2nd leadoff hitter by batting 9th. Billy would be gone and maybe Schebler or Senzel leading off.

  8. Sliotar

    Of course, the one night I start looking at Home/Away stuff, Peraza gets a hit, SB and comes around and scores. LOL.

    Even tonight, though, this team looked more free-swinging than usual. Maybe it’s the pitcher, Vargas, maybe it’s knowing that at GABP, you can wait for something to liift and get out of the park that would not be a HR in many other parks.

    • Seat101

      Almost every time I write Peraza should not be batting in the top half of the lineup he looks like he was born there.

      That’s some incredible lightning.

  9. Seat101

    If you have the capability go back and look at Gennett rounding third he looks like he pulled something in his (?) left leg. And walking back to the dugout he looks like somethings wrong

    • Jim Walker

      Looked to be chugging didn’t he? With Votto and Tucker down already, they may have to hold Lorenzen back as a bench player.

  10. Indy Red Man

    I bet Reds/Mets Over 27 total runs, hits, and errors. Wouldn’t that ball that Dixon K’d on be a passed ball? Peraza went to 3rd on it….they have to call it something?

    • Jim Walker

      Gameday play by play says Peraza to 3B on the throw to 1B to retire the batter (Dixon). No PB or WP noted in the box score. Seems a little curious to me; but apparently that’s how they are scoring it.

      • Seat101

        The official scorer has to live in that city. I think he might have shown the wisdom of Solomon. I can see his point, but I would’ve called it a wild pitch

        Jim, once again I feel I should apologize to you. The other day I said that something you wrote was “not and unambiguous statement.” I really meant to comment more on my reading skills than your writing skills.

  11. Indy Red Man

    Marcus Stroman going tonite for the Jays vs Boston. I think West Virginia and I have been talking about him for over a year now. So far he’s held Boston to 1 run on 1 hit thru 4. He’s had a Matt Harvey kind of year. 7.71 era when he went on the DL on May 8. He came back and had a 2.98 era over 7 starts before getting bombed last time out. He’s 27 years old and one of the heaviest groundball pitchers in mlb. I wonder if the turf in Toronto hurts him? I still like him and he won’t cost a ton of money with a 5+ era this year. I’d rather have Zack Wheeler though!

  12. Gerardo Helguera

    Robert Stephenson gets the start tomorrow

  13. VaRedsFan

    The Mets are expecting a 9 p.m. resumption of their game with the Reds.

  14. docproctor

    Tonight’s lineup looks a lot like ones I saw in Goodyear in March.

  15. VaRedsFan

    Vargas out of the game. Reds tack on 2 more. Ervin SF…Tucker rbi single

  16. Indy Red Man

    Billy swung at ball 4 last night in the 9th and ended up with a K. Tonite swinging at ball 4 and K’s. If you can’t hit and won’t walk then what is there? Any decent speed player would bunt up the first baseline with the pitcher falling off to the right like that but he can’t bunt either? Its time to move on. Its been time!

  17. Indy Red Man

    Ervin! He might need to DH, but make no mistake….he can hit!

  18. VaRedsFan

    Romano with a great slider, and 2-seamer tonight.

  19. WVRedlegs

    In the It can’t get any worse with injuries department, Taylor Trammell left Daytona’s game early after crashing into the OF wall hard.

  20. roger garrett

    Lost in what has been just a mess of a season is that the Hughes/Hernandez signings were good ones.Who knows what will happen to them in the off season but I was shocked nobody wanted one or both of them