It wasn’t an inferno at all, actually, but I’m never not gonna use a pun when I can help it. DeSclafani went 6 1/3 allowing 2 runs on 7 hits with 2 strikeouts. There were a couple of loud home runs – both solo shots – and a lot of ground balls and weak contact. His fastball sat 93-94, which is right where it should be. I talked to him afterward.

How his start went: “I thought it went good. I felt healthy. I was able to compete. I felt my stuff was better last start than this start, but I had to grind this game out.”

On his breaking pitches, which I said didn’t seem to be working for him early in the game: “I was struggling a little trying to get ahead in the count. I was falling behind trying to throw some breaking balls and off speed stuff… Jeff came up to me after one of the innings and said I was starting to wrap my slider… And that helped from that point on. It was breaking later and they were getting weaker contact.

Do you know the plan? “I do not. I haven’t been told anything yet. Hopefully it’s up to Cincinnati. That’s the goal.”

DeSclafani would be on full rest as of Monday, when the Reds are off and could easily slot into the Tuesday rotation spot right behind Castillo, who is scheduled to start on Sunday.

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  1. Jbrat22

    I know I shouldn’t be, but I’m excited at the prospect of getting Disco back. Seems like he will take Homer’s spot, and I think it’s about time for Stephenson to come up and replace Romano. He got hit pretty hard today. Couple those moves with bringing up Senzel once he’s reacclinated and the Reds will keep me watching for a bit longer.

  2. Jim t

    Jason I slot him right there as well. He pitched into the 7th inning yesterday. When was the last time a reds starter did that? The 5 guys the reds are running out there now are bull pen killers. Bailey to the pen helps and if Stephenson throws well today he replaces Romano. You could also wait until Harvey is moved then bring Stephenson up.

    • David

      Stephenson replaces Romano or Mahle. Mahle pitches Friday, and he MIGHT get hit hard (or not) against the ….Padres?
      Yeah, I would probably send Romano down. His control just has not been that sharp.

      I would bring up Dilson Herrera before Senzel, because Dilson is OUT OF OPTIONS and the Reds will lose him after this year unless he is on the 25 man roster. I want to see if he can play in the ML.

      Frankly, I don’t know where Senzel ends up in the line up, or position. With Shed Long coming after him at 2nd base, where does he end up? Left Field.? Maybe Senzel plays Center Field? Who knows?
      I think that the Reds have decided that he can’t handle Shortstop. That experiment is dead. I also don’t see Suarez moving back to Short, because he has put on weight and probably can’t move that well at Short (limited range).

  3. Ethan L

    Can we count on him being healthy? I am not getting any hopes up.

    • jazzmanbbfan

      If the Reds are counting on him being healthy then they are suffering from some type of mental disorder. We can all hope he is but to count on it would be a big mistake. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I was at the spring training game where he apparently injured himself. He actually looked quite good although velocity wasn’t quite what I had expected. Breaking ball was effective that day though.

      • lwblogger2

        Right, the Reds can’t count on him. In fact, count on him not being healthy and if it turns out he’s healthy, well then that’s a great problem to have because he’s a nice pitcher.

  4. Colorado Red

    I am wondering if the Reds need to work with DISCO on his off-season conditioning program.
    2 years in a row there are issues.
    Just a thought.
    Hope he pitches well, and stays healthy.

    • David

      Desclafani is one of those guys that has the physical make up of a pro-athlete, but will constantly be hurt because….he’s injury prone. He’ll get hurt again. If he finishes the year and doesn’t get hurt again (a big if), I would trade him. Who knows, the Reds might actually get some minor leaguer of some value.

      • Bill

        Does he have a history of being injured in the minors? From what I can see he pitched 120-130 innings a year before jumping to 180 his first year with the Reds. Yes he has been injured the last couple of years, but the entire pitching staff was on the DL. It’s not uncommon for pitchers to be on the DL these days. Maybe he is injury prone and is broken, or maybe he will be fine

    • Bill

      I often wonder what has changed with the Reds where suddenly every pitcher is injured. I think it was 2012 where not a single start was missed, which is extremely rare. Then a few years later it seemed like the entire staff was injured for two years

      • David

        2012: Studs
        2015, 2016, 2017: Duds

        Some pitchers, especially relievers, have gotten overused because the starters absolutely stink, and be surprised that people get injured.

      • Bob Purkey

        “Suddenly every pitcher is injured” Wow I can go back decades and probably count 25 quality arms that have been blown up in Reds history. Not saying all are Reds fault, but an inordinate number of pitchers have ruined their arms pitching for or being developed by the Reds. The Mets have a similar history over the last 25 years, but not in the 60’s through 80’s like the Reds have managed to do.

  5. Matt WI

    Not gonna lie… reading the headline to this post made me think he got hurt again. Don’t do that to us, there’s enough hurt already!

  6. Indy Red Man

    Nothing says Dick Williams era Reds baseball like a Reds pitcher bringing it to the plate with 3-4 people in the outfield:)