The Short Version: Reds jump out to an early lead thanks to Joey Votto and Scooter Gennett, but it is short-lived as the Rockies win going away.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (19-35) 2 9 0
Colorado Rockies (28-25) 8 14 0
W: Marquez (4-5) L: Harvey (1-3)
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The Good
–After going 5 for 5 yesterday, the legend Scooter Gennett doubled and singled in his first two at-bats today. That was seven straight hits at that point, but that’s when the slump began: Scooter struck out twice in his final two plate appearances.

–Joey Votto singled, doubled, walked, and scored a run in the first inning. Jose Peraza was 2-4. Jesse Winker walked twice in the leadoff spot.

–Jackson Stephens struck out two in a perfect inning of relief.

The Bad
–Going to have to put this one in the bad column, as it was Matt Harvey’s first loss with Cincinnati. Harvey allowed three runs in the bottom of the first — on one of the longest home runs you’re ever likely to see, from Colorado’s Carlos Gonzalez. The Reds never really competed after that, but he actually settled down nicely. Harvey’s final line: 5.1 IP, 4 runs allowed on 9 hits and 2 walks, 4 strikeouts.

–They were down 8-2 in the eighth inning, but the Reds had an opportunity to get back into the game. Winker led off the frame with a walk. Tucker Barnhart followed with a single, and Votto walked to load bases with no outs. The Reds were in business, right?

Not quite. Gennett struck out swinging and Eugenio Suarez grounded into a double play. Inning over.

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–L-W-L-W-L-W-L. One after the other. Maybe the Reds are a perfectly .500 team at this point.

–The last Reds player to collect hits in seven consecutive at bats was the immortal Arismendy Alcantara last season.

–Not much else to say about this one. The Reds head out to Arizona next for a three game series that begins tomorrow afternoon. Homer Bailey will pitch for the good guys.

Blame Chad for creating this mess.

Chad launched Redleg Nation in February 2005, and has been writing about the Reds ever since. His first book, “The Big 50: The Men and Moments That Made the Cincinnati Reds” is now available in bookstores and online, at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and wherever fine books are sold. You can also find Chad’s musings about the Cincinnati Reds in the pages of Cincinnati Magazine.

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  1. Scooter let his success go to his head. His 2nd hit today was a terrible AB with a good outcome, a chip shot from his knees just over the 2B head into short RF. His subsequent AB today were even worse with predictable outcomes. He needs to shake off the accolades and get his head straight on the trip to Arizona. He was swinging like Hamilton and Peraza normally swing with absolutely no discipline.

    • Really? I hope your scooter comments are in jest..

      • No jest at all. Scooter was chasing everything thrown, including balls hitting the dirt 2-3 feet in front of home plate. That plate approach will put him in a slump every bit as bad as his hot streak was good.

        • So players can’t have bad games? Players go through streaks all season to judge him off of one game or think he won’t dip to me is just foolish. But then again I don’t buy into the stat view of the game as much as others here. I enjoy watching and don’t worry what a player does day to day.

    • You’re kidding right?

  2. I’m REALLY tired of teams playing defensive shifts only to have the pitcher tee the ball up to beat the shift. The shift does no good unless everyone is on the same page. You’d a thunk that rthe Reds would have learned that lesson from Matt Adams, but apparently not.

  3. I would have never guessed Alcantara had 7 consecutive hits last season.

    • Those that watched the broadcast today had it burned into their brains as THOM! had to say his full name loudly 2 times in a row

  4. The mantra for 2 years has been Wait Until Winker and Senzel are in the lineup together. One is hitting .250 and one may never see a game as a Red.
    The enthusiasm sure has waned this year since spring training began. It is a tremendous failure the Reds front office attempts at putting a viable 25 man roster and product on the field. All 3 OF positions are in need of severe upgrades, but the Reds front office doesn’t see it. Pitiful.

    • Or maybe some fans expectations are a bit to high?

      • My expectations were 72-90. Not very high to say the least. To think this team is about 10 games worse than that is pathetic. Same old crap as 2016 and 2017, just a different day. The names may be different, but the results are the same.
        All this after the front office talked all winter about taking steps forward, not backward. Fourth straight 90+ loss season and front office missteps are about all there is to look forward to in 2018. More sorting in 2019.

        • When was the last time this franchise had quality leadership from owner to GM to scouts to coaches and manager? Outside of 2010-2013 this franchise hasn’t had quality since the 70’s in all those positions at the same time. If you don’t have it there then your only chance of winning is dumb luck which is what happened in 2010-2013.

          • The 2010-13 teams had talent, it was not luck. They could hit, play defense, a good bullpen, and had quality starters that remained healthy. This current team has poor pitching and the defense is lacking. It can hit and has a good bullpen, but that can’t make up for the other deficiencies. From 2014 on the Reds lost the majority of the starers to free agency and anyone left was injured. The inability to develop pitching and holding onto the fan favorites for too long is what has led to the extended rebuild

          • Reds OF rankings in wRC+:
            2015: 30th
            2016: 19th
            2017: 28th
            2018: 27th.
            Brutal. What is it you don’t get? Upgrades are imperative over the status quo.

      • A little higher than Gallardo. I don’t mind if Romano is a miss as a quality sp, or Stephenson, or Finnegan, or Reed. But bottom-feeding I can do without.

  5. While still in the trade Scooter camp, I’d love to see him in left to see if he could be passable out there. Bring up Dilson Herrera and get Senzel a look at left in Louisville.

    • Hey, Scooter Gennett is tied for #1 in BA in the NL. Let another team move him to the outfield if they want. He’s still the best 2nd baseman the Reds have. No contest.

  6. It is time to shake up the outfield. The quartet have had a couple months now and none of them really have got the job done.

    Obviously Winker by age probably deserves to get the longest look but it might be time to try some new people in the rotation to see what the Reds got.

    They start getting some production from the outfield, their runs scored should continue up from around the mid table in MLB where they are at now. That seems to be a difference from last year, when they had some good stretches of hitting out of the outfield.

    The Reds rotation is just brutal, don’t see any good way to fix that unless the young guys just start figuring it out.

    • Winder doesn’t deserve anything. He has to earn it and that’s not happening at the moment.

      • He had a decent April (.307 batting average & .411 obp) and he’s 4-15 in his last 4 starts with a HR, 3 runs scored, and 4 walks (.421 obp). He’s played the least of the 4 OFers in the rotation since Schebler came back. It should be painfully obvious by now that the Reds don’t know what a rebuild looks like because he should be getting the most atbats of any of the 4…or atleast more then Duvall and Billy. I’d leave him at leadoff and play atleast half the time vs lefties too. Why not? Schebler isn’t doing anything much and Duvall/Billy have been horrible offensively.

      • Winker has been functionally in the Bigs for two months. I’m not saying he’s destined to be a fixture for a decade, but given the make-up of this particular outfield, I’d definitely say he gets the most leeway. Shoot, at .356 OBP, he’s still 30 points higher than Billy ever gets, and he’s been playing everyday for 5 years!

        If this was a winning team and could afford to bench guys who weren’t performing, it might be different, but I’d rather give the kid a chance on the learning curve. Everybody else out there has gotten a much longer look than Winker.

        Outside of Billy’s defense, it is a sad state of affairs that this is a MLB outfield, but it’s what they’ve got.

    • The rotation is not currently a strength (angling for the understatement of the year award), but it does take young guys a good amount of time to figure it out, because the “it” is a moving target. What worked in the last start may not in the next start because MLB hitters are often good at making adjustments. And, yes, the outfield could use some serious shaking, but the good prospects in the organization are a year or more away, and trading the considerable value it would take to upgrade the outfield with current major leaguers would only make sense if the Reds were ready to challenge this year or next and didn’t have outfield talent in the pipeline.

  7. A stinker of a game for sure and enough blame to go around.I am all for the young guys pitching because we need to know about them but we weren’t even in the game offensively at all against well a pitcher that is really bad especially at home.Our offense is really inconsistent and will remain that way I am afraid as long as Peraza and Billy play most of the games.Their stats tell us they are bench players at best.Winker for sure and Schebler by default must play every day in left and right.Try outs begin tomorrow for centerfield.Call up whomever we have at AAA or AA and ley them have at it.Peraza has until the break to prove he can get on base via the walk and raise his obp up to league average and if he can’t then he gets sent down and the audtions for the short stop begin.Start with Blandino and go from there.While I once was satisfied with just finding out about our young starters this year I am becoming just tired of trying to compete with two of the worst offensive players in he league night after night.It puts too much pressure on the other guys not to mention the young pitchers.We were a foot of losing all 3 games against 3 pitchers that wouldn’t even start on our team.

  8. I am guessing this team will tread water until the deadline at which time a couple of reasonably large trades should go down. I think that is why Duvall and Hamilton will get run out there as starters 2 out of 3 games at least, because you hope they catch fire or build up some trade value. Billy especially could be useful as a runner and defensive switch, but it would be nice if he could raise the average to a more respectable level. Not expecting an kind of haul for him but he could be bundled with centerpiece Iglesias, who, if he is healthy, is the best chip they’ve got and lets pray they get decent return for him since he has a few years of cost effective control. Of course, another part of me, wants to keep Iglesias and try the experiment of using him in the first inning every other game. Riggelman today said a lot of starting pitchers struggle in the first inning, they are facing the top of the lineup as engineered for max. run production. I think Tampa Bay is on to something with the relievers opening the game when your starters are suspect as ours are. Let them warm up an extra inning in the meantime. But I don’t expect that kind of innovation so trade Iglesias while his stock is high and hopefully get a top prospect or a group of very good prospects.

    • As far as the Tampa experiment goes….Romo is really experienced though and very rough on righties. I doubt they would throw him out there vs Winker, Scooter, and Joey….but it is kind of ingenius in a way! Slow starters like Homer might get a shot at the 8th hitter or the pitcher if they allow a few guys on base in the 2nd inning.

      Overall….I’d really try to copy what Milwaukee is doing! Their offense was actually subpar last year but Shaw was a good pickup and they added Yelich & Cain this year. Everyone on RLN wanted Yelich but I started calling for Cain as well last year. He may not be worth his salary in 3-4 years but a .396 obp and .849 ops isn’t bad…plus he’s a world champion and can lead by example! The Reds need to step up and get a quality RH hitting veteran somewhere?

      Their calling card is really their pen though! Hughes is a sinkerball guy so he could possibly keep going past 33 years old for a few years and Rainey has unbelievable stuff. They could leave Garrett in the pen and then maybe find 1 guy like Milw did with Jeffress. If they pulled that off then they could trade Iggy and move Lorenzen into the rotation and still have a dominant pen….and with potentially a better rotation then Milwaukee’s. They’re never going to be able to hang with the Cubs with big free agents.

      • I was throwing Cain’s name out there,,, but then I realized how bad out starting pitching was and thought we should go for Arrieta… but I think we have all seen this team is more than 1 big name away. I think you could have signed two all star free agents and this team would still fall short of playoffs. The Bailey contract is an albatross and Meso’s adds to the burden. They are trying to ride those out and then will make another splash, in the meantime the sorting continues. I agree the pen looks like a strength for once, very refreshing, the Hughes signing was easily the best move of the off season. But almost completely negated by the Gallardo fiasco and slow start. The team has been doomed from week 2 on.

    • How bout get a real starter for the rotation.Prospects are just that,prospects.We have 2 supposed cant miss prospects and as of now they are missing.Houston needs a closer like oxygen.Why not put billy and iggy together and get a Lance McCullers to fit it now.Losing has gotten really tired.

      • Losing is tiring when you keep playing the same guys that continue to do the same things over and over and expect them to change.

  9. Just another example of just how bad the Reds front office is. People say they need a starting pitcher. Well the Reds could have signed Miles Mikolas now 6-0, 0.95 BB/9, 50% GB rate, 2.51 ERA.
    Reds front office == failure, failure, failure.
    The Reds front office should have been on Mikolas like a duck on a June bug, but they didn’t even make a serious offer. Total ineptitude.

    • Thats hindsight.No other team did either.Cant blame them for not seeing that one.Lots of other things to blame them for though.

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