The Cincinnati Reds (19-35) will start a series against the Arizona Diamondbacks (26-26) today on Memorial Day at 4:10 PM. The Reds have lost 8 of their last 12 games following a four game sweep of the Dodgers. The Reds recent woes are nothing compared to the Diamondbacks. They are just 2-15 in their last 17 games.

This afternoons pitching matchup is Homer Bailey (11 GS, 6.21 ERA, 6.06 FIP) vs Matt Koch (7 GS, 3.77 ERA, 5.71 FIP). Bailey has gone 7 consecutive starts without recording a quality start for the Reds.

Reds Diamondbacks
1. Jose Peraza (SS)
2. Tucker Barnhart (C)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Scooter Gennett (2B)
5. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
6. Scott Schebler (RF)
7. Adam Duvall (LF)
8. Homer Bailey (P)
9. Billy Hamilton (CF)
1. Jarrod Dyson (CF)
2. Paul Goldschmidt (1B)
3. Jake Lamb (3B)
4. Daniel Descalso (2B)
5. John Ryan Murphy (C)
6. Chris Owings (RF)
7. Socrates Brito (LF)
8. Nick Ahmed (SS)
9. Matt Koch (P)

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    • docproctor

      And that is really, really disappointing.

    • Gary Davis

      They want the best defensive outfielders in these series. Denver and Arizona have a lot of territory to cover in the outfield.

  1. james garrett

    Makes no sense to continue to play two of the worst offensive players in baseball day in and day out and setting Winker who needs to play every day.Just dumb to expect Billy or Peraza to suddenly start hitting with power and getting on base.We haven’t won and won’t win with these two guys getting to play most of the games.Sending Peraza down and benching Billy would give others a chance.Nobody could be as bad as these guys offensively.

    • kmartin

      If you think Hamilton and Peraza are bad check out Jarrod Dyson’s stats.

    • J

      Billy at least partially makes up for his terrible offense by being so good defensively. I’m less troubled by him hitting 9th than I am by Duvall consistently playing no matter how low his OBP drops.

    • seat101

      Thank of playing Billy Hamilton as an exhibition for other teams’ management(s?).

      Peraza, I agree (much as I like him and think he is at shortstop of the future) Could use a two or three game sit down To give him a break and “pour encourager les autres”

      As an aside, there’s a reason why not many successful teams shift positions En masse.

  2. kmartin

    As usual I was depressed to see Peraza with his .286 OBP leading off. Then I looked at the Arizona lineup and see they are starting Jarrod Dyson in the lead off spot with a .264 OBP. I guess Dyson must be fast. Really fast.

  3. Jeff Reed

    Four offensive weak links in the lineup today, 1,7,8,and 9.

  4. Jack

    I’m not to familiar with Arizona’s lineup. This looks like 2 terrible teams.

  5. J

    The low OBP guy is leading off because he’s fast. He gets on base, and no attempt whatsoever to take advantage of his speed. He doesn’t run, and nobody even bothers taking a pitch. It just seems as if nobody really knows what they’re doing, or why they’re doing it.

  6. Indy Red Man

    The Dbacks are so bad that I didn’t even bet their team total Over vs Homer.

    I agree on the WInkerless lineup. I don’t understand? Do you want to see what he can do or not? If they wanted to play Duvall vs lefties then atleast that makes some short term sense but they need to know what Winker can do! Both offensively and if he can improve a little defensively as well. His last 4 starts have been pretty good!

    • doofus

      Snakes are 1.5 games out of 1st place. Bad? They made the playoffs last year.

  7. Indy Red Man

    Batting Barnhart 2nd doesn’t really make sense either? His obp is ok and he’s a smart hitter but he’s too slow to hit-n-run and then you fall back to the common sense question of who do you want to get the most atbats? Tucker or Suarez? I’d like to see what Schebler could do in the 2 hole as well.

    • docproctor

      The top of the order that would make most sense would be Scooter, Suarez, and Votto. I know Rig (and every other manager) wants to save the big bats for the middle of the order, but they’re not of much value there when no one is on base ahead of them. Get your best batters the most ABs.

  8. Indy Red Man

    Homer with the safety bunt to setup Billy? Homer has a lifetime .162 average. Genius! Same stupidity that Price loved to do.

    • J

      It’s as if Riggleman has no information about his players’ abilities.

    • VaRedsFan

      That was all kinds of bad with a runner on 3rd.

  9. james garrett

    You can’t hide Peraza and Billy.They will get a few hits here and there but they are no threat to drive the ball at all.

  10. Redsfaned

    Makes no sense to sac bunt when the next hitter is just as bad as the pitcher. I hate giving free outs no matter what. Wonder if anyone else on the team is any better? We may never know if they don’t give anyone else a look. Pitiful.

  11. Indy Red Man

    Yeah you can’t play Blandino at SS. His defense might not be as first rate as Peraza’s

    • docproctor

      That was a costly, costly error by Peraza.

  12. Indy Red Man

    Having trouble scoring? Let me introduce you to Homer

  13. Klugo

    Cmon man. It’s time to do something about Homer.

  14. VaRedsFan

    Hang ’em Homer strikes again.

    He’s “not worried” though

  15. Broseph

    Can Peraza be given an ERA after that error led to a 3-run bomb

    • Indy Red Man

      Error but can never assume a doubleplay so 3 runs are earned. Homer makes the worst 0-2 pitch I’ve ever seen. Absolutely the worst hanger possible?

  16. J

    Bailey better be giving a hefty chunk of his salary to charity.

  17. Petaluma Reds fan

    When do you folks think Reds MGMT will have a clue when it comes to mediocre Homer Bailey ? He cannic throw a shut down inning..He puts the Reds in a hole more times than not. Ship him somewhere else. Please !!

      • Petaluma Reds fan

        I hear you. He really is a Hall of Famer !

  18. VaRedsFan

    Votto refuses to pull that inside pitch, instead he inside outs it to LF time after time.

  19. Indy Red Man

    Just saw Michael Lorenzen in a Bryce Harper Gatorade commercial! Thats kind of cool!

  20. Indy Red Man

    The Reds are staring at a 1-11 record in Homer’s starts, but hey…they have to get him going! Marty B. was right…..they don’t have the guts (or stones) to pull him from the rotation.

  21. Indy Red Man

    They don’t pinch hit for Homer then they bunt him again for Billy to strand runners because he can’t hit. I’m done. The Reds can just ruin a game with stupidity. Riggleman is an idiot and needs to quit on this team too.

  22. VaRedsFan

    So Homer bunts a guy to 2nd with a man on 3rd AGAIN.

  23. Bill

    Indy, look at the 3 outfielders playing, one BC loves the other two are WJ acquisitions, Winker is just draft choice that come up through the system.

    • BigRedMike

      The losing isn’t the only issue, it is that the Reds are continuing to play the same team that has lead to 90 plus losses for 4 straight seasons. It is pretty obvious that this core of players is not going to be competitive.

  24. BigRedMike

    Riggleman loves the bunt. Very effective strategy

    There is just no clear direction of organizational process. Intriguing and sad

  25. Indy Red Man

    1-11 in Homer’s starts. Peraza is not good at the game of baseball but look at that error with Suarez. You can’t tell me that “Here we go again” doesn’t cross the minds of Reds fielders when Bailey is out there. They’re human and the feeling of being defeated definitely happens.

  26. docproctor

    Today’s game is so butt ugly.

  27. doofus

    Homer should be DFA’d. I’ve been thinking this for weeks now, but have withheld comment. Eat the money ownership like you did with Mesoraco. I commented that he would be unproductive this season when it was posed on this board if Homer would be a productive pitcher. The Reds have to get this ship straightened out.

  28. Redsfaned

    I agree with Mike. Doing the same line up that lost 90 4 years in a row and expecting something different is just stupid. Time to give someone else a chance. Can’t be worse than this? The Reds are the worst hitting outfield and the worst defensive infield. Duval, Billy and Homer look awful. Why not at least look at some alternative?

  29. Indy Red Man

    Homer with a basehit. Huh? So maybe giving away outs to expect a .200 hitter to get a 2 out basehit isn’t the best strategy?

  30. seat101

    In the meantime, it’s been a fun game to watch. Close play at the plate included at no extra charge

  31. Indy Red Man

    Get Homer out of the game or he will give back all momentum. This is a big game for Riggleman and he’s failing so far.

  32. scottya

    Interesting trade happened yesterday: The Padres traded for Phil Hughes, 5.43 fip last year and 7.61 fip this year. Minnesota saved 7 million in the trade and freed up a roster spot. They did also include the #74 pick in the 2018 draft (not sure what the value of that pick is?)

    This is what I’d like to see us do with Homer Bailey. If we could save some off of what we owe (in 19′ + 5 million buyout of 20′) and clear the roster spot and move on.

    Money’s that could be saved by trading Hamilton (7m), Scooter (10m) and Homer (??), could amount to 20-25 million and could be used to sign one really good player.

    • Indy Red Man

      According to the last 1.5 seasons….Scooter is a really good player! You think Manny Machado is coming to Cincy? Even if they had the $ the player wouldn’t come. I fully agree with Homer though. I would’ve cut him last year. Its dead money. He is what he is….a cookie delivering 3 run HR specialist!

      • scottya

        If the Reds take their payroll to 150m this offseason: and we make the moves many have suggested, including moving Bailey for any gain. My estimate of 24 million net saved from the 19′ payroll from trading Homer, Bham and Scooter.

        We would have approximately 67 million to spend:

        Gio Gonzalez, Patrick Corbin, Dallas Keuchal, JA Happ, AJ Pollock, Joe Kelly, Michael Brantley, Jonathan Lucroy, etc. We could sign 3 or 4 of these guys and keep the farm system completely intact and add whatever prospects from the trades of Scooter, Bham and Matt Harvey.

        If, as many have suggested, we could get a really good return from trading Raisel Iglesias along with the spending this offseason we could be on the uphill climb quickly in my opinion.

  33. scottya

    Interesting trade happened yesterday: Phil Hughes traded from Minnesota to San Diego: Fip last year 5.43 and 7.61 this year. Minnesota saved 7 million for the 19′ season, but also gave up their 74th pick in the 18′ draft.

    This type of trade appears could have been made with Homer Bailey. If we save 7 million for example and trade Scooter and Billy. That would be BHam (7million 19′), Scooter (10 million 19′) + Homer (potential savings of 7 million) = 24 million extra to spend on the 19′ roster.

    This is what I’d like to see the FO do by the trade deadline.

    • Aaron Bradley

      Well I have to disagree. I understand what your saying, don’t get me wrong, but Scooter is the only reason this team isn’t the worst in baseball. Suarez is close, but Votto is lagging due to poor baserunning and pretty bad defense. Scooter will cool off, but he is still under team control and the guy is flat out raking right now. Don’t forget he was robbed of 2 homers in Philadephia by a matter of inches… arguably he could be in the MVP discussion now with those home runs in the book. He is not a perfect player but he is cheap and they have control for at least one more year, right? He is only building up value right now, proving the nay sayers wrong who thought last year was an abberation. Why handcufff him to the albatross of a contract for Homer Bailey? That will net us nothing, just a salary dump. Screw that.

  34. Indy Red Man

    Jim Day suggesting the Reds don’t have anyone to replace Homer? That Disco isn’t ready. Thats crazy? Disco may need more time but they have Lorenzen, Garrett, or Stephenson.

    Jackson Stephens…thanks man. He sucks…guy has never been good at AAA so why is he with the Reds?

    • VaRedsFan

      Lorenzen has tried to start twice, and his arm couldn’t handle it twice. His starting days are over. Garrett and Stephenson should get the chance. give Homer a shot in the bullpen

      • Indy Red Man

        ? He tried it once and they just converted him into a reliever. He got hurt in the pen. Nolan Ryan was a reliever that walked half the park when he came up. Give him a chance….he barely pitched in the minors or college. He gets groundballs and thats what we need in gabp. Heck…half the starters in mlb are 5 inning guys now anyway.

  35. VaRedsFan

    So the Reds cut it to 6-5 game, and you not only send Bailey back out there, but Jackson Stephens is the guy you choose to bail out Bailey after he let 2 reach.

    • Indy Red Man

      Same thing with Romano the other night in Colorado in a winnable game. Riggleman is not the answer. Not even close. Arizona has been losing like crazy….if Riggleman goes w/Lorenzen there and we keep the momentum then they might find a way to lose.

  36. Aaron Bradley

    As for Bailey, this is beyond ridiculous. I feel bad for the guy cause he was pretty good in his first couple starts, he was dueling Scherzer, I watched that game… he really didn’t get any offense for his first few starts if memory serves and then things snowballed… The Dodgers would make a good trade partner, they sorta fixed Cingrani… maybe they think they can fix Bailey, the problem is we need to eat that contract and would be lucky to get anything in return, but maybe they would take Billy too, they have a lot of centerfielders in their system if my memory serves correctly. One guy I really like is Joc Pedersen.. can conver ground, fast, with power, will strikeout, but sorta clutch… def. a project, but that would be a great trade if they could somehow get him.

    • Phil

      Maybe our hitting coach can fix Joc like the Met hitting coach fixed Mes. Sarcasm?? Damn right!!

  37. Redsfaned

    Nobody wants our crap players. Why would they?

    • Aaron Bradley

      Well the Dodgers took Cingrani didn’t they? And Billy is known as the fastest man in baseball, he would be a plus player to have on the bench. We should probably bundle him with Iglesias for max. return, but if we are talking about dumping Bailey, as much salary as possible, you have to give them something… and Pedersen hasn’t won a starting job with the Dodgers quite yet, they have so manyguys that he is part of a rotation just like we have here… so maybe we can somehow get him… maybe not, but regardless the Dodgers know that they are better at developing pitchers than we are, they may look at our guys differently than we do, they may know how to fix them, plus the big ballparks in their division don’t hurt. harang kept his career alive by pitching for Dodgers, and Padres, remember?

      • Aaron Bradley

        he has bench value, handcuff him with Iglesias and make a deal and get a centerfielder like Joc in return.. I am reading about Joc, he is the odd man out in the Dodgers outfield, a deal can be made there, they covet Iglesias.

      • james garrett

        Handcuffing may work.Good idea.

  38. james garrett

    Bailey will continue to get the ball every 5th day.

    • Jeff Reed

      Bailey should be in the bullpen, and Garrett, if he wants to start, or Stephenson should take his place.

  39. Jeff Reed

    It was 6-5. I step out and now it’s 11-5. Never a dull moment with these Reds against a team that’s almost as bad as they are.

  40. Aaron Bradley

    Right now Pedro Baez is getting meangful innings for the Dodgers in close games… Iglesias dominated them when we played them a couple weeks ago, they haven’t forgotten, there is a good trade partner that is all I am saying. I think Cleveland needs relief as well… we must make a deal, and if we can upgrade an outfielder I say go for it, and maybe score a starting pitcher prospect as well, the Dodgers are always deep in that department.

  41. Indy Red Man

    So you put your mop-up guy into a 1 run game and Lorenzen comes into a 5 run game and pitches multiple innings. Its like Price never left. If this team was like SD and losing then it would be understandable but they have alot of talent. A core of Scooter, Suarez, and Votto will put up some runs if their front office made any attempt to fix the holes in the lineup. The pitching is always an issue but if quit rewarding guys by their salary or status then it might be a different story. Finnegan for example…was bad in March. Bad in Lville and never deserved to just be penciled in like a old accomplished veteran?

  42. james garrett

    We have 13 singles and 2 doubles.They have 3 homers a double and a triple and 4 singles.They have guys in their lineup that can go deep which fits their park.We got beat by the bottom of their lineup that don’t hit for average or get on base but have power.They know what they are doing and well we just pretend we do.

  43. james garrett

    Rainey has the goods but he better learn to throw strikes.He has hit 100 with a slider at 92.

  44. George

    The passion and frustration demonstrated on this site are commendable, but I have always dealt in realities. The Reds are an investment for the ownership group, period. No matter what “Big Bob” says the proof is on the field. The fact that the sons of ownership are in “President” positions makes it very clear to me. You want ownership that really is involved, dig up George Steinbrenner.
    I follow the Reds because it is baseball. Like alcohol, there’s good and bad, but it is all alcohol