The smoking hot Cincinnati Reds (36-48) will continue their homestand against the Chicago White Sox (29-54) tonight at 7:10 PM. The Reds have won 11 of 15, and are 28-21 since May 8th. The White Sox are 5-12 over their last 17 games. The White Sox are 25th in the MLB in runs scored, 26th in ERA, and 26th in run differential (-109).

Starting Pitchers

Luis Castillo looked like he was turning his season around after a solid May (3.48 ERA/4.29 FIP). June was not very kind to him, as he posted a 6.75 ERA/5.47 FIP in 6 starts. Tonight will be Castillo’s first time facing the White Sox and any of their hitters.

James Shields will only be facing the Reds for the third time in his career. His two starts came in 2011 and 2015, and he allowed 9 ER in 13.1 IP (6.08 ERA) with 17 K and 6 BB. Shields has rebounded from poor seasons in 2016 & 2017 this year, and has been about an average MLB starter (the White Sox will gladly take that). He pitched 7.0 shutout innings in his last start (vs MIN).

Starting Lineups

White Sox Reds
1. Yoan Moncada (2B)
2. Yolmer Sanchez (3B)
3. Jose Abreu (1B)
4. Daniel Palka (LF)
5. Avisail Garcia (RF)
6. Omar Narvaez (C)
7. Tim Anderson (SS)
8. Adam Engel (CF)
9. James Shields (P)
1. Scott Schebler (RF)
2. Tucker Barnhart (C)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Scooter Gennett (2B)
5. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
6. Jesse Winker (LF)
7. Jose Peraza (SS)
8. Luis Castillo (P)
9. Billy Hamilton (CF)

News and Notes


You guys enjoy the Reds tonight. I’ll be in Eastlake, Ohio (just outside of Cleveland) checking out Hunter Greene pitching for the first time. I am certainly looking forward to that. Go Reds! Go Dragons!

Nick is a lifelong Reds fan who was born and raised in Cincinnati. He acquired his love of baseball from his late grandfather. Nick moved to the Cleveland area in 2014 with his wife, and his currently fighting to convert his beautiful baby daughter Emma to Reds fandom. Nick has been writing for Redleg Nation since 2013. Follow Nick on Twitter @nicholaspkirby.

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  1. Nick – That’s exciting you’ll be able to watch Hunter Greene tonight. I’m looking forward to your scouting report.

    • That’s about the only good reason I can come up with to drive up to Clevland, but it’s a pretty good reason.

      Not going to happen this season, but one summer soon, I’m going to make a point of visiting all of the Reds minor league teams for a home series. That would be a fun time for the Old Cossack and Mrs. Cossack. Oh, we’d probably take the not-so-little Cossacks with us too…

  2. I’ll admit to knowing only one position player in the White Sox lineup (Abreu).

  3. This series is a good test (trap series) for the 2018 Reds.

    “The White Sox are 25th in the MLB in runs scored, 26th in ERA, and 26th in run differential (-109).”

    The Reds need a dominate sweep period.
    Yeah, I know Baseball is a funny game and the Baseball Gods are a fickle lot but between the lines. Hitting the ball, catching the ball, throwing the ball is the measure.
    Let’s go Reds.

    • George,

      Can’t ask for a better start, at least on paper.

      Vegas likes the Reds. Implied runs scored of 5.56, highest of any team tonight…higher than either Giants or Rockies at Coors. White Sox way down list at 3.96.

      James Shields’ stuff this season is all about late movement. If he has it, he’s good, like last week vs. Twins. If he doesn’t….well, that Tundra truck way up in center field may end up with a dent in it.

      Go Redlegs.

    • Agree 100% For the Reds it is the difference between playing in an we’ll show you chip on the shoulder mode and just going out and doing a professional job taking care of business because it is another day at the office.

  4. The Reds really need Castillo to take a big first step back toward being the Castillo of 2017. Harvey will be gone soon; and, it would not be at all unusual for Disco to hit a bit of flat spot.

    If Castillo is going to be a top of the rotation guy, the time is at hand for him to start showing bottom line results and not just fits and starts that leave folks hoping for more.

  5. I’m actually pausing to marvel that Cesar Geronimo cracked the top 10 in on-base percentage in 1976. He did bat 8th a fair amount of the time, so maybe he got walked a lot to get to the pitcher?

    • That’s too far back for me to remember; and, I’m too lazy to research it right now. 🙂 However I seem to recall that some of the Reds pitchers were easy outs. Not Lorenzens, but not easy outs.

      Keep in mind they were somewhat unlikely to pitch around him with less than 2 outs because after the pitcher the next batter would be Pete Rose.

      • and Ken Griffey and Joe Morgan and Johnny Bench and Tony Perez and George Foster…

        Geesh! That just wasn’t fair.

        • By the time I was 17 or 18 about half off those guys were in the Reds line up and a 3-4 years later, the rest were.

          I was 30 before I realized this wasn’t normal.

      • Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…

        Sparky had the SS (Concepcion) and CF (Geronimo) batting 7th & 8th in the lineup. How did they ever win a game?

      • His best year. Geronimo had .307 batting average, .382 OBP, 24 doubles, 11 triples and 56 walks.
        In 1975 and 1976 that lineup was a murderer’s row, no exaggeration and no old fogey’s questionable memory.

    • Was 4th on 76 BRM in OBP. Top of line-up Rose, Griffey, Morgan all had over .400 OBP. Doug Flynn could have driven in 100 RBIs in 76 if batting cleanup.

      • RBI efficiency is the way to measure how well one hits with RISP, not total RBIs.
        Doug Flynn might have hit 100. Maybe. Probably not. Joey Votto might have gotten to 125. Eugenio Suarez probably racks 140 ribeyes.

        George Foster drove in over 150 one year?
        Miggy Cabrera would have driven in 170.

        Just as runs scored by itself is not the best indicator of efficiency getting on base, total RBIs by itself is not the best indicator of ‘clutch’ hitting.

        One thing is indisputable though – at the end of the day the teams that win more of the close games that are dependent upon SOMEONE driving runs in to score that additional one or two runs will likely have a better record than the teams that suffer through poor hitting with RISP.

        See April 2018 for a reminder.

  6. Schebler mauls the 1st pitch

  7. Poor guy lost his perfect game, is a no hitter and his shut out on one pitch.

    The first pitch

  8. This inning could’ve ended on the 11th pitch to Scooter – instead he got a hit

    11 pitches later the bases are loaded

  9. Castillo’s heater is 94-95? I wonder if he will ever get back 97-99 like last year? He still can be good if he keeps the ball down and develops a slider, but its a little troubling?

  10. Just need to show a little patience with Shields and I know Scott went deep on the first pitch.We will get him but we must make him throw a few and Billy you of all people should not swing at the first pitch.

    • I cringe at all the first pitch swinging… But they put up the stats last week with Billy and his success rate on the first pitch is much higher than any other pitch.

  11. There showing some unusual shots today. I’m wondering if one of their cameras is down….

  12. Love the fastball just above the zone…96 on that one to get Abreau

  13. Time to look at a few pitches from Shields. He’s wild. Take a few and draw some walks.

    • Sorry, just saw that Roger Garrett said the same thing. Listen up, Reds.

  14. Matt Harvey and Amir Garrett will be traded to Cleveland before or at the All Star Break.

    • If that happens the reds front office will probably be willing to take back Edwin in return and call it a win.

    • I live in Columbus and have more family and friends that are Indians fans than are Reds fans.

      To a person, the Tribe people laugh at Francona, Mr. Loyal to His Guys, bringing in Harvey to replace:

      Carrasco (back this week)

      Not only is Harvey not as good as those 5, the worry about Harvey being a cancer…other teams’ fans know his rep.

      Would rather Iglesias go up there than Garrett, but don’t know if CLE would even do that. Another Miller-like trade starts to deplete their near-MLB ready pipeline.

  15. A lot of loud outs for the Reds so far. Need the luck factor to start going our way.

  16. Castillo at 93 pitches in 6 innings. If he gets out of the 6th will he go back out in the 7th? I would give him a chance but he would be on a pitch by pitch leash.

  17. 6 strong for Castillo…94 pitches so far.

  18. Reds have scalded some balls tonight. Wish they had more to show for it.

  19. Shields is a pro’s pro. I thought we might light him up, but he’s been good. Castillo has been on point though….close to 100 pitches. I’d pull him after the first baserunner considering how fast he goes downhill at times.

  20. DeMarcus Cousins to Golden State. So glad I’m not a big NBA fan. It would be like Trout, Machado, and DeGrom going to the Yankees

    • The beauty of baseball though is 9 guys (10 with the DH) have a major determination over the outcome versus 5. More of a team game and thus it is possible (not probable, but possible) to overcome huge salary discrepancies. Teams with lower revenues though have to play it super smart for the cost controlled draftees and be ultra selective in handing out big paychecks.

      KC did well and was lucky to win one with smart rentals (Johnny Cueto) before the cost controlled situation played out with Cain, Hosmer, and almost Moose leaving.
      The one guy they paid off…the left fielder….forgetting his name….turned into a complete offensive bust after hitting pay dirt and that helped propel the Royals down into this horrible spiraling hole.

      even if the Yankees got deGrom, Machado & Trout they would not be near the prohibitive favorite the dub’s were this year and will be next year.

  21. Amir is making some bad pitches lately? Grooved that ball to Thames and hung a breaking ball here to a guy hitting .146 vs lefties? Now the lead is gone? Wow.

  22. My bad, guys…. I thought, oh, look – Reds up 1 to nil, let me log in and watch the game….. double, tied game – hit, now losing. I’ve turned it back off.

  23. Back to back stinkers for Garrett.

  24. Not good when you give up the lead.Not sure why you have Garrett against the righties right there but it didn’t work.

    • Moncada is a switch-hitter and .146 vs lefties. Amir was up 0-1 and Moncada will swing at anything but he hung a breaking ball for batting practice.

  25. Great job by Castillo.Come on offense.

  26. Billy 0-3 with 3 easy outs. Why does he play every day? I get the feeling big Bob is never cutting him loose.

  27. Hunter Greene tonight – 7 in, 2 hits, 0 runs, 10 Ks on 69 pitches. Guy is already becoming dominant in that league and only at 18 years old.

  28. At the half way point of the season, Hamilton is trending significantly below his prior SB numbers with 15.

  29. Big chance for Votto here.

  30. Did Votto just swing on 3-0?

    • Yes, and it wasn’t even a full -blown attack swing.

    • He used to drive the ball out to dead-center fairly often, but I haven’t seen anything even remotely close this year? Father Time is undefeated

      • It’s all in his approach. He is still doing that inside out swing. Extend your arms man and pull the ball to the short right field fence

        • He chokes up halfway down the bat now too….used to just be when he got 2 strikes, but now its from the start. Shields might hit 91 on a good day? I love Joey, but sometimes its like he’s trying to be a Pete Rose obp guy and not a guy paid to drive in runs!

  31. What in the world? Joey likes 3-0 pitches but cmon? All the walks he draws that go nowhere and he has a chance to tie it in the 7th? I like the guy but I don’t think he’s going to age well. Maybe 1 HR was beyond the front row in left-center. The last one was off the Cubs catcher I think?

    • Exactly… you do that crap when you are up a bunch and it doesn’t matter

  32. Bases loaded, Reds need a run to tie and Votto swings with the count 3-0 to end the 7th.

  33. The Bullpen has been so good, I think the usage is starting to catch up with them.

  34. White Sox are on pace to lose over 100. Not good. Something tells me 9 games at Chicago, Cleveland, and St. Louis are not going to go that well.

    Bottom line….this is still a bad baseball team. Not as bad as they were under Price, but not 13 wins out 16 good or whatever it was either.

  35. Guess its just one of those nights.Garrett gives up the lead,Hughes just gave a homer,the whole team is swinging at every pitch and I can’t even find the words for Votto right there

  36. Hopefully the front office stays the course and does what they need to make us better.

  37. As I said the other day, this team would really benefit from a few hours of Little League coaching. No well-coached Little Leaguer would dare swing at a 3-0 pitch in that situation.

    This team has enough physical talent to be competitive.They’ve been proving it for the last couple months. But they don’t have enough talent to overcome their glaring mental weaknesses and dumb managing.

    • I have seen Votto swing at 3-0 pitches and get a big hit before. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does nor. I don’t mind if your best hitter swings at a 3-0 pitch, he has an idea of what he is looking for and does not swing at bad pitches.

    • My goodness this must be very frustrating for the White Sox fans.

  38. Winker was pulled too soon from the game.His spot up with second and third and no outs and well he is watching.Billy is still in though.

  39. Volstad is their mop-up guy….think the White Sox are trying to throw this game? We need to make it happen!

  40. Bases loaded again, 1 out….

    Didn’t Chad say something about “If you keep knocking on the door….”?

  41. Bases loaded again, but probably in the worst possible place in the lineup. This guy is throwing a lot of breaking and sinking pitches. Duvall has to handle this AB appropriately.

  42. Lorenzen > Dixon and Duvall. I don’t care what anyone says. Thats the way it is…atleast until teams get a scouting report on Lorenzen

  43. Wow, what a break for the Reds on Duvall’s grounder.

  44. Wow, that was a Bad News Bears level of play by the Sox….

  45. I’m in the get what you can for Scooter crowd, but my ole my he’s a gamer!

  46. Billy will K or pop-up. Go with Lorenzen if you want to win the game. Period

      • Riggleman is saved because their 1B can’t go 6 inches more and step on first. Otherwise Billy goes 0-4 as usual….while Lorenzen and his 6000 ops rides pine

        • Did your Wheaties taste funny this morning?

          • Just tired of Billy….think you’re in the minority again dude. Most Reds fans are. Atleast the ones on here. He ends up blocking Winker half the time and thats insane.

  47. And the bandwagon is full again.

  48. all this inning needs is a wild pitch now


  50. Great for Blandino!!!! He sure needed that

  51. So happy for Blandino finally getting a big hit instead of looking at a called third strike.

  52. Blandino comes through. Big Hit and he needed it.

  53. BLANDINO!!!!!

  54. Wow……I was just thinking how embarrassing this game has been so far…….now just finish it

  55. Is there anyway to find out how long this happening has been?

  56. O M G….Nate Jones is a pretty solid reliever. I’m not looking but the WS must’ve used their top guys in the 100+ heat in Texas? What a gift. They totally gave this one away but we’ll take it!!!

    • You can look at it both ways. Reds gave it away as well. Garrett and Hughes had off nights and they have been solid all year. The Reds have been hitting bullets all night. The odds are at some point those bullets would fall in.

      • Thats baseball. Thats what bad teams do. We really outhit and outpitched Milw in that first game, but 2 bad pitches cost 5 runs. Disco gave up a 2 run hr and Garrett gave up a 3 run hr to Thames with a .200 hitter on deck.

  57. Reds deserved to win the game based on Castillo SP effort . Ultimately rewarded by a bad team doing what a bad team does. St Louis and Cleveland are coming with a real test.

  58. I was about to say, why on Earth is washed up Volstad pitching? He was good in 2009, not 2018.

    • I watch the WS all the time and he’s been their mop-up guy? Nate Jones is hurt. Soria threw 26 pitches in 100+ heat yesterday. I guess thats all they had left?

  59. Got the lead… now let’s hang on to it.

  60. Baseball? Their 1B was worried about the 2nd run in a 3-1 game. Cost them the game. Crazy? You think you’ve seen it all but something crazy will change it up!

  61. And Joey Votto ends another promising offensive inning. This is why you shouldn’t let bums hit 3rd in your lineup.


  62. It was dirty and ugly and I’ll take it.

  63. I take it back. They CAN overcome their mental weaknesses and bad managing. At least when they’re playing the White Sox.

  64. Iglesias with a nice showcase inning for those Astros scouts.

  65. A win is a win, is a win. The Reds offense only dominated for 1 inning, but it was enough.

  66. Ugly win but we’ll take it, overcoming a bad night from the usually great bullpen. Going to the game tomorrow and excited to see if they can get 4 wins in a row.

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