The Reds will get back on their horse and try start a new winning streak tonight versus the Braves at Sun Trust Park in the middle game of the current 3 games series and road trip tonight at 7:35ET. For those who couldn’t hang in until the finish of last night’s 11 inning streak ending loss, you can read the sad story here.  Now on to the future where there is still a series to be won and the chance to bring home a 2 game winning streak to open the next homestand against the Brewers.

Starting Pitchers

Tonight’s game will start with another duo of right handers on the mound, Matt Harvey for the Reds and Anibal Sanchez for the Braves.

It has been accepted as a given that Matt Harvey was acquired by the Reds to be flipped at the trade deadline for whatever return he will bring. Counting tonight, his ninth start as a Red, he seemingly has 5 or 6 chances remaining to impress potential suitors.  The numbers indicate what we’ve seen of Harvey as a Red is what anyone looking to acquire him will get since his ERA/FIP/xFIP with the Reds comprise extremely tight band of 4.79/4.77/4.71. That’s bottom of the rotation territory at best for a contending team.  However in his most recent outing versus the Cubs, Harvey posted his best numbers since his tantalizing first appearance as a Red against the Dodgers, allowing 2 runs in 6 inning while striking out 6 batters and walking just 1. Let’s hope for 6 more games like that  from him starting tonight.

Anibal Sanchez will be making his 8th start in 9 appearances for the Braves this season. Overall this will be Sanchez’s 270 career MLB start. Sanchez, 34 years of age, came up through the Marlins organization but spent the bulk of his MLB career with Detroit prior to signing with the Braves in mid March. At this point in his career Sanchez throws some variety of a fastball on about 60% of his pitches mixing a 4 seamer (27%), cutter (19%), and sinker (11%), all in the 90MPH range. His primary off speed pitch is an 80MPH change up (23%). He also throws a slider (11%) and curve (9%) in the same speed range as the change up.

Full 2018 season comparative numbers:

Matt Harvey 4.50 5.2 1.71 6.8% 17.6%
Anibal Sanchez 4.16 5.2 1.28 7.8% 20.8%



The Reds bullpen threw 5 innings plus 1 pitch in last night’s 11 inning loss. Kyle Crockett pitched an inning for the second consecutive day and may be unavailable tonight. Jared Hughes went 2 innings and is probably available for very short duty only.  David Hernandez pitched 1.1 innings and may also have limited availability tonight.

By virtue of being the home team, the Braves pen had to provide a full 6 innings last night despite their starter lasting as long as the Reds starter. AJ Minter and Jesse Biddle, a pair of lefties, both pitched a full inning  for the second consecutive day and would figure to have limited availability tonight. Another leftie, Sam Freeman also pitched a full inning Monday. Thus the Braves could have trouble matching leftie on leftie tonight.

Also bear in mind the quick turnaround to Wednesday’s matinee game could impact bullpen usage for both teams tonight.

Starting Lineups

            REDS             BRAVES
1. Scott Schebler (CF)
2. Tucker Barnhart (C)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Scooter Gennett (2B)
5. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
6. Jesse Winker (RF)
7. Adam Duvall (LF)
8. Jose Peraza (SS)
9. Matt Harvey (P)
1. Ender Inciarte (CF)
2. Ozzie Albies (2B)
3. Freddie Freeman (1B)
4. Nick Markakis (RF)
5. Tyler Flowers (C)
6. Charlie Culberson (LF)
7. Johan Camargo (3B)
8. Dansby Swanson (SS)
9. Anibal Sanchez (P)

News and Notes

Does Jim Riggleman know something about his future we don’t?

Then there is this guy who apparently wants to get back to work. Caution> Gossip is he may have lost his last job for being too set in old school ways.


And here is Riggleman’s explanation for how he played the fateful and fruitless 10th inning Monday night (or was it actually Tuesday morning by then).

Final Thoughts

Recall being told when you were a kid learning to ride a bicycle, that it  wasn’t the number of times you fell that mattered, it was that you got up and kept on trying which was most important? That’s where the Reds are today. The winning streak is history. They hit a speed bump just a tad too hard and crookedly and fell. Now it is time for them to get up and show the world and even more importantly themselves that the good baseball they played during the streak wasn’t a fluke of some sort, that they can continue to play solidly over the long haul, again and again and again. GO REDS!

Data and stats courtesy of  Fangraphs, and Baseball Reference
Twitter: @jn_walkerjr

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  1. Yeah, that Scooter guy and that Eugenio Suarez guy….pretty unreliable.

    Let’s put our bets all on Winker (who did not deliver) and then…..Peraza, with two outs.

    Riggleman is right up there with “Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey”.

    And no, I don’t want Girardi either. He looks like my next door neighbor, and I don’t want him to manage the Reds either.

  2. Late breaking news tonight from Dick Williams: Reds are moving Brandon Finnegan to bullpen.

    • Maybe it makes him a more valuable throw-in on a trade if we call him a reliever instead of a (unproven)s tarter

      • I don’t think changing his title makes him any more valuable, unless he is getting hired to throw batting practice.

  3. That quote is unreal. Not only does he take the bat out of Scooter’s hands to give up an out, he was only expecting one run on a sacrifice fly from Winker.

  4. I’ve said all along that’s where he belongs,glad they finally doing it

  5. I was a big believer in Finnegan when he started pitching really well end of 2016 to the beginning of 2017 with increased usage of an improved change-up, especially because it lined up with the anecdotal evidence of Straily teaching him the pitch. I don’t know if injuries derailed that progress or if it was just an 8 start blip rather than actual improvement, but hopefully a move to the bullpen helps him regain some usefulness

  6. Guess the first question I have about Finnegan to the pen is whether that makes Garrett a step closer to the rotation or perhaps Cody Reed given his latest performances at AAA.

    • Most likely Reed or Stephenson. I won’t get into the argument on if Garrett can start or not, but history has shown once you go to the Reds bullpen you never return

      • Reed and BobSteve are both fighting that very issue of the road to the pen being one way themselves, recalling the first half of 2017.

  7. It will be interesting to se where Finny’s velocity is out of the pen.He was setting at 96/97 in 2016 but never did get that back and was at 90/91 at best in his 5 starts this year.He has to improve his control if he is to try and get guys out at that velocity.If they know all they will see is 90 that becomes batting practice.Hope the pen gets him going.Just can’t give up on young lefties.

  8. As comedian Arte Johnson used to say, “Verrrry Interesting !”
    Re: Riggleman’s explanation.
    Re: Girardi’s itch.
    Re: Finnegan’s new role.
    Re: Stephenson and Reed are back to being starter #6 and starter #7 in whatever order.

    Did they say if Finnegan was going to Louisville bullpen or Reds bullpen ?

  9. Finnegan to the ‘pen… That’s interesting. So suddenly the Reds have THREE LOOGY type guys. Methinks this means Garrett’s role is about to change soon, either he’s going to go to AAA to get stretched out to start in anticipation of Harvey being moved (please!), or he’s going to become the closer when Iggy is moved (ugh).

  10. Peraza was too fan in front of the bag taking the perfect throw from Tucker. A full reach back and still couldn’t tag the base stealer.

    • Did Jose Perez it ran over your dog or something ?

      • Just commenting on a professional not doing a fundamentally sound play. I’m happy to praise him when he deserves it. Are you OK with unfundamentally sound baseball?

  11. So they get the perfect opportunity to bunt, and Harvey swings away.

  12. Steely eyed missle man comes through with two outs

  13. Open question:

    Can you conceive of any situation where the Reds keep Harvey instead of flipping him?

    • If he keeps up pitching like this the next five starts or so, I would think we get an offer that was too good to refuse. Although I think that some teams are concerned about his attitude/clubhouse presence. That might reduce the competition for him

  14. Plenty of hits, but only 1 run for the Braves. Good damage control.

  15. I cannot believe that was Peraza’s FIRST triple of the entire season.

  16. Booming leadoff triple for Jose. He can pull the ball with authority when he commits to it

  17. Schebler for extra bases and the RBI.

  18. Sanchez might be done, just they start to bang him around a little.

  19. Harvey and Sanchez were battling before Sanchez had to leave with the injury. Now Harvey continues to battle. The last 2 games against quality lineups have been outstanding for Harvey.

  20. Big 2-out hit for Duval!!!!!

  21. After a very unlucky start of the season for Duvall, the ball is finally finding holes.

    Don’t look now, but he’s “comfortably” above .200, lol. He’s toughing it out.

  22. I expected some comments on the RBI double over Schebler’s head in CF. Schebler got turned around a bit on the ball hit directly over his head, but Schebler plays a deeper CF than Hamilton. I don’t think Hamilton gets to that ball, but he may have made a miraculous catch on the play.

  23. Clearly Schebler & Duvall are top 2 Reds OF. Between Winker & Hamilton it’s a tossup for 3rd.

    • Winker has a superior OBP to both Schebler and Duvall. Doesn’t have the power or defense of them (yet), but I’ll take the guy who makes the least outs any day.

  24. Got to love that outcome. And Harvey at under 70 pitches through 6.

  25. Harvey’s slider is crazy good tonite!! We’ll trade him and then he’ll be exactly the kind of guy they’re trying to sign whenever they think they can compete. He really does have nice control for a guy that can hit 96! He could be good in a big park like Atlanta or LA.

  26. Super outing by Harvey, hopefully Amir will keep this inning clean for him

  27. Amir Garrett is filthy.

  28. Rotation of Disco, Harvey, Lorenzen, Mahle, and Castillo. Sign a solid late innings guy in case age catches up to Hughes and Hernandez. Senzel in LF. Platoon Winker/Duvall in RF. Groom India for SS at some point before the AS break next year hopefully. Peraza could hit 9th in the meantime. He’s hitting .289 with a .357 obp in June.

    Tell me that team isn’t atleast over .500 next year? If you lose Scooter, Iggy, and Harvey off that team then I don’t see how thats not a step backwards?

    • The idea is you trade Scooter, Iggy, and Harvey and replace their production through those trades. Those 3 are surplus to requirements. Scooter is blocking Senzel. Iggy is a reliever, which can be easily replaced. Harvey is done with his contract and will be looking for a new, bigger contract which the Reds would be foolish to give him.

      You can very likely trade Iggy, Scooter, Harvey, Billy, and Duvall and come away with:

      1. An MLB or near MLB-ready CF
      2. An MLB or near MLB-ready SS
      3. An MLB or near MLB-ready SP
      4. A various assortment of prospects

      The Reds would be dumb to hold onto those 3 and hopefully can get maximum value out of them at the trade deadline.

  29. Steely eyed missile man three for three

  30. I’m buying that insurance run Winker!

  31. Amir Garrett.
    Well they call him the fireman, that’s his name.
    Making his rounds all over town, putting out big flames.
    Well everybody’d like to have a what he’s got.
    He can cool them down when they’re smoldering hot.
    He’s the fireman, that’s his name.
    Amir Garrett.

  32. Good grief….I hope Amir is OK

    • That got some shinbone I think? If he goes on the DL….really like to see Tanner Rainey in high leverage spots. He’s killing them at AAA and throwing 99. Thats a guy they need to groom!

  33. And down goes Garrett on a batted ball that hits his leg.
    No fair.

  34. If you are putting Senzel in the OF why not put him in RF or CF and leave Winker and Duvall in their positions?

    Harvey is a free agent. Hopefully Castillo can regain his 2017 form. Overall that rotation is a huge question mark.

    India, who isn’t signed yet, won’t be in the majors next year.

    The team is basically a .500 team now, so there is no reason to think they couldn’t exceed .500 with better pitching next year.

    • Everyone else is playing their kids. Look at Atlanta. India can really swing the bat and he’ll be 22 in December. LF is just easier for a novice OF’er then RF. Harvey won’t sign…pipe dream but it would be nice. I forgot the option of Lorenzen starting and then playing a game in the OF. They need to explore all options.

      Albies? Tear up your scouting report….it ain’t working. Just hit him every time and save time.

  35. The inning was set up perfectly too for Amir to face all those lefties

  36. Steely eyed missile man

    It’s an expression from the early days of NASA. It’s a compliment. Someone who can get things done.

    But I like the way Winkers eyes follow the ball. So I stole the nickname from NASA.

    • I forgot… A lot of the balls he hit come off his bat like missled

      • By walking that guy….now Iggy has to go 1-2-3 in the 9th to avoid Albies. Walking a guy after being up 0-2 kind of hurts but I still like our chances!

  37. Iggy was robbed on ball 4 there.

    • Yeah, that home plate umpire has shifted his strike zone in 4-5 inches on the 1B side of the plate.

  38. Thom Needs to retire that “are you kidding me?” Schlick

  39. Is it just me or did Iggy not have a fastball?

  40. Going down to the 9th. The Braves will fight til the very last out. Hard team to put away.
    We could use some more insurance.

  41. X-rays negative on Amir.

  42. Albies….that is absolutely the hardest .272 in the game with 27 doubles, 2 triples, and 17 hrs plus he’s all of 21 years old.

  43. Scooter delivers time and time again. HUGE run

  44. Scooter with another lucky hit. His obie-wan-ka-know-bee percentage says he should stink? I don’t get it? They should trade him for some used lawn furniture.

    • Could you name which people said Gennett stinks? I don’t recall anyone with that opinion. I am extremely confident that many would like to see him traded in an effort to improve the team. Of course we can also stick with your alternate reality to support your opinion instead

      • If if he was 32 then I would understand you guys….but he’s the best hitter on the team and he’s 28 years old! His defense is a little bit better then it was….just got in some bad habits throwing Votto submarine style. He’s a winner and the Reds need many of those. Enough with the frigging prospects

        • In your opinion he is the best hitter on the team. Most people would agree Suarez has been the best hitter. He will likely end up the third best behind Suarez and Votto. Even then any normal person would agree he is a very good player. Most would also agree that neither Senzel or Herrera will put up better numbers next year. None of that matters if the Reds send the same exact lineup out next year.

          You have had enough of “frigging prospects”, yet your solution to fix the team is play a 2B prospect in the OF and a college 3B without a single pitch in professional baseball at SS.

          • Senzel is a good athlete and India came up as a shortstop. They could probably hide Scooter in LF. I just don’t know why people want to trade a bird in the hand for more prospects. This is a front office that chose Dilson Herrera over Brandon Nimmo (970 ops). I don’t trust the Reds front office

          • That bird is going to fly away.

    • No, they should trade him for an upgrade either at CF, SS, or SP, and let Herrera play 2B for the rest of the season so we can see what we’ve got there.

      • Did you miss Schebler’s running catch tonite? He covered alot of ground on that one. I guarantee 40% of the games CFs don’t catch that ball. No way Fowler gets it and he was the CF on the world champion 2 years ago.

        • Schebler needs to be in RF. He has the best arm on the team. He can play an adequate CF, but RF is his best position. Winker in RF and Schebler in CF weakens the OF defense as a whole.

          • Schebler’s throwing needs work. He lacks accuracy. His throws yesterday to home and second base were horrible.

            Hamilton and Duvall have the best arms among the outfielders. They’ve racked up plenty of assists past couple years.

            It’s the trade off the Reds will have to live with: either off the charts CF defense and a weak bat or an immediate upgrade in offense with Schebler but defense that hopefully is adequate at best and continues to improve with more opportunities until a more permanent solution is found.

  45. Double play!!!

  46. Great game and great bounceback after the tough loss yesterday

  47. Iglesias made Albies look pedestrian for the first time this series. The kid had been en fuego until that point. Then he looked like a kid again. Good night Irene.

  48. One of the best wins of the year. Congrats to Harvey. A fully recouped sp with a bright future ahead of himself. Clutch hitting by Winker, Duvall, & Scooter.

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