Things in RedsLand have been so crazy lately that it’s hard to formulate a poll. For instance, I put up a poll asking about the rotation and a few hours later, Homer was headed to the bullpen (the poll results strongly support this move). Anthony DeSclafani just made what will probably be his final rehab start in Louisville, which I posted about last night, but it looks like, very soon, the rotation will look something like this:

  1. Castillo
  2. Disco
  3. Mahle
  4. Harvey
  5. Romano

There’s also at least some noise that – with all the off days coming – Romano might head to Louisville to work on some things and then re-join the Reds rotation later. But, of course, there is also Robert Stephenson, who’s been awfully good in Louisville lately, so who knows?

It’s confusing.

And then there’s the lineup. Half of it seems pretty set. Votto, Suarez, Gennett, and Barnhart are pencilled in. Outfield and shortstop are less set-in-stone. I will now give some opinions.

Opinion 1: Gennett should still be traded. He’s a great sell-high candidate. But, if he isn’t traded, it’s time to look at a move to the outfield because defense matters and the Reds’ infield defense has been atrocious lately.

Opinion 2: Nick Senzel, once he settles in, is absolutely one of the four best hitters available and is shaping up to be a pretty good defensive second baseman, which is where he should start. Any ideas about moving him to the OF are ridiculous. Hs provides much more value at second, where he’s also going to be a much better defender than Scooter.

Opinion 3: Jesse Winker should play. Of the four outfielders, he’s the youngest, the one with a best chance to be good in the future, and the one with the best chance to be on the next good team. Run him out there every day forever and ever and ever until the season ends. The Reds, of course, are doing the exact opposite of this, which I do not understand at all.

Opinion 4; Defense matters. You can probably get away with a Blandino/Senzel middle infield. But a Blandino/Gennett combo is a mess. And no, don’t move Suarez. He’s excellent at third. Let’s not mess with a position where the Reds are actually getting good fielding.

Opinion 5: If it’s up to me, very soon, the starters go like this: Barnhart, Votto, Senzel, Suarez, Winker, Gennett (OF), Peraza (with plenty of time for Blandino). The other outfielders compete for playing time. I’d also let teams know that I am VERY actively shopping every outfielder not named Winker (that includes Gennett). Again, the Reds don’t seem to be doing this. Thus the evidence that I’m not in charge.

Opinion 6: Dilson Herrera shouldn’t be forgotten about. He’s back on track, finally and his shoulder is healthy. I’ve seen him throw from third and while they aren’t always the most accurate throws (he probably needs more practice there), they aren’t the throws you make with a bum shoulder. He’s only a year older than Senzel and seven months YOUNGER than Jesse Winker. He’s, at the very least, a good trade chip.

Those are my opinions. If things quiet down, we’ll do a poll again next week.

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  1. David

    This was very cogent and to the point.
    Are the Reds listening, or even thinking in these terms?

    If you DFA Duvall, at his present salary, someone will pick him up and we might get something in return. Then there is room for Gennett to go to Left Field.
    Billy becomes a reserve late inning replacement outfielder.
    Schebler, for the time being, plays Centerfield. Winker in right and Gennett in left. And of course, if we have a taker for Gennett, trade him. Not sure what is going on there.
    Dixon could play left field also, and it would be nice to get him some at bats, before he too rusts away on the bench. Just like Winker. Go Reds, you visionary brainiacs.

    I would only say play Herrera at the ML level ahead of Senzel, to develop some trade value. Maybe with another player, maybe this winter. Somebody might want him, if he is healthy. The scouting reports on him have always said he could hit. Show that he is healthy.
    I like Blandino, but he is a less than adequate short stop. He has a weak arm. He can play there in a pinch, but he is not the answer.
    This is not a contending year for the Reds (obviously) but Senzel comes up sometime this year and starts to get ML at bats. Just make sure his vertigo problems are behind him.
    Send down Romano, bring up Stephenson, and promote Kuery Mella to AAA.

      • David

        They would get very little from anybody, in a trade. Let’s not kid ourselves he is some diamond in the rough. Let’s get this rebuild going. I like Adam, but he is batting around 0.200. Is he ever going to pick it up?

      • Ben

        If you believe that BABIP is an indication of luck, Adam Duvall was the 6th unluckiest qualified major league hitter in 2018 (as of Tuesday). And his BABIP on Tuesday was about the highest it’s been all year, which means he has been even un-luckier than 6th. He’s still drawing walks, and the power has started to return. He’s always struck out a lot. Nothing is really off with him, he’s just got to stop hitting the ball right at people.

  2. Matt WI

    Let’s raid somebody’s piggy bank of talent in a blockbuster Iglesias AND Gennett offering. A power bullpen arm and bench bat (or DH?) for the stretch run? Do it.

    • Aaron Bradley

      Gennett is a bench bat now? LOL… right.

      • Matt WI

        Just depends where he would go is all… and given he only functionally plays 2B. On this Reds team, certainly not a bench bat. I don’t care where other teams stash him.

      • Aaron Bradley

        Yes I am sure some other team will give us top prospects so they can bolster their bench, makes perfect sense.

      • Matt WI

        A) That’s why it’s a package deal B) You illustrate that’s exactly why teams aren’t likely beating down the door and making Scooter a priority “get…” If he’s in the “MVP conversation” then the Reds should sure rain trade him as fast as they can for top dollar for a team that also sees him that way.

        Scooter is talented. You trade talent to get talent. Scooter in isolation brings a problem because of his limited position availability and his liability of playing defense at that position to begin with. I think most teams see him like a lot of us do… hitting a great peak, but he’s not a long term investment.

        For a more than a few teams, there’s no functional everyday place to play him. He could be a DH and an effective bench bat if he’s not able to play everyday 2nd base on a team better than the Reds.

        It could well be that he is most valuable to the Reds because of these circumstances. But he’d be a hell of a throw in with Iglesias. Just spit balling. Not sure why you’re being so judgemental.

      • john lowe

        Let’s see. We traded Aroldis Chapman for Tony Renda, Eric Jagielo, Caleb Cotham and Rookie Davis…Proven MLB player for prospects. NONE of those guys are in the majors even now and 3 aren’t even with the Reds anymore! No more stupid trades for dreamy prospects that don’t pan out

      • eric3287

        None of the prospects the Reds got for Chapman were ever considered dreamy. It was a trade widely panned across baseball the second it became official.

      • Matt WI

        I would absolutely look for some very major league talent. AND, there’d be a HUGE difference in trading Raisel vs Chapman… Raisel has years left on an affordable contract. Scooter has another year of player control.

        The Reds totally bombed Chapman by not trading him soon enough…. look at what the Yankees got when THEY traded him– Torres.

        So yes, it’s all contingent on the Reds identifying talent, but good heavens, they could get some talent for Raisel all by himself.

      • Matt WI

        And, of course, until we hear otherwise, Raisel doesn’t have any sticky legal problems presenting public relations disasters either.

        John, I can understand being frustrated with prospects that don’t work out… but you’re also conveniently washing over guys the Reds did get via trade that were of limited known quantity. On the current roster- Exhibit A) Suarez Exhibit B) Castillo.

        If people are concerned that the Reds don’t have enough talent in the pipelines to make anything of themselves, how else do you suggest they create talent that doesn’t involve a roster of free agents they can’t afford? Sure, trade for MLB players if you can get them, but just because some trades aren’t done well, doesn’t mean others will be the same.

      • da bear

        It’s more about timing with respect to trading Chapman. They didn’t have to trade him early. They could have waited until mid-season and driven a much better deal when demand increases by the playoff contenders. Instead they chose a ‘moral high ground’ position which caused the FO to dig their own grave when it came to getting a good return for Chapman. Sell not when you feel the need to (bad publicity, or to save a half year’s worth of salary), sell when demand is overwhelming (when the Cubs, Yankees, Dodgers, whomever is willing to part with their prospects for the short term possibility of a ring grab).

  3. Aaron Bradley

    Trading Gennett when this offense stinks seems like a terrible idea to me. He is literally the best hitter on the team right now. Votto seems to have run out of power and might be on the decline. Suarez and Gennett are the only real threats besides Votto in the lineup. Gennett could be in the MVP discussion if he keeps it up. On top of that he is under team control for at least one more season, or is it even more than that? I realize this season is a wash but if we plan to compete next year I don’t see how Scooter’s bat is replaceable and I don’t know what you think you can get in return that would justify it. Propects are a dice roll and the Reds have been unlucky in that department. Senzel is not a sure thing by any stretch of the imagination. His numbers in Louisville are nothing exciting, and he just had a bout of vertigo, his second such experience with it, which makes one wonder if he is going to end up like Nick Esasky. The Reds can deal Iglesias for starting pitching prospects. Lets not break the offense more than its already broken.

    As for Winker, I guess his defense and running have been pretty terrible and he has been in a hitting slump. It’s not an awful idea to try and bring up Billy’s value, and Duvall for that matter, in case of trade at deadline.

    • john lowe

      Great take. I agree 100%. NO MORE LAME PROSPECTS FOR PROVEN MLB PLAYERS:!!!!!

  4. james garrett

    Opinion 6 is a very important one because we need to find out who can or who can’t for our sake going forward but also to develop some trade value for others.We know a lot about some of the players and the keepers need to play but the guys that aren’t keepers need to set and alllow others to show what they can do.Unfortunately the Reds still are trying to fish some and cut bait some and that doesn’t work.The fans don’t like that and neither do the players.As was said several times by the late Chuck Shick losing is losing and the Reds seem to think 90 losses is better then 95.Can’t imagine they would think 5 fewer losses is more important then finding out about Winker or Blandino or Dixon or Senzel and the list goes on and on.To be honest it insults what little bit of smarts I do have.

  5. RedWard

    The decision to sit Winker and play Duvall and Schebler has paid off. They are both hot. Trade them both now!

    • Scott Carter

      Yeah, one game where Duvall went 1-5 and hit a hanging breaking pitch after a pitch that he barely fouled off and would have struck out on had the catcher held on. Schebler gets 2 hits, one a home run. Winker needs to play, regardless.

      • sezwhom

        Duvall also made two nice defensive plays. One in the 9th saved two runs. Defensively, it’s no contest between Duvall and Winker.

      • RedWard

        I was being sarcastic. Never the less, the rotation is a hot mess. If they can trade either or both of them at any point, along with others who do not figure into the next competitive cycle, for starting pitching prospects and other pieces, take a shot because this clearly isn’t working.

    • Jeff Reed

      What team can’t wait to acquire Duvall and Schebler? And the Reds get a relief pitcher or a prospect that doesn’t pan out?

    • john lowe

      Trade them for who? prospects that never make it like in the Aroldis Chapman trade(Caleb Cotham, Eric Jagielo, Tony Renda and Rookie Davis) and Johnny Cueto trade(John Lamb, Cody Reed, Brandon “I”m really good for three innings after I’ve given up 6 runs” Finnegan)? If you have talent, keep it. MLB talent is a proven commodity versus prospects, most of which never get close to a MLB diamond

      • da bear

        Schebler and Duvall aren’t talent to keep, not by a good team. On a good team they function as 4th outfielders at best.

        They each had nice little runs, but over the long term, they are going to contribute to 1/4 of a season’s games (via the long ball) and nothing over the other 3/4 (striking out too frequently). Duvall also has value daily as a defender as noted by others.

        Winker otoh offensively can contribute to 1/2 the games over a season via OBP and possibly driving runs (bat him 3rd-5th, bump Votto up to 2nd) if given the opportunity because he drives the ball, puts it in play, doesn’t strike out so darn much like Duvall & Schebler. Winker has better pitch recognition, will walk a bunch to clog the bases and hopefully true run producers like a Suarez and sometimes Scooter, perhaps Senzel, brings them in.

  6. Scott Carter

    Jason, if only you were in charge of this team, then perhaps we might see the light at the end of the rebuild.

  7. cfd3000

    Can’t argue with any of this Jason, though I might quibble a tiny bit on Romano. He hasn’t shown me anything to suggest that he’s a dependable MLB starter, and even his best outings are just good and never great. I’d swap him for Stephenson or even Reed. Send Sal to AAA to learn to dominate and find out if Bob or Cody can perform in Cincinnati. On everything else I’m on board. Sell high on Gennett or make room for both his bat and Senzel’s every day. And can we please, somehow, end the Billy Hamilton gets to bat a lot experiment? How many times has he been the last out of the inning with men in scoring position and everyone in the park new he had no chance? Way too many. It’s time. Make it so Jason!

  8. eric3287

    Nothing the Reds have done during this entire botched rebuild has angered me as much making Jesse Winker the odd man out in the outfield rotation after a bad 2 weeks at age 24. The Reds have done a number of mind-numbingly stupid decisions during this failed rebuild, most of which were at least comical in their ineptness. I get Mad Online every time I think about the benching of Jesse Winker.

    A couple of caveats. The Reds are not starting Duvall and Hamilton every day to build up trade value. If the Reds WANTED to trade Duvall they would have traded him after the 2016 season or at the All-Star break last year. That they didn’t tells me they have no desire to trade him. He will be 30 years old, his skill set will not age well, there is nothing he can do in 4 weeks that will result in his being traded. Similarly, Billy isn’t going anywhere. He has almost 2,500 big league plate appearances with an OBP under .300. He will be 28 in September. Speed, the entire reason he is in the big leagues, declines faster than any other skill. He will do nothing to get traded, ,and if has a hot streak and hits .300 the Reds will use that as an excuse to keep/extend him, not trade him.

    What this move shows me is that the Reds have no interest in the patience that is required of a rebuild. What this offseason showed me is that the Reds have no interest in spending the money required to jump-start a rebuild. The Reds are trying to win as many games as they can while keeping payroll as low as they can.

    We’ve all spent the past 3 years rationalizing the dumb moves of this front office and finally we have come to the point of no return. This move cannot be rationalized. The team isn’t .500 with Winker hitting .200 and Duvall hitting .350. Winker isn’t a 20 year old who flew through the system and is going back to AAA to work on things. He is 24 and has proven he can hit at every level of baseball (including, for his first 200+ plate appearances, the MLB level). This is a panicked move made by a front office that values the known (regardless of how bad it is) over the unknown. Unless the mindset of this front office changes DRASTICALLY in the next two months, or everyone in it is fired, for the first time in my 31 years my interest in the Reds is just about dead.

    • Aaron Bradley

      Billy could slow down and still steal bases at will. He is VERY fast. He is a terrible hitter no doubt about it. But he hit a couple triples against the Dodgers. If he can hit on the west coast, maybe we can find a trade partner, those are the parks he would be the best fit for. I don’t think Winker will lose ability riding on the bench. Maybe he has a nagging injury. Maybe he needs some time to reflect. I am sure he will get back in there soon. But again the west coast has big parks, and he is def. the worst outfielder defensively, so having him sit a couple days is not the end of the world. It’s a long season he will get a ton of playing time.

      • eric3287

        I am going to apologize ahead of time because this is probably going to come out nastier than I intend, but there is never any good reason for top prospects to ride the bench during rebuilding years. If a team is fighting for its playoff life and said prospect is the 4th best outfield option but still one of the best 25 players in the organization? OK, I can get behind that (think Chris Heisey). But what the Reds are doing with Winker is malpractice. If he’s hurt, DL him. If he needs time to think, tell him to play every day in AAA (which would still be dumb but not nearly as dumb as benching him). Nothing indicates this is a temporary thing while the Reds are on the West Coast. They announced he was the odd man out. That means maybe 1-2 starts every week.

        Also, Billy’s numbers our west (here OPS+ is compared to his career numbers elsewhere).
        AZ: .274/.308/.290 (OPS+ 91)
        CO: .356/.382/.493 (OPS+ 178)
        LAD .218/.228/.345 (OPS+ 81)
        SF: .288/.323/.356 (OPS+ 116)
        SD: .205/.286/.356 (OPS+ 72)

        Just for comparisons, his numbers @ NLC stadia:
        STL: .235/.286/.286 (OPS+ 83)
        MIL: .266/.333/.435 (OPS+ 144)
        PIT: .317/.357/.400 (OPS+ 141)
        CHC: .235/.296/.322 (OPS+ 97)
        GABP: .249/.307/.349 (OPS + 107)

        He is what he is.

    • james garrett

      You are as right as rain when you said this team is trying to win as many games as they can which to them 70 is better then 65.To us we only care about winning championships and losing is just losing but when you lose and lose big 4 years in a row doing the same dumb stuff well you are just dumb.Failing to find out what your players can do vs playing the same old guys who do the same old things and continue to lose is well just dumb

      • eric3287

        This organization since the rebuild “began” after the 2014 season has had the same goal every year; avoid 100 losses. Everything they have done and every decision that has been made has been with that goal in mind. That’s why the rebuild failed and why suddenly their benching their top prospect. I personally think Winker gives the team a better chance to win, especially over a long 162 game season, but the Reds decision makers felt that what the team needed was to keep playing Duvall and Schebler because they have hit 30 home runs in past years. It makes no sense from a player development stand point. It makes no sense from a “we are trying to rebuild standpoint.” But if you look at the skills the organization prioritizes (speed or power uber alles [of course, they never find anyone with speed AND power as they’d be too expensive]) and understand their goal is to not lose 100 games, then it makes sense.

    • greenmtred

      Speed is not Billy’s only asset. A lot of really fast guys couldn’t be great centerfielders.

      • lwblogger2

        This is 100% true. His defense is outstanding only partly due to his speed. He also makes great reads and his routes to the ball are excellent. He doesn’t have a particularly good arm but unloads quickly and generally makes accurate throws to the right place.

        The thing is though, his offense has gotten so poor that his defense can’t make up for it. I’m not a guy who undervalues defense either. In fact, I’ve supported playing Hamilton because the Reds don’t really have another CF who covers the position adequately defensively. Schebler however hasn’t been bad, he’s just been below-average in CF. His hitting is so much better than Hamilton’s and Schebler’s hitting hasn’t been particularly good. He’s probably your CF right now over Hamilton. I don’t like it but that’s probably the right move.

        If it were me, Winker plays every day. Hamilton, Duvall, and Schebler all alternate.

    • lwblogger2

      Yep, yep, yep, yep… yep, yarp, yeppers, and YES! #RebuildBinder

  9. Eric

    Question #1: WHERE is Sweet Lou when we need him? What “special consultant” kinda work is he doing, that we’re seeing these kinds of moves from the front office?

    Question #2: Brandon Phillips is a free agent. Let me restate that — The Best-Fielding Second Baseman of Our Time is a free agent. And no, I don’t think the Reds should sign him to a contract and trot him out there, BUT… why don’t they bring him in on the same level that they kept Arroyo in the clubhouse last season? Does he have LOADS of wisdom to pass on to young infield talent? Methinks he might. I mean, c’mon…what ELSE are we doing right now, besides watching Scooter club HRs off his head and still, for whatever reason, clamoring for him to be traded???

    • Matt Esberger

      Basically his function as “Special Consultant” is being hired to play golf with the owner whenever Bob is in Tampa and maybe come up and tell Billy Martin or Marge stories for some Corporate Events at the GABP Club Cambria Suite. It is usually a way for legends to stay on payroll and feel important but usually have zero impact in organizational decisions. The Cleveland Browns have had about 6-7 “Special Consultants” for the past 10-15 years and look at how well it has done for that franchise.

    • Bill

      Everything I have read about Phillips leads me to believe he is not an asset to the clubhouse. Give him a spot in the Reds Hall of Fame, but he doesn’t belong in nor want to be in the clubhouse to provide wisdom to the young guys. If you want the young guys to learn the correct way bring in someone like Scott Rolen.

      • lwblogger2

        I’m not going to judge if BP is a good clubhouse guy or not. Only his teammates can really say either way. What I can say is that BP wants to play and play a lot if he comes back. He also would kind of like getting paid good money. If that wasn’t the case, he’d be playing somewhere. So, I strongly agree he’s not the right guy nor would he even agree to come here.

  10. john lowe

    What is it with everyone wanting to give away anything we have that’s good? Scooter is a now proven guy. KEEP HIM! No more John Lamb’s and Tony Renda’s. Tired of prospects, most of which never even make it to the big leagues. There isn’t a better option than a proven major league player who’s contract isn’t expiring this year. I’ve lost faith in this organization’s ability to get a solid return on a trade. Suarez was only positive trade. Aroldis Chapman trade might be worst ever.

    • eric3287

      The problem is that the Reds do not have enough proven major league players on the roster, or frankly in the organization above A+, to be even remotely competitive. There’s a reason they’ve lost 94+ games each of the past 3 season and will probably lose more than 100 this year, and it’s not injuries or bad luck. It’s lack of talent. There are really 3 ways to get that talent. One is to trade prospects for it. Two is to sign free agents. Three is to trade from your major league roster for minor league players you have scouted and are confident will develop into solid major league players. I’m not saying the Reds shouldn’t do one and two. But they have shown no desire to do one or two. If they aren’t going to do one or two, they damn sure better do three or they’ll be a last place team for another 5 years.

      • Matt WI

        Agree Eric, well stated. The upshot of those wanting to stay with the “proven talent” is to ride it out to a couple of more 90+ loss seasons and then reload with…. nothing? No thank you.

      • Aaron Bradley

        We aren’t far away as you might think. Imagine if we had Arrieta in the rotation instead of Homer. Yea that’s how bad the Homer contract is. It’s a friggin albatross. We all like Homer but he has pretty much killed this franchise (for now). Anyhow Scooter is crushing the ball and winning us games, he puts fans in the seats so at the very least their is a profit motive for keeping him around, his salary should pay for itself, I don’t think he is asking for the moon, he is a hometown kid, loved the Reds growing up, this is his dream job. Sign him 3-4 years at reasonable salary and fix the glaring weaknesses on this team.

  11. JoshG

    I’m a little confused … you say defense matters and then suggest an outfield that has Winker and Scooter in it ?

      • greenmtred

        They do matter. Pitching does, too. A good team needs all three. If you load up on great fielders who can’t hit, you’ll suck. If you load up on hitters who can’t field, you’ll suck and so will your pitching. It’s probably impossible to field 8 starting position players who are good hitters and fielders, so you get as many as you can and compensate for the guys who can do one thing but not the other.

    • Indy Red Man

      I think I was the pretty quick to suggest Scooter to LF about 3-4 weeks ago, but I agree that they would be awful defensively. Winker may improve somewhat, but that wouldn’t work. If you look at platoons….it works best if they can fill in each others flaws. Schebler & Duvall are both too streaky to platoon together. Now I think WInker/Duvall could be very good together! Duvall vs lefties and late inning defensive replacement. He can hit some righties as well….if they’re not big on changing speeds. He’s not as bad as he’s been this year! I’m leaning towards carrying Billy in CF. Replace Schebler with some kind of solid RH bat and they could really have a strong offense! Iggy to the Yankees for Clint Frazier?

      Finally just put Suarez back at SS and be done with it. He’s an extremely hard worker and he’d be atleast average! That’s if Senzel couldn’t hack it? Personally I don’t see where Peraza is that good. He’s athletic and can get to more balls then someone like Eugenio but that doesn’t mean he’d make the play?

      • Matt Esberger

        Yankees are not in need for bullpen help right now and probably wouldn’t make a move until deadline and only if Robertson or Beltances can’t reverse their recent hiccups but most likely both will come around. One thing what we have learned over the years is that Cashman very rarely parts with top prospects especially one that was the gem in the Andrew Miller trade. Most teams tend to wait between ASG and deadline before acquiring bullpen help and right now Indians, Astros, Nationals and maybe the Angels since they lost their close for season might be best bets. Also any trade involving Iggy might also involve Duvall/Schebler which could make Houston a front runner.

      • Aaron Bradley

        Suarez has been bulking up as we want him too to be the dominant power hitter he can be, shorstop is not the position for him, keep him at the hot corner where he is excelling.
        I think Senzel should play SS. Peraza would be a good bench player, has multi position flexibility and speed. Can play more when he is on a hot streak.

      • lwblogger2

        The Reds pretty clearly think that Senzel can’t play SS regularly at the MLB level. Look, I don’t think they’ve gotten a lot right but evaluating rather a person does or doesn’t have the tools to play a position at the MLB level, is something most professional coaches and staff can do. They are especially efficient at it because they see these guys play all the time. The Reds have seen Senzel take grounders at SS all through spring training. They’ve seen him take them in sprint training games. They’ve studied his work there when he played there in NCAA ball (where he was moved back to 3B when the starting SS came back). They have said they think he can play there in a pinch but they don’t think he has the defense to play there every day. In this particular case, I give them the benefit of the doubt that they are probably right.

      • Old-school

        Pat Kelly said in an interview with c Trent the few days before price was fired that Senzel is not a major league shortstop.

      • greenmtred

        Didn’t I read somewhere (here?) that Larkin agreed that Senzel isn’t a shortstop?

    • Matt WI

      Point taken… but the Reds are a very incomplete team, so such an idea is simply making the best of what they’ve got. Improve defense up the middle where it’s most valuable, hide bad defense in the corners where it’s less of a liability, while trying to maximize offense. It’s what they’ve got to work with for now.

  12. WVRedlegs

    Whatever happened to all the evaluations that John Farrell, former Red Sox skipper, was supposed to be doing this year as a special assistant to the GM?
    Was this benching of Winker one of his ideas or a knee-jerk reaction from the front office? Has Farrell done any evaluations at all, at any level of play in the organization? Did the Reds ghost him? He hasn’t been seen except on ESPN every now and then.
    Farrell had Dustin Pedroia play for him. Has Farrell evaluated Oregon State’s 2B Nick Madrigal for the Reds in the upcoming draft? Madrigal is often compared to Pedroia and Farrell’s insight might be useful before the draft. The Reds have been linked to Madrigal if he is there at #5, but has Farrell even scouted him?

  13. earl99

    Looking at rosters, these seem to be clubs that might be interested in a second basemen.

    Red Sox (maybe)

    Problem you got now is that every club is going young, I doubt there are any other teams with losing records that would even look at dealing for what the Reds got, except maybe to swap a troubled pitcher for someone like Duvall.

    I’d think some team like KC that doesn’t have an answer at first and has little power might take a flyer and trade a pitcher for someone like Duvall.

  14. Jack

    Like I said about a month ago, Front Office is going to keep making these stupid decisions in order to tick Joey Votto off. The more games they lose the more Joey will want to be traded. Even if they can ship him off and only have to pay 3/4 of his contract. That is making money to Bob. Laughed all the way to the bank when you all believed his speech on making Reds baseball great again. Nobody can be this dumb. Duvall can hit 40 homers in the next 2 months and no team is giving you anything higher than a weak A ball hitter or pitcher. Keep drinking the koolaid kids.

  15. Brandon

    So far in this 4 year rebuild we think they have had a couple nice drafts and they have made 2 great trades. But outside of that, they have seriously botched the rebuild. They needed to make 4-5 really good trades, not 2. They also seem to really have a problem with player development and we will see if they ever get seriously involved in FA which they would have to do unless it’s a 7-8 year rebuild.

    I’d sum up the Reds rebuild by this.

    The Yankees traded Aroldis Chapman with 2 months left on his contract. They Yankees received the Cubs top ranked prospect for him, Gleybor Torres.

    He made his debut this season at age 21 and is hitting .319 with 9hr and 26 rbi in his first 113 AB.

    If we looked at all of the trades made and the ones not made that could/should have been made, I’d say the Reds are about 2 for 8 in what they needed to do.

    Combine that with the fact the Reds are virtually non existent in impact FA and seem to be horrible at player development and tah dah, you have the 2018 Cincinnati Red Legs. Now the only short path to a playoff worthy roster is to spend big and it’s going to take multiple players.

  16. Old-school

    April was awful. A lot happened in may. Scooter has really advanced his profile. The enquirer reported today his agent approached the Reds about a long term deal in the off-season and the reds not interested . Scooter even said…I get it. One good year . But if Scooter extends this another 6 weeks, then he’s got a pretty impressive run over 2 seasons as a Red. He should command a solid return in a trade or at 28 you take his bat for another 2-3 years. What can’t happen is the reds do nothing and he becomes a 1 year rental in the off-season with no value. The Reds sat on Cozart and lost . They need to act soon.

    • Aaron Bradley

      now they are gun shy because they screwed up with Homer and Meso… I am sure Scooter will give a hometown discount, they must sign him for at least 3-4 yrs with a mutual option.

  17. Jack

    Iglesias is the big trade piece. The Houston Astros are missing one piece. An elite closer. If the Front Office botches this one like they did the Chapman trade, it will set the rebuild back farther than 2021.

    • da bear

      don’t like the idea of trading Iglesias but if you must Nimmo of the Mets and/or Conforto plus some deep prospects should be considered, the Mets have blown 7 to 10 games they easily could have won with a better bullpen.

      • Aaron Bradley

        I think Conforto is a platoon vs Right handers, his lefty splits are bad. Don’t know much about Nimmo. What about Joc Pederson of the Dodgers?

  18. Old-school

    Scooter should have trade value. Get a 2019 ready pitcher for him or sign him for 3 years to hit.

    Hamilton could really help a team with his situational late inning skills and get a top organizational prospect at AA or higher fir him

    Iglesias could potentially yield a future foundational player plus a solid player.. Let’s hope he dominates .. makes the NL All star and is sought after in this era of the superteam.
    Add an elite player in the draft , admit 2019 is lost and go all in on 2020.

    The trade of Mesoraco and the demotion of Bailey to the bullpen suggests the Reds FO is finally moving on to the next Reds team. Unfortunately, it appears Walt Jocketty is still intimately involved in baseball operations and might want to favor those players he traded for.

    • Jack

      You’re dreaming on the Hamilton prospect. Maybe last year but now he has shown he is worse than what,everybody thought. Agree on Scooter and Iggy. Let’s all pray the 3 stooges in the Front Office don’t botch this one.

    • Aaron Bradley

      no top talent for Billy, BUT I still think multiplayer deal where we upgrade at OF by throwing in Billy as a bench player replacement for said player… lot of teams have good 4th outfielders who want a chance to start everyday… if we handcuff Billy to Iglesias we can ask for an outfielder and a decent prospect.

      • Old-school

        Lol….handcuff Billy to Iglesias.

        The AL playoffs are already set… ….1 AL central…probably Indians and Houston plus either angels or Mariners.

        NL is interesting with traditional powers dodgers.cubs.nationals looking up
        Hamilton might get something.

      • Indy Red Man

        Colorado has a SS thats the 12th best prospect in MLB. I think he’s at AA. Billy hits well in CF and loves to play there. Nobody can run and get it like him and he could help with wear-n-tear on Blackmon. Ottavino just went down too and Iggy would give them a very nasty pen. If the kid is all he’s cracked up to be?

  19. Scooter Rolen

    Interesting note from John Fay’s article about the “changes” the Reds are making, as it mentions every outfielder besides Schebler as players the Reds could look to trade. And that includes Winker.

    Either Fay is just spitballing or the Reds have really soured on Winker really quickly – too quickly IMO. Also, if the Reds think poorly enough of Winker to bench him, why do they always think they should trade players when their stock is the lowest? Odd strategy.

    • Indy Red Man

      Schebler has been more disappointing then Winker imo. Schebler was a monster in spring training and has bat speed/power to spare! He just seems to be too aggressive at the plate. Pitchers might give him 1 prime pitch per atbat but mostly then can nibble and he’ll help them out.

      • Scooter Rolen

        I would’ve never guessed it before the season, but Schebler actually has walked less this year than both Duvall and Hamilton. He has the lowest BB% of the 4 OFers (7.8%). I mentioned below that I would start everyone but Hamilton, but definitely wouldn’t argue against benching Schebler. You’d keep Billy’s defense and SBs, while playing the players best walk-rates.

  20. Scooter Rolen

    Some stats for the Reds Outfielders:

    MLB Average: 8.7% BB; 22.4% K; .246 AVG; .318 OBP; .724 OPS; .160 ISO

    Jesse Winker: 13.5% BB; 14% K; .245 AVG; .354 OBP; .079 ISO (OBP-AVG = .109)

    Adam Duvall: 10.5% BB; 27% K; .181 AVG; .270 OBP; .220 ISO (.089)

    Billy Hamilton: 10.4% BB; 30.6% K; .208 AVG; .290 OBP; .092 ISO (.082)

    Scott Schebler: 7.8% BB; 17.6% K; .244 AVG; .327 OBP; .170 ISO (.083)

    For BABIP, Duvall’s is .300, and Winker & Schebler have fairly low BABIPs that should rise.

    I would have Winker/Schebler/Duvall start, while Hamilton starts whenever one of those three have the day off. Hamilton also will start (moving Schebler over to RF) in any large ballparks/outfields and be an option for a late-game defensive replacement.

    It is really nice to see that 3 of them have > 10% BB-rate and all 4 have a OBP over 80 points higher than their average. Duvall seems to be the one held back by a low BABIP the most, though Schebler and Winker should see some improvement as well. Hamilton is the “odd man out” for me due to having the highest K-rate and actually having a good BABIP – thus leaving less room for improvement down the road. (Though it is nice to see him walking more this season)

  21. Indy Red Man

    Omg I read the Cincinnati Enquirer just now….I thought they were just holding Winker out because they were in a big park. Riggleman wants to shake things up and part of that includes Duvall in LF and Schebler in RF. Wow….thats really shaking things up? Winker may not end up being a player but this is crazy?

  22. Ron Payne

    I agree with all of your opinions Jason. They all make sense. Unfortunately, I look for this front office to push common sense aside and continue to make head-stratching decisions regarding what needs to be done to put a winning team back on the field.
    I think it’s going to be a long time before we see a playoff caliber team.
    I hope I’m wrong.

  23. Jackson Malone

    Wait, we got rid of Cozart to make room for Peraza, and now he needs to go for Blandino? Duvall is not trade fodder and why in the world would we get rid of a talent like Gennett when we need talent? Trade him for what? Unless we get a Kershaw for him, it is a net loss. The Reds have got to stop trading away talent for less talent. I disagree with nearly everything you suggest. I am glad you’re not in charge.

    • Matt WI

      The Reds didn’t “get rid of Cozart” to make room for anyone… it would have been a very bad business decision to resign him as a free agent. Nobody said “let him walk because we have Peraza…” And Cozart’s numbers are right back in line with his regular career. He was awesome. He played stellar defense (which will only be declining) and had a career year at the plate. But they shouldn’t have sunk more money into an aging player like that.

      With Gennett… what good is having his talent on a team that might lose 100 games? And then he won’t be around post 2019 unless they sign him to a longer deal. At age 28, he’s got maybe 2 more years in him at this pace, if you believe he can keep it up (I don’t). Sign a 2B to a longer term deal sure to decline? We saw that movie, nobody liked it with BP.

      • Matt WI

        I’ll amend that… not necessarily a “very bad” decision, but likely such. Unnecessarily risky.