The Cincinnati Reds (8-26) will continue their homestand tonight at 7:10 PM against the New York Mets (17-15). The Reds so far are just 1-5 on the homestand, coming off back-to-back losses to the lowly Marlins. The Mets have lost six straight games, but are still currently right in the thick of the NL East race, 1.5 games out of first place. The top four teams in the NL East (Braves, Phillies, Mets, Nats) are all separated by less than two games. The Mets are lead in part by former Reds, Todd Frazier and Jay Bruce. Frazier is off to a resurgent 2018 season, as he enters play on Monday with 5 homers and a 135 wRC+.

Starting Pitchers

Homer Bailey‘s last three starts have not been good: 15.2 IP, 20 H, 12 ER, 6 HR, 4 BB, 5 K. Bailey is really struggling so far in 2018 to miss bats, and that has be concerning as the temperature warms up this summer. It won’t get any easier for Bailey tonight as he has a career 6.49 ERA against the Mets, and the combined currents Mets hitters have a 1.002 OPS.

The Reds catch a break tonight as they will face P.J. Conlon in his MLB debut. Conlon is taking the place of the injured Jacob DeGrom. Mets manager Mickey Callaway said about Conlon (courtesy NY Post): “He’s a guy that throws strikes, has a good changeup and maybe he can keep them off balance for a while and then let out bullpen come in and try to finish the job.” He was the Mets second choice to fill the rotation spot (the other got his travel schedule messed up), so even they aren’t putting a lot of faith in him. One interesting fact is that Conlon will be the first Irish-born player in the major leagues since 1945.

Starting Lineups

You can find the lineups here.


This is the kind of game you have to pounce on if you are the Reds. You are facing a rookie starter who has no business being here, and a team that has lost six straight games. Go Reds!

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  1. lwblogger2

    I will be there. Section 135, row C today. Considering the attendance lately, if anyone would like to stop by and say “hi”, it shouldn’t be hard to find me.

    Looking forward to seeing Frazier and Bruce again. Bruce is my favorite current player. Bruce isn’t exactly killing the ball at the moment and I hope he and Frazier go 0-fer when it matters this series.

    Hopefully, Homer gets off to a good start and can give the Reds 6-7 strong innings. I’d very much like to see an elusive win for the home team.

  2. Sliotar

    On Rotogrinders (good, free source for helping put together daily fantasy lineups), the site posts the Vegas implied run totals for each team.

    For (I think) for the first time all season, the Reds are projected to have the top run total of the night….4.78.

    But, the Mets are right behind are 4.72.

    The fantasy gurus really don’t like Homer’s K rate sliding to 13% this year from 18% last year.

    Hope the Redlegs can bring home a win for LWBlogger2.

    • Jim Walker

      I predict LW is going to be very upset if the Reds lay an egg and meanwhile he misses seeing the Caps put the Pens out of their misery.

      • JB WV

        Oh please let it happen tonight. I’m a longtime Caps fan, suffering from post season agony. Go Reds, and let the hockey gods smile on the Caps for once!

  3. Wizeman

    Sorry to ask. Have been out of range. Any update on Senzel? Looking at the Bats lineup before the Reds lineup.
    Sad state of affairs

  4. Indy Red Man

    Play Blandino vs lefties please? Give Herrera a few starts as well. What difference does it make?

    Adrian Gonzalez 11-25 with 6 Hrs off Homer? Thats insane! Just walk him please. This might actually be a fun 8-6 victory tonite. Maybe? Looking at the Mets….they’re a old team on the downslide despite some great arms in the rotation. I’d offer up Iggy and/or farm system players for Michael Conforto. He’s running cold so far this year, but he’s a very talented hitter and I guess he can play CF now. A .939 ops with 27 HRs last year!

    • Jim Walker

      If Herrera got any OF starts and did well then they’ end up with an OF rotation with as many guys as the pitching rotation…..

      • Shchi Cossack

        You mailed that one Jim. If Blanfino also got time in CF and played well, then the Reds would have to set up a bullpen for the OF rotation!

  5. james garrett

    Maybe we could just start in the 2nd and play the 10th.Gee wiz.

  6. mikemartz

    Good to see Super Todd and Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuce again. I don’t want them to win though. LOL

  7. james garrett

    Facing a lefty making his first big league start and soft tossing at 86 looks like we are in for a long night.

  8. Indy Red Man

    Catcher hitting .150…no problem. Lost 6 in a row and guy making his start ever? No problem…..the Reds have whatever ails you!

    • Jack

      That’s what I told a Mets fan today at work. Conlon will look like a Hall of Famer against this team

    • Sliotar

      Not just the catcher, Indy. That second run came from a guy who has 3 RBIs all season and a K rate of 24%.

      The old Bailey would have targeted him for a K, and had a decent chance of getting it, and maybe escaping the inning. That reach back just isn’t there for him any more.

  9. tomn

    Homer is awful tonight. Hope he can get it together.

  10. Jack

    They DFA’d Harvey to early. He could have thrown 7 shutout innings against the Reds and raised his trade value.

  11. Indy Red Man

    Homer….lol. Breaking balls just hanging there for batting practice. Can’t they just pay him the rest of his unearned lottery ticket and send him on his way?

  12. Jack

    Homer in the last 3,starts has given up 6 homers and only 4 strikeouts. Maybe we should call him David Bailey from now on.

  13. james garrett

    We don’t resemble a major league team in any phase of the game tonight.I guess our 8-26 record is what we deserve

  14. tomn

    How about we pH for Bailey in the bottom of the third and let Garrett go as long as he can.

  15. mikemartz

    Super Todd needs to give Homer the Heimlich maneuver, he’s choking out there tonight!

  16. james garrett

    Homer is done.Just pinch hit for him and call Lousiville,Try him again in 5 days.

  17. VaRedsFan

    Gonzalez hit his 7th HR off Bailey. Some people say you need 8000 ABs to get a true gauge of Batter vs Pitcher. 13-27 off Homer

  18. tomn

    A 1-8 homestand is just what the fan base needs.

  19. Indy Red Man

    Worst team in baseball and its not close. Baltimore has to play the Yankees and Red Sox all the time. I wish DW and Jocketty and Big Bob would get booed every time they take the field or show up at gabp like NFL fans boo Goodell. God knows they deserve it.

  20. Jack

    At this rate everybody in the bullpen will have a sore arm by July

  21. james garrett

    Homer looks like he may take one for the team tonight.May help may not.

  22. VaRedsFan

    Billy goes deep!!! 86 mph is right up his alley

  23. james garrett

    Thought the same thing.Found somebody that can handle 86.

    • greenmtred

      Interesting that nobody else on the team could, though.

  24. james garrett

    Bronson from the left side if you will.Slow stuff baffles us.

  25. Sliotar

    Go to get a snack and even the pitcher has gotten a hit.

    Third time through lineup coming up and a 4-run lead. Everyone will be looking to go yard vs. Homer’s (lack of) stuff.

  26. Jeff Reed

    Early in the game, behind again. Teams that come into Cincy with a losing streak, usually leave revived.

    • David

      This is the worstest team in besball. Of course they do.

  27. Indy Red Man

    That are literally murdering the baseball. They make knock the stitches off the ball and Billy won’t know which piece to chase to the wall.

    • james garrett

      Had to laugh out loud cause well your right.

  28. docproctor

    Pretty ugly when they call up Jackson Stephens because they doubt Homer can make it through 4.

  29. Indy Red Man

    Kid making his first start and now he’s had to run the bases. I think the Reds get a few runs here! An offensive explosion!!

    Totally meaningless but my boy Duvall saved a run with that catch the inning before. He’s a good guy and had his moments with the Reds. It would be nice if he got going and they could atleast trade him for something.

  30. james garrett

    Hope your right and I like Duvall but he needs to start hitting.

  31. Kywhi

    I wish I had a dollar for every time a Reds’ TV announcer has been left with nothing else to say early in a game this season besides, “There’s still a long way to go in this one.”

  32. Jeff Reed

    Use this lost season to move Bailey and Finnegan to the bullpen and insert two young pitchers to see if they have what it takes to be starters. This is the time to do it.

    • Jack

      They will never move Bailey to the bullpen. It would hurt his feelings

    • james garrett

      Its possible but I think they will wait awhile.Of course getting only 3 or 4 innings out of them will not work at all.

    • Ryan Lykins

      Aside from Garrett which young pitcher do you recommend? Robert Stephenson has been up and down all year and I haven’t read anything about Cody Reed in quite some time.

  33. Ryan Lykins

    Why do I feel dumber after listening to Them and Jeff Brantley discuss where Winker and Hamilton will hit? Hamilton would be a fine leadoff hitter getting on at 300 or 310 OBP according to Brantley.

    • Sliotar

      Spot on.

      “He is trying to get on base, and that is taking away from his talent.” – the Old Cowboy.


      I like Brantley, especially on radio, but, boy, the line is toed on the TV broadcasts in regards to putting Hamilton in the best light at every possible turn.

      • Sliotar

        Most teams would value a youngster 9th in the National League with an on-base percentage of .404 but, apparently, Winker needs to change his game to help Hamilton out.

      • greenmtred

        Brantley’s point seemed to be that Winker has power and isn’t showing it. Thom’s point…I don’t know what Thom’s point ever is.

      • Ryan Lykins

        I was disappointed that they acted like it was a bad thing that Winker is trying to get on base.

    • james garrett

      I am dumb and numb cause Billy has always been at 299 or 300.

  34. Indy Red Man

    Duvall catches atleast one (if not both) of those doubles that Suarez and Scooter hit. Cepedes is HORRIBLE out there

    • Jack

      I have to listen to the Mets channel here in NY. They think Cespedes is awesome and in the first inning were criticizing Duvall defense.

  35. seat101

    Did y’all hear Marty talking about Homer Bailey?

      • seat101

        It was along the lines of “I knew this team was in trouble when you’re number one starter is only three games over 500 for his career”. Then he got mean

  36. Indy Red Man

    They sent down Rainey for Jackson Stephens. Why? I give up 440 foot Jacks-on Stephens is terrible. Why can’t they ever figure out what everybody else already knows?

      • Indy Red Man

        Ok. My bad although Shackelford and Stephens both stink. Rainey might too, but its not a given like it is with the other 2 scrubs.

    • Tom Diesman

      No, Rainey went down yesterday when they activated Garrett from the bereavement list. Shackelford went down for Stephens today.

  37. J

    It’s becoming harder and harder to believe they’re actually trying to win these games. Their reluctance to stop relying on players and/or strategies that have failed time after time after time is hard to square with “we want to win.” I’ve never seen a more stubborn commitment to losing.

    • David

      Commitment to Winning! Bob Castelini must have a big ulcer right now. Because this team is lousy and they are a LONG way from even being respectable.

      And go Eugenio! Home Run!!!!!!

  38. Chuck

    I’m just waiting for Christopher Lloyd to show up with his friends in sparkling pajamas. Then the Reds will start winning! Hey, it could happen!

  39. Indy Red Man

    Does anybody know what they’d have to pay Matt Harvey if they signed him? He could take Finnegan’s spot if they were determined to keep Garrett in the pen. Homer is staying in even if his era is 10.00 although he should be the mop-up man.

    • Bill

      I believe they would owe league minimum, but I have had more than enough washed up pitchers getting handed starts. I would much rather have Stephenson and Reed called up to throw batting practice with the rest of the staff

    • Ernest

      At this point, the Reds would need to trade for Harvey. Earning $5.6 million this year and is a free agent after the season

    • james garrett

      His stuff moves all over the place.Nothing is straight.

  40. james garrett

    Top of the lineup is 0-11 with a walk.Their pitcher has 5 outs on 12 pitches and he is throwing 90 mph.Can we trade for him?

    • james garrett

      Make that 8 outs on 22 pitches.Make him a starter and trade him to us.

  41. VaRedsFan

    The good: Scooter HR!!!

    The bad: They are now in another 1 run game

  42. james garrett

    They put up 6 runs with the top 3 guys going 0-12 and the pen giving up only 1 run.Can’t do any more then that.Its just who we are right now.