The Arizona Diamondbacks sluggish offense, last in many hitting categories, was no match for the Reds poor pitching and awful defense. The Reds outhit Arizona 16-11 and only struck out once. 

Cincinnati Reds 5 (19-36) • Arizona Diamondbacks 12 (27-26)

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Struggling Homer Bailey lasted 4+ innings and gave up six earned runs, mostly on a couple homers. Bailey recorded 1-2-3 innings in the 1st and 3rd. Jackson Stephens gave up a three run homer (two runs scored to Bailey). Wandy Peralta faced two batters surrendering a triple and walk. Jim Day said on the TV broadcast that Peralta hasn’t been the same this year as he was last year. The fact is, Peralta hasn’t been the same since April of last year. It took Tanner Rainey 37 pitches to get three outs in the 8th inning. He gave up two hits, two walks and the Diamondbacks’ final run. 

Michael Lorenzen pitched two shutout innings, giving up a walk and striking out one. 

If Bailey could dial up the MPH on his fastball pitching out of the bullpen, it might be worth trying him there, especially if the Reds trade Raisel Iglesias, which they absolutely should. 

The ineptitude of the Reds pitching was more than matched by the team’s porous defense and woeful throws. Bailey would have been out of the 2nd inning giving up NO runs instead of FOUR if Jose Peraza had fielded a chest-high tailor-made ground ball. With the easy double play, the Reds would have led 1-0 instead of trailed 4-1. Two innings later, the Diamondbacks second run was unearned after an error by Eugenio Suarez on a ground ball. 

The Reds really miss the strong, accurate throwing arms of Zack Cozart and Brandon Phillips on plays at the plate. Scooter Gennett bounced a ball to the plate in the 4th inning, allowing a run to score. Gennett was charged with his 7th error of the season. Peraza threw a ball ten feet outside of home plate on a throw from the outfield in the 6th. In contrast, Nick Ahmed threw out Adam Duvall in the 5th with a strike at the plate. 

The Reds had a nice offensive inning in the 5th. Jose Peraza led off with a single, followed by a Joey Votto hit. With two outs, Eugenio Suarez lined a double to centerfield, scoring Peraza. Scott Schebler walked to load the bases. Then Adam Duvall, who had a 4-RBI day, doubled to deep left center, clearing the bases and pulling the Reds to within one run. 

Eugenio Suarez got four hits. He should be batting higher in the order than 5th. Peraza and Duvall each had two hits. Gennett had three. 

Twice with runners at first and third and one out, manager Jim Riggleman had Homer Bailey give up his out with a sacrifice bunt. The next batter is Billy Hamilton, who popped up and hit a soft ground ball to first base. Hamilton is batting .200 while Bailey is a career .162 hitter. Bailey just needs a fly ball to score runners in either of those circumstances. In his third plate appearance, Bailey swinging away grounded a single off the third baseman’s glove.

Billy Hamilton is now hitting .200/.286/.297 and has been in a prolonged slump (arguably since 2014).   

Sounds Promising for Raisel Iglesias Reds closer Raisel Iglesias says he feels no pain in his left bicep muscle (not his pitching arm). He was placed on the DL dating back to May 20. Sounds like he’s on track to be reactivated on Wednesday when he’s eligible to return. It’s important to get Iglesias back healthy and pitching with trade winds swirling and teams in contention needing relief pitching. Iglesias for Mike Clevinger or Bradley Zimmer?

Same for Austin Brice Reliever Austin Brice went on the DL the same day as Iglesias (mid-back strain) and also might be reactivated on Wednesday. Brice threw a side bullpen session today. 

Progress for Nick Senzel Still wondering where the Reds would play Senzel if they call him up. As of today, they’re a step closer to that decision. 

Reds top-ranked prospect Nick Senzel was cleared to return to Triple-A Louisville on Monday after he’s missed nearly a month because of symptoms from vertigo. Senzel, 22, had been at the team’s player development complex in Goodyear, Ariz., since May 16 — after his symptoms subsided. He’s spent the past few days playing games with players at the extended spring camp. “He went through the protocol and had a quick workout [Monday morning]. Everything felt good,” Reds senior director of player development Jeff Graupe said. “He played well and saw the ball well. He looked back to normal. Now it’s about him going back to game action at his level again and re-progressing again.” (Mark Sheldon)

Featured image photo of Homer Bailey by Sam Greene, Cincinnati Enquirer

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  1. Broseph

    “Struggling homer” is an understatement. I’ll agree he was hosed on that double play, but after a beautiful slider, outside low, he hangs one in the center of the dish for the 3-run bomb…not what veteran ace pitchers do game in and game out.

    I’m sure Homer will say he just missed a few pitches. Well, every pitcher who has been let go in the history of the game can say the same exact thing.

  2. mawnlower

    Homer is pitching TERRIBLY!! I love him, threw a no-no on my birthday, but he can’t keep pitching like this and still be starting every five days.

  3. Colorado Red

    Worried about Nick
    I am really worried about Nick.
    I am wondering if he is going to miss a month of every season with vertigo.
    Hope not

  4. Colorado Red

    Worried about Nick.
    I hope he is not going to miss a month of every season.
    Also, have not seen my comments posted lately.

    • Old-school

      Senzel is back in Louisville to play.

      The Reds have 37 losses and have a great shot at losing 40 games faster than anyone.

      Hamilton is regressing …hitting .204 obp .291 and in a 3 way tie for 14th in stolen bases with 9 @ Memorial day. Billy Hamilton has 9 stolen bases at Memorial Day . Yet, he ‘s playing every day.

      Apparently, more historic awfulness is needed to change roles and playing time and roster.

      • greenmtred

        He is regressing, but it’s worth noting the part that horrible defense played in yesterday’s debacle. The Reds’ infield has made more errors than any other infield in the league, and we’ve all winced at bad decisions and throws that weren’t called errors, as well as balls that Cozart and Phillips would have gotten to that rolled through for hits. BH and Duvall aren’t hitting, mostly, and clearly a punchless outfield doesn’t win championships, but the need for good defense is still alive and well, so I hope that the team that finally emerges from this rebuild, or whatever it is, can hit and field.

      • MFG

        Hamilton should only see the field late in the game as a pinch runner or for defense. He cannot hit and he never will. our pitchers hit better than Hamilton and we should trade him if anyone offers anything for him. we have too many automatic outs in our lineup. Same goes for Duvall, if he gets hot then trade him. Trade Scooter and Iglasius as well………We are terrible!

  5. Colorado Red

    Worried about Nick.
    Hope he does not miss a month of every season. (2 in a row)

    • Broseph

      They’re posting, just give it a minute and refresh.

  6. Shchi Cossack

    Cingrani, Lorenzen, Stephenson…

    The Reds history of promoting hard throwing pitchers without control is becoming legendary. As long as they are striking out over-matched minor league hitters, why should anyone in the Reds organization care about control. The Reds routinely do not promoted relief pitchers to the MLB level, preferring to seek out relievers from the FA bargain bin, at least until recently. Now that the Reds are promoting relievers to the MLB level, they are exhibiting the same narrow, shortsighted philosophy

    2015: 4.27 BB/9 @ ROK
    2016: 5.75 BB/9 @ A
    2017: 4.79 BB/9 @ A+/AA
    2018: 5.60 BB/9 @ AAA
    2018: 13.50 BB/9 @ MLB

    Promoted thru 6 levels in 4 seasons, with no consideration for control as long as the pitcher throws hard…STUPID!!!

    • Shchi Cossack

      I think our inclination to blame the players for lack of control and their resulting lack of success may very well be misguided. If the organization continues to promote the players without control and refuse to require control before promoting players, why blame the players?

      • Bill

        That reminds me of Pete Ross’s comment when ask after his 1st million dollar contract if he deserved it, he said “no but if they want to give it to me I’ll take it”.

  7. jessecuster44

    This is dreadful. The ship has no rudder.

  8. Jim Walker

    Scooter bounced the throw home. Also Barnhart’s effort to pick or even block it looked pretty half hearted. Wish there would have been a closer view from CF as it almost looked like Barnhart thought they were playing for the DP and wasn’t even prepared to make a play.

  9. Andrew

    Scooter and Raisel need to be moved before the deadline. I’m a huge fan of both Scooter and Raisel, but they’re our most valuable trade assets. We need starting pitchers. Even looking into our farm system, nobody is really looking promising. By moving Scooter, we are able to open up a spot for Senzel. By moving Raisel, we SHOULD be able to acquire a top prospect. The reds are notorious for messing up trades like that up though.

    How in the world do we get nobody for Aroldis Chapman? But then the Yankees get a #1 prospect. Its embarrassing. Regardless of his “at home” situation. Teams are willing to do whatever to win. (Bengals) They also said that Riggleman wasn’t afraid to make changes and adjustments in the lineup…Why does Billy Hamilton keep showing up in the batting order. It’s like having two pitchers bat 8th and 9th.

    Homer Bailey is also another issue. It’s super difficult to win when we’re down by 5 runs in the second inning. Just admit that we screwed up signing him and not Cueto. Another pitcher should be brought up from AAA and given experience. Homer Bailey is not part of the teams long-term success . Especially since we all know that they’re not going to renegotiate a new contract with him after the 2019 season.

    • Matthew

      I’d be shocked if the FO trade Iglesias or Scooter. In fact, if I was a betting man, I wouldn’t be averse to putting 20 down on a Harvey trade not occurring either.

  10. Jack

    Like I said 2021! This is one terrible team.

    • Jim Walker

      It is not going to happen in 2021 unless they start making better choices well before then like starting yesterday!

  11. Rick Pearson

    Cincinnati’s going to have to make a major decision with Homer Bailey he is simply not pitching he is costing Cincinnati several games agreed upon today the defense was less than Stellar to put it mildly but he simply cannot pitch there is something wrong

    • Dewey Roberts

      I have followed Homer Bailey’s career with the Reds from his first pitch in the minors. I had high hopes for him and lived his two no-hitters. But his arm is washed up now. I hate it but facts are facts. He cannot get hitters out anymore on a consistent basis.

  12. Rick Pearson

    Basically you have Tyler Mahle you have Luis Castillo who else seriously can you really trust

    • turbobuckeye

      That is the biggest indictment of this entire organization. They have utterly failed to develop starting pitching. Even Castillo was traded from Miami.

  13. Indy Red Man

    Riggleman was awful yesterday. Two different bunts with Homer so Billy can hit w/2 outs? Why not try a squeeze? Homer can atleast bunt a little bit. Riggleman puts Stephens into a 1 run game and Lorenzen into a 5 run game? Thats not how its supposed to work. You don’t unload ice into your hand and then go find a glass. Common sense?

    Overall though…its still on Dick Williams and the front office. It always has been! Get rid of Homer. He’s never getting back the magical C+ game he once had! Send Peraza down. That error opened the floodgates. He’s terrible offensively and he’s almost as bad defensively despite being a good athlete. Just look at his expressions 80% of the time! Confusion reigns….guy has a low baseball IQ and that isn’t likely to change. Jackson Stephens? See ya….they have a decent lefty in Crockett in Louisville. Give Riggleman some bullets….can’t count on Wandy as the 2nd lefty.

    Finally….what does Bob Steve have to do to get promoted? They’re only hitting .197 off of him! Last 4 starts….24 ip with 13 hits, 6 er (2.25 era), only 7 walks and 31 Ks. He put together a 3.30 second half last year. When has Bailey or Romano done anything close to that for almost half a season? Also play Winker! Play Schebler! I’m glad Duvall had a big game but their pitcher has mediocre stuff. No slider and no velocity. Duvall is still helpless versus any righty with a slider! They need Billy in Colorado and Arizona with the huge outfields but then it should be mostly Schebler in CF! Give Dixon some time in the OF too. Find out what you have rather then keeping the beat the same dead horses year after year after year?

  14. sezwhom

    Johnny Bench tweeted: it’s time for Homer to change his delivery. For 4 years I’ve watched and he just shows the ball too long. No deception. I just think the change would benefit him. The hitter sees the ball for 63 ft almost.

    Now who can argue with that!

    • Bill

      This is one of those times you wonder if the Reds have noticed that and if true has anyone tried to fix it. Earlier in the year they saw something wrong with Castillo’s delivery and he has seemed to improve since then. My assumption would be that Bench knows what he is talking about and this is something the Reds staff would have noticed as well.

    • Jim Walker

      Probably a safe bet that JB has tried to send this message via channels and feels it isn’t getting through. Seems like every player of any note makes cameos and on field appearances as instructors yet the greatest catcher of all time can’t get a simple message through? Interesting.

      • doofus

        Perhaps another example of the insular mind set of the FO?

      • greenmtred

        Certainly possible that the message got through but that Homer wants no part of it.

  15. Mason Red

    Explain to me why Homer is still a starter and how it’s helping the “rebuild”?

    • Bill

      I’ll give best guess. Homer makes over $20 million a year and previously three two no hitters, that is not something the Reds are ready to give up on. The team has repeatedly shown it will give veterans a chance to redeem themselves despite the poor track record. They traded for Harvey, signed Arroyo, Gallardo, Simon (the second time), and many others hoping they would regain at least some of their previous success.

      While this typically has failed for the Reds I can defend this position with Homer. There isn’t anyone knocking down the door in AAA to take his position in the rotation and he is not costing the Reds a spot in the playoff. The decision would be much easier if Stephenson, Finnegan, and Reed were all dominating AAA, but all three of those guys have been given shots and failed. With Homer if it is something that can be fixed, for example the suggestion from Bench, I wouldn’t want to be the guy who DFA’d Homer and then watch another team fix his delivery. At the end of the day he hasn’t hurt the rebuild this year and the only way he will help the rebuild is when he salary goes away

      • Indy Red Man

        Had to copy-n-paste. Stephenson had some success last year and he’s earned another shot!

        Finally….what does Bob Steve have to do to get promoted? They’re only hitting .197 off of him! Last 4 starts….24 ip with 13 hits, 6 er (2.25 era), only 7 walks and 31 Ks. He put together a 3.30 second half last year

      • Bill

        His last four starts might be good, but what about the previous starts?

  16. Bill

    Someone suggested trade Bailey to the Dodgers because they fixed Cingrane. In his last 16 games his ERA is 7.71, not fixed yet.

    • David

      Yes, Cingrani is “not fixed”. Still pitching….badly. I think that he was always a bit of head case, and I think he was in Price’s dog house for years. He did not progress, and actually regressed because they wanted him to do things that he was not able to do. Too bad, a talented athlete that could not adjust to the Major Leagues.

    • da bear

      Cingrani pitched well last year and he was pitching well this year until injuries occurred. it’s been a struggle working thru the injury this year.

  17. Jim Walker

    The narrative on this game should only start with Bailey being bad. The defense stunk and helped him dig a deeper hole. When the offense had them back in the game, the pen couldn’t keep them there; and, the offense had no second act. It was unfortunately a typical Reds team loss.

    There is no aspect of this team which consistently plays well enough to suggest this is a team deep into a successful rebuild effort.

    • Jim Walker

      The team lacks what I would call depth of quality. No area is strong enough to pull the team thru when another has a bad day. In fact for the most part every area has to be having a good to outstanding game for the team to win.

      Pitchers walk too many hitters and struggle to overcome errors. Defenders make errors or don’t complete routinely makeable plays at inopportune times. The offense often puts up decent numbers but too often is inefficient with games on the line. They are Murphy’s law personified.

      • greenmtred

        depressingly accurate summary, Jim.

  18. Scott Carter

    I too am dismayed over two bunts by Homer with 1 out and Billy coming up. I along with almost everyone else knew what the outcome was going to be. No team can survive with two holes in their lineup at 8 and 9. We need to have 8 hitters and then the pitcher.
    My second observation is how could Senzel be any worse at shortstop than what we have now? At least there would be a bat there.

    • greenmtred

      I’ve been noticing that many teams have a weak hitter or two. In fact, I think that it’s unusual to have eight good ones in a lineup. The D’Backs’ lead-off guy yesterday had lower BA and OBP than Billy does, who, at least, bats 9th. The Reds do need more hitting through the lineup, but they also need more pitching and fielding.

  19. WVRedlegs

    Confucius says: If this is the best 25 man roster a man can put together, that man does not deserve to be MLB GM and President of Baseball Operations.

    Confucius also says: “When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.”

    Something the Reds front office knows anything about. To be competitive in 2017, no wait 2018, no wait again 2019. No, more like 2020 or maybe even 2021.

    • another bob from nc

      Unfortunately the Reds’ Front Office is run by Confusion rather than by Confucius.

  20. SultanofSwaff

    Poor throw home by Scooter, but did anyone else notice the umpire was completely shielding his view and darn near got beaned in the head with his throw? Can’t believe no one on the Reds lit up that guy for being out of position and then not reacting within the play.

  21. David

    Scooter has a weak arm as an infielder. There is no hiding it. Ditto Peraza as a SS. He should be a good fielder, but not a strong, accurate arm. Yes, we were spoiled by Cozart and BP for years, because they were both very good fielders. We now see why the Brewers dumped Scooter, and why Peraza has bounced around to different organizations.
    I would bring up Dilson Herrera before Senzel to play 2nd base. Herrera is out of options, and the Reds will lose him after this year if he is not on the 25 man roster. Find out if he can play; if the Reds don’t keep him, he may develop some value playing in the ML with a few hundred AB’s before the end of the year.
    Either find a trade partner for the Reds for Scooter, or put in him Left Field. Duvall and Hamilton have to go, really. Neither are really that good, and holding onto them is not “rebuilding”, it is accepting mediocrity or less.
    At this point, Schebler and Winker should be playing everyday.

    And Homer should go to the Bullpen, send down Jackson and bring up Stephenson to replace Homer in the rotation. Sending out Homer to get clobbered every 5 days is not helping. It is not rebuilding,

    • seanuc

      Agree with all of this. After 2300 PAs, we know Billy can’t hit. After 1,000 PAs, we know Peraza can’t either. I don’t need 3 more years hoping Jose figures it out. He is also substandard on defense: moves stiffly, weak arm, low baseball IQ. Either start Blandino or move Suarez over. Peraza is not the answer.

    • greenmtred

      Disconnect? If Scooter has a weak arm as an infielder, why would we assume that he can make the throws from left?

      • lwblogger2

        Ding Ding Ding Ding… Winner for million-dollar question of the thread!!! Winna winna chicken dinna.

  22. james garrett

    This team needs to make decisions on Peraza,Hamilton and Duvall right now.No sense in going any further.Send Peraza down and he stays until he learns the strike zone and gets on base via the walk.Hamilton gets benched and so does Duvall.They play only for defense with Duvall as the power bat pinch hitter.Winker in left and Scott in right for the rest of the year.Blandino gets an audition at short and try outs begin for center field among anybody that now plays the position in the minors or anybody else.If it doesn’t work out move Scott to center and Dixon plays right.Baliey to the pen and Bob takes his spot in the rotation.Disco up and Romano down.Iggy and Brice up with Stephens and Wandy to Indy.Trade Iggy and Scooter if the return is what it should be.Target a centerfielder or short stop.This continues the idea of finding out who can or who can’t and move the guys out of the way that can’t based on their performance.Billy can’t after 5 years,Peraza can’t after 2 years,Duvall has been miserable the last year and in his 3rd year and Homer may save his career by going to the pen.This is not about winning this year this is about sorting and at the same time trying guys out who haven’t been given a legitimate chance.Garrett,Lorenezen,Homer or Hughes close after Iggy is gone and Senzel or Herrera take over at second after Scooter departs.Also could get really creative and give Garrett and Lorenzen 10 starts or so after the break.

    • Indy Red Man

      Scooter can flat out hit and he’s a Cincy guy that’s great in the clubhouse. I would really need a huge haul to trade him away! One guy I’d give an arm and leg for would be Clint Frazier from the Yankees. I don’t know what holes he has in his game, but thru 80 atbats at AAA he’s hitting .350 with 4 doubles, 3 triples, and 4 HRs with 4 steals (1.047 ops). I don’t know what else they would give from their farm system, but you add Scooter and Iggy to the Yankees and nobody is stopping them this year!

    • Jeff Reed

      That’s a lot for this front office and interim management to handle.

    • David

      Actually, I would think they would trade Jarod Hughes at the July deadline if they could get something for him…with the right trade partner. He has value, but he is a little old for the Reds to hang on to.
      I actually think Tanner Rainey could be a closer, with enough ML experience. He has a great arm. Just needs to work on his efficiency, confidence and location in the ML. Maybe by 2020.

      My enthusiasm for Lorenzen has declined in the last year. I am not sure how well he takes coaching. He developed a flaw in his delivery, and they haven’t been able to fix him.

  23. WVRedlegs

    How many of the current Reds 25 man roster would you keep for a new Rebuild in 2019?
    1B- Joey Votto
    2B- Scooter Gennett
    SS- ???
    3B- Eugenio Suarez
    C– Tucker Barnhart
    LF- Jesse Winker
    CF- ???
    RF- ???
    Bench: C- ???, INF- Alex Blandino, INF- Brandon Dixon, OF- Billy Hamilton, OF- ???
    Rotation: Castillo, Mahle, ???, ???, ???.
    Bullpen: Iglesias, Garrett, Lorenzen, Hughes, Hernandez, Brice, ???.

    This keeps 16 players and has 9 openings. Could be more openings if they trade any bullpen pieces which can be lucrative trade chips. Any or all of Iglesias, Lorenzen, Hughes and Hernandez could be moved.
    Trade Schebler, Duvall, Peraza and any SP not named Castillo or Mahle. Stephenson should be given one last shot soon for a rotation spot. If he is inconsistent again, away he goes too. Not sure where to put Garrett at this point, bullpen or rotation.
    Way too many holes to fill from within the organization.

  24. doofus

    How about Iggy for Bradley Zimmer and Shane Bieber?

    • lwblogger2

      Pretty sure Iggy could land one but perhaps not both… Good ask though. Who knows? Never hurts to ask.

  25. doofus

    ….And Robert Stephenson’s locker should be next to Bieber’s at the GABP.