Jason Linden and I got together for a far-reaching discussion of the Cincinnati Reds this week. With the Reds playing well into the All-Star break, and with the trade deadline looming, it’s time for some big decisions. We have all the answers.

All of them.

Music for this episode provided by Freekbass, a big Reds fan and a friend of Redleg Nation.

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4 Responses

  1. Scooter Rolen

    I think the article about standing pat at the deadline was from Bobby Nightengale, the new Reds beat reporter. Fay may have also written a similar article, but Nightengale was the one I saw.

  2. Scooter Rolen

    My mistake – it was John Fay, but Nightengale had the tweet linking to the Fay article. Whoops.

  3. Colorado Red

    If it is just an exhibition game for the error, it is just an exhibition game for the HRs.
    Also, if you are in the running for the post season, the Home field, is based on this game
    (stupid stupid stupid).

    • Matt WI

      Not true any more… last year they discontinued “making it count” for home field. It’s reverted to a common sense best record scenario of the pennant winners.