Despite the New York Mets losing record, chances were pretty good the Reds would have to play a good game tonight if they hoped to win with Noah Syndergaard on the mound. They didn’t. They’re now 6-11 in the second half. 

I’m guessing there’s ever-growing room on the Jim Riggleman bandwagon now. Those national writers who dropped in a month ago to opine that Riggleman deserves the permanent job have moved on to other teams by now. Turns out, Riggleman is nowhere near as good of a manager without Scott Schebler, Jesse Winker and Adam Duvall in the lineup. Somewhere, Bryan Price allows himself a wry smile about that.

The Reds play tomorrow night at 7:10. 

Cincinnati Reds 4 (49-64) • New York Mets 6 (46-64)

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Homer Bailey didn’t pitch as well as he had the first two starts since his return from the Disabled List. He gave up ten singles and a home run. Unlike the previous two starts, Bailey had trouble putting away Mets hitters, striking out only two. He had 14 Ks in 14.2 innings the previous two games. Bailey grooved the home run pitch on an 80-mph curveball. He was also partly victimized by a bunch of ground ball hits and bad defense. Eugenio Suarez could have been charged with errors on a couple of plays. Scooter Gennett booted a double-play ground ball that cost a run.

Wandy Peralta came in to retire two batters in the fourth to keep the Mets’ lead at 5-0. Keury Mella pitched the 5th and 6th inning. Mella had thrown 85 pitches on Thursday against the Nationals and was firing 95-97 mph fastballs tonight. He gave up a home run and struck out 2. Jared Hughes pitched the 7th. Raisel Iglesias pitched the 8th, down two runs, just to get work. Always be trading closers. 

The Reds got on the board in the 7th inning against Syndergaard. Two HBPs plus two singles scored a run and loaded the bases. The Mets didn’t bring a LHP in to face Joey Votto and Scooter Gennett. Votto walked to drive in a run to make it 6-2. Gennett worked the count full but then swung at a pitch way out the strike zone that would have meant another run. With two outs, Eugenio Suarez hit a bloop over the 3B head, scoring two runs. Mason Williams put up a 10-pitch AB, but struck out. The score was 6-4.

The Reds went down quietly in the 8th and 9th. 

Walking Less When the Reds offense was clicking in June and July, they were drawing a lot of walks. Those two outcomes were related. Since the All-Star Game, their team walk-rate has fallen from 10% to 8%. In part, that’s a direct effect of the loss of Jesse Winker and Scott Schebler to the DL. But you also have to wonder if the injuries have a dynamic effect causing the remaining hitters at the top of the lineup to try to do more instead of just letting the line move on. The Reds walked twice tonight. 

Probably Nothing Reds first-round draft pick Jonathan India was not in the starting lineup for the Dayton Dragons tonight. India didn’t play or pinch hit. 

Stephenson on Wednesday Jim Riggleman wouldn’t commit as to who his starting pitcher would be in the series finale on Wednesday. He said that if he had to use Keury Mella in this game (which he did) then it was likely the Reds would have to call someone up from Louisville. Wednesday is Robert Stephenson’s day to pitch. Riggleman said he would get together with Nick Krall and (not kidding) Walt Jocketty after the game to decide. 

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  1. Jack

    16 hits to that offensive juggernaut the Mets. Plawecki owns Homer. I believe 10 career homers and 2 off of Homer.

  2. Indy Red Man

    Scooter struck out on ball 4 with the bases loaded. Billy swung at ball 4 in the 9th. Its hard to even watch these games on fast forward…..don’t know how some of you guys watch pitch by pitch.

  3. WVRedlegs

    Riggleman is going to meet with Nick and Walt after the game again? It is fast becoming a habit or the norm.
    I thought the same thing about Bryan Price. Riggleman has a better rotation, bullpen and roster than what Price had in April. Yet Riggleman is on the cusp of a really rough stretch. I’d be very surprised if the Reds win 7 games in August. Riggleman could very well match that 3-15 run the Reds had to begin the season. He is 1-6 in last 7 games.
    What happened to that “winning culture” Dick Williams had built up?

    • David

      Their statistical “luck” has run out. Statistically, even “bad” baseball teams will play well for a stretch. The Reds have some key buckaroos hurt, and once again their starting pitching is letting them get into a hole.

  4. Broseph

    Who is this Walt guy you speak of that Riggleman will consult with?

    Seriously, what mlb team has a president of operations or whatever dick Williams’ fake title is, who was the GM at the beginning of the season and a new GM, yet player personnel is still decided by another person (“excecutive advisor”) who is two years removed from an unsuccessful GM job? You can’t make this stuff up.

    How is there still faith in the Castellini family? Goodness, an ice cream shop owner has better business sense.

    • Hanawi

      And yet at the trade deadline, Dick Williams was the one doing all of the talking to the media.

  5. Rut

    The Reds front office literally appears like the last Mom and Pop operation in pro sports… oh wait, that other Cincinnati team that is in training camp!

    Just stunned by Jocketty even being tangentially involved in any day to day baseball ops as we close out the 2018 season…

    • David

      “A trusted advisor to ownership” Bob Castellini trusts Walt. So there you go.

  6. CI3J

    Welp, when this stretch started I said since the Reds are playing 9 games against teams with .500 records or worse, it could be their chance to make a move and finally close in on that elusive .500 record for the season.

    Instead, the team has responded by completely tanking.

    In some ways, it’s a silver lining because I hope it shows the front office that Riggleman is not the way forward. But I can already hear the excuses of “He was playing well when he had a fully healthy squad….”

    I simply have no faith in this front office to make the best decisions for this team.

    • David

      Riggleman may or may not be “the way forward”, but their biggest problem remains Starting Pitching. They have not fixed that this year. It periodically has been ok, but this present staff cannot sustain consecutive quality starts. They have no real plan. Keury Mella is up, and actually should be starting, but once again, the brilliance of Reds Management wants to use him as needed in the bullpen. Smaht!

      • Hanawi

        Mella was probably the 3rd best starter this year in the minors. I have no idea what he is doing in the bullpen in the majors.

    • Jim Walker

      As for the guys not healthy (and guy traded away) excuse, the corner OF offense has not been the major issue. Not saying how long the current crew can continue; to produce but, they’ve not been the issue since the break. The issue has been that Scooter has joined Votto in the power shortage category. Barnhart has hit more like the traditional Barnhart. Peraza has experienced a rough patch and Billy as always is BIlly.

      • roger garrett

        Thanks for setting the record straight Jim.The issue is just exactly what it has been since day one + the power shortage.

      • Scott C

        That is spot on Jim. When you only have 4 bats to five bats in the lineup and only one who is hitting home runs, you can’t expect to score.

  7. Jim Walker

    Looks to me like Cody Reed is also logistically viable as a possible Reds starter Wednesday. He last pitched on the August 2 making Tuesday his next day on regular rest . However, the Bats were off on Monday; and, Tuesday would also be Mahle’s 5th day if they want to drop him into the AAA rotation immediately. Thus it should be relatively simple to hold Reed back till Wednesday’s Reds game should they so choose.

    • BK

      Let me start with saying Homer didn’t pitch great tonight. As Steve pointed out, he didn’t have an out pitch going. Early in the game, most of the hits were simply dinks that found holes. His chances for success were thwarted by the three defensive miscues…all led to runs and extended, stressful innings. Few pitchers would have fared well under similar circumstances.

      I went to the game and the team seemed to lack their typical energy tonight. Not sure of the cause, but that’s how it looked to me.

  8. GreatRedLegsFan

    Everyday it’s more evident the lack of defensive skills in the infield and the small contribution that Hamilton can make in a game. I hope those issues will be resolved for next season, perhaps with the return from DL of Schebler and Winker and also with the promotion of Senzel. I guess Votto, Suarez and Senzel will be part of the everyday IF next season, it’s yet to be seen how they’ll shuffle it. The OF turns to be clearer now with Winker, Schebler and Ervin; I’d rather choose Williams as 4th OF over Hamilton and Tucker.

  9. Streamer88

    Regression to their true mean, hastened by the loss of 3/4ths of the starting rotating outfield. Williams and Ervin are filler, always will be.

    As improved as our farm is, we remain thin in most places relative to injury and under performance. The Dodgers have logjams. We do not.

  10. Mason Red

    I’m not a Riggleman fan but he’s certainly an upgrade from Price who was a terrible manager. I don’t want Riggleman to get the job but knowing the Reds and how they operate my guess is he will at the very least be in the running. With that being said I don’t think any manager could have done much better especially with all the injuries,poor starting pitching and little or no depth. The start of the second half,much like the start of the first half has shown the holes in the rebuild. When healthy this team has a great offense but if there’s injuries there aren’t replacements to come off the bench. And the biggest hole of all is the starting pitching. Even when healthy the offense can’t produce enough runs game after game after game in order to out score the opposition. Moving forward and looking ahead the FO must address these issues. Otherwise all of the discussion here or anywhere about the future of this franchise is moot.

    • Dewey Roberts

      The FO seems incapable of resolving any problems. The only plan they have is to talk with Walt who only knows how to destroy a franchise. He was fired by St. Louis for doing to their franchise what he is done in Cincinnati. Castellini no longer seems interested in winning.

  11. Westfester

    This is certainly not an offensive juggernaut when you lose two of your best bats in Schebler and Winker. Also, it looks like Joey’s been playing hurt for a while and it’s finally caught up to him.

    • roger garrett

      Never was an offensive juggernaut and Winker and Schebler were platoon players.Joey’s power is gone and Scooter has joined him as Jim Walker said.Tucker and Peraza are returning to there norm and Billy is Billy as Jim also said.It all starts with pitching but losing to Boyd and Roark 2-1 is well unacceptable

      • Bill

        Winker and Schebler were having really good years offensively before the injuries. Gennett is injured and was expected to regress some from his first half numbers. Barnhart has struggled more than expected, but he was never an elite hitter. CF desperately needs upgraded and possibly SS, but I think the team would be fine with just a CF upgrade. Move Votto to the two spot Schebler or Winker as lead off, Suarez at 3, Gennett 4, and then Schebler/Winker at 5. Then if Senzel finds a place to play you have another option.

      • Hanawi

        Senzel’s spot to play should be 2nd. Definite upgrade over Scooter.

    • Jim Walker

      Since his latest recall, Phil Ervin’s slash line is .435/.625/1.060 over 46 PA’s. Mason Williams slash since being recalled is .333/.485/.818 over 35 PA’s. As I said above who knows if or how long they can continue this; but, let’s not fall into trap that corner OF production is the current issue with the offense just because three familiar faces are missing.

  12. WVRedlegs

    The Reds front office is reaping what they have sown. Trade deadline 2017=Stand pat. Winter of 2017-18, two minimal moves to improve the bullpen, no offensive upgrades or help at all. Trade deadline 2018=trade Duvall and no offensive upgrades or help. The Reds over-estimation of their offensive arsenal in 2017 and 2018 prevented them from seeing the forest for the trees. They under-evaluated and overvalued their OF and middle INF. AAA has been a barren wasteland of offensive players, there just are very few if any back ups capable of playing MLB. The only one was Senzel and his 2018 was a lost season.
    You can say what you want, but these last 7 games (1-6) and the results from the rest of August are completely on the front office and manager. They will match here in August the 3-15 run that opened the season. They will be very lucky to go 7-21 in August. The feel good feeling from June and July has already evaporated among the fan base. This is the 5th season in a row the Reds are playing meaningless and non-winning baseball in August and September. And the Reds front office’s responses are to stand pat on a 5 time losing 25 man roster. Another top-5 draft pick is in store for the Reds next year. That will be 4 in a row. The Astros and Cubs didn’t even spend that long of a time at the bottom and didn’t get 4 top-5’s in a row in their rebuilds. They moved up after their second and third top-5 picks.
    Votto’s decline has started. Scooter has regressed to Milwaukee Scooter. Hamilton, Peraza, and Barnhart are offensive liabilities. They still do not have after all these years a competent 1 and 2 hitter in the batting order.
    Build a base, Votto at 1B, Senzel at 2B, Suarez at 3B, Winker in LF, Barnhart as half of the C tandem, and Schebler as the 4th OF. Upgrades are warranted at SS, CF, and RF. Deja vu all over again, as that is what was needed last year. Ervin and Williams are not OF upgrades and would both be competing for the 5th OF spot on the bench. Blandino, if healthy has a bench spot. Would like to get Casali back at C.
    They can keep BHam in the lineup if, and only if, they get serious upgrades at SS and RF. Or they can go with Peraza at SS if, and only if, they get serious upgrades at CF and RF.
    Those departing after this season should be Scooter, Herrera, one of Peraza or BHam, one of William or Ervin, and that doesn’t even take in the pitching.
    There is still a lot of heavy lifting to do with this rebuild as it will enter year #5 after this season is over. Every team that has undertaken a rebuild in the last decade has far exceed the Reds rebuild, and in a shorter time frame.
    The dikes are leaking, and the Reds Dutch Boy front office doesn’t have enough fingers to plug all the leaks. This August is going to be the Hurricane Katrina of the Reds organization. August is going to be catastrophic to the Reds Rebuild as it all comes falling down around them. And front office heads should roll come season’s end.

    • Hanawi

      Agree with everything here. Unfortunately, the FO, like most of the fan base, will point to the Winker and Schebler injuries and say that they were a winning team with those two and when they get them back, everything will be sunshine and rainbows.

      If they offer a long-term deal to either Harvey or Scooter like many have been suggesting, that’ll be the end for me.

    • roger garrett

      Great post and accurate.I have no confidence this front office knows what to do.

    • BigRedMike

      This is a great summation

      I am always amazed at the Reds organization and their ability to consistently over value their own players that has lead to several poor seasons in a row.

      The Reds have decided to go with 5 offensive players that have reached their peak and will likely regress going forward. Votto, Gennett, Peraza, Hamilton, and Barnhart.

      Suarez is a stud and will improve and produce

      WInker and Schebler have potential, but, appear to be injury prone.

      The Reds “plan” for the rotation coming into the season was to rely on Bailey, DeSclafani, and Finnegan. Great plan. Now, they are running washed up Bailey and Harvey. There does not appear to be any clear plan when it comes to the Starting Pitching.

      This is a last place team that has not made any moves to get them out of last place

    • Jim Walker

      My only serious divergence is over being so quick to write Ervin off. He was chosen 22 draft positions better than Winker a year later than Winker. He just turned 26. Since being brought up after the ASB, his slash line OPS is 1.060 over 46PAs, about a tenth of a qualifying season. Above .400 on OBP and above .600 on slugging.

      Ervin should be getting the same sort of extended everyday look Winker got this time last year. Yes, he has had some bad moments in field and on the bases; but so did (and does) Winker. And at least, to continue the comparison, he looks to have stronger basic tools in the running and fielding department than Winker.

      • roger garrett

        No reason at all not to find out about him and others on this 40 man roster.If we can give Billy 5 years we can surely give Ervin or anybody else two months.

  13. Bill J

    As said before here a lot of these things should have been sorted last year but all the FO looks at another year of control. As far as the pitching is concerned again the FO has always said the Reds have the best pitching coaches in baseball.