The Reds and Rockies meet in a series ending matinee today at GABP. This will be  the Reds last chance to avoid being swept in the series. Game time is 12:35 EDT. Recall that unlike past seasons all the weekday matinee games this season are telecast through the Fox Sports Ohio outlets and the  Fox Sports Go streaming app, just in case you want to see what happens today.

Starting Pitchers

It is a righty Tyler versus leftie Tyler matchup today as Tyler Mahle goes to the mound for the Reds; and,  Tyler Anderson gets the ball for the Rockies. These two were also the principals on May 26 at Coors Field in a game won 6-5 by the Reds.

Reds right hander Mahle is coming off perhaps the best start of his season since April 2 having held the Padres scoreless in 5+ innings of work in San Diego on June 1 in a 7-2 Reds victory.  Despite some struggles and inconsistencies, Mahle appears to be well on the way to putting together a respectable first season in the Reds rotation as witnessed by his 4.03 xFIP through 12 starts in 2018. Not that he doesn’t have some work still to do though.  He needs to cut down on walks and extend his game longevity.  Cutting back on the free passes not only should help a bit with the game longevity, it is also paramount for Mahle since he appears to be a guy who is going to be prone to giving up a fair share of long balls.

Like the previous Rockies staters in this series, leftie Tyler Anderson is also a first round draft choice having been picked by the Rockies #20 overall in the June 2011 draft.  This afternoon Anderson will be making his 46th start in 48 MLB appearances for the Rockies dating back to 2016.  This season Anderson has been a 5 inning pitcher while compiling a 5.07/ 4.67 ERA/xFIP both of which are significantly off his MLB career marks of  4.32/3.98 for the same measures. Anderson has been even less effective in his last 5 games (6.67/ 5.14 ERA/xFIP), a trend the Reds hope will continue today.

2018 comparative numbers:

Tyler Mahle 4.03 5.1 1.84 8.8% 22.3%
Tyler Anderson 4.67 5.0 1.67 9.6% 20.4%

It is good to see a Reds starter holding his own on the tale of the tape. Hopefully this bodes well for the Reds in the game.


Both pens were tasked with completing 4 innings on Wednesday night.

Michael Lorenzen pitched 2 innings for the Reds and considering the short turnaround would figure to be unavailable today. David Hernandez needed 20 pitches to complete his inning and will likely be unavailable beyond a batter or two today.

Rockies closer Wade Davis worked an inning for the second straight night. Given the quick turnaround, he may not be used today; but then again, he has thrown just 16 pitches in collecting saves the first two games of the series; so don’t count him out today. Harrison Musgrave threw 31 pitches to complete 1.2 innings Wednesday and is almost certainly not available today.


           ROCKIES             REDS
1. DJ LeMahieu (2B)
2. Charlie Blackmon (CF)
3. Nolan Arenado (3B)
4. Carlos Gonzalez (RF)
5. Trevor Story (SS)
6. Mike Tauchman (LF)
7. Ryan McMahon (1B)
8. Tony Wolters (C)
9. Tyler Anderson (P)
1. Scott Schebler (RF)
2. Alex Blandino (SS)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
5. Adam Duvall (LF)
6. Curt Casali (C)
7. Brandon Dixon (2B)
8. Tyler Mahle (P)
9. Billy Hamilton (CF)

Looks like a platoon lineup fielded by Jim Riggleman. Still curious he sticks with Billy Hamilton over Jesse Winker given Hamilton’s terrible RH batting stats.

News and Notes

For those who had to get to bed last night, here is Jim Riggleman’s summary of the Reds loss

Some good news. Nick Senzel is back in action and heating up

Scooter Gennett has had a very good calendar year since hitting those 4 homers on June 6, 2017

And more looks to the future which has to be brighter than the Reds recent past, correctomundo?!?

Final Thoughts

Very little seems to be going right for the Reds right now. Last night they stumbled their way to a fourth consecutive loss in another game which looked eminently winnable. Since you are reading this, it is a safe bet you already know the script as we’ve seen it all too often this season. Starting pitching not good enough; lots of men on base not brought around to score; questionable defense. Nothing new.

The Cardinals who have dropped their last two games to the Marlins are next up for the Reds. Given how the Birds have owned the Reds to date in 2018, it would behoove the Reds to get the ship on even keel today before Cards arrive in town.  GO REDS!

Stats and data courtesy of Fangraphs,, and Baseball Reference


84 Responses

  1. Jim Walker

    The type of morning its been here at the RLN production facility, it is best I don’t tamper with a hot edit of the preview so, I’ll put in here that @ctrent is reporting that Jim Riggleman says Homer Bailey is close to going out on a rehab assignment. No word this AM whether he will start or relieve.

  2. Darrin

    The whole Winker situation is absolutely ridiculous, he should be playing almost everyday, period. It shouldn’t even be a question.

    • cfd3000

      Agree. First off, Winker is a better hitter lefty on lefty than is Hamilton righty on lefty. So if you’re trying to win the game you start Winker. And Hamilton is a known quantity. Second worst hitter in the league by OPS. So if you’re trying to learn something, or give a young guy experience, you start Winker. Either way… Winker. Disappointing. Again.

  3. David

    Just my stupid opinion, but the Reds could lose all six games on this homestand. As bad as they have been against the Rockies, they absolutely stink on ice against the Cardinals.

    Today might be the best chance for them to win ONE game on this homestand. The Rockies pitcher has struggled his last few starts, so I assume he will pitch 6 innings of one run baseball against the Reds.
    Casili will likely start at catch, so this will probably give Mahle some problems.

    Dis is a berry, berry bad beisbol team.

    • Jim Walker

      Your “stupid” opinion is one I share in regard to the outlook for this homestand. So maybe I jinxed the Cards by point this out 😉

      • George

        Based on a quick peek at the Cards starting pitching it looks like a lost weekend coming up!!

  4. SultanofSwaff

    Boy, Homer is some kind of miraculous healer! lol It’s all smoke and mirrors…….you don’t heal from a ‘month long’ injury in a matter of days. Do they really think we’re that dumb? The trip to Louisville is likely to find out if he can relieve away from the bright lights and cameras.

    • Jim Walker

      Bear in mind that typically all MLB pitchers officially “start” in the minors on rehab because of the control it gives the team in prepping the guy to go to the mound.

      I wouldn’t bet too much against Bailey ending up in Romano’s spot in the MLB rotation because they can’t keep sending Romano out much longer when the result is essentially the same negative one every turn; and, since BobSteve seems to be cycling down right now, the options look to be Finnegan or Bailey.

  5. George

    The Race to a Reds Franchise Record!!

    The 1982 Reds won 61 games and lost a franchise record of 101 games (.376 winning%)
    Is this the year the Reds set a franchise record of 102+ losses??
    In 2015 they almost made it (98 losses,.395%)
    This year (2018) the win% is at .339 (21-41)

    Come on “BIG BOB”, go all in, bring back Gallardo, Bonnilla, Feldman, and Adleman those 4 along with Homer should get it done before September!!! Lets get a record for 2018 that no future Reds team can beat!!!

  6. Old-school

    Cingrani to the DL with shoulder pain.

  7. docproctor

    Interesting play in the first inning. Blandino double-clutched when trying to throw out the batter at first on a routine grounder. His throw was high and the runner was safe. Blandino got the error and deserved it.

    But when they showed the replay in slow motion from Blandino’s angle at SS, it was clear that he double-clutched because Votto wasn’t yet at the bag at first–and wasn’t even close. If Blandino’s throw hadn’t been high, they might have gotten the batter at first–but probably not.

    Votto has to get his ass over to first.

  8. Matt WI

    Marty is interviewing C Trent and now they are saying Homer is going out on rehab as a starter. To which Marty reasonably asked “then why did we just go through all of that about the bullpen?” C Trent speculated that Romano struggling so much may have something to do with it. But the organization sure can’t seem to get itself on the same page.

    • doofus

      There are too many cooks in the kitchen.

    • David

      I can’t see Homer going out there, turn after turn, and keep getting his head handed to him. If he comes back and is pitching better, that’s one thing. But I don’t expect anything miraculous.

      And yes, Romano should be sent down, and Bob Steve should come up and replace him.


  9. Jack

    Like I said it doesn’t matter what park they play in. Big or small. Billy plays. Winker will never get better at defense if he doesn’t play. Jim isn’t every lineup literally a platoon lineup?

  10. Bill

    I have noticed Schebler has been putting up some decent numbers, OPS over .800 with an OBP approaching .350. I know some view him as strictly a 4th OF, but I think he could handle RF if other areas of the team were addressed. The weak spots in the lineup are really SP, CF, SS, and LF. Hopefully Winker can break out of his slump and prove he belongs in LF with some playing time. As much as Gennetts bat will be missed I think he and Iglesias could return something to fill those gaps and use the money saved from Mesoraco, Gennett, and Hamilton to get a FA SP

    • Brandon

      I agree you could probably play Schebler in RF and Winker in LF, especially if you upgraded offense at CF and SS. That offense could then be top half or maybe higher depending on how much you upgraded those 2 pos.

      The Reds need more than 1 SP though. They need at least 2 from outside the organization, maybe 3.

      • Bill

        agreed, somewhere between 2-5 will be needed with the Reds track record of developing pitchers

    • David

      The Reds are paying Mesoraco’s salary, just as the Mets are paying Harvey’s salary. There was no money saved there. It was just a swap of bodies. The Mets needed a catcher, and Mes wasn’t going to play much for the Reds.
      Harvey had worn out his welcome in New York, and needed a change.

      • Bill

        The contract is over this year, which gives the Reds $13 million more to spend next year

      • George

        Once you factor in the raises due to Suarez (4.755 mil). Bailey (2 mil) and Iglesias (.500 K)
        That leaves about $7mil savings. This doesn’t include those due for arbitration in 2019.

      • Bill

        Which is why trading Hamilton and Gennett would make sense, both due for their final year of arbitration. 13 million from Mesaraco, 10 million from Gennett and Hamilton and you have reduced payroll by over $23 and reduced the arbitration raises. I don’t think payroll is currently maxed out so that should pay for a decent starting pitcher

  11. Matt WI

    …And now Marty is ranting about how “it never gets any better with him [Mahle]” and his pitch inefficiency and problems.

    • docproctor

      Mahle has been screwed by awful defense behind him and a terrible call by the umps on what would have been a run-removing double play. Mahle hasn’t been great, but he’s been better than Romano.

    • George

      Marty may have a point but not just Mahle:
      Reds 21-41
      P.IP = Pitches per Inning WHIP= walks+hits per inning
      Mahle P.IP=17.62 Whip 1.41
      Castillo P.IP= 17.64 Whip 1.45
      Romano P.IP= 17.55 Whip 1.58
      Bailey P.IP=16.73 Whip 1.69
      Harvey P.IP=16.56 Whip 1.27

      Upcoming Cardinals
      Cards 32-27
      Wacha P.IP=16.39 Whip 1.10
      Weaver P.IP= 17.16 Whip 1.23
      Mikolas P.IP 14.38 Whip 1.00
      Matinez P.IP 15.56 Whip 1.17
      Flaherty P.IP 17.11 Whip 1.17

  12. docproctor

    The umps totally, totally blew that runner interference call. I hope we hear an admission of blowing it from ump headquarters in the days to come.

  13. Matt WI

    C’mon. Lorenzen gets on as PH, somebody make something happen. It’s such an asset to have a guy that can come off the bench like that without burning a position player.

  14. docproctor

    Lorenzen just pinch hit for Mahle. Took two balls that were low (good eye), then ripped a single to LF. Ball came off the bat at 117 MPH. That’s not a misprint.’

    They said he’s now batting .235 for his career (admittedly a small sample).

    EXPLAIN TO ME WHY HE COULDN’T PLAY CF INSTEAD OF BILLY. Our own version of Ohtani (and that’s what Lorenzen used to do in college).

    • David

      I had the same thought while listening to the game in the car at lunch hour. Lorenzen can hit, and he has quite a bit of upper body strength.

  15. Matt WI

    It will now be time for a Votto dinger when he leads off the next inning. The people are thirsty.

  16. docproctor

    Schebler is now up to .276 on the season and is hitting .444 for June. Remember how hot he was coming out of ST? I wonder if he’s slowly (and finally) recovering from the injury he had early in the season.

  17. WVRedlegs

    Down 5-2 now.
    Maybe it is time for Billy Hamilton to have some knee inflammation, no?

    • David

      Yeah, all those people that want Garrett to start? He would stink too. Just like the rest of the rotation.

      100 losses, easy peasy.

      Dis is a berry, berry bad beisbol team.

      • George

        Is this the year the Reds set a franchise record of 102+ losses??
        In 2015 they almost made it (98 losses,.395%)
        This year (2018) the win% is at .339 (21-41)

    • George

      Should get a bus ticket to Dayton Ohio with a note, “Prove you belong!!”

  18. jim t

    Will someone please relay a message to our pitching staff that the qame’s are 9 innings long not 5. I truly can’t remember the last time a starter went 6 innings. The pen will be on fumes before the end of this month.

  19. Timmy RedLeg

    I have no stats to back this up, but, it seems like,( at least lately), that the Reds don’t score runs till they are getting blown out. Which means that the opposing teams mop up pitcher(s) are in the game. So it seems like we can only hit bad pitching.???

  20. lwblogger2

    So Oberg is a nice pitcher but really not particularly nasty vs LH hitters. Come on Joey.

  21. lwblogger2

    Not what I had in mind with bases juiced but got an RBI… That 1st pitch from Oberg looked like a hanging slider on Gameday. That was the one he should have nailed.

    • VaRedsFan

      It was hanging and he watched it.

  22. doofus

    I guess Suarez didn’t want to get his pants dirty. Geez, this team is soooo bad at the fundamentals.

    • Seat101

      I don’t see what difference a slide would’ve made

  23. Seat101

    This is probably Peraza’s last chance to continue his hitting streak

  24. lwblogger2

    “Billy Hamilton Strikes out Swinging” … So fun to read that with a guy who has no power and a runner on 3B w/ less than 2 outs. By the way, success rate on that is lower than one might think across the league. Not just a Reds issue but it feels like it.

    • docproctor

      Lucky you only had to read it. I had to watch it. His swing on Strike 3 was dreadful.

  25. lwblogger2

    Blandino on deck and 1B open… Schebler isn’t getting a fastball in the zone. Probably not getting much of anything in the zone.

  26. VaRedsFan

    Be glad you read it and didn’t see it… It was U-G-L-Y

  27. Matt WI

    Winker up twice, on twice. Yes please.

  28. Seat101

    Steely eyed missile man has multi-hit game.

  29. seanuc

    Thom is particularly bad today, even for him. Replacing him should be part of the rebuild.

  30. Matt WI

    Go Peraza. Don’t put this on Billy.

      • james garrett

        Anybody think the Rockies didn’t know after Dixon was Peraza and then Billy.Just saying who would you pitch to?

  31. james garrett

    Nope just saying with the winning run on second who would you pitch too.Rockies had a base open and they chose to pitch to Peraza rather then Dixon.

    • Seat101

      All other things being equal in that situation you definitely want to have a force at every base.

      But remember, Peraza puts the bat on the ball very frequently.

      Dixon has yet to prove that he can

  32. Seat101

    I believe we’re going to have to bring somebody up from Oraville to help our bullpen over the weekend

    • Matt WI

      They might be able to get here in time for this game at this rate!

  33. Matt WI

    WINKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! START THAT MAN FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Seat101

    Steely eyed missile man gets his third hit of the game! A walk off homer!


  35. james garrett

    The force out would be at second or third and not every base as you said.Dixon hasn’t proved a thing so why walk him?Peraza does put the bat on the ball because he swings at everything and maybe they thought he would get himself out.By walking Peraza it got them one batter closer to Billy so even if Peraza gets on without the run scoring then well its up to him.More then likely the Rockies said lets see if Peraza or Billy can beat us.

    • Seat101

      To me, home plate is not a base. Never has been and I started playing a hole in 1962

      It would’ve been very foolish to load the bases in that situation, anyway so it doesn’t signify to begin with.

  36. gusnwally

    Riggleman just confirmed that Winker is the odd man out.

  37. daytonnati

    Okay, maybe it is me, but did it seem like the celebration at home plate was rather subdued for a walk-off homer? Sure there was the gaggle but the only player who seemed genuinely psyched was the new catcher. No jersey-tearing, no back pounding, not much water spraying. He got the Gatorade shower during the interview, but overall, not much joy?

    • Aaron Bradley

      Well players have been instructed to tone it down, there have been instances of guys getting injured in the celebration… but I would they it show they are aware they are buried in the standings… its a nice win, but you got to keep it in perspective.

  38. docproctor

    Scott Schebler is now hitting .277/.348.
    Jesse Winker is now hitting .263/.368.
    Hamilton and Duvall are both under .200/.290.
    Can we please, please be done with the outfield rotation?
    Billy and Duvall can switch off games and be used as late-inning defensive replacements.