The Short Version: Cincinnati scores seven runs in the seventh inning, turning a 6-1 deficit into the club’s seventh consecutive win. Oh yeah, and they also swept the stupid Cubs. Let’s just enjoy that for a moment, shall we?

Final R H E
Chicago Cubs (42-33) 6 10 0
Cincinnati Reds (32-45) 8 11 1
W: Stephens (1-0) L: Strop (3-1) S: Iglesias (13)
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The Good
–It’s all good.

–Jesse Winker had a pinch-hit three-run homer that really started the fireworks for the ol’ Redlegs.

But it was really a team effort: Scott Schebler had a single and two walks in the leadoff spot. Joey Votto doubled in a run, to go along with a walk. Jose Peraza walked, singled, scored two runs and drove in another. Tucker Barnhart singled, walked, scored one run and drove in one more. Adam Duvall doubled and scored a run.

–Amir Garrett struck out the side in the eighth, and looked flat dominant in the process (except for that one little double off the fence in between). Raisel Iglesias pitched a perfect ninth for the save.

–Michael Lorenzen hit a pinch-hit home run. It’s the second consecutive day that a Reds pitcher has homered.

–Former University of Virginia Cavalier Kyle Crockett pitched a perfect inning. He has been the most effective Reds reliever this season.

The Bad
–Sal Romano pitched scoreless baseball through four innings. The fifth inning — and third time through the Cubs lineup — jumped up and bit him. Final line: 5 IP, 5 ER, 8 H, 6 K, 1 BB. He’s getting closer, but not quite there yet. He’s a young pitcher, you know. Sometimes they’re inconsistent.

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–Unbelievable. That’s seven wins in a row, and 10 of Cincinnati’s last 12. Will they ever lose again?

–First four-game sweep of the Cubs since April 1983. It’s their longest winning streak since 2012, which was also the last time the Reds won the National League Central division.

–Down 6-1 as the game headed to the bottom of the seventh, it appeared that the Reds were going to see their winning streak ended in meek fashion. Not so fast, my friends. Scooter Gennett led off with a single and Adam Duvall followed with a double. Jose Peraza singled home a run, then pinch-hitter Jesse Winker hit a three-run homer that got the Reds to within 6-5, and pumped a little excitement back into Great American Ball Park.

But the fightin’ Redlegs weren’t finished yet. Billy Hamilton single. Scott Schebler walk. Tucker Barnhart RBI single to tie the game. Joey Votto double to give the Reds a lead. All before they recorded a single out in the inning.

Later, with two outs — after Scooter had been intentionally walked to load the bases — Peraza walked to give the Reds an 8-6 lead. What an inning.

–Jose Peraza has reached base safely in 23 consecutive games. That’s the longest such streak by a Red this season.

–Jackson Stephens was, by far, the least effective Reds reliever tonight, surrendering a run in his one inning of work. But he got the win. Go figure.

–Cincinnati scored 31 earned runs on the Cubs in this series. That’s one more than Chicago had given up in their ten previous games.

–The Reds will need to go 49-36 the rest of the season to finish .500. They need to go 41-44 to avoid a 4th consecutive 90-loss season. Cincinnati needs to go 85-0 to break the MLB record with 117 wins in a season.

–It does the heart good to see sad fans wearing blue shirts at GABP.

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109 Responses

  1. CI3J

    I know Amir is lighting it up as a reliever, but they HAVE to give him another shot at starting, don’t they?

    It’s like they’ve been gifted a do-over of the Chapman situation. Maybe with Williams in charge this time, they’ll do the right thing.

    • Klugo

      Could Garret be our next closer? If Iglesias gets moved? I can see it.

    • Walt S.

      Amir should not start. He is fine in his current role.

      • D Ray White

        Rationale behind this reasoning?

        I disagree, mainly because:

        – Starting pitchers are far more valuable than relievers
        – Garrett has already proven, albeit in a small sample size, that he can succeed as a starter
        – Bullpen arms are the easiest position to replace on any given roster
        – The Reds do not have a quality rotation. It could be argued that they have 3 spots up for grabs. The best pitchers need to start if they can do so.
        – The Reds are not going to be a legitimate threat for the Playoffs and a title until they fix the rotation.
        – The Reds have already botched this situation with Chapman.
        – Set up guys are eminently devalued on a team that loses more than they win because they don’t get to pitch a lot of meaningful innings

      • RedInIN

        Per a Nightengale article in Friday’s Enquirer, Garrett thrives on the pressure of coming in from the ‘pen. ‘“If it was possible, I would throw every day,” Garrett said. “I just think it fits my mentality. I want to pitch. I hate sitting around. I feel pretty comfortable in the bullpen. I like it a lot.”’

      • Aaron Bradley

        Garrett only has 3 pitches, that is why he projects as a reliever.

      • D Ray White

        By that rationale Mahle and Romano would be in the pen. Both have only two serviceable pitches.

      • Nick Carrington

        Lots of starters throw mainly three pitches.

      • H2O

        How many does Romano , Castillo or Mahle have?

  2. DougEfresh

    Why do’t they use the Rays’ opener strategy with Romano? Dude can’t make it through the lineup 3 times…

  3. msanmoore

    We hear it said goid teams find a way to win. We’re playing like a good team on this stretch.

    Sweet to sweep the Stupid Cubs

  4. Klugo

    One of only a handful of games I’ve actually watched this season; and the first I a long while.

    Great to see a nice number of Reds fans out there smiling again.

    Romano is a helluva pitcher. Relief pitcher.

    What impressed me most about Garrett was his pinpoint accuracy. He looked like Robin Hood out there.

    I see you Winker. Keep hitting the snot out of the ball. You need you to be more than a one-baser.

    The boys are playing with some passion. That’s something we can all get behind. Love to see Romano, Garrett, and Barnhart, etc. showing emotion out there. Fun to watch.

    • Daytonian

      +10 for the Robin Hood reference… Errol Flynn’s arrow splitting the shaft of his rival’s arrow in dead-center.

  5. VaRedsFan

    Recency bias notwithstanding, this was their best win of the year. Contributions from everybody. The will to not just roll over and die when they were down 5-0. Good teams come back and win games all the time when they are trailing. Winning breeds confidence in the clubhouse and on the field.

  6. Sliotar

    Sometimes one team catches another team at the right time, and gets some breaks.

    There is your summary of the 4 games, nice as it was that the Reds won them all.

    Thurs – HR to take lead
    Fri- HR to take lead
    Sat – Pitcher hits grand slam
    Sun – 2 pinch-hit HRs to stay in game

    Reds Killer Rizzo – 1 for 14
    Bryant 1 for 8, did not play last 2 games

    I doubt the Cubs are any more worried about this than the Dodgers, who were swept in 4 by the Reds at home, and have won a lot since, including 14-5 in June with a sorted out lineup.

    If the Reds front office takes any “signs” from this (other than the need for more HRs consistently) and does something silly, like give Riggleman the job full-time….shame on them.

    • roger garrett

      Your right because the Cubs and Dodgers are better then us and should be with those deep pockets.However its really really tough to sweep a 4 game series against anybody regardless and to do it against two good teams well you have to give it up to the Reds.We aren’t world beaters but we aren’t a team that started 3-18 either so for me I am just enjoying the Kool Aid and its on to Atlanta.

  7. Seat101

    Steely eyed missle man comes through again. Pinch hit 3 run homer!!

    I know you all know it. It just is so much fun to write.

    This is fun.

    What’s going to happen in ATL?

  8. RedLeg75

    It really is nice to see the dejected unfortunates wearing blue in that gif.

  9. Dewey Roberts

    While I do not think that Riggleman is that good of a manager, the turn around since he was he was made the interim manager proves what I always said about Brian Price. Some say managers make no difference but I beg to differ. Price was terrible—simply terrible.
    I realize that the Reds have gotten some players healthy since Riggleman took over, but that doesn’t explain everything. Price had Cueto throwing darts but still managed his teams to losing records including three straight 90 loss seasons. The Reds’ patience with such an inept manager put this rebuild far behind, as well some of the crazy trades they made.

  10. roger garrett

    Romano was one out or one pitch of getting out of the fifth with no runs allowed but it didn’t happen.Lots of talk around baseball about how hard it is to get through the lineup 3 times for even the best pitchers.He is still learning on the job and well we will see if he can turn that corner.Got to hand it to the offense and especially Winker with his pinch hit 3 run homer coming off the bench.Total team win and Amir has some nasty stuff right now.Like his approach that says here it is and see if you can hit it.Sometimes like Contreras did they will but the other 3 guys in that inning never had a chance and Rizzo,Schwarber and Happ are not slouches and all have big time power.Stars are aligning and lets keep it up.Mahle is up next and oh yeah he is 23 and has what 20 or so starts in the big leagues so who knows but 6 innings and keeping us close seems to be a winning recipe right now.

    • Dewey Roberts

      DeSclafani’s return has really helped. With Disco, Mahle and Romano the Reds have the makings of a good rotation. Their bullpen is doing great. I hope they keep Scooter and play Senzel in the outfield next year. Then, the lineup every day needs to bunch all the best hitters together from 1-6 or 1-7 so that the opposing pitcher cannot pitch around anyone. I know lots of people want to trade Scooter and Iglesias but I think either or both of those moves would be ill-advised. I like Garrett in the 8th and Iglesias in the ninth. What the Reds need is a big-time starter; a healthy Senzel promoted to the majors; Schebler, Winker, and Senzel in the outfield with Hamilton as defensive replacement and pinch runner. This team can win with those things, but the Reds seem to like playing weak bats instead.

      • D Ray White

        None of the three outfielders you listed are center fielders. Schebler can play there in a pinch, but he’s not a center fielder. Senzel runs the risk of aggravating the vertigo issue if he slams into walls. Winker needs to play left, and Schebler in right/spot duty in center. The real crux of the matter is can Senzel play shortstop?

        The only way the Reds are going to acquire a “big time pitcher” is if they trade away assets. The most valuable assets they have right now are Iglesias and Gennett. Closers are overvalued, and second base is the deepest position in the minors. You have to give up something or a package of something to net quality arms. Pitching, especially cost-controlled young pitching, costs a premium price. See the Reds/Padres trade for Mat Latos.

        The rotation still has more questions than answers. Disco is a solid guy if he stays healthy. Maple looks like a good #3 or great #4 with the possibility of being a 2. Romano and Castillo are far too inconsistent to be anything but back of the rotation guys until they can limit the long ball and throw strikes. Harvey is getting traded in the next 45 days. The guys at AAA profile similarly to Romano.

    • VaRedsFan

      I don’t think so. Gave a good effort. Would have been a 5 star catch had he hauled it in.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      He’s as good as it gets in left field defensively. If anyone could make that catch, he could.

    • da bear

      Yes. Duvall is a great LF, but he anticipated, misjudged the wall which led to not catching the ball. 7 or 8 times out of 10 Duvall probably catches the Hayward hit, unfortunate for Romano.

      The umpire had a hand in that at bat, too. The first or second pitch the ump denied Romano the FB high strike. Later at 2-2 he didn’t give Romano the low strike on an excellent slider. Two borderline pitches, the second one prevented a scoreless inning (along with Adam not catching the ball).

  11. Indy Red Man

    Play for 2019! Keep Scooter and Iggy. The good teams can end the game with the lead after 7 innings….maybe after 6. Garrett and Iggy gives the Reds 2 hammers to do that! Trade an Iggy then you have to develop another one and its not always that easy. Trade Billy and make Senzel or Scooter your LF’er! Keep Adam to platoon with Winker and be an excellent 4th OF/def replacement. Trade Billy/Harvey/Dilson Herrera and atleast get a good bullpen arm to replace Lorenzen in the pen. I’d love to find a way to get Brandon Drury off the Yankees AAA team. He can be another Scooter if someone goes and play in the outfield. Who knows maybe Harvey wants to stick around? This is not the place to win an ERA title (although Cueto tried) or a batting title either (Scooter is trying) but this team can be alot of fun!!

    • Dewey Roberts

      I posted the same thing about Scooter and Iglesias. I am tired of seeing the Reds trade every player who performs well for prospects. That is a formula for being a perpetually rebuilding team—in other words a no good team.
      When the Reds have a late lead now I feel confident against any team.
      Scooter anchors the lineup with his bat. Trade it away and winning becomes hard. Those people who say Senzel’s bat can replace Scooter are missing the point. The Reds need to add bats—not just replace one good hitter with a top bat prospect. Find an outfield position for Senzel and keep Scooter.

    • Hanawi

      Second base (Senzel, Herrera, Long, probably Downs, maybe India) is the deepest position in the minors for the Reds. No reason to keep Scooter. Rather see them use that money for another starter. Relief pitching is also a deep spot for the Reds in the minors (Herget, Rainey, maybe Finnegan, Reed, and Mella). They need to maximize value for the guys that have it and get a stud at SS, CF, and/or starting pitcher.

      • Dewey Roberts

        Disagree about trading Scooter. His bat is great— keep him. Play Senzel in the outfield. The others you mentioned, like Senzel, have not proven anything at the major league level yet. I remember when people said the Refs were deep in starting pitchers because of the prospects in the minors. How deep in starters do they look now? Scooter is a proven major leaguer. Keep him. All that depth at second base might prove to be fool’s gold.
        I am old enough to remember when the Reds made such ill-advised trades (Tony Perez for example) because they had “depth.” Well, Dan Driessen was no Tony Perez and that trade ended the Big Red Machine.
        It is hard to get quality major league players. The secret is to hold on to the good ones and find some more. The worse thing is to trade all-star quality players because the franchise is deep at that position. Trade those prospects for other major leaguers (but don’t trade Senzel).

      • Hanawi

        If Senzel can provide even 80 percent of what Scooter is delivering, you have to trade him. It’s not just deciding between those two, but also what you get back from the Scooter trade and what the Reds could do with the money that they are going to have to pay to sign him long-term. If the Reds were a big market, then sure, keep him. But, small market teams need to maximize their resources, and that doesn’t include paying market value for Scooter.

      • Dewey Roberts

        No you don’t! That would be myopic. You play Senzel in the outfield which Dick Williams says he can do. You keep a premier bat and add to it. I would rather have Scooter AND Senzel rather than one without the other. I remember how the Big Red Machine was built—you probably don’t remember that time period.

      • Bill

        Count me in on the trade Scooter fan club. By no means should he be given away for feee, but for a good return. Use the money saved to help pay for a starter. Hamilton and Gennett are both getting paid well next year via arbitration and the Reds need to sign a significant FA or two. If no one wants to offer anything up for Scooter then keep him and go with OF rotation version 2.0 and revisit the trade at a later date. I would prefer a new CF and leaving Schebler in RF over an OF of Winker Schebler Gennett. Senzel can play 2B with excellent defense, Blandino can back up any position, and there is still Herrera who needs a spot to play

      • Wayne nabors

        I remember saying at the time that they wouldn’t win again, Tony was the soul of that team

      • D Ray White

        Scooter is a below average defender who has outhit his career average by a LOT over the past 1.25 years. His value is maxed out, and he will become very expensive soon. The Reds have major holes at shortstop, 3 rotation spots, and center field. A trade chip like Gennett will never be more valuable than he is now. The position he plays is stacked in the minors. Senzel and Herrera are major league hitters already. Shed Long is also a quality prospect. The Reds do not have the ability to sign huge FA contracts. The only way to fill holes and build the roster is to acquire players via trade and develop via the Draft.

        And FWIW, the Big Red Machine traded away major league talent to acquire a young Joe Morgan, and slid Tony Perez over to 1st.

      • Dewey Roberts

        The Big Red Machine traded Lee May and Tommy Helms for Joe Morgan, Dennis Menke, Cesar Geromino, and Jack Billingham in 1971. They got a third baseman, a starting pitcher, a center fielder, and a HOF second baseman. I would make that trade all day.
        Now if the Reds can trade Scooter, Billy, and another player and get three starters and a starting pitcher I am all in. Otherwise, count me out.

      • Indy Red Man

        This is now. How Scooter hit in Milwaukee 4 years ago is unimportant. Daniel Murphy had his 2 best seasons at 31 and 32. Chase Utley’s last 2 superior seasons were at 30-31. Ian Kinsler had a good year at 29. He was decent from 30-32 but had his 2nd highest ops at age 34. Scooter will only be 29 next year! If they paid him for 4 years then thats thru age 32. He might slide to a .775 ops or something but he shouldn’t embarrass himself. What are they going to get for Scooter? He can’t DH in the NL and the AL races are pretty much non-existent? I tell you what he would bring. More prospects. Prospects…prospects…prospects? That = potential. Potential means you haven’t done anything yet? You think he would bring a top flight starter? No. A team in a pennant race is going to trade away their SS or CF? No! Senzel seems to get banged up and the vertigo issue. Dilson Herrera is always hurt as well.

        Maybe you trade him in the offseason in a big deal with a team looking for offense, but he’s going to be more valuable with the Reds then with someone else.

    • Old-school

      If the Reds are playing for 2019 and the market for young players in return for scooter and Hamilton is poor….then just do nothing. Scooter is worth 10 million next year. He’s not worth 40 million in 2020-22.

      The Braves GM was clear about ” prospect capital” in a recent interview and the Braves will spend money but won’t spend prospect capital. Other teams may be the same. Maybe the Reds simply accrue prospect capital in the draft again in 2019 and let contracts run out- Bailey/Scooter/Hamilton . Maybe teams aren’t trading superprospects anymore.
      If the reds have no bad contracts in 2020 and lots of young talent and money to spend…..that’s not so bad.

      • Bill

        . If no one is trading prospects then the Reds have no real reason to trade unless they just want to dump salary. The Brave’s aren’t in the same situation as other teams, their core is a bunch of young guys under team control. If they don’t make the playoffs this year they can spend some money in the off season and compete again. If you are a team like the Nationals with your star player possibly leaving via free agency you are more inclined to go for it. A chance for a World Series banner is often preferable to a prospect. Remeber the Royals trading three highly regarded prospects for Cueto? That banner is still hanging and no one misses Finnegan, Reed, or Lamb

  12. Indy Red Man

    Another thing with this front office….make people earn their spot!! They were stuck w/Homer financially, so they had to give him every opportunity, but no reason to force Finnegan on the team? They went 0-5 in his starts. He didn’t have it spring training. He didn’t have in AAA either…and yet they forced him on the team. They need to learn from this or they’re never going to reach their potential!

    • VaRedsFan

      Agree…Finnegan was given the spot that Garrett earned. So Amir was sent to the pen, where he’s excelling. I still think Amir should get the next open tryout to start over Lorenzen.

      • Nick Carrington

        While I think both should get some starts, Garrett no doubt has separated himself. His slider is filthy.

      • CI3J

        Exactly. You have to give him another chance as a starter. Castillo, Garrett, and Bob Steve have the best pure “stuff” of any of the pitchers in the organization. Castillo is working himself out into a nice starter, Garrett has proven he can get MLB hitters out and should be given the chance to do it for more innings. Just a shame Bob Steve has a million dollar arm and a two cent head.

      • Wayne nabors

        Agree,but man is Garrett and iggy possibly the best 1-2 punch in the bullpen I’ve seen in a while

      • David

        Finnegan earned his spot in 2016. Over 170 innings with an ERA just below 4 at the major league level gives you the edge. Did he deserve to keep it after his performance in 5 starts? Probably but don’t give up on him when he is younger than Garrett. You can have both as starters.

      • roger garrett

        Agree about Finny and I was surprised they went with the hook so quickly after only 5 starts.His velocity was way down from where he was at in 2016 which most all of us agree unless he can get back his current 89/90 won’t get in done because he does lack control.That’s was the only thing I saw was his velocity was down.

  13. Old-school

    Disco has really helped as has addition by subtraction- Homer Bailey. It was just really difficult win baseball games when he started. The bullpen has been lights out and Amir Garrett has given that outfit a bit of swag. Mahle is developing right along with Garrett. Big start on the road against a first place team tomorrow.

    The offense now has 3 hitters with an .OPS at .900 and one hitter over .800 and another over .750 and climbing. Add Senzel to that mix next year and bat your highest OPS guys 1-6 and this offense hums. 5/6 guys are well under age 30 and Tucker is #7 and solid.

    Can this team win in 2019? I’ve repeatedly said no way. But add Senzel and a legit lefty SP and it’s no longer far fetched. If Mahle.Castillo and Disco can form the nucleus of a rotation…..

    • Dewey Roberts

      Agree. Add Senzel’s bat to Schebler, Barnhart, Votto,Suarez, Gennett, and Winker and you have a salty lineup. When India arrives that will make 8 quality bats.

      A seasoned and quality starter could be an anchor for an emerging starting staff. Personally, I would package several of the “prospects” to get major leaguers. Senzel, India and Greene are off limits though.

      Do not trade Iglesias. Do not trade Scooter. Add but don’t subtract while trying to call it adding.

  14. Optimist

    Will Lorenzen ever play in the field again? He has a natural swing, and it’s a shame to waste it as a mid-inning PH.

  15. Old-school

    The third time through the lineup is a real thing. Peter Gammons had an article several weeks ago and detailed the 6th inning is the 2nd highest scoring inning . That argues for a deep flexible multi- faceted bullpen. The team with a deep bullpen who can run 3-4 high leverage guys out there at 80-100 innings can succeed. The Reds are there.

    Iggy/Hughes/Lorenzen/Garrett/ Hernandez could be a top 5 bullpen in baseball- now. The FO is drafting and developing position players. The last piece is SP. A top lefty FA starter could add a lot.

  16. Jack

    Does anybody know when the playoff tickets go on sale?

  17. Shchi Cossack

    Mrs. Cossack and the Old Cossack have reached a settlement. The Old Cossack can watch the games with Mrs. Cossack (Mrs. Cossack likes to see the Reds win!) but Mrs. Cossack has sole custody of the remote during the game and the right to implement muting at her discretion (specifically, but not limited to, when Thom opens his mouth and begins to say something stupid) and without discussion. The agreement is signed and notarized.

    Now a little catch up commentary…

  18. cupofcoffee1955

    I know the Reds will still probably end up last in the NL Central this year. However, these last four days have been the best days of the season thus far to me. Cub fans… Bob C. thanks you for buying tickets and food the last four days. The city of Cincinnati thanks you for staying in our hotels and eating at our restaurants adding to the economy. But now… get the heck out of our town!

  19. KG

    It’s easy to see this team is having fun and gaining confidence everyday. By the way if we were in the American League Central we’d be closing in on 3rd place!

  20. Shchi Cossack

    I’ve seen a lot of commentary, and rightfully so, regarding Blandino’s diving defensive play deep in the hole at SS and strong throw across the IF for the out at 1B from yesterday’s game. Huge accolades for that play, but I haven’t seen a single mention of the double play he turned in the 8th inning yesterday. Zobrist was bearing down on 2B when Blandino took the pitch from Scooter, but Blandino took aim, dropped his arm and dared Zobrist to get out of the way or literally eat the throw. That was pure old school baseball at its best. Zobrist took a sharp right turn into RF as Blandino completed the double play relay to 1B. Alex Blandino is a baseball player, pure and simple.

    • Bill

      I like Bandino, he can be the backup at every IF position and should prevent the Red’s from spending $2 or $3 million for a “veteran utility guy”

    • Jeff Reed

      I like Blandino’s style of play. He’s not there yet as a hitter but he gives off a lot of potential. Reminds me a lot of Altuve of the Astros. I wouldn’t set him in the utility role at this point permanently.

    • WVRedlegs

      Taking strike 3 4 times in 2 days is not what a ball player does. I like Blandino, but he had work to do with the bat. He had to show quick improvement there getting the bat off of his shoulder.

    • Seat101

      I saw it too and thanks for reminding us.

      And congrats on the medals to your family

  21. Phillip

    Well, don’t forget the play at the plate. That was pretty Good

  22. Jeff Reed

    The enthusiasm generated by the seven game winning streak reminds me of the feeling in 1969-70 at the beginning of The Big Red Machine era. Not quite halfway into a long season. Let’s see how it goes as the Reds aim for .500 baseball.

  23. Aaron Bradley

    I keep saying it and I will continue, we should target Joc Pederson who is the odd man out in the Dodgers outfield rotation and a centerfielder with power… if we had done this earlier we could have had him for a song but now he is starting to hit more (as I knew he would) so the asking price will be higher, but the Dodgers need Iglesias and want him and they could use Billy as the 4th outfielder to fill Joc’s void. This deal should happen I wish I was GM. And I am pretty sure you could get a decent SP propsect as well.

    • Indy Red Man

      If only he was right-handed? Schebler, Scooter, Joey, and Winker are all decent/good vs lefties, but thats just too much. Actually whats wrong with a Senzel-Schebler-Winker/Duvall platoon…left to right?

      What about Clint Frazier or Brandon Drury with the Yankees? Their starting pitching is starting to really struggle outside of Severino. We could offer up Harvey, Billy, and Hernandez in a deal. Drury has a .932 ops in AAA. Frazier is up w/NY now, but sort of blocked overall. Either one would give them a legit RH threat if Senzel gets delayed or they ended up trading Scooter. Drury might be another Scooter if given the chance. The Yankees had him as their starting 3B until he got hurt in March.

  24. Eddiek957

    I think Alex blandino is amazing never starts I think like three times in June and is always ready to play. Read on mlb trade rumors there is interest in Adam Duvall. A lot of positives with Adam just afraid if he starts to wear down

    • Indy Red Man

      Hate to see it because Adam is so good defensively and can hit lefties. If they got a bullpen guy with nasty stuff in return then I could see it. Preferably a lefty since Peralta may be done? Actually Tanner Rainey is crushing AAA hitters….don’t know why they don’t just let him learn on the job with the Reds? He could throw lefty and he’d be better then Jackson Stephens.

      Overall though….if they get rid of Duvall then they’re going to be looking for a RH outfielder that can spot Winker and be his defensive replacement. Why trade a guy you need? He’s warming up and he’s not as bad as he looked in April-May.

  25. Rus drap

    If we put reed bob Steve in the pen, start GarrettLorenzen and Iglesias we may have a playoff team

    • Bill

      So do you bring in Stephenson to get out of a bases loaded jam?

      Iglesias couldn’t handle being a starter.

      Neither Garrett or Lorenzen’s have more than a handful of starts, both we poor results.

      Should we also pencil Hughes and Hernandez in as starters?

      • da bear

        Garrett was throwing 93mph to begin 2017 and 91mph after stint on the DL.
        He hit 98mph today. If he starts he probably dials it down some but still with more velocity than last year. And he was successful as a starter with the lower velo until he was sent down for service time management.

        Only issue Garrett enjoys coming out of the bullpen…..thus he will stay in the bullpen. Not ideal but wherever he pitches he helps the team.

    • Joel

      Based on what exactly? Robert Stephenson is in the middle of season 7, and he still has an xFIP over 4 and a BB/9 that clearly going in the wrong direction. I’d give it good odds that he never becomes a MLB pitcher for the Reds.

      Meanwhile, Garrett and Iglesias look great exactly where they are, even though I do understand the concept of making them starters, thereby giving them more innings.

  26. Indy Red Man

    Today was the best slider Romano has had all year! He actually impressed me despite the 5 run meltdown. I think he could be a better bullpen guy though….just swap roles with Lorenzen. That would give them Disco, Mahle, Lorenzen, and Castillo. They’d just need one key free agent (lefty?) from somewhere? I’m starting to think Garrett should stay in the pen!

    Fantastic at-bat by Schebler today in that big 7th! He got down 0-2 and battled back for a walk. He has a .977 ops in June with 13 runs scored in 15 starts. Peraza did the same thing. I’m starting to be ok with Peraza….atleast until India is ready! They just need to trade Billy and bat Peraza 9th. Now that Senzel isn’t breathing down his throat…maybe Peraza can relax and play well?

  27. BigRedMike

    Reds are now only 4 games out of 4th place. Good chance to pass the Pirates.

    The 3 run HR by Winker was enjoyable

  28. bouwills

    Reds got the 5th overall pick in 2016 (Senzel). They got the 2nd overall in 2017 (Greene). This year they again got the 5th overall (India). It isn’t gonna be that way next year. I believe this 4 game sweep & 7 game winning streak signify the days of 90+ losses may be over. The Reds still aren’t a good team, but they’re at least a mediocre team.

  29. Shchi Cossack

    A lot of comments and criticism has been directed at Blandino, Votto and Winker for taking called 3rd strikes lately. I take exception to that criticism. A large portion of those called strikes were OUTSIDE the strike zone. I grant you that some of the called 3rd strikes were legitimate strikes and very hittable, but on the majority of those pitches, the hitter was obviously fooled or caught guessing. It happens to every hitter, even the great hitters, sometimes. I do not want any hitter expending the strike zone beyond the ability to make good contact with a pitch just because the umpire can’t call a legitimate strike zone. I want those umpires publicly ridiculed, tared and feathered, flogged and dragged out of town behind thundering teams of Clydesdales.

    Along that vein, Peraza worked an 0-2 hole with the bases loaded in the 7th inning today into a 3-2 count. As the pitcher wound up, the Old Cossack verbally admonished Peraza to make sure it’s a strike. The pitcher unloaded a sinker that dropped sharply below the knees while Peraza controlled his bat and held his swing. Peraza walked and a run scored. Let that soak in…Jose Peraza walked and picked up an RBI.

    • Old-school

      Pete rose once said….” A strike is a strike is a strike.”

    • da bear

      Agree with most of your comments Ol’ Cossack but not with respect to Votto. If anything he is the one Red that doesn’t appear to get screwed on borderline pitches. He drew a walk in his first at bat vs. the Pirates last week on a 3-2 count that was nearly right down the middle that had the Pirates broadcasters screaming bloody murder at the umps.

      Understand being selective, waiting to hit a pitch yielding a greater chance of success, but when you take 6 straight pitches in striking out you’re not doing your job, especially in the three hole. Joey has never been elite in RBI efficiency. He is super elite, six sigma elite, in on base percentage. Bat him second where his top shelf OBP offers best bang for the buck.

      To Votto’s credit, despite another base running error early in the game, he showed solid aggression on his double, and then allowed for Peraza’s excellent plate discipline RBI by heading immediately back to 2nd base avoiding a double play on the Duvall line drive to SS Russell.

    • da bear

      Forgot to add Blandino has definitely been given an unfair rookie enlarged strike zone.

      Like Winker’s selectivity…..after his three run bomb and the grand slam couple days ago both on fastballs…..he probably should have gone in to his second pinch hit AB of the inning expecting nothing but slow stuff which is exactly what he got. The third pitch per the box on the screen was easily a strike. Not worried with Winker. Between Suarez, Winker & Votto, plus a Schebler benefitting from better pitches to hit at the top of the order, and another middle of order bat in Senzel, 2019 is looking bright. Assuming great pitching from Disco, Castillo, Mahle and solid improvement from Romano….

    • DHud

      Whether it’s an actual strike or not is beside the point; the batter is still out and does nothing to help the team. Weak contact is better than no contact in that there’s still a chance for a positive outcome. Ball players at all levels are taught that with two strikes you have to go into protect mode. Anything close enough to question you have to at least fight off. Blandino is a young player who generally has a good understanding of the strike zone, but he’s repeatedly looked at border line called third strikes. He needs to learn to make real-time adjustments to the umpires strike zone and realize his determination of balls and strikes is neither infalliable nor matters

  30. Shchi Cossack

    Jackson Stephens showed some promise while pitching in A+ FSL and AA Southern League, but that’s like a hitter showing promise in A+ Cal League.

    He just doesn’t have the stuff to pitch at the MLB level. I have no issue with him being on the 25-man or 40-man roster right now as the last man in the bullpen, but I don’t see a real future for him at the MLB level. Eventually the Reds will need his 40-man roster spot.

    • Matt WI

      I was thinking very much the same thing when I heard them mention Jackson Stephens was warming up… he has already gotten more innings than he likely has deserved, but they keep shuttling him back. Most anywhere else, he’d be the dreaded “organizational depth” destined to riding the bus.

  31. Grand Salami

    With the Reds winning there are a lot of new or unfamiliar usernames in the comments – that it great. But also reading a lot of comments about long terming Scooter (without Senzel plan) and keeping Iglesias.

    This is a rebuilding year. Both those requests may happen but they should only occur in the context of a rebuild.

    • Matt WI

      I worry every day that Scooter hasn’t been traded. He’s just a hamstring away from ruining a great opportunity. Or, as we’ve learned, a tiny little muscle in the finger.

  32. Jim t

    How about this we use some of our prospects to obtain a quality established top of the rotation arm with some years of team control. If we fix the rotation we contend with this group for the playoffs.

    • DHud

      Agreed. The Reds may actually finally be back in a position for another Choo or Latos type trade. Definitely might sting a little bit to lose guys like Long or Trammel or Siri, but packaged maybe with some of our establised MLB players, Gennett or Iglesias or Duvall or Hamilton, the right trade could really put this team in a good position to start winning again

  33. DHud

    When the reds acquired Latos prior to 2012 he was 24 and coming off a 3.5 ERA season. They gave up Alonso (#30 prospect in baseball), Grandal (top 10 catching prospect), Boxberger (top 10 organization prospect) and an established MLB starter in Volquez to get him

    Compare that to now situation. Should reds give up a package like Trammel (#36 in baseball), Tyler Stephenson (#9 catcher), Jimmy Herget (good looking relief prospect), and Matt Harvey for a pitcher like Latos? If so, who is a good target?

    The Reds definitely have the depth and capital to swing such a trade. Are they ready though? The rotation was in a much better place going into 2012 than it looks in 2018

    • lost11found

      Seems pricy. And wasn’t gregorious involved in that deal as well? It was a three way trade if I recall.

      • VaRedsFan

        I believe Didi was in the Choo deal, not the Latos deal

    • VaRedsFan

      This is a good thought, but the package should include one of our 2B prospects, just to thin the herd.

      There is one thing that you don’t normally see at the trade deadline, and that is teams out of contention trading prospects to acquire as established player. Why does it always have to be the bad team giving up a good player for prospects? The Reds should be exploring trading their prospects to teams like the Orioles, Tigers, Padres, White Sox, ect…that are looking for prospects and could possibly offer up a strong SP in return.

  34. Alex

    I love you RL Nation, but you guys are way too knee-jerk about turning young pitchers with a few outings of success in the bullpen or at AAA into major league starters. Garrett, Lorenzen, Stephenson, Reed. These guys have been given plenty of opportunities as starters and failed.

    • lost11found

      Garrett did look good last year until the injury…not sure I’d put him in this list.

    • Indy Red Man

      Lorenzen was rushed to the majors in 2015….whole different guy now. Hasn’t started since then.

    • da bear

      Lorenzen looked decent for a rookie starter in 2015. His performance went downhill when the guy who was mentoring him – Johnny Cueto – was traded away.

  35. lost11found

    Echo the sentiment of seeing sad cubs fans in Cincy…four times…

    Good team effort over multiple days.

    If they want to try Garrett as a starter, I’m all for it, but they have to convince him too. If not, I’d rather have a happy dominant reliever, than an unhappy starter. It may be the players haveing too much say in things, but the grindy nature of a baseball season makes it more of a neccessity than other sports perhaps. If the FO cant get through to him perhaps one of his peers can, ala Tony Perez.

  36. WVRedlegs

    To say Romano only has 2 serviceable pitches is a fallacy. Chris Welsh showed yesterday 2 different grips on Romano’s curveball. Romano throws a pretty straight fastball at 95-96-97 mph. Then he has a pitch that comes in at 92-93 mph that has some late bite to it, it dips down and in to a RH hitter and down and away on a LH hitter. I don’t know if he is cutting it or just taking something off of his fastball to get that movement. He also throws a changeup that he hung a couple yesterday.
    Romano may very well end up in the bullpen, but he has more than 2 pitches. He just started getting the ball up around waist high in that 5th inning. He was 1 out away from a good outing when that calamity hit. Not too worried about Romano. He seems to take the lessons learned to heart. I like his presence on the mound.
    The Reds in their 4 game series with the Cubs exposed the Cubs Achilles Heal, their bullpen. The Reds might be facing criminal charges with the beat down they gave the Cubs bullpen.

    There are 4 untouchables in the Reds prospects that won’t be traded at any time. Senzel, Greene, Trammell, and TStephenson. Then add in India as #5 when he signs. Everyone else should be available in just the right kind of trade for a Latos type of deal. I hope that is what the Reds are looking for. The report that the Tigers have just about everyone available including Fulmer might be the one to seek out. It will be expensive in prospects. I don’t see Archer as a realistic target for Cincinnati. It is possible, but not very probable, the A’s could trade Sean Manaea. According to Cots, both Fulmer and Manaea have 4 years of arbitration starting this winter. Manaea has Boras as his rep and Fulmer BBI Sprts as his rep. That 4 years of team control is right in line with the Latos trade and right at what Williams said last week they might be looking for. Then any trades of current Reds assets like Gennett, Iglesias, Hughes, Hernandez, Duvall, Hamilton, RStephenson, and Finnegan that they choose to trade will have some prospects in return that can either replenish what was traded for a Latos type deal or help enhance that deal.

    • Indy Red Man

      Dylan Bundy with the O’s could be someone’s Latos? He’s pretty good….take away 1 start and he’s got a 3.09 era. That’s not easy to do in Camden and facing NY and Boston regularly. 108 Ks in 96 ip

      • WVRedlegs

        Yeah, I glanced at Bundy and he has 3 years of team control and the O’s Gausman has 2 years left. I was looking for at least 4 years. Toronto’s Stroman and Sanchez only have 2 years remaining. The Braves Foltynewicz has 3 yeas remaining and Teheran only 1.
        Now we get into the deep, deep end of the pool with the Mets de Grom with 2 years left and Syndergaard with 3 years left.
        Not many with 4 years left.

  37. nicolecushing

    If I worked for the Reds I’d suggest a new way of dealing with the Cubs fans who show up: buy about a thousand packs of cheap tissues with a blue “L” printed on the wrapping. Have the mascots hand them out to blowhards in blue after every Cubs defeat at GABP.

    Either that, of celebrate each victory against the Cubbies by bringing a giant, stuffed bear (like the kind you can win at carnivals) out to the pitchers mound. Give all four mascots knives and have them ritually disembowel the bear to the gleeful shouts of surrounding children.

    Okay, admittedly, that second one is a little dark. And I’m not sure I’d trust Gapper with sharp objects. But still, wouldn’t it be sweet? 😉

  38. bouwills

    I just don’t see the Reds trying to acquire a veteran sp before the trading deadline. They have a veteran sp in Harvey, which they will probably offer in trade later next month. As for DeSclafani, Mahle, Castillo, & Romano; I’d like to see more. If the Reds rotation pitchers all remain healthy, the management may just want to switch-out somebody from Louisville to replace Harvey. Possibly they’ll try to acquire a promising sp prospect for Gennett or as a part of an Iglesias trade.Most likely a couple of the Reds sp will be on innings limits come Sept. , which will give guys from Louisville a few starts. I don’t think the Reds should use an option on Stephenson (he only has 1) unless they’re sure he can stick in the rotation going forward. Garrett & Romano are also down to 1 option, I believe. The good news is that if the Reds continue to pitch the way they have this June,They don’t really have to make any moves they don’t want to.

    • VaRedsFan

      See WV’s post above. The plan would be to acquire a promising young starter with 3-4 years of control still left. Not the Scott Feldman’s of the world.

      • bouwills

        Another Latos type deal? Thanks but no thanks. When the Reds made that deal they were a stronger ballclub. They had a much better minor league system. Even so, it was a bad move.The WAR for Volquez since 12/17/11 is about a third the combined WAR of Volquez, Boxberger, Alonso, & Grandal. Plus 3 of those guys are still in the ML.

      • da bear

        Think the idea is to acquire a solidly above average pitcher, a 1a ace, someone who can pitch as well as Latos pitched prior to essentially his career ending injury (as a top flight pitcher).

        Agree with you though Jocketty gave away too much for Latos. A better deal that doesn’t give away too much of the future is warranted.

      • lost11found

        The fact that there are three of them still playing is why WAR works for your comp. Alonso was blocked by Votto and if it wasn’t grandal that was traded it was Devin, A better comp would have been (using WAR again) would be to total Votto/Devin/Latos vs Alonso/Grandal/Volquez/Boxberger. The result might be closer than the one stated above.

  39. Indy Red Man

    I had to watch a few key plays of each game of the series again last night just to let it all sink in. Lorenzen’s HR reminded me of Stanton/Judge in the bandbox in Yankee Stadium. They can hit it 1 handed at times or off balance and it doesn’t matter. The park is so small down the lines either way that it doesn’t matter. Lorenzen was out ahead of that pitch and just muscled it out to LF. They need to seriously think about pulling a Ohtani with him. Start him and then play a game in the outfield the next day….maybe 2 games? It is no fluke…he can overpower the ball in gabp atleast, even when he doesn’t catch it squarely!

    • da bear

      Agreed. At least explore the idea. MLo has said in the past he is all for it.