This game was over when Joey Votto blasted a grand slam in the third inning. The Reds have won 5 out of the last 7 and are 20-and-23 since May 1. The Reds are 5-1 in inter-league games this year. They go for a sweep against Detroit in this short series tomorrow afternoon (12:35 ET). Tyler Mahle will start for the Reds. He pitched 6.1 shutout innings in his last start against the Royals. 

Cincinnati Reds 9 (27-45) • Detroit Tigers 5 (36-38)

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Sal Romano followed up his best start of the 2018 season (8 IP, 1 ER, 4H, 1BB) with another great start. He threw 7 shutout innings in 107 pitches. Romano walked four and struck out six. The strikeouts were a notable improvement, while the walks are a concern. Romano will move up in class from the Royals and Tigers in his next start when he faces the Cubs offense on Sunday. Nick Carrington: “Romano had an encouraging outing. Better than KC start. Missed more bats and lots of ground balls.”

David Hernandez pitched a shutout 8th. Wandy Peralta came in for mop-up duty in the 9th and gave up three hits, a bases-loaded walk and a 2-run single before being lifted without retiring a Tigers’ batter. At some point the Reds have to try something different, don’t they? Peralta has been living off a great month and lazy false narrative. Dylan Floro gave up two sacrifice flies and a walk before recording the third out. 

Votto’s home run was his first since May 13. It barely cleared the right-center fence. That evens out for a couple long blasts he’s had recently – like the 401-foot double in Pittsburgh – that didn’t end up as home runs. Votto also walked twice. Billy Hamilton had his second consecutive multi-hit game, including knocking his 3rd home run. Hamilton also walked once. Adam Duvall had three hits, including a 2-run double, another double, and a walk. Tucker Barnhart had three hits, a walk and was hit by a pitch. Barnhart’s OBP is .350. 

Robert Stephenson went 5 innings for Louisville tonight. He gave up 5 hits, 5 walks and 3 earned runs. He struck out four. Walks, as always, are the issue with Stephenson. 

Day One of the Rebuild With the Tigers in town, it’s worth remembering Day One (12/11/14) of the Reds rebuild included trading Alfredo Simon to Detroit for Eugenio Suarez. I think we can safely put that one in the win column. At the time, Nick Kirby called Alfredo Simon Walt Jocketty’s Finest Work based on picking up Simon from the waiver wire and cashing in for a decent return. The other player in the deal was the Tigers’ 2013 first-round pick Jonathan Crawford. Crawford pitched in the Reds farm system for three years, never making it above high-A.  

Kudos to the Pirates Terrific story about the sustained Hurricane Maria relief effort in Puerto Rico by the Pittsburgh Pirates, who were inspired by the late Roberto Clemente. Clemente died in a plane crash off the coast of Puerto Rico on his way to Nicaragua on an earthquake-relief mission. 

What’s The Plan? Nick Senzel extended his hitting streak at Louisville to 9 games. Senzel remains hitless for the Reds. 

Be Still My Heart Reds first-round draft pick Jonathan India did this today in the College World Series. I’m ready to see that in GABP right now. India can’t sign with the Reds until his University of Florida team is done in the tournament. It’s expected India will start with the Reds new affiliate, the Greeneville Reds (advanced rookie), who opened tonight in the Appalachian League. Greeneville is about an hour east of Knoxville. 

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  1. J

    Thom certainly did everything in his power to further the lazy narrative in the 9th inning: “This is a guy who was just incredible for this Reds team right up until he, quite honestly, just ran out of steam. He was used so frequently last year, about the last four weeks of the season — it certainly diminished what was a great year for Peralta.”

    I often wonder what these guys do all day when they’re not on the air. They obviously aren’t spending much of their time learning facts about the Reds.

    • J

      (I just couldn’t quite figure out how to punctuate Thom’s rambling….)

  2. Scott Gennett

    Time to give up on Peralta, there’s no need to carry him with so many good arms available.

    • Colorado Red

      Not time to give up.
      But he he to go down to AAA to get somethings corrected.

  3. Mason Red

    “20-23 since May 1”. I guess that’s something. Of course fans of franchises who actually want to win would see 20-23 since May 1 as a bad thing. Certainly not a positive thing. But in year 4 of a rebuild that started about as bad as it possibly could, 20-23 is just wonderful.

  4. NorMich Red

    At least Riggleman used the right mop-up situation to try, futilely, to right Peralta’s sinking ship. That said, he wouldn’t have gotten 5 batters from me when looking so clueless out there. He’d have been gone at least one hitter sooner, perhaps two. One has to wonder how many more efforts like this have to occur before a move is considered. It’s scary to think that one more base runner allowed by Floro, who also struggled but mostly ensured Peralta’s bad game line, would have necessitated getting up and perhaps using the closer on what should have been a blowout, no pressure conclusion.

    I saw the CWS blast by India in real time and jumped out of my chair with excitement like he was already playing for the Reds. The pitch, to be fair, was a meatball, but the kid knew what to do with it. I hope there is organizational/system player development and management in place by his time to progress him smartly and keep teaching him to play the game at MLB level. I can’t honestly say that today.

    • lost11found

      A few years ago they redid the CWS field in Omaha and it really sunk the power numbers. Is it still the same? If so, that makes the blast even more impressive.

      • Indy Red Man

        It plays pretty fair, but India’s bomb was probably the longest HR so far? The wind was howling in on the first day in Omaha.

  5. roger garrett

    Great game again by Romano.Billy homered and Peraza walked in the same game which should win somebody like one of our great nation writers something.Your last two sentences says it all Normich Red.Would be great just once in awhile to hear somebody say we have a player ready rather then he is 2 or 3 years away.When a player can hit he needs to move quickly through the minors.Senzel can hit and Herrera has already proven he can hit at all levels but where are they at?When your the Yanks who will win 100 you can let guys be blocked by other players but not the Reds who will lose 100.Get creative,try something different.Duvall and Tucker with great games last night.

  6. gusnwally

    I have gotten to where listening to the cowboy drone on and on is like Chinese water torture.But, I couldn’t believe my ears last night. Was he really slamming Homer Bailey for being a cancer on the team. He rambled incessantly about the older pitchers should be helping the younger ones. Like Mike Krukow and Paul Rueshel did for him. He didn’t say Homer by name, but it sure sounded like he was pointing right at him.

    • big5ed

      Yes, in about the 7th or 8th inning, he laid into Bailey, without specifically mentioning him. He pretty much said that Homer made no effort to mentor the younger pitchers.

      • gusnwally

        I think it is very obvious that Homer is rally causing major problems. Canceling his own rehab might have been the last straw. It seems the DL was the place to give the team time to figure out what to do.

      • TomN

        His attitude comes as such a surprise to me. He seemed to have matured. If Cowboy was really talking about Bailey, that’s really disappointing. He was very tough in his prime. Can’t seem to adjust now to his post-TJ self. But not helping the younger pitchers just sucks.

    • VaRedsFan

      I was only half listening, so I’m probably wrong about some of this…but, I thought he was talking about when the Nats acquired Papelbon when Storen was the current closer, and it upset the chemistry.

  7. msanmoore

    Billy’s HR came off a guy who boarded at the house of my friends when he played in the Midwest league. Big Aussie with a good fast ball but he missed with Billy and several others.

    I was both amused and annoyed at Thom for his defense of Billy’s scoring ability. He did whine about people “looking at the numbers” but he got so defensive regarding the e-mails and tweets he fielded. I guess he doesn’t realize that when you are in the public eye, people will say “mean” things about you.

    Happy outcome overall. Let’s see if we can punch the Bengals whilst they are down today.

  8. big5ed

    It was 100% guaranteed that as soon as Steve ran his “Requiem for a Phenom” piece on Billy Hamilton that Hamilton would catch fire. Works for me with Peraza every time. I call it the “Karkovice Effect” from a game I went to in old Comiskey. Following a nice rant on ChiSox catcher Ron Karkovice’s offense, he promptly hit about a 697-foot homer to left.

    Steve should have run that piece on April 2; the Reds would be .500 now.

    Romano kinda reminds me of Rick Reuschel, the old Cubs standby who pitched 19 years in the majors. Both are big, cherubic guys with short pitching strides and fairly low strikeout rates. Romano has a lot of work to do match Rick Reuschel. Reuschel accumulated 68.3 WAR over his 19 years, including a great 1977 in his age 28 season, when he had 10 wins and a 9.4 WAR for a .500 team. Reuschel evolved into a guy in his 30s who was the farthest thing in the league, other than knuckle-ballers, from a max-effort pitcher.

    • TomN

      Really glad to see Romano have such good back-to-back games. Like the kid (hard to call someone twice my size, a kid). If he can be consistently good, it would be such a bonus! Now, if Castillo can get on track, we’ll have something!

    • Indy Red Man

      I was just a kid but I remember Big Daddy! His ball had a ton of movement though…a lot more then Romano. He’s a better comparison to Romano then Aaron Harang though! Harang was a flyball pitcher that gave up a ton of HRs and about the only calling card Romano brought up from the minors was that he throws hard and generally kept the ball in the park.

  9. ClayMC

    Can someone help me understand Riggleman’s starting lineup? Hamilton has always been atrocious against lefties, while Schebler owns a great split AND is riding a nice hot streak where he had reached base in 15 consecutive games (OBP ~ 0.400). They had Thursday and Monday off, so fatigue shouldn’t be a factor.

    Am I missing something? Did he have some sort of precognitive vision of Hamilton’s HR?

  10. Indy Red Man

    Could it be that Billy and Duvall are both heating up? I think last night was the first time all season I’ve seen Duvall crank a breaking ball the other way? He’s not as bad as he’s been. The time is coming for these guys…..the front office has to do something? I thought a Winker/Duvall platoon could be decent in LF, but if they ever want to break Senzel in then Scooter to LF makes the most sense? Dilson Herrera too? They either have to play him or cut him loose? They also need to quit screwing around with this 4 man stuff? Schebler had a 1.007 ops or whatever for June and is 3x better vs lefties then Billy or Winker. Play the guy every day at leadoff and see if he can keep it up? He’s making progress with the bat and he’s run down some balls in the outfield too!

    Jonathan India. The kid can flat out mash! How does it work with college WS kids like this? I’m guessing he’ll take a few weeks off and then report to the Greenville Reds? He’s their best offensive shortstop today and its not close! He’ll be 22 in December. The Braves, Nats, etc are playing 19-21 year olds. WIth India’s bat….he should be up with the Reds by midseason next year. They need to play him at SS immediately!

  11. doofus

    Stephenson has always pitched well when Joe Hudson has caught him this season. Tromp caught him last night. RS is horrible when Cruz catches him.

  12. WVRedlegs

    What a huge difference it is when you get quality start g pitching. Romano looked good. Hope he can keep it up against the Cubs.
    It is nice to see other teams bad news bearing out on the field. That Tigers relief pitcher that caught the throw to first base from second base with his face was a tough one. Glad his nose wasn’t broken. That had to have hurt.
    The question I came away with was, why is Cleveland struggling so much to pull away from DET and MIN in the AL Central?

    • Matt Esberger

      Bullpen issues mostly. Miller been on DL twice and got bomb in between. Allen not dominant probably from overuse of past 2-3 years and nobody able to replace the Bryan Shaw role. Keep in mind the Indians won over 100 games last year and record on June 20 2017 was 37-32 (1 1/2 up on MIN)which is 2 games worse than this year and on par with June 20 2016 when they went to the WS. Once the bullpen issues are addressed and if Carrasco can come around after DL stint they should win 90-95 games. The starting pitching has been very good lately.

      • Indy Red Man

        They’ve got some issues. Their pen is bad and expecting a full season of Michael Brantley is dicey at best? Also I’ve been high on Mike Clevinger for years but for some reason they’ve BobSteve’d him in the past and he hasn’t gone more then 130 ip or something with Cleveland. He’s on pace for a lot more then that now? They’ll still cruise easily with the AL Central.

        Bigger picture for the Reds though….no real races in the AL? Yankees, Boston, Houston, and Sea are all on pace for 100+ wins. The Angels are about it and they’re 7-8 games out of the 2nd wildcard. That hurts the Reds.