Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (48-59) 1 5 0
Detroit Tigers (46-62) 2 3 0
W: Matthew Boyd (6-9)  L: Homer Bailey (1-8)  SV: Shane Greene (22)
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The Hitters

Phillip Ervin had a nice day at the plate (though it wasn’t so nice in other aspects), going 2-for-4 with a double and a triple and scoring the only Reds run of the game on a sacrifice fly by Eugenio Suarez in the top of the ninth inning. However, Ervin should have had two runs on the game, and the second one should’ve tied up the game.

He hit the first of back-to-back doubles with one out in the fourth inning. Joey Votto followed with a laser off the wall in right field. Ervin, however, got a bad read on the ball and did not realize it was going to be a hit until it was too late to score. Suarez was then called out strikes (on a questionable call at best) and after a walk to Scooter Gennett, Tucker Barnhart grounded into a fielder’s choice to end the threat. Those are the kinds of mistakes the Reds need to clean up; there have been a few too many TOOTBLANs for comfort this season.

Suarez also doubled for the first Reds hit of the day. Dilson Herrera, getting just his second start since being promoted from Triple-A Louisville, had the only other base hit of the game.

The Hurlers

Homer Bailey had another whale of an outing tonight, firing an eight-inning complete game while taking a tough-luck loss against Tigers southpaw Matthew Boyd. He allowed only two runs on three hits, struck out six, and walked one. The 31-year-old was perfect for the first 11 batters of the game before allowing a solo home run to Niko Goodrum in the bottom of the fourth. That was the only hit he allowed in the game until the eighth inning, when he gave up a single and a double to plate the only other run of the ballgame. Aside from that, the only baserunner he allowed came on a walk in the fifth inning.

In two starts since returning from the DL, Bailey has given up just four runs on eight hits in 14 2/3 innings and struck out 14. From a pure stuff perspective, Bailey wasn’t quite as impressive as he was in his first start back from the disabled list, but he got results anyway. His average fastball — after sitting at a season-best 94.6 mph last Tuesday — was at 93.8 tonight, and he got just 10 swings and misses on 111 pitches as opposed to another season-best 19 on 115 pitches his last time out. It’s hard to tell whether he’ll keep this up, but his command has been undeniably better than it was earlier in the year.

Not-So-Random Thoughts

  • Bailey’s complete game was the first by a Reds pitcher since May 13, 2017. Everyone knows who was responsible for that game, right? *in my best Chad Dotson voice* Lisalverto Bonilla.
  • It was Bailey’s seventh career complete game and first since June 29, 2014.
  • Ervin had a good night at the plate, but he was shaky beyond that. Aside from the baserunning gaffe, Ervin also overthrew the cut-off man to allow the Tigers second run to score in the ninth inning. Although the runner may have scored anyway, it’s a routine play that needs to be made.
  • The Reds also had a runner thrown out at home tonight when Suarez attempted to score on a flyball by Barnhart in the second inning. Tagging up was a risk worth taking early in the game, though it’s never ideal to make an out at the plate — and the Reds have done a whole of that in recent years.
  • Reds hitters had a hard time squaring up anything tonight, with just five balls being classified as “hard hit” (95+ mph exit velocity). They hit 10 balls at 85 mph or less.
  • The Reds may have lost, but they got it over with quickly. The game took just two hours and 18 minutes, the team’s shortest of the season.

Up Next

The Reds will wrap up their brief two-game series against the Tigers with an afternoon game on Wednesday. Sal Romano (5.04 ERA, 4.66 xFIP) will take the mound after making a relief appearance on Sunday as he looks to build on a string of strong outings since the All-Star break. He’ll be opposed by a former divisional foe in Mike Fiers (3.54 ERA, 4.84 xFIP), a one-time Brewers pitcher. First pitch is set for 1:10 p.m. ET.

88 Responses

  1. cfd3000

    This is one of the very few games I haven’t watched this year, and I guess I’m glad I missed it. Nice to see Bailey with back to back strong starts. Here’s hoping he proves me wrong (I was skeptical that he might pitch well again). The Reds have been doing a lot of things right lately and haven’t let many games slip away that they could have / should have won. Let’s hope this is the last of those for a while.

  2. Indy Red Man

    Homer looked great…again, but can’t lose like that to a AAAA team. Their baserunning has to be much better next year? They routinely misjudge the ball or do something stupid. Ervin gets a double and triple and he’s still the goat of the game. That was amateur baseball at 2nd base there on Votto’s hit. Inexcusable! Of course if offense mattered then he’d have more atbats w/the Reds then Billy and maybe he could’ve been coached up by now?

    • Jim t

      Coached up??? That is something he should have learned long before coming to the big leagues. I coached my sons team growing up and I can tell you a 100 % of them score on that play. Him sitting the bench in the bigs had nothing to do with him not scoring.

  3. Sliotar

    -Too bad Homer ran into Good Matt Boyd. When he is “on”, like he was tonight, any team struggles to make solid contact.

    Boyd is one of those $1 guys that is picked up early, has been sneaky good and will be the difference in winning some season-long fantasy leagues.

    -Legitimately bringing in Lisalverto as a tie-in to the game recap. Well done, Matt. Take a bow.

    -If Ervin’s night had occurred under Bryan Price’s watch, he would sit tomorrow, and probably for a week after that. Let us hope that’s not the case now. No reason not to play him.

  4. sezwhom

    Ervin should of easily scored on Votto’s double. Terrible read. Even Hatcher gave him an earful Homer looked great. Chris Welsh called it before the game too. Pitching has been solid lately.

    • jessecuster44

      shouldn’t Ervin be looking at Hatcher???

  5. Klugo

    Bailey was terrific tonight. The threat of the bullpen may have served as a wake-up call for Homer.
    Wouldn’t it be great to able to get from Bailey and Harvey what this team is in so desperate need of? Reliable, consistent, top of the rotation pitching. Bailey’s already getting paid. The next couple of months may be serving as Harvey’s tryout for a multi-yr deal. With the Reds or elsewhere.

    • VaRedsFan

      Pitching like that is why Riggleman shouldn’t be pulling our young starters in the 5th and 6th innings when they are rolling. Teach them to go deeper in games. You’ll notice the great pitchers of today are able to go 7+ innings. 3rd time thru the lineup doesn’t apply to them. Use your eyes to tell you if a pitcher is losing it, not some spreadsheet. Teach the pitchers to be great, not mediocre.

      • Colorado Red

        In all fairness toRiggleman, if he lets they stay in a bit longer, and they get hit hard, people ask why did you not take them out.
        Sometimes, it is better to take them out early, and build confidence.
        Just a thought

      • Jim t

        He is teaching them. It’s tough love. In a interview I heard after that game he mentioned how the team was getting killed in the 6th innings of games. He met with the staff and challenged them, saying if you want to go longer get through the 6th without giving up runs. I like this approach. He put the responsibility on them since that time the staff has been better.

      • VaRedsFan

        I agree with what you said, but they aren’t given the chance. Player x reaches on error. Player Y then hits a squibber up the 3rd base line.
        Pitcher gets yanked. No failure on his part.

        If the pitcher gives up a double, a sharp single, then walks a guy, then yes, he is possibly losing it and might need to be taken out. Also, earlier inning struggles should play a factor. That’s what I mean by eye test.

      • greenmtred

        I think that Riggleman is using his eyes to tell him when to pull starters. I don’t disagree with you about the pitchers needing to learn to handle the third time through the lineup.

      • Chris Miller

        Don’t agree with this at all. If we were teaching kids to pitch into the 7th and 8th innings in the minor leagues, well then, I’d agree with you. We saw Price let these kids stay in too long, over and over again. The kids need to EARN the right to stay in the game longer. When that is achieved, then they will stay in longer. I’m amazed that Riggleman is constantly taking a beating by many Reds fans. What in the world do you want? This team has played outstanding under his leadership. I swear, it seems like guys want to bash the manager and the front office of this team all the time, when in reality, the front office has been outstanding for a couple of years now, and so too now, has the current manager.

    • jazzmanbbfan

      Maybe rather than the threat of the bullpen being the reason for Homer’s improvement, it’s that whatever was wrong with his knee is now fixed.

  6. VaRedsFan

    Nats getting geared up for the Reds visit later this week….currently up 25-1

  7. Indy Red Man

    Looking at the offseason….they’ll have atleast 5 of the 6 man rotation in the mix. Who knows what happens with Harvey? He likes being a Red and obviously nobody thought he’d be a real difference maker this year? Lance Lynn? Harvey is 5x better then him at this point.

    Add to that BobSteve, Sims from the Duvall trade, and possibly Lorenzen. Thats 8-9 arms! Surely they could put together a #2, three #3s, and a #4? Sims had 2 outings in AAA this month with 7 shutouts innings with 2 hits and no walks. 19 total Ks. I’d still try to get Marcus Stroman or Wheeler in the offseason and they could be in pretty good shape!

  8. Jim Walker

    I want to revisit the play which scored the 2nd Tiger run and offer an alternate view.

    A fast runner, Iglesias, who had just beaten out a GIDP attempt was coming around from first on a 2 out dying quail into the opposite field corner. The chances of getting him at the plate were against the Reds all the way.

    It was one of those plays which would have taken a tic tac toe picture perfect pickup, first throw, relay, catch and tag to maybe, just maybe get the out.

    Ervin’s throw went over the head of Peraza, the primary relay man but was caught on the fly by the back up man, Herrera I believe, maybe 10 feet closer to home than Peraza was; and, he ripped a throw home which appeared to be both late and off line.

    In see this less as a misplay and more as an attempt to make a desperate long shot play which didn’t work out.

    • VaRedsFan

      This is pretty close to the play I saw. 2 perfect throws and I still don’t think they get him. Ervin still has to hit the cutoff man though. It could just as easily been a slow (or medium) speed player running, so you still need to execute properly

      • Jim Walker

        Yes and no if I can straddle the fence. 🙂

        Part of the reason the second relay guy is in the backup position is because there is an understanding that the play has to be made in a hurried fashion and the OF’s job is to hit one of them, preferably the primary, on the fly which he did.

        I’d rather view it as two very inexperienced guys (Ervin and Herrera) both doing a decent job of trying to make what was possibly an impossible play regardless.

        I never saw a replay which showed the actual pick up down the corner. Considering this was almost certainly Ervin’s first time at Comerica Park, just getting over there, playing the corner and getting the ball back in quickly might have been a feat on its own.

      • Jack

        Exactly. They are both cutoff men. Ervin hit the second one. There was no chance in getting the runner. The play that should be talked about is why Hatcher sent Suarez on a very shallow fly ball to center. Suarez had no speed. Hatcher is a terrible third base coach.

      • VaRedsFan

        That’s pretty fair. FWIW, Ervin dug the ball out of the corner nicely and released it quickly. (Tigers Broadcast)

      • Jazzmanbbfan

        And you know this how? Just in the past week he made an swful throw to either home or third.

    • Bill Lack

      My issue was, after they didn’t get the DP, I’d have gone and gotten Bailey. He’d had a great game, but the difference between 1-0 and 2-0 is huge in a game like this. I believe Darwin even went to the mound. Ended up, that second run was huge. (This may sound like hindsight, but I was saying it at the time…).

      • Jim Walker

        No, I was thinking the same along with you. Looked like Homer was having none of it and Darwin went along.

      • lwblogger2

        The coach and manager need to put their foot down there. He would have been out of there. If he wanted to throw a tantrum, I’d just tell him not to hurt himself.

  9. WVRedlegs

    Homer pitched really well tonight. His mound presence was very good also. He was locating his pitches nicely. He looked solid. He lookef miffed with Ervin after Ervin missed the cut off man and a run scored. Bailey just looked out to LF as he walked off after the 8th inning. Votto also looked miffed with Ervin after Ervin didn’t score on that double. After Votto got to second base and saw Ervin still on third, he just turned and stared into the stands past first base. He wouldn’t look over towards third base.
    Riggleman had Ervin’s back in post game interview. “Aw, those things happen.”
    This trend of not being able to score until the opposing team’s bullpen enters the game is somewhat unsettling.

    • Jim Walker

      He should have scored period because he should have been playing half way instead of looking to tag since there was already 1 out and if the ball had been caught it would have been the 2nd out. He went to a half way position but then raced back to tag. No way of knowing what he was thinking.

      BTW that was a heck of play the Tigers right fielder made to pick that ball up and get it back in. I think that may have rattled Hatcher into holding Ervin even as it was.

      • Klugo

        If he would’ve just looked at the OFer, he would’ve known all he needed to know. The fielder turned all the way around to the OF stands. He knew he had no chance of catching it. He might’ve even thought it was a HR.

      • Jim Walker

        I agree the OF either thought it was a HR or knew exactly how to line up to play it off the wall.
        Maybe there was a mix up between Ervin and Hatcher as to whether Ervin was on his own or Hatcher was going to release him to come to 3B??

        They seemed to have quite the conversation afterwards.

      • greenmtred

        Ervin made a mistake, but I’ve forgiven him already, for what that’s worth. He deserves an extended chance to play.

    • Indy Red Man

      Votto in particular shouldn’t be able to say much. He’s a horrible baserunner besides just being slow. I think it was in April he was on 1st with a guy on 2nd and the hitter hit a little bloop into CF. Votto barrels towards 2nd base while the guy on 2nd barely budged. Their CF caught it and doubled him up easily. Thats worse then what Ervin did tonite because he wasn’t even watching the guy in front of him?

  10. Seat101

    I don’t understand all this calumny towards Phillip Ervin There is an a player in the major league who hasn’t made a bonehead play.

    Yes, call him on it. Definitely do that.But it ain’t the end of the world.

    By the way, I never got one response from those who complained about the lack of a Harvey trade telling me what they expected to get. I’m still curious. So many people were so disappointed but they couldn’t tell me what they were disappointed about

    • Sliotar

      Everyone speaks for themselves around here, as you know, but I think in general it’s Rebuild Fatigue.

      The Reds aren’t high enough on the win curve to “go for it” like the Brewers and even the Pirates surprised today by landing Chris Archer.

      Meanwhile, the Reds front office and PR staff had fed the local media for weeks that “it was expected that Harvey would be moved at the deadline.”

      It was a good tip-off a few days ago that the Yankees stated publicly they would not bring Harvey back to New York. Then they went and got Lance Lynn. Harvey’s value is not high around the league, nor he is viewed as “re-habbed.”

      2019 is Year 5 of this, with a lot of questions and lots of positions still to be settled. I can’t blame people for being frustrated when the Reds overhype something like a Harvey trade, then it does not come to pass.

      • Jim Walker

        How about DW had nightmares of the kind of chaos and disorder which characterized the rotation before Harvey’s arrival returning if he was no longer around. Not saying I agree just suggesting it might be a motivation. And now of course, at least for now, it looks like they’ve got Homer for that job (just couldn’t resist).

      • Sliotar

        LOL. Too funny, Jim.

        Harvey’s here, still. C’est la vie. Maybe he gets moved through waivers, maybe not. It is what it is. What’s not done is not done.

        It concerns me more that all 4 division rivals are in going to be in “win now” mode in 2019 after today’s transactions. Cardinals selling high on Pham is sooo Devil Magic.

      • Chris Miller

        I’m not sure if that was sarcasm or not, but the Cardinals certainly didn’t sell high on Pham. I’d say they sold very low, dealing him while he’s been on an almost 2 month slump. I’ve got no problems with what the Reds did or didn’t do the last two days.

      • Earmbrister

        The Cards did anything but sell high on Pham. Selling high would’ve been last off season. They didn’t get much in return.

    • WVRedlegs

      Something more than nothing. The Reds front office started the trade hype, the media ran with it, and the Reds didn’t follow through. It isn’t so much the return that was expected, it was the front office again not following through on a stated plan. The appearance of standing pat on a 4 time divisional last place team will bring discontent. They give the appearance that they are happy with the status quo, and have little intent on improving this team. Just another letdown for fans who thirst for winning baseball. The Harvey non-trade is the focal point, but I think a great portion of the fan base are irritated about a cumulative effect of non-action by Reds front office last year’s deadline, over the winter, and now this deadline. If the Reds front office was uncomfortable being in last place for so long, they would do something about it. They didn’t and they haven’t. They are comfortable with last place again.

      • Hanawi

        You beat me to it. The Reds cry poverty and want the fans to come back but show no signs of trying to improve a team that continues to finish in last place.

      • greenmtred

        Have you not been watching them for the past 2-3 months? You’ve missed some good and exciting baseball. Not only has nobody stated what they expected to get for Harvey, nobody has identified a confirmed offer for him. Viewed through a different lens, Harvey still being a Red can be viewed as evidence that they’re not satisfied with last place. We like trades because they give us something to talk about, among other reasons. Let’s talk about the Duvall trade and watch some games.

      • Dewey Roberts

        I have enjoyed this run but I feel the last two months of the season are going to be horrific. Winker is out for the season, Schebler is injured, and Duvall was traded. Suddenly the Reds are anemic at the plate. I anticipate an awful lot of games where the Reds struggle to get hits and score runs for the rest of the season. DW’s comments make me think that he does not understand why the Reds were winnning.
        Maybe some like the Duvall trade, but I don’t. He was a very good fielding LF— a position the Reds have had trouble filling for a long time. I am not blown away by the players the Reds got for Duvall. We will see how it works out. Meanwhile, expect a lot more losses where the Reds have trouble scoring. Even good pitching performances, like Bailey’s last night, will result in losses more often than not.

      • Reaganspad

        I was not blown away with the guys we got for Mike Leake.

        Duvall turn into a nice but flawed player. But certainly a lot more than I thought he would be when we acquired him. And we have Mella

        We have a ton of outfielders coming on. Ervin needs to be vetted now. I think Dixon could be Duvall, if you gave him 500 abs, I think you would see 20-25 hrs, and maybe more. Maybe not, but that is why you play the games. This may be the only chance those guys get.

        And then there is Dilson. Someone had to go, and a guy hitting 200 is a good guy to choose

      • doofus

        Inaction from the FO goes back to 2010, 2012 and 2013 when Jocketty did nothing to fortify a playoff team each of those years. WJ is still with the organization. He’s like a virus that you can’t shake.

      • lwblogger2

        How the plan could have been “wait for Ludwick” to come back in 2013 is beyond me. This is especially true at the non-waiver deadline when they could have dealt for or at a minimum kept Pittsburgh from acquiring Marlon Byrd.

    • Hanawi

      Something other than the jack squat they’ll get now? No one should have been expecting a big return, but the Reds are currently running out a 6 man rotation and have Stephenson and maybe Sims that could also use some starts in the majors. What’s the point of keeping Harvey? Now they have to pay him the rest of the year, and he takes starts from guys that might actually be in the rotation next year. Do they think keeping him the rest of the year will convince him to stay? Is he even worth trying to sign at what he’ll cost? I’m not sure he’ll move the needle next year. The Reds are trying to win 78 games instead of 73 while potentially setting the rebuild back even further.

      Mostly it has all the same appearances of the front office not being able to walk and chew gum at the same time just like the previous few trade deadlines. They have gotten some useful pieces back in trades, but they’ve also let a few guys walk for nothing after not cashing in when they had value, particularly at the trade deadline.

      But, again Harvey is mostly about perception of the front office. I’m almost as annoyed that they still have Hamilton running around center and haven’t solved the 2nd base issue yet.

      • George

        “Now they have to pay him the rest of the year”

        Just for the record the Reds are not paying Harvey. When trade was made the Mets agreed to pay his salary if the Reds would pay Mesoracos contract. The 13+ million on Devin’s contract goes away at the end of the year. The fact that there was no trade for Harvey along with the poor free agent market before the season started, may actually make Harvey and his agent rethink next year.

      • Hanawi

        The Reds gave the Mets the difference in salary between the two but they are indeed paying Harvey for the rest of the year.

      • vottomatic125

        Incorrect….”It has been reported that the Mets have reached an agreement to trade Matt Harvey to the Reds in exchange for Devin Mesoraco. They are trading salaries as well, as the Reds will pick up the remainder of the $13.1 million owed to Mesoraco, while the Mets will pay the rest of the $5.6 million owed to Harvey”

      • Jim Walker

        For me this was a confusion surrounding the entire trade situation; and, I’ve wondered if it was a factor in them having trouble moving Harvey.

        None of us are privy to how the deal is really working. Are the Reds sending Meso’s check to him every 2 weeks and vice versa or is it that the Reds are committed to reimburse the Mets the difference between the two salaries?

        We simply don’t know which the actual situation is; and, it might have made quite a difference in trade talks because it is the difference between getting the player (Harvey) for free and paying out over a million in unless the Reds had agreed to send money with him..

        FWIW, the Mets were supposedly looking to move Meso and didn’t which makes me lean toward maybe the deal was actually the Reds paying the difference to the Mets versus the two teams paying their former player’s salary.

      • Hotto4Votto

        I’ve actually seen it reported that the Reds sent the difference in salary to the Mets. I’ve also seen it as VottoMatic sites as well. Who knows?

      • da bear

        Essentially the players were traded, but not the salaries. Devon is paid more than Harvey. $8MM vs $5MM. I don’t think Devons contract calls for $13MM….though I could be wrong…

    • greenmtred

      I’m pretty sure, Seat101, that the disappointment is due to their not being General Managers.

      • Hotto4Votto

        A lotto ticket and an opening in the rotation is what I hoped for by trading Harvey. Since a couple of y’all continue to say, incorrectly, that no one responded.

  11. Ethan L

    A rare complete game loss. I was part of a game in which a pitcher had a complete game no decision. We happened to be on the winning side of that one!

  12. Still a Red

    Hope Homer’s comeback is real…and that he isn’t cursed with lack of offensive support. I seem to remember he often got little offensive support those years ago (need I mention game 3 of the 2012 playoffs).

  13. Scott Gennett

    It happens quite often, but in this case it’d make a tremendous difference at last, hopefully he’ll keep it in mind in the future.

  14. Colorado Red

    This is where good coaching needs to come in.
    He knows he made a mistake, now he needs to move on from it.
    (and not make it again)

  15. Rich H

    Homer has looked really good since coming back up. I’m hoping, but not super optimistic, it stays that way. Opposed a couple of bad offensive teams in both games. But, I was looking at his pitch selection from the first game back against the Cards because I thought his slider and knuckle curve looked much better. He was throwing them both more, particularly early in the count, and particularly to start the AB. Maybe he feels them a little better, or just decided to go for it. Either way it led to a couple dominant starts. Who knows maybe it is real?

  16. WVRedlegs

    Bad news in Dayton, OH tonight. Jonathan India got hurt in Daytona game tonight and had to leave the game. Very sharp one hopper hit to him and he may have got his bare hand in the way of his glove hand. The ball struck his bare hand. He played another inning. But he couldn’t grip his bat and was lifted for a pinch hitter.. Stay tuned.
    Hope this is just something minor and nothing is broken.

    • vottomatic125

      He’s young, rub some dirt on it! lol

  17. Jreis

    Phillip’Red’ Ervin frustrates the dickens out of me. All the talent in the world and a good athlete. I think he is the only red to double and triple in the same game this year. Reminds me of a right handed version of Griffey Sr. But , man, he makes the stupidest mistakes. Glad Billy Hatcher gave him a tongue lashing at third. Hopefully his decision making will improve with more playing time.

  18. B-town Fan

    You would have to say it’s an understatement that for Homer it is night and day since coming off the disabled list and rehab compared to before. It’s like what happened where did this come from.

  19. Mason Red

    I’m not drinking the Homer Kool-Aid (again). But maybe a few good performances will make him tradable in the offseason.

    • jim t

      Homer would have to be healthy and pitch lights out along with the reds eating almost all of his contract to move him. Sort of like the Phillips trade.

      • lwblogger2

        At which point it would probably make more sense for the Reds to keep him, assuming they are trying to win games in 2019.

  20. jim t

    Guys our rebuild is heading in the right direction. We have talent pushing its way up the minor league chain. Tyler Stephenson, Trammel, Siri, Santilian ,Senzel.Greene and others. We have picked up Gennett off the waiver wire and Suarez, Castillo, Schebler and Peraza in trades. We are beginning to see the fruits of our drafts with Senzel, Winker, Mahle, Romano at the big league level. Stephenson and Reed are showing improvement in the minors. We made some nice low dollar signings in Hernandez and Hughes to help in the bull pen. Garrett and Lorenzen have showed flashes as well.

    While I know we didn’t move Harvey which was the plan, sometimes plans change. No FO gets them all right. We have some very nice talent under team control heading into the off season. Should be a interesting off season to say the least.

    One other thing I want to point out. As a fan it is easy to sit back and say the season is lost so lets hold try outs for the youngsters and have them show us what they can do and gain experience. Consider this, the players on this team want to win as much or more then anyone. They are trying to enhance their ability to earn a living in this game. Pitchers want to have the best players behind them. Established players do not want to sit on the bench especially in Arb or contract years. You start holding full scale try outs at the ML level and you will never get anyone to sign here or stay here long term. There is a balance that must be utilized to keep your workforce happy and performing. Lots more goes into running a team then what is routinely discussed here daily. It may be benefial to look at things from both sides of the equation.

    Also without knowing what was offered for Harvey it is hard to say the reds screwed up by not trading him. His impact on the youngsters or if you are considering him as a signing it may be that the offer was not as valuable to offset what he is providing now or in the future.

    • Corky

      Great post. I think Harvey has had an impact on the younger guys, but also on Homer. Homer has never been the guy. He always had Bronson or Cueto to shield the spotlight.

      Now that Harvey is here, Homer doesn’t have to worry about being the veteran leader of the staff.

      Hopefully it’s been a little of an ego slap to Harvey that no one wanted him after his hit streak. So he resigns on a one year deal to increase his value, while the Reds see if they can compete next year. I still think we have more questions than answers going into 2019.

    • BigRedMike

      Valid points in regards to managing a roster.

      The Reds should continue to finish last because the players are trying to earn a living? Fielding the same team that loses every year and finishes last is going help bring in free agents?

      So, basically, the current players lead to bad results, but, the Reds do not want to hurt their feelings or ruin their earning potential and keep the same team.

      The workforce is happy when the same players are allowed to produce bad results and continue to play since their arbitration year is upcoming?

      I would think a team that continues to lose would be more upset at not trying to get better. I guess losing is fun as long as you are paid.

      • jim t

        No one is implying that we should settle for finishing last.

        No one said finishing last would bring in FA’s Free agency is not how we are going to build a team in this market. . What was said is if there is a prospect in the system that has shown promise or in some case even if he hasn’t, he should not be given the playing time over a guy who is producing because he is due to become a free agent or is ARB eligible. . If a guy is having a good year in the minors and you have a chance to better the current team by replacing a guy underperforming terribly you would certainly have to consider that change. But you also have to consider the financial end of the game. No way are they going to sit or release Bailey while owing him almost 38 million dollars until every effort to turn him around is tried. My issue is people suggesting we sit Scooter who is having a career year to get a look at Blandino or Herrera. Everyone is yelling for Bob Steve, Who by the way is having a nice run in AAA. If I’m management I am making darn sure he is capable of throwing strikes in AAA before I bring him up and burn through his last option. That may mean he does it for the whole year in AAA. He made that bed and it is him who needs to see his way out of it by consistently throwing strikes. Not fair to the pen to have to cover big innings because someone can’t throw strikes. Can’t be good for their arms or future. Lots of things to consider when finalizing rosters.

    • roger garrett

      Great stuff and very positive as well.Just want to point out that in the real world a happy work force that is performing gets to keep their jobs and buy houses and cars and put kids through college but a happy work force that isn’t perfoming gets replaced.Good post and we need more of them.

      • jim t

        Roger a happy work force better be making a lot of money for his employer which may mean he is buying houses and cars and appliances and such. If he saves his money and lives with in his means and stays out of debt he may not have a job. His spend is what keeps him employed.

      • roger garrett

        Sorry don’t get what you are saying.My point minus the happy work force and buying stuff comment was meant to be performance was all that matters.Everybody works for somebody.

  21. Jeff Reed

    If Homer’s comeback continues he could be traded in the off season.

    • jim t

      Even if he doesn’t lose a game the rest of the way the reds would have to agree to eat almost all of his salary to be able to move him.

  22. Bill j

    Bailey pitched a good game, but did anyone notice the last couple of innings he kept moving his right shoulder between pitches. Just wonder if it was tightening up on him. On Ervin not scoring can we be sure that was not a Hatcher mistake.

    • VaRedsFan

      The Detroit announcers were saying he was flexing his quad or hamstring. Cameras never showed it though

    • JoshG

      yes we can be sure…. Ervin went back to tag up… on a ball he clearly should have read better and been at least half way, definitely not the 3B coaches fault

  23. Indy Red Man

    Playing young guys isn’t just smart for the long term….its often the best move in the short term as well! I remember when they kept running out Edgar Renteria at SS while Cozart was going crazy at AAA. This organization has always screwed that up? Price had BobSteve throwing 1-2 innings a week in relief while starting Arroyo, Adleman, Feldman, etc. Winker only had 125 atbats w/the Reds last year? Why? Is Billy really a part of the future? Ervin had a double & triple last night. He’s done really well at AAA. A lot of organizations would’ve been playing him over Billy! He’s a first rounder! Blandino was a 1st rounder, but they pick Pennington and Goose over him as a utility guy? Idiotic? They have a love affair with overall “veteran-ness” despite the fact they always SUCK!!!!!

  24. gusnwally

    I was very much surprised and somewhat elated at Matt Harveys interview last night. He seemed genuinely happy that he was not traded. Maybe this idea of him resigning isn’t completely crazy. I know, I know Scott Boras. And you are probably right, chances are slim. But his smile and thoughts about being somewhere that wants you were quite a surprise to me. Plus we all want the Reds to sign a bona fide starter in the offseason. Maybe he is already on the team.

  25. gusnwally

    Thanks WV they seem to think along the same lines as me.