Happy 4th of July, Nation! The Cincinnati Reds (37-49) are playing at GABP for the first time on Independence Day since 2014. They will look to rebound from a tough 12-8 loss in 12 innings last night to the Chicago White Sox (30-55). The Reds blew a 7-2 lead last night, and had a streak of 87 consecutive wins when leading after 8 innings come to an end. The Reds are still an impressive 7-2 in interleague games.

Programming note: tonight’s game is a 7:10 PM and is available on ESPN for those outside of the Cincinnati market.

Starting Pitchers

Tonight, just like last night, will be the first time these two starting pitchers will face any of the hitters on their opponent.

Sal Romano has really turned his season around of late. He has a 2.88 ERA over his last 4 starts (25.0 IP, 23 H, 8 ER, 8 BB, 19 K). He will need to keep his performance up as Homer Bailey (more below) was terrific last night for the Bats. It seems inevitable that Bailey will get another shot in the rotation, fair or not. Right now as it stands, even with his great performance of late, that Romano would be the odd man out.

Dylan Covery was originally the 14th overall pick in the 2010 draft by the Brewers. They found in a physical that he has diabetes, and Covery never signed with the Brewers. He ended up playing college ball, and was a 4th round pick of the A’s in 2013. The White Sox picked him up in the Rule 5 draft in 2016. Covery got called up last season, but didn’t fare well in 18 appearances (12 starts), posting a 7.11 ERA/7.20 FIP. He started 2018 in AAA, and has put up a 2.33 ERA/3.83 FIP in 9 starts. He made a spot start for the White Sox in April, and was then recalled at the end of May and has been in their rotation ever since. He got rocked in his last start (at TEX), giving up 9 runs on 8 hits and 3 walks in just 2.1 innings.

Starting Lineups

You can find the lineups here.

Homer update

Homer Bailey finally had a great start at AAA last night: 6.2 IP, 7 H, 1 ER, 8 K, 103 pitches (69 strikes). Bailey’s start before that was 3 runs over 7.0 innings. The first two rehab starts were disasters. The Reds have until July 23rd to make a decision on Bailey, unless he were to suffer another injury (then his 30-day rehab assignment could be reset again). I would imagine the Reds are going to try to use as much of that allotted time to let Bailey start in Louisville before making a decision.


I hope that you and yours enjoy the 4th of July in our great country. It sure is nice to have some baseball playing the background. I pray that you found a way to avoid the nasty hot dog content. Go Reds!

Nick is a lifelong Reds fan who was born and raised in Cincinnati. He acquired his love of baseball from his late grandfather. Nick moved to the Cleveland area in 2014 with his wife, and his currently fighting to convert his beautiful baby daughter Emma to Reds fandom. Nick has been writing for Redleg Nation since 2013. Follow Nick on Twitter @nicholaspkirby.

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  1. Reds trade floro to the dodgers

    • The Reds are back to flipping major league players for prospects. So much for Williams saying that the Reds are going to start adding to the major league roster to build a winner. The rebuild continues unendingly.

      • Huh?? trading a reliever that has no future for players that might be productive is considered a rebuilding move?

        • They traded a major leaguer for minor league prospects.
          Don’t hold your breath until Williams makes those trades in reverse in order to improve the big league club. When was the last time the Reds traded minor leaguers for major league players to improve the club at a position of need? So, yes, that is still a rebuild trade.
          Just watch and see what happens over the next month. I strongly suspect there will be more trades of established Reds major league players for prospects.

    • Interesting. Doesn’t seem like much of anything at this point in time, but the Reds scouting department has been known to find a diamond in the rough or two. (Looking at you, Strailey, Suarez, Schebler, et. al.)

  2. Happy Independence Day to all.

    Right on, Nick. Going to family bbq and the game will be on in the background.

    Go Redlegs.

    (Every era has aspects to it where future generations look back and say, “what were they thinking? That hot dog eating contest will definitely be one of them. Glad I finished on the treadmill at the gym before they started it.)

  3. 103 pitches (69 strikes) in 6.2 innings and 8 Ks against a AAA lineup?? Not evidence of any improvement, much less evidence he’s ready for another shot in the Reds’ rotation. That should be the baseline for working his way back. Look, I actually think Bailey was a very good MLB pitcher and worth his contract when it was signed. But he’s had too long of a poor track record (even accounting for injuries) to look past when noting this latest result.

    • Looking at Homer’s career stats i don’t consider him a “very goid MLB pitcher”. Or worth that bloated contract.

      • Amen. A slightly above average pitcher given a contract that required further improved performance over the following six years for the contract to be worthwhile for the Reds. An average contract at best for the Reds on a risk/reward basis.

        Will go down in Reds history as one of the worst signings based upon actual results.

  4. I liked Floro. He is the 6th best reliever in the pen. That is a helluva pen. I hope they got something good for him. Next man up!

  5. Reds call up Cody Reed and Tanner Rainey. Demote Brandon Dixon to AAA. My interpretation: Reed is up for a day in case they need long relief for Romano. Back to AAA tomorrow. Rainey replaces Floro in the bullpen. Dixon’s spot on the bench expendable for a day because they know Michael Lorenzen isn’t going to pitch today, so he’s a bat on the bench. They’ll call up another infielder – Dilson Herrera? – for the road trip to take Dixon’s place.

    • With the whole bullpen used last night, except Hughes, why wouldn’t Lorenzen be able to pitch? Before last night he hadn’t pitched since 6/29

  6. This bullpen is starting to get a little vulnerable since starters can barely last 5 innings. I say white Sox 6 Reds 2. Sally goes 5IP 5H 6R 3BB.

  7. Reed and Rainey are up here for tonight’s game. Reed already told his mom that it might be a very short stay.

    They sent Brandon Dixon down. I hope the next time they call up a bench bat, it’s Herrera.

  8. WOW What a fabulous rendition of the National Anthem. That young lady just did this country proud.

  9. A good first inning for Big Sal.

  10. I wonder if we are seeing Joey’s decline?Doesn’t seem tp be able to drive the ball at all.His power is missing in a big way.

    • His power numbers seem to be down, but the stats like avg exit velocity or % of hard hit balls don’t appear to have dropped. Someone smarter than me will have to look at all these advanced stats and tell us what they mean

      • Selection bias. Helps to hit balls hard when you’re really choosy and let a bunch of strikes that are outside of what you’re looking for go by with the bat on the shoulder.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for good plate discipline and drawing walks if the pitcher doesn’t offer anything good to hit. But if you’re the best hitter on the team (….or at this stage of their careers third best after Suarez and Winker imo) and especially if runners are on base you need to swing the bat and produce runs even if the strikes thrown are not to your liking.

        At the very least foul off the strikes you don’t like, like Brandon Belt, then smash those pitches grooved into your sweet spot.

        • what’s the difference with fouling off a strike you don’t like and taking it for a strike…. same result… until you have two strikes on you… you should only swing at a pitch that you can drive.

  11. The home plate up has been pretty awful this series

  12. Batting practice pitcher making us look like little leaguers.Perfect through 3 innings.

  13. Romano sucks! It turns out that 95% of starting pitchers can’t make it with 2 pitches….esp when his breaking ball rolls instead of snaps most of the time. I would demand a trade if I was BobSteve. I’d just refuse to pitch…walk away. You either trade me or I quit. He’s been better then Romano at every level. They’ll prob give Reed his spot, but BobSteve has been better then him too? Romano has now made 34 starts and he’s regressed since last year. 4.88 overall? BobSteve was 3.30 in the 2nd half last year. Try something different for God sakes???

  14. Scooter!!! who else?

  15. Great hitting but station to station. We have got to be one of the slowest teams in baseball.

  16. Trading effective players for prospects = perpetual rebuild. The Reds way. I need to find a new team to follow. Very close to giving up on this franchise. I grew up in Cincinnati and attended my first Reds game in 1959 as an 8 year old. But I’m very close to being over this nonsense. The Reds need to win now! I realize that many of the Redleg Nation regulars will attack me but they need to consider this….after 50+ years of following this team, I (and we) deserve better than this circus of ineptitude. Trade Harvey, Duvall, Bailey (please,), Iglesias, Hamilton, and anyone else you can think of. If the Reds can’t find the money to hold on to their good players and sign additional talent, then they deserve my support. I’m outta here!

    • You’re mad because they traded the 6th guy out of the bullpen?
      They Yankees need some fans. Have fun

      • Yep, strange reaction to trading a relief pitcher that was not part of the team to start the season and has no future with the team.

        Relief pitchers are all over the place from year to year when it comes to results. I am certain the Reds have plenty of replacements for Floro.

  17. Big hit Winker!! Tie game

  18. Too bad Winker is so slow, he could have scored on Pedraza’s hit. Wait, you say he did score?

  19. That was a thing of beauty.

  20. Yes. A squeeze play. That’s the kind of baseball you like to see.

  21. I was distracted. Was that a suicide or safety squeeze?

  22. Hit parade….now if Romano starts giving it back then I’d pull him immediately!

  23. better get somebody up in the pen NOW!!!

  24. Scooter now at .333. Almora with the Cubs at .329. Markakis 0-4…drops to .322. I think Scooter has a good shot to stay in it all year? I feel like Arenado could always blow up at Coors and hit .335 or something?

    Sal with a beautiful slider to K Moncada. If he just had a slow curve or a change-up then he could decent enough to be 4th-5th starter level but the big leagues isn’t the place for on-the-job training. Work on that at AAA!

    • I agree, although he might make a good long man out of the pen till he gets that 3rd pitch. 2-3 innings then the closer.

  25. Nice work by Garrett after the leadoff double

  26. Iggy pitched 3 straight. I would think Hughes tries for a 2 inning save tonight?
    Iggy needed work Sunday, so he came into an 8-0 game.
    Rainey for the 7th maybe? Lorenzen??

  27. 2nd straight game Winker misses a Homer by a few inches

  28. Another multi-hit game for Winker

  29. Here’s another comparison for Jesse Winker…..Paul O’Neill. PON hit 15-16 HR in his first 3-4 seasons. Winker is better then I thought he would be! He’s hitting .333 with risp! Very advanced hitter that could prob sit vs lefties every once in a while but could play in 140 games a year and be a very good hitter!

  30. As usual Indy you have it right.Dude is 24 years old and his power will come.

    • Slugging ~ .400 now and OBP ~ .390.
      OPS is closing in on .800. he’s a good MLB hitter….at 24.

      Schebler is comfortably over .800 OPS with solid on base skills and good power.

      Both players having nice seasons.

  31. They brought up Reed and Rainey because our bullpen was worn out, yet they’re pitching Garrett and Lorenzen again? Three days in a row for Garrett; long outing for Lorenzen last night.

  32. Boy that was out great! Nice quick pitch By Lorenzen, a wonderful throw by Tucker Ending with a face plant by the runner.

  33. Better job by Peraza taking the throw at the bag instead of 3 feet in front of it. Maybe a coach got in his ear about it.

  34. I read some complaints about Lorenzen’s pitching after last night, but 25.2 ip with ZERO hrs allowed. Thats not easy to do when gabp is your home park!

  35. And a multi hit game for Joey

  36. Sinking liner there from Scooter….thats a hit in many parks with a bigger outfield where RF has to play deeper. Prob cost him a batting title or any Red for that matter. Hope I’m wrong….it would be really cool to see Scooter win a batting title!!

  37. Joey will be able to hit a bunch of singles the other way and walk until he is 45 years old.He will end up hitting second at some point.

  38. Billlyyyy! guns down the runner at the plate!!

  39. Beautiful throw by Billy. Love having him come in as a defensive replacement.

  40. Big play. Good throw, good tagout.

  41. Billy bailed us out right there.

  42. 3 walks and a big 2 rbi single for Peraza tonight

  43. Did Peraza work two 1-2 count walks tonight

  44. Volstad is my new favorite opposing player.

  45. Volstad is terrible….still don’t know why they put him with a 3-1 lead in the 8th the other night? We’ll take it!

  46. A positive change for Peraza. He’s working the count.

  47. Am I the only one who does not like Scheblers 2 strike approach? I feel like he gets beat up high all the time with two strikes.

  48. Bottom of the lineup, let’s do this Hughes!

  49. Peraza has equaled his walk total for all of last year

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Nick is a lifelong Reds fan who was born and raised in Cincinnati. He acquired his love of baseball from his late grandfather. Nick moved to the Cleveland area in 2014 with his wife, and his currently fighting to convert his beautiful baby daughter Emma to Reds fandom. Nick has been writing for Redleg Nation since 2013. Follow Nick on Twitter @nicholaspkirby.


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