The Cincinnati Reds (8-27) will try again tonight at 7:10 PM at Great American Ballpark against the New York Mets (18-15). The Reds are an abysmal 1-6 on the current homestand.

Starting Pitchers

Tonight’s matchup features two pitchers who have never faced their opponent. The only batter that Castillo is faced is Frazier (1 for 2), and the only batter that Vargas has faced is Suarez (1 for 4). Luis Castillo is coming off his best start of the season results-wise (6.0 IP, 2 ER, 1 BB, 7 K). Jason Vargas has an ERA of 16, so surely he will dominate the Reds tonight.

Starting Lineups

Mets Reds
1. Michael Conforto (CF)
2. Asdrubal Cabrera (2B)
3. Yoenis Cespedes (LF)
4. Jay Bruce (RF)
5. Adrian Gonzalez (1B)
6. Amed Rosario (SS)
7. Tomas Nido (C)
8. Jose Reyes (3B)
9. Jason Vargas (P)
1. Jose Peraza (SS)
2. Scott Schebler (RF)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
5. Scooter Gennett (2B)
6. Adam Duvall (LF)
7. Devin Mesoraco (C)
8. Luis Castillo (P)
9. Billy Hamilton (CF)


Nick Senzel is out of the Louisville Bats lineup for a 5th consecutive game after suffering dizziness last Thursday. Senzel of course had his 2017 season cut short because of vertigo, so this is somewhat concerning. I wrote about why I think the Reds should wait to call up Senzel (shameless plug) earlier today here on RN.


Just stop losing please.

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  1. Aaron Bradley

    Nick, surely you know Jay Bruce is on the NY Mets and not the Atlanta Braves, right?

    • earmbrister

      The Braves (and Mets) have been busy Hot Stove wise

  2. Aaron Bradley

    I think Votto belongs in the #2 spot. He has the patience to let the 2 guys ahead of him try to steal. This musical chairs in the #2 doesnt make sense to me.

  3. Ethan L

    Where’s Winker tonight? Why bench your second best hitter…just for the sake of following through with some half-baked idea at the beginning of the season? What’s the point? What’s the logic? Who is calling the shots?

    Nonetheless, let’s chip away at the 10-win plateau. Can’t win 10 if you don’t win 9!

    • docproctor

      And it wasn’t even THIS manager’s half-baked idea. Why is he holding on to Price’s asinine platoon?

      • DetroitRedleg

        since we are clearly not playing to win this year, I have no problem with the platoon with the hope that Duval make it hot and net something at the trade deadline

      • Ernest

        There are no teams in MLB that would trade for Duvall. He provides no value to a team

  4. Doug in Dallas

    I heard the Braves were so upset that they only split with the Reds last week they have returned to Cincinnati to replay those games

  5. james garrett

    Vargas is a crafty lefty which has spelled trouble for us.

  6. Doug in Dallas

    Hey Nick. It is only natural that we can mix up the teams we are playing. It is probably because even though the opponent does change unfortunately the play of the Reds does not. We are the Washington Generals now

  7. Sliotar

    Bark in the Park.

    At least there is some guarantee of seeing quality tonight wearing the wishbone C. Can’t have too many shots on TV of happy dogs with Reds scarves.

    Go Doggies. (and Redlegs, too. I guess.)

  8. Jack

    I think the 4 man platoon in the outfield will go on to the end of the season. Riggleman doesn’t run this team and he is just blowing more smoke up the keister.

  9. Jack

    I wish MLB would replace The Reds games with Louisville games. Might see winning baseball more.

  10. VaRedsFan

    So the big question of the night…Will the Reds break the winless streak with Mez as a starter?

    How come Bailey gets the no-Mez clause?
    I propose that the starting pitchers with the best numbers get 1st choice of catcher in their games

    • WVRedlegs

      Might see a Mesaraco for Harvey trade before the Mets leave town. Stay tuned.

      • VaRedsFan

        right on cue…trade has been booked

  11. docproctor

    The #Reds have acquired RHP Matt Harvey from the Mets in exchange for C Devin Mesoraco and cash. Harvey will join the team later this week in Los Angeles. The Reds have also selected the contract of C Tony Cruz from the Triple-A Louisville Bats.

    • Aaron Bradley

      Well any kind of change is acceptable. Harvey was a good pitcher once upon a time, maybe the Reds geniuses can fix him. Have Soto work with him on the changeup, etc.

  12. Old-school

    Matt Harvey welcome.
    Mesoraco thanks.

    Both teams paying each salaries.
    Good move…maybe Harvey can find himself with Darwin.

  13. Aaron Bradley

    Thing is, if Harvey does turn it around he is a free agent at the end of the year anyhow. This is just patchwork stuff to get thru the season, and mens giving innings to someone not in the long term plans unless they give this guy an extension which seems imprudent.

    • Bill

      I don’t get it. I was expecting some minor league player for Mesoraco that probably would never amount to anything, but at least had a chance. Harvey doesn’t make any improvement to the rotation that a guy in house couldn’t have achieved. I guess they think they can fix him and flip him at the deadline

      • Aaron Bradley

        He’d have to really turn it around to be flippable, he has been bad for 3 years now… but was once highly touted so I guess there is a chance. I guess they have nothing to lose except giving innings to the youngsters.

      • Mike Adams

        Maybe the cash was the main thing the Reds front office wanted, and Mesoraco was “oh, yeah, you can have this guy too.”

      • Mike Adams

        My bad, I was wrong way on the cash.

  14. Jack

    Well that’s one bum gone. 3 or 4 to go.

  15. Matt WI

    That trade is outrageous. Gallardo wasn’t enough malfeasance? Not questioning Meso’s “trade value” just the trade target.

    Like DW got drunk with the Mets FO last night and they consummated this like a Vegas wedding.

    • Ben

      most likely, Harvey was the one getting drunk

  16. Old-school

    I disagree. Harvey is a former elite prospect. Andrew Miller was not good at this stage in his career. Harvey has been kicked out of the big Apple. If Danny Darwin and he connect and he finds himself, he’s an off season FA signing.
    Low risk, high ceiling. Harvey wants a change of scenery. Give Darwin a chance.

    • Bill

      It’s not that he can’t turn it around, it is if he does somehow turn it around he is a free agent and won’t sign with the Reds. Either way he is complicating the sorting out of pitching

    • Aaron Bradley

      an offseason FA signing for who? Surely not us, this team spends no money. If he shows anything positive someone else will take a flyer on him.

      • Mike Adams

        Not only do they not spend money, THEY GOT CASH BACK on this trade!

      • Mike Adams

        My bad, I was wrong way on the cash.

    • Matt WI

      I don’t remember the at all… does Miller have a serious injury history?


    Possible rationale: Starting rotation still very much in the air relative to the future. Have to keep Castillo, Romano and Mahle on the 25, building experience in MLB, barring complete meltdown. The other two spots??? Allows Stephenson and/or Reed more time in Louisville to hopefully, finally, establish consistency without being called up before ready and getting lit up again. And maybe, just maybe, Harvey can get turned around in time for the trade deadline. Again, just possible rationale.

  18. Matt WI

    And I’m sure Harvey is super pumped to be a great presence around the team. The Mets have to be laughing their rear ends off.

    • Old-school

      Matt latos had a bad reputation. He did ok for 3 years in a new setting

      • Matt WI

        I’m less sensitive to the reputation than the injury history. Dude’s arm may be in worse shape than Homer.

        If he could bring it, I’d be happy, but if he could bring it, this trade never happens. Latos wasn’t broken when he came to Cincy

  19. Old-school

    Singing Harvey also sends a message to Finnegan Reed and Bob Steve get it together.

    • Matt WI

      Or it says to Harvey, “don’t worry you won’t stand out around here” 🙂

  20. J

    So is Mes available for the Mets tonight?

    What on earth are these people doing? The only way this trade makes any sense at all is of the Reds are hoping Harvey can quickly turn things around so they can trade him for a better prospect than Mes would have brought. (Or perhaps they’re trying to win vicariously by creating a good Mets team made up entirely of former Reds?)

    • Aaron Bradley

      Yea its more idiocy… I would think a power hitting catcher has more trade value than a pitcher going on 3 years of mediocrity. Catchers get hurt all the time. In fact the Cardinals could probably use Meso right now.

      • Mike Adams

        My bad, I was wrong way on the cash.

      • Indy Red Man

        Who is this power hitting catcher of which you speak? Meso the popup artist? Good frigging riddance! Good day sir!

  21. Sliotar

    The Dark Knight of Skyline (Chili) just does not have the same ring as DK of Gotham, I have to admit.

    Harvey probably needed to get away from NYC nightlife and closer media scrutiny to re-hab his career.

    But, is the plan to flip him in 2 months? Try and re-sign him?

    This may work out OK, but another sign that this team isn’t on the upswing, or ready to win real soon. Still in the “let’s try stuff and see what sticks” mode.

    That was a good trade for Mets, given their injuries.

  22. vegastypo

    I just heard about Matt Harvey. Is this the same franchise that would carry just about anyone, regardless of his skill level … cough, Skip, cough, Schumaker. cough … as long as he was great in the clubhouse?? Now we want Matt Harvey?

  23. Aaron Bradley

    I am starting to suspect the worst. This was a blatant salary dump. Even with cash going the other way I bet the Reds saved a few million. That’s all that matters to them at this juncture. Rome is burning. I want these jerks in management held accountable. No more media softball questions. If this was New York these guys would be getting murdered by the columnists.

    • Bill

      C Trent is reporting Reds paying all of the 13 million for Meso and the Mets paying the 5 million of Harvey’s contract

      • Aaron Bradley

        Jesus, what in the holy name of hell? So not a salary dump… then what? This guy is a FA after this season, I don’t get it at all… it literally means they have no faith in anyone in the organization to provide innings at the major league level that they would turn to this bum being DFA’d by the Mets. How can it be any worse?

  24. JB WV

    Sad to see Mes go. I respect oldschool’s opinion but Harvey has been bad for a few years now. Probably a better chance of Mes finding his stroke than Harvey reemerging.

  25. Aaron Bradley

    The Reds couldn’t even get one low prospect out of this? When they just DFA’d this guy and they clearly need a catcher? Christ! These guys are amateurs in the front office and Jocketty is either senile or just sabotaging stuff out of spite because no one likes him.

    • Sliotar


      The optics of this are bad, for several reasons.

      But, foremost, I thought the Reds had all this wonderful young pitching that was the cornerstone of the rebuild?

      One of 5 slots is already committed to Bailey, he makes too much not to start him. Now, Harvey is going to get innings as a SP. Maybe he’s flipped in July, more likely he needs the rest of season with Darwin….if Harvey even has anything left and can lose the crappy attitude.

      P.S. – Castelllini would not only avoid the media if he was owner in NYC, he would probably not walk the streets, for fear of fans confronting him.

      He has been let off the hook by all Reds media, including writers on this site.

      • Aaron Bradley

        Bob was on record at the caravan of saying how the young pitching is being under estimated by the so-called experts. Bob is clearly out of his mind and depth, and Jocketty is right hand man simply will not go away despite doing nothing but pure damage for years now. I mean I guess we give him credit for Suarez, a nice acquisition for Simon, but apparently that gives him lifetime access to tinker with the roster, and they are forever chasing the next dumpster dive find they can flip. I mean GALLARDO? GALLARDO!!!??? This season in a nutshell: GALLARADO, a guy who missed ST and we had no clue about what he had left in the tank, given meaningful innings in the opening days of the season! Is it any wonder we are looking like the 62 Mets?

  26. Jack

    Well here in New York they are all happy. Harvey is not going to find the nightlife in Cincy as good as in NYC.

  27. Jack

    Frazier on the 10 day DL. Maybe Bob can get him for Senzel.

  28. joseph prince

    I do not see how this helps. Moving Mes is okay, but for a 7.00+ ERA Pitcher and leaving Garret in the pen?

  29. Jack

    Wonder who Harvey replaces in Rotation? Knowing this franchise it will be Mahle.

  30. Klugo

    Oh Harvey’s just gonna LOVE GABP!!

  31. TyGuy85

    Did Harvey somehow used to pitch for the Cardinals?? Or is he dating Castellini’s daughter??

  32. Joel

    Well, at least they didn’t trade Frank Robinson in his prime.

  33. VaRedsFan

    I can’t believe Vargas isn’t breezing through 5 like most journeymen seem to do. Nice job by Suarez and the top of the lineup.

  34. VaRedsFan

    Thom said Harvey will go into the rotation on the West coast

  35. Joel

    Well, they’re not running this team as badly as the Knicks…yet.

  36. WVRedlegs

    I don’t get the part about the Reds paying 100% of Mesaraco’s salary and the Mets will pay 100% of Harvey’s salary.
    It is just beyond stupid for the Reds to do that. Who is the Reds chief negotiator? John Kerry?

  37. Eddiek957

    Don’t like this trade. Hope I’m wrong

  38. Sliotar

    Bob Castellini’s proclamation on April 24:

    “If we’re not going to play better than .500 baseball from now on, to me that would be a disaster.’’

    Including that day’s game, the Reds have since gone 4-9.

    Manager already fired, owner says he’s embarrassed, Reds lose a series at home to lowly Marlins. It is fair to wonder if there was an element of “have to show we are doing something”, yet again.

    Mets got bailed out on Harvey and got to pay lesser of the salaries. Maybe they smelled (more) desperation at Nuxhall Way.

    • George

      So in other words. the Reds are paying Meso’s13+ Million for Harvey and the Mets are paying Harvey’s 5+million for Meso.
      Winner, METS.
      “and the farmer hauled another load away, and you could tell by the smell, it wasn’t hay”
      Daugherty protecting his position so he can stay around long enough to get full retirement.

  39. VaRedsFan

    I see the trade like this. They are dumping a weak player. You get to call up a replacement catcher. Nobody is breaking down the door at AAA to come up and pitch. Hopefully it gets rid of Finnegan from the rotation. If it doesn’t work, you got rid of 2 negatives and only got back one

    • Bill

      Replacing Finnegan with Harvey is very little if any improvement and Cruz is probably a downgrade on Mesoraco. Harvey is gone at the end of the season and blocks others from getting starts. I would rather see Stephenson get the starts if Finnegan is sent down. Losing Mesoraco was no big deal, but I think they could have at least gotten a minor league player instead of someone DFA’d and on the verge of becoming a free agent.

    • Jack

      That’s true and if anything we get a new bobblehead!!! Get ready for Matt Harvey bobblehead night!!

      • Indy Red Man

        Every game Homer pitches is bobblehead night! Its a little difficult for the human eye to track something going 110 mph without jerking your head around. Comes in at 93 and goes out at 110!

  40. Reds Fan in Petaluma

    Hamilton doing what he always does. Strike out with a runner on thirdbase, and NO OUTS. inquiring minds want to know. What exactly is Billy Hamilton doing with respect to hitting drills to improve ? Pre-game Pepper, batting tee work? Choking up on the bat? Anything?

    • Jack

      He is working on his fake bunt drills.

  41. Reds Fan in Petaluma

    Sorry, Correction : ONE out

  42. Indy Red Man

    I really don’t understand all the complaining? Mesoraco was beyond worthless. If the guy hit 2 HRs in a week then you ABSOLUTELY know there’s a pothole on the sidewalk with his name on it and he’s going back on the DL. They lost 20 games in a row with him in the lineup and thats not all a fluke. Harvey will probably be awful as well but maybe a change of scenery will work for him? Oh he might upset the clubhouse? What? You mean the Reds clubhouse with 18+ guys that won’t be here in 2 years? Desperate frigging times require desperate measures!

    • Matt WI

      Nobody is really crying over Mes. I just don’t see how any move that doesn’t even attempt to improve this team in the long run is worth making. They saved no money, they got no prospect that maybe/could be useful, and if Harvey somehow improves, another team grabs him in his walk year. This year is in the toilet, what does this trade do to improve the 2019 Reds?

  43. Den

    I’m willing to have a wait and see view on this trafe. This is a throw away go for the number 1 pick season. If Harvey shows something then great, if no then nothing loss.

  44. Indy Red Man

    Scooter hits lefties once in a while but the overall #s don’t lie. More importantly….he’s not a part of the future (or shouldn’t be) and Blandino might be a valuable utility guy. This front office just doesn’t understand what rebuilding means?

    • Jack

      Don’t understand why Blandino isn’t starting tonight

    • VaRedsFan

      Scooter is batting .321 vs leftys this year

    • Den

      Is Scooter really old? I see no reason why he cantc be a nice veteran role player on this team for the next 4-6 years.

  45. Phil

    Geesh…let’s give Matt a few starts before you hang him. Hello Matt..Goodbye Brandon.

  46. Matt WI

    In better news, Castillo is being Castillo tonight!

  47. Indy Red Man

    Dilson Herrera 2-2 with a HR tonite for Lville. He’s only 24. I spent all season last year defending Scooter and Duvall. They were productive last year for the most part, but the writing is on the wall for them. Scooter in particular…is in the way of Senzel, Blandino, and Dilson Herrera. If Scooter ever picks it up then they could move him to the AL to be a DH/utility guy.

  48. Indy Red Man

    Bundy for the O’s gave up 7 er on 4 HRs and didn’t get an out tonite. Makes Homer look like Orel Hershiser

  49. Matt WI

    Good heavens, shut the door right now, do Castillo a solid.

    • Dave Roemerman

      Good for Riggleman. Mets announcers said to let him pitch out of it but I think he needs one good outing this year. Confidence matters, especially to young guys. Let him get 6 IP and a run (okay 2) allowed. Maybe a win would be nice, too.

      • Indy Red Man

        Rather a tad early then too late! He was showing a few signs of frustration on the mound and one mistake can cost you in gabp! They’re going to juggle 20+ guys on the pitching staff anyway so going to the pen early and often is ok in this instance.

      • Dave Roemerman

        Yep. And yeah, he kept fussing over the mound. Like you said we’re not short on arms – we are short on certainty about what they are, so let’s figure it out

  50. Dave Roemerman

    Speaking of drunk (above), nice headline I have it confirmed that Harvey, DeGrom, and Syndergaard can drink their weight, in the presence of the pitching coach, while asking which waitresses are the easiest (one pitcher in a shiny new wedding band). This from a Mt. Adams bartender when hearing I was back home from New York for a week last August. Harvey also refused to take an assignment to Florida to rehab because he preferred to be in New York. No wonder why. As a baseball trade, this is fine. Call up Turner and replace a backup catcher, which is what Mez is at this point, if not a 1B/DH. If Harvey weren’t such a clown, personally it would be fine to take a chance As it is, both are free agents after the Series, so who cares?

  51. james garrett

    Riggleman doing everything he can to win tonight.Playing the match ups and has used 3 guys to get 4 outs.Lets score a few and put this on ice.

  52. Indy Red Man

    24 yr old pitcher Keury Mella was supposed to be the big piece coming back in the Leake trade. He’s got a 0.84 era at AA thru 32 innings with a 32/6 K/BB ratio and no HRs allowed. Whats it take to get promoted to AAA? Get him in the mix and ready for the show!

    • Redsfan4life

      I used to get excited about numbers like that from our young pitchers. Not so much anymore.

      • Indy Red Man

        I know…but you have to keep some hope that a few of them will get it at some point? If they could get 3 of them to pan out then they could take Homer’s $ and buy a starter or 2 for 2020!

    • Jack

      He doesn’t walk enough batters to be in AAA with Bob Steve and Reed?

  53. VaRedsFan

    Paxton no hits the jays. Throwing 100 mph in the 9th.

    • Indy Red Man

      Crazy! Lefties were always a little slower on the radar gun, but maybe Chapman, Billy Wagner, and Paxton are changing that up?

  54. james garrett

    Eugenio and Scooter with big hits.Get this wait for it wait for it we lead 7-2 in the 7th.

    • Indy Red Man

      I’ve mentioned several times that I hoped Suarez could become as good as Anthony Rendon. Rendon has been banged up but only 1 HR (Reds/opening week) in 66 atbats. Suarez might be the 2nd best 3B in the NL now!

      • james garrett

        I agree 100% Indy.Getting that 5th run right there was huge.

  55. james garrett

    The Wily one,Peralta that is,just laid down a sac bunt.

  56. Ernest

    Suarez has certainly become a stud. The Reds did something right thanks to his amazing work ethic

  57. seat101

    My goodness I just turn on the TV and I saw a great play with a shortstop and second baseman snd the first baseman.

    But I bet when I go back and read through the thread, everybody’s going to be talking about how stupid the front offices for trading DM for MH.


  58. james garrett

    We are clicking tonight in all phases.

    • seat101

      So I see. Boy, the Mets really like her cast off don’t they?

  59. james garrett

    So happy tonight that I won’t even mention we just went down on 4 pitches in our half of the eighth,I mean who cares we just need 3 outs and we are up by 5 runs.

  60. Indy Red Man

    So conflicted with Scooter! I think he’s the sparkplug in the clubhouse and he’s a Cincy kid with pop in his bat. It probably makes sense to deal him in a baseball sense but I can almost guarantee the Reds front brass doesn’t look at it that way. He’s really a DH that can butcher a few positions for you around the diamond and not an everyday 2B. I know they don’t want to trade him but they have to trade him?