The Cincinnati Reds (37-48) are playing their best baseball in four years, and have been incredibly fun to watch of late. The Reds had another late inning rally last night, coming back from a 3-1 deficit in the 8th inning to beat the Chicago White Sox (29-55) by a final score of 5-3. The two teams will square off again tonight at 7:10 PM. The Reds are now just single digits back in the race for the second wild-card race, and are 29-11 over their last 50 games.

Starting Pitchers

Tonight will be the first time that either Anthony DeSclafani or Lucas Giolito have faced any hitters in either lineup. DeSclafani has certainly been a nice presence since returning to the Reds rotation, but he needs to cut down on the home run ball. He has allowed 5 home runs over his last 3 starts.

Giolito was the 16th overall pick of the Nationals back in 2012. When he was called up in 2016 by the Nats, he was hailed as the best right-handed pitching prospect since Stephen Strasburg. He was traded in the Adam Eaton deal in December 2016. He was good in 7 starts last year, but has struggled this season. His fastball velocity is down over 2 MPH since 2016. Hopefully he makes at least one more start before figuring it out.

Starting Lineups

White Sox Reds
1. Yoan Moncada (2B)
2. Yolmer Sanchez (3B)
3. Avisail Garcia (RF)
4. Daniel Palka (LF)
5. Kevan Smith (C)
6. Tim Anderson (SS)
7. Matt Davidson (1B)
8. Adam Engel (CF)
9. Lucas Giolito (P)
1. Jose Peraza (SS)
2. Scooter Gennett (2B)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
5. Jesse Winker (RF)
6. Adam Duvall (LF)
7. Curt Casali (C)
8. Anthony DeSclafani (P)
9. Billy Hamilton (CF)

Hunter Greene!

I got lucky last night and saw Hunter Greene have his best professional start to date. I wrote about that and took some (poor) video of Greene today on RN.

Other News and Notes:

Nick is a lifelong Reds fan who was born and raised in Cincinnati. He acquired his love of baseball from his late grandfather. Nick moved to the Cleveland area in 2014 with his wife, and his currently fighting to convert his beautiful baby daughter Emma to Reds fandom. Nick has been writing for Redleg Nation since 2013. Follow Nick on Twitter @nicholaspkirby.

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  1. I love the Scooter/Votto/Suarez triumvirate batting 2/3/4 in the order.
    I’d rather see Schebler or Winker in the leadoff spot, but I won’t quibble. Please keep the Big Three in the Top Four slots.

    • I like it, but I question why it is not Votto/Suarez/Scooter.

    • I prefer Schebler leading off, and Winker lower in the order where his fine hitting skill is more evident.

  2. Why would India sign for 600K under slot value? Wonder what’s the standard deviation for that slot value.

    • Most likely it was agreed upon ahead of time that he would take less than slot, which from the Reds stand point is important so they can offer more money to later round picks to motivate them to sign instead of going to college. His alternative was to not sign and wait till next year when there was no guarantee of that much money

      • Along these lines Senzel at #2 overall coming out of college signed at $1.5M+ under slot. Hunter Greene was an exception because despite falling to #2 he was generally seen as the top talent in the draft and had the leverage of going to college versus signing.

  3. Scooter needs our help. Go vote!

  4. Follow on to the Heyman tweet about Iglesias. @jorgecastillo is now tweeting that Nats see Iggy as a reliever and are unlikely to pursue him at the deadline since acquiring Kelvin Herrera.

  5. Washington Post is disputing reports on the Nats interest in Harvey and Iglesias.

    Is is time to move Joey Votto to the #2 slot and Suarez to #3?

    # moregrandslams

  6. The outfield rotation is a joke.Schebler was on base 3 times last night.Billy can’t hit a lick rotate him and Duvall if you must but Scott and Winker need to play every day.Yeah I know its beating a dead horse but gee wiz.Surely we aren’t trying to sell other teams we have 4 starters in the outfield.Please lets stop this nonsense.

    • The Reds are a very LH batting team with both Schebler and Winker in the line up (in addition to Votto and Gennett). Giolito is a RH pitcher so not sure why Schebler sits tonight; but, long term this lefthandedness could be an issue for the Reds, not that Duvall is the long term answer.

      • Though Schebler hits lefties well? So maybe it’s not a problem having him everyday in the lineup?

    • Williams gave an interview a few weeks back and said the Reds have 4 major league outfielders and all 4 will get regular at bats. Personally, I think Duvall is a great 4 th/5th OF and back up 1b and power bat pinch hitter late in the game. But it’s silly to sit Schebler.

      The biggest untold story of the year is the stolen base dropoff of Billy Hamilton. It’s the 2nd half of the season and he’s attempted 18 steals. ( JV HR outage is #2).BH is not hitting for avg or getting on base or hitting for power or stealing bases.

      • It’s a literal disgrace that Williams is so blind to reality. How much value do they think Billy provides defensively to justify him batting 9th regularly? It is hurting the offense.. BIlly leading off was a direct reason for the slow start to the season…

      • Agree on BHam. Guessing if Schebler had even an average CF arm, BHam would be reduced to a role player by now.

        • Schebler and WInker need to play every day….atleast in GABP. Cleveland has a pretty big outfield so Billy could make sense there but not in GABP? Moneyball time….they literally need to trade Billy so Priggleman can’t write him in the lineup! I like Scooter 2nd but Tucker will be back there tomorrow. Try to get your best hitters more atbats. Its really pretty straightforward! We’re scoring well but isn’t the goal always to score more?

    • Let’s review…

      Bob Castellini is the CEO and has a man crush on Hamilton proclaiming Hamilton should be a Reds for life. Castellini appointed Williams as GM with no experience to justify the appointment, then promoted Williams to Pres of Baseball Ops after recording the worst period of team performance in history.

      Williams is the Pres of Baseball Ops and states all 4 major league OF will play. Riggleman serves as an interim manager at Williams discretion with no prospect of ever finding another MLB managerial gig if this job doesn’t pan out.

      Riggleman makes out the lineup card. Hamilton plays. Duvalls plays. Schebler sits.

    • Yeah we all (or must of us) have beat that dead horse, unfortunately none of us are in the managers (or FO) seat. I do not mind Duval playing against left handers but it seems this four man rotation is simply they take turns sitting every 4’th day with no rhyme or reason as to who is pitching. It’s almost like its second grade and we have to give every one a turn.

  7. Fun to watch Reds now. However, notice that Votto is doing his thing….. showing anger and frustration as soon as Reds are doing well…which means he is under pressure to perform…..

  8. At the ballpark and ready for the game. Not a lot of folks here 45 minutes before game time. Makes me wonder if the locals know or care how well this team is playing…


  10. 29-11??Wow.
    This team is playing with confidence right now.
    Confidence breeds winning. Or does winning breed confidence? I don’t know. But I like it!!

    • 29-11? Not true unfortunately. After they won 6 straight in May then went on a 8-16 stretch before this 15-5 heater they’re on now!

    • Ok I have it now….with the 6 game streak thats 29-21 not 29-11. Thats still a pretty good stretch of baseball!

  11. Just saw the lineup and puzzled why Schebler is sitting. Does Giolito have his number or something? 🙂

  12. The ongoing trade discussions about Harvey are a concern to me. Yes I know the need and opportunity but If Harvey gets traded away are the Reds looking to have Bailey to fill that slot?
    Mr. “No-hit” needs to really demonstrate the ability to get folks out at AAA.

    I wonder if any of the “Crack Media” people will ask that question? Talking to “Riggles” won’t cut it.

    Don’t the Reds have a GM? Oh I forgot he isn’t related. 🙂

    • BobSteve and Cody Reed are also possibilities

      • Reed 4.57 ERA, 69 innings, 1.48 WHIP, 10 HRs, 62- SO
        Stephenson 3.60 ERA, 80 innings, 1.33 whip, 11 HRS, 97 -SO

        • BobSteve last year in 11 MLB starts 3.30ERA/4.22FIP; 8.85K/9; 0.75HR/9; worth a look I’d say

    • Putting Bailey back in the rotation at this point would be a horrible message to send to fans. Not to say they won’t do it.

  13. Peraza 3 and Scooter 4….7 total bases in 2 AB’s…not bad

  14. Suarez!!! 2 run jack and a little salsa

  15. ONLY a double for Winker…misses the dinger by about 2 feet

  16. I think you might want Scooter to get more atbats then Tucker. Call me crazy! If they had Peraza 9th and Schebler 1st….Scooter would still get plenty of rbi chances. I think I’d prefer to see Suarez 2nd though. Lefty-righty-lefty

  17. Someone take a crack at explaining Scooter Gennett. I got nothing. Suarez sorta kinda you can explain.

    As for Giolito, this is why no one can predict what young pitchers to draft or what ” prospects” at AA turn into Chris Sale and Max Scherzer.

  18. Only time wlll tell about the White Sox but I do like the fact they are not confused as to what they are trying to do.They have decided to go young with just an exception or two.They are committed to find out who can or who can’t.

    • I watch them a ton because I’m invested in cash fantasy leagues and I have Moncada and Tim Anderson.

      Trust me when I say this…….they have atleast 20 guys that can’t:) They are horrrrrible

      • That was clear last night when we saw the relief pitchers that came in after Shields. Looked like the Reds bullpen of two years ago, led by Ross Ohlendorf and Jumbo Diaz.

  19. Suarez is up to 10 errors on the season now. He had 9 all of last year.

    • He is definitely nowhere near the defensive star he was last year. Last year he was Gold Glove caliber. Nowhere near that this year. You have to wonder what has changed.

  20. There you go. Here’s your proof: A one – hop line drive that Peraza can’t handle.

  21. Great first inning. Disco getting hit hard in the 4th.

  22. Sox cut the lead in half. Offense needs to kick it back in gear again

  23. Homer on an 0-2 pitch from Disco.We will need some more runs.

  24. Disco not as sharp as last game and not as much velocity. Garrett allowed 2 of his runs to score last time. I thought Disco looked better then ever. Tonite he needs to grind it out.

  25. Disco? You have to be on 2nd there my brother? I guess he thought he would sight see on another HR? He was moving like he’s Bartolo Colon.

  26. I agree but we need to score some more runs.After Winker we have lots of holes in the line up and its showed the first time through and here again the second time.

  27. Another bullet by Scooter…not quite out of the reach of the SS.

  28. Are the umps wearing MAGA hats?

  29. Wowwww. 2nd deck for Duval….the team needed that.

  30. YEP!!! that helps, 3 run, second deck shot Thank You Adam D!!!

  31. My father would compare George Foster to Roy Sievers.

    That one by Adam Duval was pretty close to Foster’s.

    • Yep , “Our Boy Roy” , put a lot of balls into leftfield Old Griffith Stadium.

    • I love reading a message board and see names like Roy Sievers pop up. Very good player. Well before my time. But I know what he did as a player.

  32. Homer AAA update;
    Innings, 5 Hits, 1 R, 1ER, 7 SO 88 Pitches

  33. Disco giving up some bombs tonite….not good. HR derby!

  34. Wheels came off for DeSclafani in a hurry. Not a good sign.

  35. Reds 7 -4 in the 6 th inning.
    All 11 runs scored on home runs.
    Yet, Billy Hamilton plays because of his defense? How important is his defense in this GABP home run fest. His OPS is .585. he doesn’t steal anymore . He never has hit.
    He is 5 for his last 27. Scott Schebler is on the bench.

  36. Suarez could have had that guy at home pretty easily?

  37. Need some more offense. I don’t think 7 is enough tonight

  38. Still need some more runs.Got to be able to hit em out in GABP.

  39. I thought Suarez had a big time shot at Anderson if he came home on that ground ball to 3rd? I think maybe the angle for the throw was a little tough but he didn’t even look? Garrett & Lorenzen both struggling somewhat. Lorenzen is almost better at 93-94 as long as its sinking. 96-97 out over the plate is no good in todays game! I think he was 1-2 on Davidson….bury that slider on him?

  40. I’d give the White Sox Garrett or Lorenzen + Stephenson for Avi Garcia…..and I love Amir & ML! Garcia is a beast though! Hit .330 last year and finally back from injury this year and destroying the ball! If we had an outfield of a Winker/Duvall platoon in LF, Schebler in CF, and a great right-handed bat in RF then the offense would be top 5 next year!

    • A top 5 offense and a middle of the pack pitching staff gets us to competing again.Have to score at GABP and score a bunch.

    • I was just reading this when he launched his second HR to tie the game in the 9th.

  41. Garrett got ahead and the batter chased the slider.Good job right there.No need to throw a strike and he didn’t.

  42. For some reason The Reds Team looks just about a tick “off center”.
    Is that what I am trying to say?

  43. Couldn’t touch the curve 5 straight pitches, so he gave him a fastball…base hit…tie game

  44. I know its 2nd guessing but Amir gets his guy with 3 pitches and hits 98 mph. I leave him in!

  45. Maybe they will gift wrap us another one.Lets hope so.

  46. Something Reds pitchers have been doing all season, which I just don’t understand: they throw pitch after pitch after pitch after pitch after pitch to the same general location. I understand they have scouting reports saying “Player X struggles with pitches low and inside,” but I don’t think that means EVERY pitch should be in that location. Why not throw at least ONE pitch a foot high instead of 6 consecutive low an inside?

  47. I sure hope Jose takes the first pitch

  48. Fastest guy in the league and they’re wasting an out bunting him over? Stupidity, absolute stupidity.

  49. As we were talking easier in the comments, once again Winker is subbed out in the 8’th inning. Even though he has 2 hits and a walk. Duval should have been one subbed out.

  50. We bunted again.

  51. Why are we bunting the fastest man in baseball to 2nd base? Sorry, I don’t care about the analytics. That’s just a stupid move. I didn’t like it with Baker and Stubbs. I don’t like it now.

  52. SAFE!!!!!!

  53. I cannot help but laugh. Let’s see if the bullpen can hold the lead

  54. Just as Riggleman drew it up. Bunt Billy to second, let him steal third, then have him score on a throw to first. Guy’s a genius.

  55. Fun. To. Watch. 🙂

  56. Iggy is not Chapman…he doesn’t need to challenge their only hitter

  57. Not good trade marketing for Iggy….

  58. Well we got that one run. Why did he have Peraza bunt? Why is Jessie not in the game?

  59. Playing for one run only looks pretty foolish now. The bench is emptied, as is the bullpen.

  60. Wow…..we cannot stop Avi Garcia and Polka or whatever his name is. Iggy throwing 94? This is his 3rd game in a row but I haven’t seen 98-100 like he had last year? He’s so good he doesn’t usually need it

  61. Lets see if we have any bullets left.We just need one.

  62. Manny Machado will end up with the Cubs. Dodgers will prob get Avi Garcia. When do we get our franchise changing guy? Not that Garcia is in that boat yet but he’s peaking! Only guy I ever remember was Griffey Jr and that was for a hometown discount!

  63. Someone needs to tell Schebler that his two-strike crouch makes him even more susceptible to high and inside pitches than usual.

  64. This one is rough….can’t lose up 4-0 after 4 hitters with one of your best pitchers on the mound? They need to find a way! Floro needs to step up….nobody else can put up zeroes tonite.

  65. The once lock down bullpen hasn’t been so lock down as of late.

  66. Tricky hop there. The baseball gods are coming back to try to claim that game we stole last night.

  67. He can end it on one pitch

    Of course that would mean First pitch swinging

  68. Riggleman sure seems to enjoy over-managing. If he could bring in a reliever and double-switch every few pitches, I believe he would. Maybe this strategy of his will work out, or maybe they’ll have to forfeit in the 14th because they don’t have enough guys to field a team.

  69. Scooter has been pretty decent defensively since April! Good job from Floro and Jackson Stephens. It feels like Stephens has been bad, but 3.72 era & 1.24 whip isn’t that bad. Chris Welch seems to think he could be a decent starter? He has a good curveball and throws hard, but he’s only been mediocre at AAA?

  70. Game day shows that last pitch to Jose as too close to take

  71. awful strike 3 call on Jose. Changes the inning totally.

  72. Game day shows that pitch to Jose as too close to take.

    • It was a ball. Taking was the right thing to do when you’re a speedy guy with not much power. The umpire has seemingly gone crazy.

      • He was a little ticked that Jose argued strike 1, and then for the rest of the AB Jose took awhile to get in the box after every pitch.

  73. I don’t know if you use guys like Crockett for 1 hitter in an extra inning game? Stephens and Hughes are it and I think they said Hughes has gone 2 days in a row. It started with Garrett….he blew the guy away so leave him in for the 8th? I guess Iggy would’ve blown the lead anyway

  74. Oh boy….I jinxed him. We’re losing this one. The spirit is fading away

  75. Several funky hops on the infield tonight. Are the groundscrew folks related to Big Bob?

  76. Not bunting with a guy on 2nd???? Are they crazy?

  77. If the Reds come back from this, I’m booking my playoff tickets

  78. Jackson Stephens does what Jackson Stephens does, which is give the game away when allowed to pitch too long.

    Don’t see why Iggy couldn’t have gone two.

    Oh well, get ’em tomorrow afternoon. Hope for a happy 4th!

  79. Riggleman set us up for defeat, then the infield defense sealed it.

  80. Reds now looking firmly at 2019. Optimism died tonight for 2018. Who are the pitchers in 2019 and who are the outfielders?

    • It’s always been about 2019.


      LF Winker
      CF Trade/FA Acquisition/Schebler (if no RF)
      RF Schebler/Trade/FA Acquisition (if no good options for CF)


      SP Disco
      SP Castillo
      SP Mahle
      SP Romano
      SP Trade/FA Acquisition/Garrett

  81. I’m not watching the Reds or paying money for tickets to watch Billy Hamilton start anymore over better players. . What’s it going to be DW for a last place team? There’s golf to be played and tennis to be served???

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