The last time that we actually had one of these topics here at Redleg Nation it was nearly two months ago. I figured that today would be a good day to bring it back into the fold.

I’m willing to take any question you have and I’ll do my best to give a complete answer to it. While my specialty is certainly geared towards the minor leagues and minor league players, I’ll answer things related to the Major League team, too. I’ll be around to start answering questions starting roughly at noon, though you can submit them before then. Anything asked before 8pm will be answered – but I’m not sure I will get to anything beyond then. Just leave your questions in the comments section below and I’ll reply directly to your comment. There are a few rules, though.

  • Try to avoid questions that will require me to look up answers (such as: Who was the last guy to steal 25 bags and hit 25 home runs in the system).
  • Try to avoid overly long answer-type questions. I tend to give thorough and detailed answers as it is, so please don’t have me type out a novel.
  • Each user can ask TWO questions.
  • Ask your questions before 8PM and I will be sure to answer it. If you ask after 8PM on Wednesday, then I can’t guarantee that I will answer your question.

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  1. Vernon D Bentley

    This is probably not something anyone wants to think about but what is next after Votto? I know he still has a few years left but is there anyone that we should look at as possibly the heir apparent for Votto in a few years?

    • Doug Gray

      Right now, I don’t think there’s someone that looks “in line” to take over at first base on the farm. But, there doesn’t need to be, either. First base should be the spot on the field that’s easiest to fill. And it almost always is.

  2. VottoMatic12599

    Do you know when Senzel will be cleared to practice/paly? I am thinking he (or Scooter) may need to start working in the OF to prep for 2019.

    • Doug Gray

      I do not, but I think we may be letting the cart get in front of the horse a little bit with this, too. Let’s see if Scooter is still a Red in two weeks.

  3. tomn

    1) Trammell seems ready to move up. Way ready. Think he will be in Pensacola soon?

    2) Robert Stephenson has had a good long string of starts. When do you think he will be in Cincy? Or are they going to package him in a trade?

    • Doug Gray

      1. At this point, no, I don’t. I do, however, think he is ready and capable of making that move. But, when the Reds made their midseason promotions, he wasn’t a part of those moves. Then after the Futures Game, he also wasn’t promoted. That tells me that the plan isn’t to move him up.

      2. I doubt they trade him. But I don’t know when they call him up, either. I’ve been beating the drum that you’ve got to call him up and get him starts before September. But it seems that the Reds are going to trade Harvey and give those starts to Homer Bailey instead of Robert Stephenson. I don’t believe that’s a baseball people move, but an owner move. But since the owner signs the checks…..

  4. Ben

    Taylor Trammell looked even better than advertised in the Futures Game.

    1) Can he play CF long term?

    2) Does he really have a fringe average arm? (Incidentally, I noticed that listed Scott Schebler as having a 35 arm back when he was still a prospect. His arm seems fine since he’s been with the Reds. How reliable can their evaluations really be if they missed that bad?)

    3) How soon could he be in a Reds uniform? Mid-2020?

    • Doug Gray

      1. Depends on who you ask. If you ask me, yes. If you ask some scouts, no. But most of their reasoning is that his arm isn’t good enough. For me, I’m far more concerned about whether a guy has the range to turn fly balls into outs than I am about someone getting an extra-base every so often because of a guys arm. Those outs are far more important.

      2. Trammell absolutely has a below-average arm. It’s better than it used to be – it was a legit 30-arm at one point. But, I think he’s probably more of a 40/45 arm these days. I don’t pay much attention at all to the grades by MLB Pipeline.

      3. I think there’s a possibility for 2019 at some point – likely in the second half. 2020 is more likely, but if things go right, 2019 isn’t out of the question.

  5. Vernon D Bentley

    This may be a question that no one really wants to think about. In regards to Joey Votto, we thankfully will still have him for a few more years on contract but is there anyone in the lower minors that we could possibly look at as the heir apparent to Joey Votto at 1B? (Obviously you can’t expect the same level of production)

  6. Show Triple Slash

    Thank you, Doug.

    With about half the season played now, who do you see (at least to this point) as some of the prospects the Reds might need to add to the 40-man roster to protect against the Rule 5 Draft?

    • Doug Gray

      The minor leaguers are well beyond the half-way point of their season.

      Jimmy Herget. Maybe Cory Thompson, though I think he’d probably go undrafted, so you’d probably be willing to leave him unprotected. I’d at least be willing to listen to the argument for adding Gabby Guerrero.

      Pulled those names from the top of my head, so I could be forgetting someone.

  7. VaRedsFan

    Do you see the Reds as buyers in the next few weeks? In other words, put a package of prospects together in a deal to acquire a front line starting pitcher with some years of control left? (DeGromm-like pitcher or something comparable to him). Similar to the Latos deal they made.

    Which prospects would be a “hard no” in such a deal?

    What would be your center piece prospect in such a deal?

    • Doug Gray

      I’d love to see them buy an established, quality starting pitcher ala the Mat Latos deal. No one is untouchable, but the return you get if you’re going to include a Senzel/Greene/Trammell type needs to be incredibly high and there had better be 3+ years of team control left, too.

      I can’t pick a center piece without knowing what the return is. I feel that it would be easier to possibly recover from losing Trammell because the Reds are deeper in outfielders. But, it’s not like the Reds don’t have plenty of options at second base to possibly recover from losing Senzel, too.

  8. Mason Red

    What will this team do as the trade deadline looms and how will it impact the Reds top prospects in the minors? Is it even possible that the Reds consider trading prospects for veterans especially established starting pitching?

    • Doug Gray

      I have no clue what they will do. But, I’d like to see them cash in some of their depth for an established quality starting pitcher (someone with a 3.50 ERA or lower over the last 2 seasons) with a few years of team control remaining. No clue if that guy is available, but if he is, the Reds should go for it.

  9. wkuchad

    Thanks Doug.

    1) Last week you stated that after the 2018 season, Robert Stephenson will be out of options. Are there other players currently in the minors that will be out of options after 2018 season?

    2) If they don’t trade Scooter and keep him at 2nd base, what do you think will happen with Nick Senzel next year?

    3) Which current minor leaguers do you think is likely to make an impact at the major league level in 2019 and 2020?

    • wkuchad

      Oops, I didn’t read the instructions; it used to be 3 questions. Feel free to ignore question #2. Thanks.

    • Doug Gray

      1. I believe that it’s only Stephenson who is out of options. I’ve seen some people on the interweb say Reed is also out, but I don’t believe that’s true. One year in which he was optioned, he wasn’t down long enough for it to actually count.

      3. Senzel, Stephenson. Maybe Reed. Maybe Siri. Maybe Trammell.

  10. Kap

    Hi Doug.

    1. What is the ETA to Cincy for India and will he finish this season in Dayton? Going to a Dragons game in a few weeks and I’m hoping to see him.

    2. In your opinion, how do you see the second base situation playing out? Players I see involved are Scooter obviously, Senzel, Herrera, Long, and maybe Downs and India in a year or two

    • Doug Gray

      1. ETA is way too difficult to know right now. Do they play him at shortstop or not? Because that changes things a little bit, probably. As for Dayton, that also begs the question about what position he’ll play. If he’s going to play shortstop, no. And if he’s going to play shortstop, someone has to go to Billings – whether it’s him or Miguel Hernandez.

      2. The starter is either going to be Scooter Gennett or Nick Senzel. I don’t think anyone else is realistically in the conversation right now for the next year or two unless there’s a trade AND an injury. I don’t have any idea what the Reds plan is for the position. I feel there could be a difference in what the right move is between the baseball people and the ownership. But, that’s pure speculation on my part.

  11. Roshtie

    Heading down to the Florida panhandle in the next week. Really believe the Pensacola Blue Wahoo’s have a top notched stadium and I’m hoping to go to a game while I’m down. Currently on their roster, which players/coaches are on the rise? Anyone in particular that is having a really good year?

    • Doug Gray

      If you’re going to Pensacola the players to watch: Tony Santillan (RHP), Vladimir Gutierrez (RHP), Jose Siri (OF), TJ Friedl (OF), Shed Long (2B).

  12. CI3J

    If you had to guess, where do you think India will rank on the Reds’ prospect list at the start of the 2019 season? Along those lines, what’s his ETA in Cincinnati?

    • Doug Gray

      On my list, unless there are trades that change the guys I currently have ahead of him (Senzel, Greene, Trammell, Santillan), he’ll be either 4th or 5th. I’m pretty confident that I won’t be ranking him ahead of the first three on the list, and it’s a tough sell right this second for me to put him ahead of Santillan – but I could see enough changing to swap them spots depending on exactly how things go.

      No clue on ETA because I don’t know what position the Reds are going to play him at. If he moves to shortstop, that changes the timeline.

  13. DS

    Why did the Reds call up Dilson Herrera if they’re not going to play him? They can’t send him back down without passing through waivers. He’s now taking a 40 man spot when he didn’t need to. Rewarding him for his good year in AAA by letting him rot on the bench?

    • Doug Gray

      I have no idea. It’s confusing to me, too.

  14. Kettering Reds Fan

    And now for something completely different………

    (1) Which of the Reds ‘minor league affiliates is doing the best job of integrating modern metrics into training and development?

    (2) Are the Reds making changes in staffing at the minor league level hat encourage greater use of metrics?

    (3) What level of the system is most in need of change at the training and development methods level?

    (Must be some underlying theme to these questions…………..)

    • Doug Gray

      The Reds affiliates are all run by the Reds, so they are all integrating it similarly. With that said, there’s less focus on stuff at the lowest levels because you are still teaching every little thing about playing the game. Guys are still learning so much, every day, that guys in say, Double-A and Triple-A *should* already know.

      Metrics, generally, are more about evaluation than teaching. Some can be one and the same. Defenses are shifting more and more, even in the minors. Maybe not to the extremes you see in the Majors – and you don’t ever really see the “Ted Williams” shift in the minors, but you do see infields and outfields positioning themselves quite a bit more today than you did 10 years ago. That’s from the metrics.

      The metrics are more for evaluative purposes though. Particularly at the minor league level when guys are still coming into their own.

  15. Jbrat22

    With regard to trading for an ace, how much value do you think guys like Stephenson, Herrera, and Cody Reed have? They are all still 25 and under, former top-100 prospects that are more or less ML ready…seems to me that they could be paired with one of the Reds’ top 3 prospect studs to comprise a pretty compelling return for a top young, controllable arm like Snell from TB. Am I overvaluing these guys?

    • Doug Gray

      I’d say that Stephenson has more value than Herrera who has more than Reed. But, if any of them are traded, I would think they are more sweetener types than carrying types. I don’t think that a package of Senzel and Stephenson would get you Snell, for example.

  16. John

    1. You just saw India in person. Just from your first impressions, what scouting grades would you give him? has him as 50 power, and 55 everything else including overall. Did your impression of him improve?

    2. Same question, but with Mike Siani, who is graded out as 45 hit, 50 power, 60 run, 60 field, 60 arm and 50 overall by

    • Doug Gray

      I’d give him more power than a 50, no question. My impressions overall didn’t change much. If he’s actually going to play shortstop, that defensive grade could change, but I’d have to see more of it. I’d say he’s a 50/55 overall kind of guy.

      I’d agree on the Siani defense/arm/run grades, maybe even bump the run/defense half a grade. I want to see more of the bat.

  17. WVRedlegs

    Hello Doug. The Reds opening a second Rookie League team in Greeneville, TN seems to have worked out well for you since you have been there twice now.
    What are your impressions of the facilities and this year’s team?
    You got to see Jonathon India play 1 game at SS. With Miguel Hernandez at Greeneville playing a great SS so far, and Jeter Downs and Jose Garcia at Dayton splitting the SS duties, where are the Reds going to get playing time for India at SS?

    • Doug Gray

      The facilities are high quality. For the league, it’s a joke that the other teams are in the same league. For example, I went to Johnson City the last time I was in Greeneville (it’s a 45-minute drive from Greeneville, so I followed the Reds there to get a full 5-games worth of views), and while the playing field itself was fine in JC, that’s kind of where things end. The press box isn’t big enough to hold anyone but the JC staff. The visiting broadcaster, which there usually isn’t one (only a few teams will send a guy on the road, and even then it’s only on the trips that involve the team not actually staying in that city – except for Greeneville, which sends Justin Rocke on all road trips – we got lucky), had to set up in the stands. And it sucks for Johnson City, too, because even though they have a press box, there’s no air conditioning.

      In Greeneville, they share the stadium with Tusculum University. Quality press box, WITH AC. But they also have actual seats for fans – not bleacher seating. And there are even a few suites for high rollers (I don’t know how much of a high roller you actually have to be – but there are suites at the stadium). IT’s a new, high end minor league/college ballpark that sticks out like a sore thumb for the level it’s at.

      Assuming the Reds plan is to play Jonathan India at shortstop on a regular basis, in the short term (2018) they are going to have to send either he or Miguel Hernandez to Billings. For 2019, that’s when things get a bit more interesting. Hernandez should go to Dayton. But you probably also need to keep Jose Garcia back in Dayton for 2019, too. I like the tools, but he’s not shown enough to move up. So, do you go a Garcia/Hernandez split in Dayton with SS/2B much like what’s happening now with the Dragons? Probably. At that point you have to put India at shortstop in Daytona. That means Downs is over at second – which, honestly, is where he looks better anyways. I think if you’re looking forward, that’s got to be the plan – assuming of course, India is being planned at shortstop.

  18. Nate

    Hi Doug!

    (1) If the Reds are sellers at the deadline, what position(s) are they looking to bolster in the minor leagues?

    (2) Which Minor League park has the best Hot Dog?

    • Doug Gray

      None. They are looking to get the best players available that they can.

      I’ve only eaten hot dogs at two minor league stadiums: Greeneville and Columbus. And I’ll give the nod to Columbus.

  19. Doug Gray

    I promise I didn’t forget about this, I’m just running about 30-45 minutes behind today. I’ll be back soon (hopefully by 1:30 at the absolute latest) to start kicking these things out.

  20. David

    If the Reds sell out their bullpen for prospects, is Bobby Herget in line for a promotion to the bigs? Tanner Rainey throws harder, but has been…..disappointing, to say the least.

    How far away is Keury Mella from the Bigs? Maybe next Spring?

    Thanks for all you do.

    • Doug Gray

      I don’t know who this Bobby kid is your talking about, but his relative Jimmy may be in line for a promotion if the Reds need to add an arm. They could just bring up a guy like Reed or Stephenson to pitch out of the bullpen, though.

      It depends on how they want to use Mella. As a starter, I think he needs time – maybe mid 2019. As a reliever, he could probably come up today.

      • David

        Duh. Bobby, Jimmy, whatever.

        Thanks Doug.

  21. RedsFaninPitt

    If you were GM between now and Spring Training 2019, how would address the following questions?

    1. Starting pitching – Of all of in-house starting pitcher options, who would you say are ones that have locked down a starting spot for 2019? Who are the ones that you believe need further evaluation?

    2. OF – Of all of our current in-house options, who should be a bridge between Hamilton and Siri/Trammell in CF? If Schebler is the answer, would you try Ervin or Guerrero in RF (assuming Duval is either traded or relegated to a bench bat?

    • Doug Gray

      Assuming no one is brought in, Mahle and Castillo are locks in my rotation. After that – everyone is up for further evaluation. I know Castillo’s ERA is ugly, but I’m just buying the walks/strikeouts/stuff playing over the long haul.

      I’d play Ervin in center before Schebler. I’d play Ervin in right before Guerrero. And honestly, I’d be willing to play Ervin in center 3-4 days a week starting a month ago. Let him and Hamilton split the time out there. I just don’t think Hamilton is the answer, and while I’m not sold that Ervin is – I’m at least willing to give it a look.

  22. Lilith

    What kind of upside does Trammell have? Could you see him becoming a face of the franchise?

    Has Tyler Stephenson’s season been a success in your eyes? He had a blazing hot start, but has cooled off. Should we be satisfied with where he’s at?

    • Doug Gray

      All-Star upside, and yes, he’s the type who could be the face of a franchise long term if he becomes the kind of player you hope he can.

      Yes. He’s stayed healthy, and that’s a big thing because he hasn’t been able to do that the last two seasons. He’s certainly slumped a bit, but the Florida State League is unforgiving. He’s a young catcher with all of the tools you want to see and he’s more than holding his own at a young age. That’s a success.

  23. redsfan4040

    1. With the way things have gone in Louisville since returning from injury, is Zack Weiss in danger of forever having a *.** ERA at the major league level?

    2. Now that you’ve been to Greeneville a couple of times, if you were recommend 1 Reds affiliate to visit for a game or two which would it be? (Based on facilities/surrounding area only, ignore travel costs, etc.)

    • Doug Gray

      1. No.

      2. Pensacola. Great stadium. Great views. Great staff. Excellent options away from the field – beaches, Naval Museum, BEACHES.

  24. Old-school

    Many folks have lumped Senzel/Trammell/India / Greene into the generic ” prospects who ain’t done nothing yet” label. Paul Daugherty wrote about this a decade + ago arguing to trade Joey Votto for Erik Bedard.

    Aren’t these 4 potential superstars and not mere prospects?
    How would you grade the Reds 2016-18 drafts?

    • Doug Gray

      BY definition a prospect hasn’t done anything yet. But pretending that they aren’t valuable is stupid. And please don’t forget that it wasn’t just Joey Votto, it was Votto and Cueto or Bailey.

      And I’d say that at least Senzel/Trammell/Greene are potential superstar types.

      Loved the 2016 and 2017 drafts. I don’t think the 2018 draft was nearly as strong overall, but I’m a big fan of what the Reds were able to do.

  25. Sean

    I haven’t read all of the questions so if I ask a question that has already been asked I apologize.

    1. What’s the Reds payroll situation like for next season? Could they go out and get a SP for like 20 mil a year without trading anyone to free up some money?

    2. I know you don’t follow other teams minor league systems much, but knowing what you know about what the Reds have for prospects currently where would you rank their system in relation to the league? Like where would you assume a system with the talent level the Reds have right now would rank. (i.e. top ten, top 5 etc..)

    Thanks as always Douglas.

    • Doug Gray

      Could they? Sure. Will they? Doubtful. It rubbed me the wrong way two weeks ago when they said they planned to raise payroll next year, but how much depended on if fans showed up the rest of this season or not. I understand why you say that, but you say that internally – you don’t say that to the public. Sorry Reds, but you’ve been terrible for 4+ years, you spend the money and EARN the fans back – you don’t tell the fans you can’t try to be better and spend money only if they show up first.

      I think the system is definitely a Top 10 system. Probably closer to Top 5. Generally speaking, when you’ve got 3 top 25 caliber prospects like the Reds do, that’s a high quality system.

      • Steve Mancuso

        Endorse the first paragraph strongly. Especially when the owner is a billionaire who has seen value of Reds go from $270 million to over $1 billion in ten years. No lectures on money from the Reds, please.

      • MrRed

        Especially when they’re on record saying that they’ve saved the money for future payroll increases once they were ready to become competitive (in so many words). To suggest that fans need to open their wallets first is insulting.

  26. Jim Walker

    Chadwick Tromp seems to be doing a lot of the catching at Louisville of late. I see he is barely 23 years old. Where did the Reds get him? Is he a prospect or place filler?

    • Doug Gray

      The Reds signed him out of Aruba as a free agent when he was a teenager. He’s got the potential to be a big league backup one day if he keep developing.

  27. Old-school

    The Athletic is a great place. C Trent is awesome. Will you be a regular contributor?

    • Matt V

      Related question from me: being a contributor to The Athletic, are you compensated for the articles you write for them, or do they ask you to do it “for exposure”? Seems from what I’ve seen like The Athletic is a classy organization, and I’m hoping they’re treating you right.

      • Doug Gray

        I’m compensated for my work at The Athletic. The people I’ve dealt with there all seem top notch.

    • Doug Gray

      I’ve been contributing 3-4 articles a month since the start of April. I hope to keep that going for as long as they’ll allow it.

  28. another bob from nc

    Not meant to be confrontational. Not meant to cause trouble with your sources.
    1) How do you rate the Reds’ ownership and front office compared to those of the other 29 MLB teams?
    2) Why?

    • Doug Gray

      It’s tough to answer because I know the ownership and front office with the Reds much, much better than the other organizations. So it’s easier to be critical of them, because I know every misstep they’ve taken.

      That said, I hate that the ownership cries poor, and I simply don’t believe for a second the line that Bob Castellini has spouted in the past that no one in the ownership group has taken profits since he bought the team. I also think that he steps in on baseball decisions way more than he should. But, I also understand why he does. If I owned the team, I’d certainly want the things that I want, too. As a fan that’s frustrating because “trust the baseball people to make the baseball decisions”. This is far from the only place this happens – it probably happens in 30 front offices. Some more than others, probably.

      With the front office, it’s also tough because of the first part – the ownership. How much has been overturned that they wanted to do? We have very strong inclinations that it was the owner who didn’t want to start the rebuild sooner – and led to them holding Cueto, Frazier, Chapman too long, and then basically telling them to trade Chapman for whatever someone was offering because the PR was terrible. That front office, though, is different than the one in place now. Mostly. It seems that Walt Jocketty still has plenty of input in the organization, which is, well, a little disappointing if I’m going to be honest as a Reds fan. I don’t think he’s as bad as many others do, but I’m also wishing that the organization could move forward with the younger guys who are seemingly far more accepting to new baseball ideas.

      Sometimes it’s tough to separate the front office from the owner. The owner dictates what can be spent. And sometimes it feels like he can also dictate who gets to do what (see Bailey, Homer for a very recent example – I won’t be convinced that Homer Bailey to the bullpen was a front office plan, and immediately got overturned by the owner because it literally happened the day after he pitched out of the bullpen, on a full 5-days rest, so there was ZERO information as to how he could performed out of the actual bullpen, or how his arm would recover to pitching out of a regular bullpen kind of role). Or who gets signed even if maybe the front office doesn’t necessarily agree that it’s the most prudent move.

      I wish I had a better answer than I gave. But it’s a very tough question to answer.

      • another bob from nc

        Thanks for the thoughtful, detailed answer.

  29. Shawn

    1. What would you do to make room for Trammell in Pensacola? Outfield is crowded. Siri-not hitting, Cook-just promoted, Aquino-not hitting but been there 2 years, Friedl-having a nice year, not sure if he’s ready for Louisville tho.
    2. Who are some of your favorite prospects in the DSL or Arizona?

    • Doug Gray

      1. I’m not really sure. I wouldn’t have promoted Siri to Double-A, but since he’s there, I’m also not going to demote him at this point. I’d probably go sink-or-swim with Aquino and push him up to Triple-A.

      2. In the DSL, I don’t know much about a lot of the guys. Darlin Guzman is a 17-year-old outfielder that’s hitting the ball well right now. Swing-and-miss is there, but the power is there too, and when guys are hitting for power at that age, it’s always intriguing. Allan Cerda’s a guy with some tools to keep an eye on. Jairo Capellan is a 6′ 9″ right-handed pitcher. I’ve heard some good things about his raw ability. The numbers aren’t quite there yet, but he’s got an arm, and with that size it may take him a little time to get everything synced up. But if he does it could get interesting. In Arizona, Victor Ruiz has a long way to go as a catcher, but he’s got some interesting things to look for at the plate as a hitter. Carlos Reina was interesting in the spring. I’ve never seen Debby Santana play, but he’s a 17-year-old that crushed the DSL last year, and just being in the US at that age is worth noting. There’s some pop in there for sure.

  30. big5ed

    1. The Reds had some luck converting Cory Thompson to a pitcher this year. Have you heard anything about anybody else being converted to pitching? Alfred Rodriguez just isn’t going to cut it as a hitter, so wouldn’t it be worth a try with him?

    2. The Reds have a group of unheralded young, speedy outfielders in the lower levels, including Miles Gordon, Lorenzo Cedrola, Zeke White (an add-on in the Dan Straily trade who has done well in the early precincts), Reshard Munroe, Brian Rey, etc. I know you like (the injured) Gordon, but has any of the group exceeded expectations and moved up this year in the organization’s eyes? I already know you are high on Andy Sugilio.

    • Doug Gray

      While I don’t feel very good about Alfredo Rodriguez ever hitting, I think it’s too early to give up on that. I don’t know if there’s anyone else that could be a candidate right now. Thompson has made the transition well – but he was also a very highly regarded pitcher coming out of high school with some teams preferring him as a pitcher in that 4th/5th round area.

      Cedrola/Rey are too new to really say that they’ve gone up in the organizational eyes I’d imagine. But, I’ve heard a few different people that have had some really good things to say about Reshard Munroe, so if I had to pick someone from that group, he’d be the one. But, Zeek White is certainly having a heck of a start to the 2018 season, too. So by the end of the year he could certainly be the guy, too.

  31. GHreds

    If the Reds don’t make any trades for the next season and a half, what is the starting outfield lineup On May 1st 2020?

    • Doug Gray

      Winker in left, Schebler in right, big ole shrug in center. There’s a chance it could be filled internally with Ervin, maybe Siri or Trammell by then. Chance it could be a free agent. If you asked about 3 months later, I’d take Trammell. But May is that weird area where maybe they keep him down to Super 2 reasons.

  32. Doug Gray

    It’s 8pm. Anything posted below this comment probably won’t be answered by me – but you can take your chances if you’d like.

  33. Doug Gray

    Thanks for stopping by everyone. Hopefully I answered the questions well enough to satisfy.

  34. Brady

    Sorry for the late comment, but I’m taking a chance as I missed this early with the Kawhi news.

    What’s the long term outlook for Gabby Guerrero? Meaning, where does he fit into the outfield equation?