The Short Version: The Reds lost. But they’ve split the season series with the Chicago Cubs so far. That’s something, right?

Final R H E
Chicago Cubs (23-18) 8 15 0
Cincinnati Reds (15-30) 1 2 1
W: Lester (4-1) L: Bailey (1-6)
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Milton was unhappy with Cincinnati’s performance today.

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  1. Gary Sweeney

    Is it me or is Homer done? Part of me thinks maybe he could be developed into a closer, but being he gets hammered in the first inning usually, I guess whatever inning he comes in, lights will soon be out. Just seemed like to team quit after the top of the first. P.S., hope the next little kid waiting for Joey to give them batting gloves or something didn’t hear the subtle disappointment in taking two hittable strikes with runners on base.

    • Wobaisnotyoda

      “hope the next little kid waiting for Joey to give them batting gloves or something didn’t hear the subtle disappointment in taking two hittable strikes with runners on base.”

      As always. But hey, he’s nice and runs foul balls….

    • sezwhom

      My thoughts exactly. I feel like its time to move on from Homer. I’m just not seeing “it” anymore.

  2. DHud

    On a note mercifully unrelated to tonight’s performance, the dodgers DFA’d Henry Owens yesterday. Could be an interesting lottery ticket for the Reds; only 25 and former all-world prospect. Wonder what it’d take to pry him away

    • Kap

      Cody Reed 2.0. Has a significant walk issue. Might as well start reed. Hard pass

      • DHud

        Thinking he’d fit right in. Get enough young pitchers together and by simple law of average 1 of them eventually has to learn to throw strikes. Right???

        Maybe don’t answer that…

    • jay johnson

      No thanks
      Forgot how to throw strikes.

  3. Dewey Roberts

    I hate it for Homer but I think his arm is shot. I said so before the season. If he didn’t have such a large contract for a small market team and if the Reds had other arms ready Homer would be gone. I have been a Homer fan all through the minors and the majors, but he is shot in my opinion. I hate it for him but it is becoming increasingly apparent.
    Also I don’t think he could be an effective reliever either.

    • jay johnson

      Homer should be dfa’d
      Only other possibility of getting rid of him is to package him with scooter and one of our young failures like reed for an overpriced starter to Seattle.Maybe someone like Mike Leake who is overpaid right now and currently stinking it up.
      Either way Homer has got to go,its an L ever time he starts and he is taking a spot in the rotation away from one of the kids or Disco when he returns.
      This coming from a guy who used to love Homer.

    • B-town Fan

      His arm isn’t shot his velocity is fine he was mostly 93, 94 fastball a few 95’s and 2 or 3 96’s one of his strikeouts was 96. He is just wild all over the place. with his other pitches and his fastball.

      • lwblogger2

        And his fastball has very little movement (by MLB standards). Guys are going to club it when it is straight and is in the yummy part of the zone.

  4. Sliotar

    In horse racing programs, there is a brief summary of what a horse did in each of its previous races. Just a few words. One of my favorites is “failed to menace.”

    That sums up the Reds tonight….failed to menace.

    Also, that Cubs lineup. That is the competition, first and foremost. 7 deep, maybe even 8.

    It’s great that some of the Reds are “fan favorites” or “should be Gold Glovers” or whatever. But, that Cubs lineup is together thru 2020, maybe even 2021. And there are no weak links in that chain right now.

    Reds are off the pace right now, comparatively…pun intended.

    • CI3J

      You know, I’ve recently become a convert and finally believe that Scooter Gennett is a later bloomer and his current offensive output is legit. Along those lines, I’ve started wondering if he could play CF. If he can, and Suarez moves back to SS so Senzel can play 3B, this Reds offense could stack up with almost anyone in baseball.

      LF Winker
      3B Senzel
      1B Votto
      SS Suarez
      CF Scooter
      C Barnhart
      RF Schebler
      2B Herrera/Peraza/Long

      That offense would score a ton of runs, and there is no easy out anywhere except possibly 2B. They could easily challenge the Cubs.

      • Mike Adams

        This proposed offense “could easily challenge the Cubs”?!
        I don’t think it would do any better than last night against slow lefty Lester.
        As far as scoring a ton of runs against other pitchers, maybe so in a lot of 12 to 8 Reds losses.
        Sorry, bummed with the Reds and the weather.

      • Jack

        Your right outfielder is completely overrated.

      • Keith

        Scooter’s defense at 2B is horrific. I wouldn’t put him in CF. He’s a DH for an AL team with a small stadium.

      • greenmtred

        Who would be willing to pitch for a team with that outfield?

    • Jack

      We don’t even come close to matching up to that lineup. They have Major league outfielders . We have High School outfielders.

      • CI3J

        Don’t know if you were aware, but the Reds have had THE #1 offense in all of the NL for the past month. You’re really underestimating what this team can do.

        But let’s straight up compare with the Cubs:

        C Barnhart vs Contreras = Edge slightly Cubs
        1B Votto vs Rizzo = Equal
        2B Peraza/Herrera/Long vs Baez = With Peraza, edge Cubs, with others, undetermined
        SS Suarez vs Russell = HUGE edge to Reds
        3B Senzel vs Bryant = Undetermined
        LF Schwarber vs Winker = Equal, Schwarber has more power, Winker has more OBP
        CF Scooter vs Almora = HUGE edge Reds
        RF Schebler vs Heyward = edge Reds

        Of course, the Cubs also have Zobrist, and the Reds lack a super sub of that caliber, but still, I don’t know why people are selling the potential Reds offense short. At every single position they are a match for the Cubs, in some positions (CF and SS) would completely blow the Cubs out of the water. We can’t say for sure yet what Senzel, Herrera, and/or Long can do in the MLB, but it’s not hard to imagine Senzel stacking up with Bryant. Bryant probably still has the edge by virtue of age/experience, but in offensive talent, I imagine they are very similar players.

        Again: Don’t sell this Reds offense short. I know after last night’s game it’s easy to think TOS, but with a long view, I see no reason my proposed offense wouldn’t be able to match up with almost anyone.

      • WVRedlegs

        You are vastly over-rating this Reds offense. They have their good days, but far more often than not, they absolutely suck.

      • greenmtred

        Being unable to pitch or field, that team would quickly migrate to a slow-pitch softball league. They might flourish there.

      • lwblogger2

        Gotta agree with you here. That is an ugly looking defense.

      • davy13

        I have to agree with WV. The Reds have a binge offense (Votto & Suarez exceptions). They rack up huge numbers in a few games and against lesser pitching resulting in a distorted overall average. What’s more, how can you conclude that Senzel vs Bryant is undetermined?! Bryant has already proven himself to be a star. Advantage CUBS – for now (that should be the disclaimer not undetermined). What’s undetermined is Senzel’s success in the Majors.

        Here’s my wish and memo to the Reds FO: Sign Manny Machado in the offseason! Votto is old, yet productive. But sooner than later he will be old + unproductive. Machado is only 25! What a way to get the fan base pumped up like me.

        ~Imagine Machado + Votto in the same lineup for a few seasons…
        ~Post-Votto Reds, Machado can be the next cornerstone franchise player. A lineup of Machado, Suarez, Winker, Senzel, maybe Scooter will be comparable to the Cubs
        ~ Defensively, the infield will be set.

        Please let a longtime fan dream…Dream along with me.

  5. Jreis

    The cubs are not that good of a team this year and still there were 20000 cubs fans sitting in the rain cheering their team on. I counted about 1 reds fan for every 10 cubs fan.

    We will never get any good players if nobody shows up to the games folks.

    • sezwhom

      Not that good of team? Bryant-Russell-Baez-Rizzo with Lester starting. I’d take that.

  6. CI3J

    I’m a little baffled why Homer isn’t having more success. His pitches still get good velocity and movement (he hit 96 a few times tonight), but it seems like he just can’t get them past anyone. He and Harvey seem to be very similar pitchers at this point.

    • Dewey Roberts

      Velocity is usually not the main problem with pitchers with arm trouble. Location is the main problem.

      • big5ed

        Homer’s location is impeccable, at least from the hitter’s point of view. Each hitter is guaranteed at least one thigh-high pitch over the middle of the plate, at hitting speed. Sometimes two.

        He got 14 outs, 3 of which came from Lester, who is among the worst hitters in baseball; 2 more came by a double play. scattered among the other 9 outs were 10 hits, 5 walks and a partridge in a pear tree. 3 walks were intentional, which means first base was frequently open.

        Homer is the single worst starting pitcher in baseball. He has no command, no movement, no deception, and no hope of getting better. It is past time to surrender on him. Move on. Give his starts to a younger guy.

      • Jack

        Don’t forget some of his outs were missiles to the outfield that the fielder basically protected himself.

      • Dewey Roberts

        I hate to laugh at Homer’s expense but that was funny, Jack.

  7. Buddy

    He throws everything right down the middle and his velocity doesn’t change enough. Nothing wrong with a 93-94 fastball if you can follow with 81-82 mph weirdness, but all his pitches seem to be 86-92 mph 90% of the time and in my opinion not enough movement. Little to no variation in delivery or anything else confusing. He’s easy to predict and therefore not fooling anybody. Personally, I’ve never seen him as anything but an average pitcher at best (even with the no-hitters). At least he’s got something to tell the grandkids and money for years to come. Foolish contract and foolish to keep expecting a different result. He’s done. Thanks for the service.

  8. Hotto4Votto

    When is enough is enough? Coming into tonight Homer had pitched 19 innings with 18 ER over his past four games. So now over the last five games it’s 23.2 innings with 24 ER. We’re well into Marquis, Simon, and Arroyo territory. There’s no sign it’ll get better. The early season run of good luck has expired and this is what’s left. DFA is probably the only option, we have better bullpen options.

    • bouwills

      “We’re well into Marquis, Simon, and Arroyo territory” Now that’s funny. Brought me a chuckle. Thanks.

      • Hotto4Vott

        Well, I’m glad someone is laughing around here. It’s therapeutic. Unfortunately, it’s not really hyperbole.

        Bailey’s last 5 MLB starts: 23.2 IP 24 ER
        Marquis’ last 5 MLB starts: 24.1 IP 20 ER
        Simon’s last 5 MLB starts: 25.1 IP 27 ER
        Arroyo’s last 5 MLB starts 24.1 IP 23 ER

  9. earl99

    Reds pitching, good for your batting average problems, look at that middle of the lineup going 11-22 in the game. They could have scored 15 runs.

  10. Mason Red

    Homer is done. If the issue is money then put him in the bullpen.

  11. docproctor

    Homer looked like he wanted to be anywhere other than on the mound last night. Time to put him out of his and our misery.

  12. Bill

    Looks like every time I’ve seen Homer he is either in pain or worn out before the first pitch. I wonder if there is something physically wrong that he’s not telling.

  13. bouwills

    If anyone but Duvall takes Lester deep, it counts as good. I realize the damage had already been done. the Reds were down 6-0, yet it’s a good thing. If that HR comes 1 batter later (by Winker) there’s jubilation & dancing in the streets, right? 127 AB & counting w/o any Winker dingers. Also under the good column is the 4.1 innings of mop-up by Stephens & Brice. They allowed only 2 ER vs a very formidable Cubs lineup.

    • David

      Their hitters were tired by then. 🙂

      Seriously, this is sad for Homer. And though I think the day is coming that he gets DFA’d, the Castelini’s will have a fit swallowing his salary. A lot less likely that they EVER sign a good FA pitcher to beef up the Reds rotation.

  14. Wobaisnotyoda

    Nothing to be surprised about. When the contract was signed, almost all baseball world saw it as a massive overpay. Except for the usual suspects, those who talk about the value of WAR as the only valid parameter and disdain make-up, coachability and other “old school” items.

    Homer was always an underperformer and arrogant guy. Even when in the Minors and dominating, reports came out of his difficult demeanour refusing to take advices from the coaches. Of course, when he first came up he was lit like a christmas tree. Command, control were never his calling card. He’s always w,anted to live on that 98 MPH arrow-straight fastball and didn’t work, much less now after the injuries and velocity diminish.

    Unfortunately, they have another great arm-head case on their hands: Robert Stephenson. Too bad, a pair of possible aces who could anchor theIr rotation for many years.

    • David

      Yes, the similarities with Stephenson at this part of his career are interesting. Stephenson has not been easy to coach. As I recall last year, his AAA coach had some negative things to say about him, and was called a lot of names, like an old fossil, etc. I think he was right.

  15. old-school

    Its time to trade Joey Votto. He has been more and more frustrated and he may be willing to consider waiving his no trade clause. He is still a great hitter and now is the only time to reasonably expect an AL team to take on his 2021-23 years as they can still get elite hitting in 2018/19/20 and use the DH.

    The Reds rebuild is now firmly moving towards 2020 and like two ships passing in the night, Joey Votto’s career and the Reds rebuild are no longer in alignment. Votto turns 35 in September. Very soon, he will be closer to 40 than age 30.
    Assuming health, he can sustain a 5 WAR year this year and perhaps next, but after that he is a DH only in decline. That’s also a big assumption for an aging player owed huge sums of money. ( See Homer Bailey, Ken Griffey,Jr).

    The Reds need a massive infusion of talent to realistically catch the Cubs, Cards, and Brewers. Its simply not happening in 2019. The players the Reds received in trades simply aren’t good enough. They are replacement level or AAAA or role players or flawed players with 1-2 tools that are good and 1-2 other tools that are bad. The bullpen has been a nice positive. Eugenio Suarez and Tucker Barnhart are core pieces in their early prime. Luis Castillo and Tyler Mahle look like potential future starters at the beginning of their careers. Raisel Iglesias is in his prime.

    The trading deadline in late July is the time to trade Scooter Gennett Hamilton, Iglesias and Joey Votto. At the latest, trade Votto in the off-season. Not because he isn’t worth his contract now, but because he wont be worth his contract in 2022 and unfortunately, the Reds FO has butchered this rebuild. The Reds are losing 90 games again this year and probably next year. They aren’t catching the Cubs or Brewers or Cards in 2019. The position roster in Louisville is awful -other than Senzel. The position roster in AA is awful -except for Long.
    One has to go to A Daytona to find potential high ceiling future stars in Trammell and Stephenson.
    Pitching depth in the high minors is suddenly empty, except for the perpetual potential of Cody Reed and Robert Stephenson.

    Its time to load up for 2020, purge the MLB roster except for young players with high ceilings, and clear payroll and acquire talent. The Reds need a massive infusion of young talent. They simply don’t have the starting pitching or outfield talent to win this year or next year and the Reds FO has been to content to stay the course.

    The Cardinals knew when to part ways with Pujols. Its time the Reds do the same.

    • scotly50

      Trading Votto would have been viable last year. Now they are going to have to eat a good portion of his salary just to trade him. And Toronto will not want him after his remarks. No one is going to take Bailey. He is making 21 million this year and 23 million next year.

    • JB

      Interesting post…can’t really disagree wholly with any of it. Here is my take:

      1. As of May 14, Votto was in pace to have a 6.5 WAR season this year (he had accumulated 1.6 WAR according to Still elite. So assuming health, we will realistically get another 3+ years of 3+ WAR from Votto. Well worth the money at the going rate of ~$8 mil per WAR.

      2. I completely agree that they need to sell off their assets at the trade deadline. They will have Iglesias, Gennett, and Hamilton. Iglesias should go now in order to accelerate this rebuild. He should command at least one can’t-miss, MLB-ready prospect and two other high-impact prospects. Gennett has had enough sustained success that he should command an impact prospect or two. He has been one of the top 10 2b in the majors for over a year now. Hamilton should be dealt before he becomes too expensive.

      Dealing these guys now would make 2020 a realistic date for winning baseball.

      • Da bear

        Why trade an asset like Iglesias who is priced at great value.

        The Reds need more Iglesias deals, fewer Homer and Votto deals. Votto doesn’t produce anything close to $25MM of production but he is a decent on base guy who should bat second thanks to his walks and lack of clutch hitting. Homer is shot, a sunk cost, use him only in long relief, when the reds are behind by six (or ahead by six….but how often does that occur) or more and you need a guy to finish the game, eat innings.

        If Senzel pans out to be great and Blandino can fill in at 2B or an outfield spot the Reds are only one more outfielder away from being a contender. Rotate BH, Schebler & Duvall and ride the hot bat until we find a permanent solution for CF.

      • Steve Mancuso

        Not sure where you’re getting the information on your opinions about Joey Votto, but your sources are inaccurate.

        You’re right that Joey Votto doesn’t come close to $25 million in production. Joey Votto was a 7 WAR player last year. That’s more than $50 million in value on open market (was paid $22m). The two years before that were similar numbers and he was paid even less. He’s already produced 1.3 WAR this year, which is more than $10 million. Over the last three years, he’s hit 94 home runs. He was #18 in power in MLB last year. So not just on on-base guy.

        Your “decent on base guy” ranks #12 all time in major league baseball by that measure, right after Ty Cobb, Tris Speaker and Jimmie Foxx.

        You’re equally misinformed about Votto’s clutch hitting. Over his career (all situations) he has hit .312/.427/.537, isolating the power is .225. With runners in scoring position, he’s hit .338/.491/.589 with isolated power of .251. In “high leverage” situations, he’s hit .334/.463/.604 with isolated power of .270.

        You might be able to persuade people of your opinions if you offered real facts to back them up.

      • lwblogger2

        Why cloud the narrative with facts? I’m very, very tired of all the Votto hating out in Reds Country. He has been a boon to this club and will go down as one of the best hitters of all time. As much as a lot of so-called fans would not like to believe it, Votto’s contract is NOT the reason this team is bad, nor does it hinder the Reds. The “Votto isn’t clutch” myth is more lie than myth. By whatever metric someone wants to go by Votto is a better hitter in “clutch” situations. The only exception is his post-season hitting which was a very limited sample-size of 37 PA. He was quite strong in the 2012 series, playing on 1 leg.

        I just try to remember that these fans are basically the same fans that booed Johnny Bench. They can still talk about how much Votto stunk when he’s inducted into the HoF.

    • Colorado Red

      Still it is up to Joey,
      NO TRADE clause.
      Cannot trade him (see Phillips) unless he says yes.

  16. sezwhom

    I’d have no issues if Reds parted with Votto. While we’re at it, let’s move Homer too.

    • Old-school

      Homer’s career is over. The reds are stuck with his salary through 2019. Another reason toook to 2020. Votto can provide value to an AL mega team.

      • lwblogger2

        I’d be ok moving Votto assuming he’d be willing and I’m a Votto fan. The question is really ‘what could the Reds get for Votto and how much money would need to be moved in the deal?’

        Votto has surplus value probably over the next 2-3 years. After that, who knows? So, a team is buying only 2-3 years of Votto at his best and then probably a steep decline. Still maybe enough value there on the front-end and if a team feels the decline will be gradual, then we can say that the Reds would not need to send any money over in a deal. If that’s the case though, they can probably only expect a middling prospect in return.

        So now the Reds have $25-million but they don’t have their best hitter and they need a 1B. Who can they get for better future production than Votto using that salary on the open market? I don’t think they could replace his value, even in 2020/2021 for those dollars.

    • Phil

      1st ballot hall of famer??
      GIVE ME A BREAK !!!

  17. msanmoore

    I’m 100% aligned with an “Instant Milton” for last night’s debacle. BLARGH!!! to the 10th power.

  18. MrRed

    So who’s going to the Reds garden gnome giveaway tonight at GABP? It’s the best product coming out of there right now.

  19. bouwills

    Problem with trading Votto. Cueto is gone, Leake is gone, Chapman is gone. Dat dude is gone. Bruce is gone. Frazier is gone. Cozart is gone. Bailey is here- but he’s way gone. There’s practically no one besides Votto to go see at Reds games.Reds baseball is supposed to be entertaining. Without Votto, this team isn’t.

    • Mason Red

      Well we have all that talent brought in by those blockbuster deals involving those players you mentioned. It will provide years of below 500 finishes.

    • jazzmanbbfan

      But no one is going anyway. I didn’t go last year for the first time in over 20 years. Even with Votto, who has been worth going to see, this team is far from entertaining. I might show up for a game Castillo is starting, or maybe Mahle. No other reason that I can think of this year to go.

      • greenmtred

        Suarez is verging on elite. Isn’t he worth watching?

  20. Hotto4Votto

    I’m glad someone around here is laughing, it’s therapeutic. Unfortunately it’s not hyperbole.

    Bailey’s last 5 MLB starts: 23.2 IP 24 ER
    Marquis’ last 5 MLB starts: 24.1 IP 20 ER
    Simon’s last 5 MLB starts: 25.1 IP 27 ER
    Arroyo’s last 5 MLB starts: 24.1 IP 23 ER

    • Hotto4Votto

      Whoops, that was supposed to be posted as a response above about Bailey being in some interesting company.

  21. Old-school

    Angels elite closer out for season with Tommy John. Package Iglesias with 2-3 others for CF jo adell and elite SS maitan.

    Massive talent infusion.

    • Jack

      We don’t need another infielder. If you get a SS you might as well trade Herrera and long too. We need outfielders by the buckets. The 4 we have out there have no future here. They aren’t legitimate starters. If they take Iglesias make them take Homer or Votto.

      • Colorado Red

        You are giving up on Winker and Scott way to early.
        Give them a chance.

      • lwblogger2

        He doesn’t like Votto. Why would he have any reason to like Winker?

  22. bouwills

    Here’s the only silver lining that I see in the Bailey debacle. In 2015 Bailey pitched 11.1 innings. In 2016 he threw 23.0 & last year only 91.0 IP. He’s probably on some kind of innings limit, obviously to save his arm for 2019. Maybe, the goal is 120-130 innings this year. He has already logged 53 IP. If he answers the bell every time this first half, he’ll start 10 more games before the ASB. If he can average 5 innings a start ,he’ll be over 100 IP by then.So do the Reds give Bailey 3-4 starts in the 2nd half & then shut him down, or move him out of the rotation & into the BP? Hey, it’s food for thought- especially when you’re starving.

  23. scottya

    I also think moving Homer into the bullpen is the best choice for the club.. Homer might have some value there with the probable uptick in velo. Hopefully desclafani can take his spot.

    • Colorado Red

      I think DFA is a better option. No one will pay the salary.
      Time to move on.

    • greenmtred

      Others have noted his first-inning problems. For relievers, it’s always the first inning.

    • Jeff Reed

      Mentally I doubt that Bailey would adjust to a bullpen role with the Reds. He needs a change of scene. DFA is the way to go.

  24. Scott Carter

    On positive note, Robert Stephenson pitched 5 innings last night and gave up 0 walks. Struck out 7 I think.

    • WVRedlegs

      Last night was about regaining trade value. Duvall with his HR may up his trade value a smidgen. And Stephenson at AAA may have as well. Neither are going to be, nor should they be, Reds in 2019.

  25. Jim t

    Simple solution.

    Homer goes to the pen and Stephenson takes his spot in rotation.

    Harvey will not bring a prospect who will impact our club with a half a year of team control, injury history and a huge drop in velocity. He gets DFA as soon as Disco is ready.

    If reds are serious about a rebuild wasting starts on Homer and Harvey is insane. Neither will be here or return anything that will effect rebuild. Giving the starts to players who have a chance to be part of the rebuild is of paramount importance.

  26. Shchi Cossack

    A few positive games to swing that enthusiasm pendulum and a solid clunker makes forula for mass depression, anger and angst among Reds fans. I’m with every one of you, but be careful of what you ask for regarding a reset of the rebuild. A reset of the rebuild is not moving the end date back to 2020, it’s moving the START of a possibly competitive team to 2021. Anythig else is simply a repeat of the reset WJ did for what became the current rebuild, a quasi effort to mask the ineptness of that management group and an attempt to keep the fans engaged. The bulk of prospects needed to complete a reset rebuild have yet to sniff significant playing time at AA:

    AAA: Herrera
    AA: Mella/Long
    A+: Santillan/Stephenson/Nay/Friedl/Siri/Trammell/Guerrero
    A: Greene/Clementia/Downs/Fairchild/Beltre

    The list is intended to be representative rather than inclusive. The bulk of those players will be ready for the 2021 season, not the 2020 season and that’s IF they make the transition from lower minors to upper minors successfully. They are all just prospects right now. On top of the transition from lower to upper minors is the transition from upper minors to MLB and 2021 does not include that transition, just the start of fielding a possibly competitive team at the major league level, to the date then becomes pushed to 2022 and 2023 for full competitiveness. Do not include ANY of the players on the current 25-man roster in the next competitive team if the Reds reset the current rebuild.

  27. Shchi Cossack

    Homer Bailey’s contrat is the gift that just keeps on giving from WJ and BC. It wasn’t a bad contract for Bailey, just a market value FA contract for a starting pitcher. It was just a bad contract for the Reds. High value, long term FA contracts for pitchers are just high risk gambles that more often than not result in situations similar to the Reds current situation with Bailey’s contract. It was a high risk gamble that simply didn’t pan out. Quite frankly, I think BC and WJ should reimburse the Reds organization out of their own pocket and allow the Reds to simply DFA Bailey to relase him from his Reds contract. That won’t happen of course, but both WJ and BC are completely responsible for this situation and both should be held accountable. That won’t happen of course either.

    • lwblogger2

      I’m not sure you mean by being held accountable. The contract was a high-risk gamble but a team should be able to afford one such contract. Besides in a way, over half of that contract is coming out of Castellini’s pocket as he’s the majority owner. If the Votto and Bailey contracts have hamstrung the Reds to the point that they are so constrained as not to be able to afford some players than maybe Castellini needs to get out of the baseball business. Maybe Cincinnati just isn’t a viable market? Maybe, as we all pretty much know, the business model baseball operates under is broken and although teams like the Reds, Twins, Royals, Indians can compete in 2-4 year windows, they can’t compete consistently with teams flushed with far higher revenue streams. Then there is all the tanking that is happening. Atlanta and Philly were tanking? Those are large market teams with money to spend. It’s all a bunch of crap really.

      Anyway, back to the Bailey contract, it was a risk and not the type of risk I would have taken as a GM/Owner. That said, it shouldn’t tie the organization’s hands such that they have no more money to spend. Was the team losing barrels of money at $125-million a year a few years ago? If not, then they should have more money than that as their TV deal has been renewed, national TV revenue is up, and the sale of MLBam created a 1-time windfall estimated at $50-million per team.

  28. Old-school

    The Bailey and Mesoraco injuries crippled the rebuild and it’s why the Reds abandoned 2018. The Bailey 23 million next year plus the failure of the FO to accumulate enough talent to win is why 2019 is now a lost cause when considering the investments the other NL Central teams have made.