The Short Version: The Reds ride Luis Castillo’s right arm and home runs from Eugenio Suarez and Joey Votto to their sixth straight victory. It’s a four-game sweep of the Dodgers in Los Angeles! The Reds continue to be undefeated in the Matt Harvey Era.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (14-27) 5 9 2
Los Angeles Dodgers (16-24) 3 5 2
W: Castillo (3-4) L: Hill (1-2) S: Iglesias (7)
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The Good
–Another nice start by Luis Castillo, who pitched into the seventh inning before yielding to the bullpen: two runs allowed on four hits, eight strikeouts, no walks. Mostly lights-out.

–Eugenio Suarez was 2-4 with a homer, a walk, and two RBI. Joey Votto had a homer, two walks, and two runs batted in. Alex Blandino had two hits, two runs scored, and an RBI.

–Billy Hamilton was 2-3 with a walk, a run scored, and three stolen bases. Billy’s on-base percentage is up to .317.

–Amir Garrett struck out four of the six hitters he faced. He’s a really good relief pitcher, you guys. Only a reliever, though. Don’t get any ideas in your head.

–Raisel Iglesias pitched a perfect ninth.

The Bad
–Jim Riggleman loves his bunts. I tire of this.

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–The Reds just swept the Dodgers in a four-game series at Dodger Stadium. I DON’T UNDERSTAND.

–The Reds got on the board first, in the top of the third. Alex Blandino reached on an error by Dodger first baseman Cody Bellinger and, one out later, Eugenio Suarez smashed his sixth home run of the season.

–The Dodgers got a run back when Yasiel Puig homered to lead off the bottom half of the third, but the Reds extended their lead in the following inning. With one out, Billy Hamilton singled to center; he advanced to third on a Jose Peraza single. Blandino then laid down a perfect suicide squeeze, and the Reds grabbed a 3-1 lead.

–No more scoring until the top of the sixth. Blandino singled to left with two outs and Joey Votto followed with his sixth home run of the season.

–Luis Castillo has struck out 22 and walked just two over his last three starts. The kid is back to form.

–That’s the first six-game winning streak for the Reds since 2013. The last time Cincinnati swept a four-game series in Los Angeles: 1976.

–Cincinnati’s bullpen has a 2.73 ERA over the last 15 games.

–It is becoming increasingly clear that the Cincinnati Reds will never lose another game, like, ever.

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  1. Eddiek957

    Wow I’m digging the bull pen

  2. doofus


  3. doofus

    Robinson Cano was just plunked on the hand…broken. He’s out for awhile. mariners are a winning ballclub. Scooter Gennett? However, I don’t see a fit from their farm? Perhaps Altavilla?

    • Hotto4Votto

      They may move Gordon to 2B. He’s not been a great CF, but he’s pretty new to the position. Could be that Gennett or Hamilton may be of interest. Worth taking a phone call to see where they could match up. The Mariner’s system is pretty bad. Lewis at the top but doubt they’d part with him for Gennett or Hamilton. Carlson is intriguing as a down the road piece. They also have a AA closer in Matthew Festa who may be nice as an additional piece.

  4. doofus

    If I were Krall I would start working the phones for Iglesias deals now. This team needs more pitching. Turn him for a couple studs plus…

    • John

      Really?! And what “studs” would you get that are better than Iglesias? Look at all their past deals- Cueto for Lamb/Reed/Finnegan. Aroldis Chapman for Jagielo/Renda/Cotham/Rookie Davis. Losing a proven player for prospects is a mistake

      • Bill

        You are leaving out some trades that worked well. The real comparison should be what the Yankees got for Chapman. The Reds got worried he would get suspended and traded him for nothing. The Yankees flipped him for the top SS prospect in baseball. Iglesias with another year of control could get something similar.

      • doofus

        So are you saying the Reds should never make a trade again b/c they screwed up the Cueto and Chapman deals?

      • doofus

        This team is no where near being a playoff contender. The front office should sell HIGH on players instead of waiting and having to sell LOW. In other words Bob Castellini must keep his nose out of the deal making process.

      • doofus

        Does this team need starting pitching? Could they use CF and SS depth?

      • doofus

        Every proven ML ball player was a prospect before they became a “proven” player.

  5. Scooter Rolen

    Reposting this from earlier:

    The last time the Reds swept the Dodgers in 4 games in Dodger Stadium was 1976 (Early August). The Reds won 3-2, 7-4, 4-1, 3-2.

    Game 1: Fred Norman throw a complete game w/ 2 runs and 6 SO. Foster had a 2-out RBI.
    Game 2: Reds break 3-3 tie in 9th with 4-run inning, Joe Morgan hits a 2B and a solo HR late in the game
    Game 3: G Foster hits a 3-run HR off Tommy John in the 5th inning and 1 SB.
    Game 4: Jack Billingham has 2 hits, 1 2B, and 1 RBI while coming 1 out short of complete game. Dusty Baker hits a solo HR for Dodgers.

    Reds were 73-39 at end of series and 13 games in first. The Reds have also swept the Dodgers in 3 games as recently as 2011 – they’ve done this about 2 or 3 times the last 20 or so years.


    • tomn

      Thanks for this! I probably watched a couple of the 76 LA games. Or if not, listened to them on the radio.

  6. Jeff Reed

    First Reds four game sweep in LA since 1976. The same year they sweep the Yankees in four games in the WS.

  7. bouwills

    Optimistically looking forward to Mon/Tue matchups in San Fran with Romano & Mahle on the mound.Still in “fingers crossed” mode for Harvey’s start on Wed.

  8. james garrett

    Hard to measure it but when your starters are young I would have to think scoring first takes a big load off of them.Today the Reds could have easily been up by 5 runs early but even up 3-1 you had to like our chances and then Joey goes deep and you really feel its over with the way our pen has pitched.Castillo was dominate for 6 and Garrett came in and just blew them away in the 7th and 8th.Iggy was just well Iggy and the Reds win.Yesterday it was Hernandez and Hughes that got it done.If Lorenzen comes back strong this pen can handle 3 innings every game because of the depth.

  9. doofus

    Deal for Nicky Lopez, SS/2B, Royals. Creighton standout. OBP machine. More walks than K’s over minor career. Was Top -3 in BA in AZ fall League LY. Throw them a pitcher like Cody Reed?

    • lwblogger2

      Reed + who? Lopez may be 2+ years away still as well. Never heard of him but looked him up after you mentioned him here. Looks like a nice player.

  10. Jeffrey Copeland

    The improbability of the sweep or the 6 game winning streak make it that much sweeter.

  11. doofus

    I got you with the bunts from Riggleman, but I’ll cut him some slack…b/c they’re winning. Maybe he’s setting up teams? There will be games when the situation may indicate a bunt sign from Riggs, which pulls in the corners and they swing away? I’m seeing actual game time managing from him that I didn’t from Price.

    • Shchi Cossack

      What? That reasoning is beyond reaching.

      What we can credit to Riggleman and his bunt affliction…at least when he calls a bunt, the hitter is capable of bunting (Blandino and Peraza). Still, throwing away outs and limiting big inning opportunities is not a good game plan. Riggle wasn’t happy about Peraza’s attempted bunt that went foul in the 8th inning with two strikes, Hamilton on 2B and no outs.

      • doofus

        I’m not following your “…reasoning is beyond reaching.” comment?

    • lost11found

      I was okay with the squeeze since it accomplished two things for one out. Getting Peraza to 2nd for Votto isn’t a bad deal and stays away from the DP. Plus at that point in the game, Castillo is pitching well against a team struggling to score runs. Tack on one more to the lead is a good idea.

  12. Shchi Cossack

    In the 6 game winning streak, the Reds are averaging…

    4.83 runs scored per game
    2.0 runs yielded per game

    more of this please!

  13. sezwhom

    The only head-scratching bunt was from Peraza and that was all on him. Riggleman didn’t call for it. You could tell. Price was bunt happy. Riggleman not so much.

  14. james garrett

    Blandino can actually bunt and because the Reds had missed some other chances I thought it was the right call.It got them a two run lead again and the way Castillo was throwing well it was huge.Normally for me bunting is just giving away an out but for this one game today it got us a run.It’s all good when you win.

  15. james garrett

    One thing about Blandino.This kid can play.That turn at second on the DP in the 5th was great.He got it and got rid of it all in one motion and it was a laser to a stretching Votto.Great defense.

    • Jeff Reed

      Yes indeed. Blandino is a part of the rebuild that is working.

      • jazzmanbbfan

        My first thought at the time was “could Scooter have turned that?”. Maybe if his shoulder is ok but I still have some doubts. Peraza did a good job going to his right to field it and still getting it to Blandino with a little zip on the ball too.

  16. james garrett

    May have been the 6th inning on that DP but it was still a great pivot and throw.

    • streamer88

      A record that is very close to their ceiling over 162 games.

    • Colorado Red

      My guess was 78 wins (before the season started).
      That is close to the winning percentage.

  17. Dayton Ducks

    My two favorite Cincinnati Reds eras:
    (1) The Big Red Machine Era
    (2) The Matt Harvey Era

  18. Klugo

    I’ll be damned. The Bipolar Reds! Like I said, that Harvey trade was a helluva trade! DW needs a raise!

  19. Shchi Cossack

    This is why you don’t bat Peraza directly directly behind Hamilton…

    4th inning:
    Hamilton singles with 1 out.
    Peraza fouled off 2 pitches out of the strike zone prenting Hamilton from stealing before singling and moving Haliton to 3B. This was the play preceding the successful squeeze by Blandino.

    8th inning:
    Billy Hamilton walks with no outs and steals 2B on the 1st pitch to Peraza, a called strike. Peraza fouls the next 2 pitches, preventing Hamilton from stealing 3B. This was fouled bunt attempt on strike 3.

    Peraza had a nice little (as in short) run of success at the plate, but unlike Hamilton, Peraza’s run of short run of success at the plate was just that…a short run (21 games) of success. It earned Peraza additional time to prove he could handle a starting position at the MLB level but since that 21 game run, he’s 7-37 with 2-2B & 1-BB. That’s a .189/.189/.243 slash in the last 9 games, including today’s game. Peraza needs to keep playing, but he doesn’t need to hit in the top of the lineup just because he’s fast. Let him hit in the #7 or #8 hole until he proves he can contribute offensively over the long term.

    Hamilton has been raking and getting on base, but I really like him in the #9 hole hitting in front of Winker. Winker takes a LOT of pitches, giving Hamilton ample opportunity to steal when he gets on base and Winker can handle the bat and control the strike zone hitting behind Hamilton. Don’t mess with success as a very wise baseball philosopher once proclaimed.

    • seat101

      I agree with trying people all around the batting order. But I would think batting Peraza 6th in front of Duval 7th might be a good way to go.

      Once Peraza shows he can get walks and/or Duval starts hitting move them up.

      • redsfan06

        Duvall should be on the bench with Winker leading off. Billy batting 9th with Winker, Blandino/Gennett, Votto, Suarez and Schebler following would be a potent lineup. Peraza should be batting 7th behind Barnhart.

    • TurboBuckeye

      Great observations. Totally agree on Peraza. A lot of it was just SSS anyhow.

    • Jack

      Winker wasnt playing today. Hard to bat leadoff sitting on the bench. And everybody goes in slumps during the year. The great Winker is in a 5-31 slump this month. For a guy who is a terrible outfielder, no arm, can’t run and has less power than Sean Casey , he needs to hit better than that.

      • greenmtred

        He’s not terrible, particularly in left, and he’s a bit faster than Suarez, apparently. But yes, he’s in a mini-slump, and, yes, everybody has them.

      • Jack

        He’s not terrible is like saying she wasn’t the ugliest in the bar. And Winker couldn’t carry Suarez’ s jock.

    • james garrett

      I agree and still say they are the holes offensively in the lineup.However Peraza seems to be making the plays on defense such as the bare hand grab and throw Saturday night.Its a young mans game and I miss him but Cozy doesn’t get the guy at first.No team can hide their weal links in their offense so you have to split them up and by no means can you hit them at the top of the order.

  20. old-school

    Kudos to:

    1.) Dick Williams:
    – he traded Dan Straily for Austin Brice and Luis Castillo. Brice is part of an unexpected bullpen resurgence and Castillo is back to being the next young ace.
    -he made solid bullpen off-season signings- Hernandez and Hughes. These vets are good and provide value
    -he signed Dylan Florio off the scrap heap.
    -he made a managerial change that altered the course trajectory of the season. Right move at the right time.
    -he traded one Reds sunk cost- Devin Mesoraco-for a legitimate MLB lottery ticket.
    -he signed Suarez to a long term contract.
    -he trusted Tyler Mahle and Sal Romano. These guys are competing.

    2.) Riggleman
    – He changed the culture and said – WIN THE DAY
    – He and DW put BH in the 9 hole.
    – Say what you want, but Amir Garret is helping the Reds win baseball games on a regular basis. Price and DW may be in play here as well.
    -He’s using the outfield, bullpen, and Alex Blandino very well.
    -he made a managerial TOOTBLAN- his response….yeah that was a mess.

    3.) Eugenio Suarez:
    4.) Joey Votto:
    5.) Scooter Gennett
    – he admitted at the right time his shoulder wasn’t right. Riggleman said Ive seen this before with Adam Laroche. He/they fixed it.
    Scooter is back

    6.) Danny Darwin
    -the Reds 6 game winning streak goes along with solid pitching and goes along with Danny Darwin. TBD.

    • Colorado Red

      On the other side

      Did not trade Cozart. Not much,but better then nothing.
      Part of the DW trades of Chapman and Todd or waiting too long of them
      Afraid to make a trade during the season. (hope that changes this year)

    • greenmtred

      Price had BH batting 9th frequently, but credit to Riggleman for other stuff.

    • doofus

      Where were these kudos 6 games ago? Williams will deserve kudos when he actually makes some dynamic moves that really improve this club. All of his moves have been easy layups.

  21. TurboBuckeye

    Sure is fun when all the pieces work like they’re supposed to!

  22. nicolecushing

    What a fun stretch of baseball. Nice to see our Redlegs go out to a large market and kick some ass. Sometimes it ain’t the size of the dog in the fight, sometimes it’s the size of the fight in the dog. Reading the sputtering indignation of Dodgers twitter has been a delight.

  23. scottya

    If Finnegan is ever transitioned to the bullpen and is healthy. This would be a dominating bullpen, if it’s not already.

    Castillo looks really good.

    Reds should be right on top of Seattle situation shopping a second baseman, Scooter would be a perfect fit. Love the guy, but this is business.

    Reds should manipulate the rotation to keep Harvey from starting in Colorado or gabp as little as possible.

    I like being on the smiling side of the scoreboard.

    • Aaron Bradley

      Scooter is just getting started, he may hit 35 homers in the dog days of summer… his trade value should continue to rise, no need to rush a deal. Let’s see if this team can get a sniff of .500 before dealing him away.

      • Indy Red Man

        I get the impression that Scooter is kind of the clubhouse glue and joker for the team & a Cincinnati boy to boot. Not to mention they don’t know what kind of impact Senzel would have? Trading Scooter could make sense if the return was there but I would imagine they have to see how Senzel does in the big leagues.

      • Jack

        Exactly. Senzel had done nothing in the big leagues yet. Most people on here have given him the keys to the bldg and penned him into the HOF already. Kind of like Winker. They need to keep Scooter until Senzel has shown something that he belongs. Same thing for Winker. Do we need a outfielder who so far has no power? Especially one who hits in a band box. Jury is still out on Winker. Hope they both do well though. Let’s just see what they do first.

      • Jeff Reed

        The jury will be in on Winker when he is a regular and the outfield rotation ends.

      • Bill

        Maybe some have handed Senzel the MVP award, but the reasoning for trading Scooter by the majority is that he is not signed long term. If another team needs his bat at the deadline he is significantly more valuable this year than next year. The Reds are not making the playoffs this year, and penciling them in next year would be a strecth unless the front office plans on spending significantly on multiple free agents, which is doubtful. I think the general consensus on Senzel is that if he can overcome the vertigo issues he will provide better defense than Scooter and also be able to hit. However if he doesn’t the team is not lacking for 2B candidates to replace Scooter

      • Thomas Jefferson

        While Senzel is not proven, there is no ‘need’ to keep Scooter; there are lots of options for second base if Senzel is not the answer (Blandino ready for a shot, 2 Herreras and Long may/will be ready soon; Herrera and Long have better minor league numbers than Gennet, to boot). Get value for Gennett to help the rebuild; he does not project to be a starter on the next good Reds team.

  24. seat101

    I know it’s way too early… But if Harvey continues to do well we should trade him to the Dodgers..,,

    • greenmtred

      Atl least wait for 4 more dominant innings…

      • Ernest

        Homer pitched 5 no hit innings in April, maybe the Reds can trade him to the Dodgers.

      • Jack

        True. But Homer has no value whatsoever. With that big contract he is going nowhere. Hopefully he can find something. As for Harvey , he has some potential and an expiring contract. There will be more offers for him than Homer. Although I don’t think the returns will be great.

  25. Carl Sayre

    I know this isn’t the cream of baseball and it is a small sample size but where would this team be had they fired Price 3 years ago? The call about just a manager filling out a line-up is a bit silly!!!! The bunt to advance the base runner is proven to be over valued but the squeeze by Blandino was an excellent call and executed very well! Hamilton’s bunt for a base hit needs to be part of his arsenal !!!!!! I am just saying don’t get rid of the bunt just because the sacrifice is a wasted out most of the time!!!!@

    • Jack

      You didn’t know that some of these people are all managers in waiting? It’s amazing that the Reds haven’t contacted some of these people and offered them a job. Managing is easy.

  26. Eric

    As long as the bunts are working to the Reds’ advantage, I’m fine with ignoring how much it makes them look like the ’86 Mets, whom I loathed with a fiery passion.

  27. doofus

    Jim Riggleman’s response to Chad’s “Tiring of Bunts” comment: “I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and writes under the blanket of wins I provide and then questions the manner in which I provide them. I would rather you just said ‘thank you,’ and went on your way. Otherwise, I suggest that you pick up a bat, take an at-bat and…drop a bunt!”