The Reds have announced that Nick Krall, who has been with the organization since 2003, has been promoted to the position of General Manager. Krall’s promotion is effective immediately. Dick Williams will retain his position as President of Baseball Operations and oversee the club’s entire baseball operations department.

In making the announcement of Krall’s promotion Dick Williams said:

“Nick understands every aspect of our baseball operations. Increasing his authority within the organization will help expedite the implementation of the changes being made throughout our entire system, Moving forward, Nick will be more heavily involved in the decisions we need to make to improve our product on the field at both the Major League and minor league levels.”

Krall first came to the Reds in 2003 from the Oakland A’s organization to oversee the Reds advanced scouting department and has held several front office positions during his tenure with the team. Most recently he has been Assistant General Manager since 2015. According to the team in his duties as AGM Krall already did the following:

“….assisted Williams with all day-to-day Major League operations, including administration, arbitration, contract negotiations, rules and waivers compliance and player acquisitions. Krall also oversees the Reds’ Professional Scouting department and the Baseball Operations Intern program while working closely with the Amateur Scouting, Analyticsand Player Development departments.”

At this time no other background information is yet available to offer insight into motivation or timing behind this move.

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  1. TurboBuckeye

    Hard to view this as anything other than DW getting some of his authority removed.

    • CaptainHook

      Except a lot of teams have done this exact model. It helps maintain personnel. Sort of like the various Assistant Head Coach type jobs in college football.

  2. WVRedlegs

    Congratulations to Nick Krall. I remember him from the RLN gathering 2 years ago. A very engaging person. Seems like a good baseball guy.
    The question will be does this move help bring winning baseball back to Cincinnati? And a second Q will he have a little more authority on baseball personnel/roster decisions?
    Lets get down with some of those “hard baseball decisions” the Reds are facing. One way or the other, make some career decisions on some players and start to chart a path forward. Standing pat and holding onto prospects too long is not the way to do baseball business.

    • Thomas Jefferson

      Agreed. He was engaging and interesting and seemed to have some savvy about him. Far too limited exposure to understand whether he will be successful, but he made a solid impression. As for your second question, having a more built-out leadership team in the front office is a positive – having more good and modern baseball people in top discussions may edge out some of the old-fashioned thinking. The real answer isTBD.

  3. Sabr Chris

    This is a nothing burger, over half the teams in league now employ a President of Baseball Operations and a General Manager. The only really question, does this move represent a continued move towards data driven management or a retreat to “old shool” philosophy.

  4. Scooter Rolen

    I hear every now and then that Jocketty still has a voice in the front office/organization. Does this have any impact on his position or does he still have Castellini’s ear?

    Seems like we now have a baseball-minded guy at GM and a numbers-minded guy at Prez, could be a nice combo.

    • Aaron Bradley

      From what I understand Jocketty is a special advisor or some such nonsense… in other words he is semi-retired but refuses to get out of the way. Think Bob doesn’t fully trust the youngsters and still trusts his buddy Walt for advice. BUt I sincerely hope this move means Jocketty is involved less in personnel decisions.

  5. Carl Sayre

    He has been with.the organization during the free fall and they promote him to GM!!!!! I have always heard about being.promoted to the level of your ineptitude!!!!!!! The way I see this is BC surrounding himself with “YES MEN”!!!!

    • Colorado Red

      That is what concerns me.
      I think Walt is still in charge.
      MEH move

    • George

      When the Reds finish the year with less than 50 wins now they have a GM to fire who isn’t family. CYA!!!

    • Bill

      Someone once told me “to remain the smartest person in your organization, hire people dumber than you”.

      • Jim Walker

        Or work for “dumber” people but make them look good instead of showing them up if the job is what you want to be doing instead of greater responsibilities and headaches. Guess it is all in the vantage point of the beholder

    • gm3jones

      Isn’t that coined as “the peter principle”?

  6. George

    Gee, I didn’t hear a band playing. At least when they rearranged the deck chairs on the Titanic+ they had a band!!! 🙂

  7. Mike Adams

    Political move.
    The Reds are playing so badly that after firing Price, the heat was rising to the front office.
    DW needed a scapegoat between him and lower levels so that if the year ends up as bad as it has been so far, there is someone else to blame.

  8. Matt WI

    Nothing like knowing you can “fail up” as DW.

    • Thomas Jefferson

      DW did not get promoted; he was already President of Baseball Ops.

      • Matt WI

        True enough, but the sentiment remains the same, no?… a lackluster dalliance without any significant drawbacks for him.

        I’m not wishing ill for DW, and I think this switch is probably a good thing, but my main beef is what it seems to be showing about the choices being made regarding running the team on a systemic level. It just bothers me how dysfunctionally they are presenting. My hopes will always be that something good comes out of the mess.

  9. seat101

    Again, Some people are not happy unless they are unhappy.

    WJ is Now one more layer removed from baseball operations.

    DW Now has his own man running the team the way he wants it to run.

    Take a chill pill, and let the season play out.

    Remember, these are the guys who didn’t bring up Senzel when everyone was yelling for them to do it – They made the right move.

    They also stuck with paratha when everyone was yelling at them to get rid of him. Again, the right move.

    • Matt WI

      I can appreciate a lot of what you’re saying, but if DW has “his own man” running the team the way he wants at this point, I think it’s fair to ask what in the world was DW doing in that role at all?

      If this is his way of acknowledging he was feeling out of his depth, then I can appreciate that too… but the man hardly got the seat warm to be “passing a torch”

  10. Steve Mancuso

    Wonder if this move was necessitated to keep Krall. Maybe he was offered a job with another organization. That’s a more plausible explanation to me for this promotion to take place during the season. Wonder how Sam Grossman reacts to it.

    • Shchi Cossack

      I had the same thought regarding Sam Grossman. Every AGM wants to hold the reins, but GM positions are few and far between. with Nick being promoted from AGM to GM within the Reds organization, the only realistic option for a GM position would be in another organization and I don’t anticipate anyone beating down a path to hire anyone from the Reds organization.

    • Earmbrister

      My knee jerk reaction was also that this was done to retain Krall.

      Some of the negativity here is over the top.

      Exhale people, it’s May 10th.

      • Alex Whitehead

        I see what your saying I guess but it’s hard for me to accept teams are beating down the Reds door for their front office ppl. Just typing the words felt ridiculous.

    • lwblogger2

      I was thinking these exact same things Steve! I would say something about great minds but mine is only so-so these days.

  11. larry

    If this means that Jocketty has been shown the door, I’m for the changes!

  12. Sandman

    Makes me wonder if DW got tired of the criticism over some of his moves/signings and said, “the neck with it…let somebody else take all the crap”, lol!

  13. JR

    Who’s in charge? Who makes the trades? Who is accountable? This isn’t the Politburo in Moscow, it’s baseball.

  14. Jeff Reed

    I see this as Dick Williams occupying the corner office without Jocketty looking over his shoulder. Here’s hoping that Walt has been shown the door.

  15. GreatRedLegsFan

    I hope Nick Krall has some advanced metrics approach to the game, he’s an LSU graduate, it feels like this organization is still working with an abacus.

  16. Scott Kelly

    This might be a great move. Or horrible, I do not know. But what concerns me is that this organization always promotes from within and never seems to go outside the box.

  17. Thomas Jefferson

    This seems to be a move to strengthen the Reds leadership team and front office. I really like it. As baseball becomes more complex, more leadership is needed to run it well. The Reds may have thought that they didn’t need two people to cover the GM role and the Pres. of Baseball Ops when they had DW and WJ ‘sharing’ the roles, but now they do, which may bode well for WJ having less input. In any case, it’s a move that many of the better run teams have already made, and I like it.

    To win, the Reds are going to have to be a step better than most in the league at scouting and development. Since getting the GM title (at first shared with WJ), DW has greatly increased and upgraded the organization’s capacity to scout (hello, Asia), invested in the facilities, support, and coaching throughout the minor leagues, has built a new complex (instead of sharing one old, crowded one) in the DR, and is adding a team in the Appalachian league, among other things. Add in a significant increase in the analytics department, and you have a lot more opportunity to develop more talent than two years ago. And it is a lot more to manage and lead. Having both a GM and a President can help.

  18. doofus

    The Reds may sniff the playoffs in 2030, book it. As always I hope I’m incorrect.