Two former teammates who are both coming back from injuries, Brandon Finnegan and Dan Straily, will be on the mound as the Cincinnati Reds host the Miami Marlins today in the 4:10 Eastern time rubber game of a three-game series.

Today’s batting order has an intriguing twist. Jose Peraza leading off and Jesse Winker hitting second is certainly worth trying, as long as both continue to hit and get on base as they have in recent weeks. Peraza gives you a leadoff batter with speed that all teams would love, provided he can get on base. The opposing first baseman holding Peraza, a base-stealing threat, at first would open a hole for the lefthanded-batting Winker to pull the ball through.

If Peraza continues to hit as he has, this is the top of the order that Reds management would love to see. We’ll see how it plays out in game action.

Starting Pitchers

Dan Straily 4 9.00 9.26 5.0% 20.0%
Brandon Finnegan 17.1 7.27 6.16 14.1% 14.1%

Statistically, this is the type of pitching matchup you might expect to see between teams with two of the worst records in baseball. Old friend Dan Straily is making only his second start and appearance of the year. Like Finnegan, he started the year on the disabled list and is trying to round into shape during game action. Finnegan pitched slightly better in his most recent start, but poor control continues to be his primary obstacle. At this point, the hope is that he will continue to show signs of improvement and stamina as he returns from nearly a full year off from pitching due to injury.

In a 2016 Mark Sheldon article, Finnegan credited Straily with helping him develop a changeup while they were Reds teammates.


Saturday was a rare recent off-day for the bullpen, as Austin Brice surrendered three runs in 1.1 innings. All members of the bullpen should be available today.

Starting Lineups

Marlins Reds
C J.T. Realmuto SS Jose Peraza
3B Martin Prado LF Jesse Winker
2B Starlin Castro 1B Joey Votto
RF Brian Anderson 2B Scooter Gennett
1B Justin Bour 3B Eugenio Suarez
LF Cameron Maybin RF Scott Schebler
CF Lewis Brinson C Tucker Barnhart
SS Yadiel Rivera P Brandon Finnegan
P Dan Straily CF Billy Hamilton

News and Notes

The Devon Mesoraco losing streak, revealed here yesterday, continues …

Keep this name in mind …

78 Responses

  1. james garrett

    Interested to see what Finny’s velocity is today.He needs to get back around 93 or so to make the rest of his pitches more effective.It may take a few more starts but all we have is time right now but if Disco returns somebody will lose a starting job.The plot thickens somewhat and lets not forget Garrett and Lorenzen getting some starts down the road.

    • Old-school

      You hit the nail on the head James.
      Finnegan velocity is a huge story that’s not getting enough play.

      If he can’t get to 94-96, then he is done as a starter and Garrett needs to move in. Probably already there but nothing is urgent in 2018 anymore and memorial day is usually the time sample size kicks in.

      Perhaps Finnegan could hit the bullpen and be a Norm Charlton type and focus on max effort for 20 pitches.

      • doofus

        With respect, I believe that Finnegan’s problem is his command and movement. 94-96 mph is great, but if you can’t command the strike zone and you throw straight the batters are gonna send his fastball far away.

    • LL Cool

      Sorry but Lorenzen is not a starting pitcher and Garrett is creating his own career as a specialist that can hold Inherited runners.

  2. Sliotar

    Related to the note on youngster Clementina…

    I drive a lot for work, and have heard Jim Bowden twice say in the last 6 months on MLB Radio that the Reds should be a seller during this year. And, focus on 2021 or 2022 as the start of the contention window, with Hunter Greene and that wave fully blooded.

    Rebuild the rebuild. Take Bowden and his biases for whatever they are worth.

    It’s not that the Reds don’t have projected high-ceiling minor-league talent, it’s that most of it is below AA at the moment. The current and near ready talent doesn’t seem to be enough.
    And, the club shows no signs of spending to the level needed to acquire high-end free agents, at any position.

    Interesting times.

    Go Redlegs.

  3. Jeff Reed

    If he gets that far, let’s hope Finnegan can get by the third round against the opposition. That’s a key factor in the development of these young starters. Peraza is getting it done. I really liked that bunt last night. A good move by the manager hitting Peraza – Winker one two.

    • greenmtred

      Peraza is, so far, a pleasant surprise at the plate. But he needs to get the throwing thing down if he’s going to be a MLBshortstop.

  4. Old-school

    Peraza’s progression may be the impetus for Riggleman saying the 4 headed outfield is coming to an end. That puts Peraza at SS and leadoff and Bob and Walt are happy. Winker goes to left field in the 2 hole and Hamilton goes to CF and the #9 hole.

    Duvall should rotate and play against left handers at RF/LF and first base.

  5. Preach

    This looks real little league today.

    • Jack

      That’s not fair to little leaguers.

  6. Preach

    Lead off walk, bad throw, Joey screwed up smothering it. Sloppy to start

  7. docproctor

    How does Finny keep convincing folks that he’s good to go? Dude needs a month in AAA to get it together.

  8. Darrin

    Scooter already has 5 errors this season

    • Tom Mitsoff

      His long-term future on this team is as a pinch-hitter or starting at a position besides second base.

  9. Preach

    Finnegan at 28 pitches, no one out, bullpen throwing.

  10. renbutler

    Don’t worry, rain is imminent, and it will bail out Finnegan.

    A storm chased us out of the Indianapolis Indians game up here, and traveled down I-74.

    Incidentally, I got to see Phil Gosselin playing against the Indians for the Gwinnett Stripers for a few innings. It’s hard to shake the memory of him when he keeps showing up like that!

  11. docproctor

    This would be a perfect time for a LONG stint from Garrett to get him ready to replace Finnegan in the rotation.

  12. Preach

    Peraza, Gennett, and Votto defense ain’t helped things either. Could already be out of the inning.

  13. seat101

    Harasser drives me crazy in the field

  14. james garrett

    Walks and error and game is over before we hit.Sad.

    • renbutler

      LOL, I remember, you’re the guy who always gives up way too early.

      • james garrett

        Give up after 55 years?Been there when we won 100 and there when we lost 100.We showed nothing last night and maybe if I call them out we show up today.We will see.

      • renbutler

        Okay, so it’s NOT over. Mixed signals!

  15. Indy Red Man

    Enough of Finnegan’s act already? I’m ashamed that I vouched for him in March. Indians blew a 4-0 lead in the 8th today. Trade them Iggy but they have to take Scooter as part of the deal…or Duvall. They need to blow this thing up and rebuild the rebuild.

    • Jack

      They need help. Allen couldn’t throw a strike and he is a closer.

    • Aaron Bradley

      A pro-active GM would contact Cleveland and get the ball rolling for a trade. Send the scouts to check out Cleveland’s youngsters and identify who we want and make it happen. I have no faith our GM group has the gumption or sense to do this. Cleveland will find a closer elsewhere before we figure out how to propose a trade.

  16. Preach

    Finnegan can’t throw a strike, and Straily is up there hacking. Makes no sense.

    • Jack

      He was a Red. He can’t get out of his blood

  17. J

    I just don’t understand why the organization seems to be convinced he’s a starting pitcher. What has he done to give them this impression?

    • Indy Red Man

      He had a 2.97 era in the 2nd half of 2016 but that seems like 5 years ago now. He started last season throwing 95-97 but quickly got hurt and then he got hurt again. Now he’s 90-91 batting practice…when he actually gets it over the plate.

      • james garrett

        Said it before but unless he gets his velocity back his other pitches aren’t effective.

      • james garrett

        Sadly Scott and Tucker can’t hit 90-91 from Straily right now.Our team is just in a big time funk right now.

  18. Bill

    Does it remind you of ‘Charlie Brown’ when he said the score was 99 – 0 but we haven’t batted yet?

  19. seat101

    Harasser = Peraza

    Peraza drives me crazy in the field

    I love it when the opposition picture walks a guy who can’t buy a hit. Go scooter go

  20. Indy Red Man

    Straily 3.76 for the Reds….prob 4.25 if it wasn’t for Billy saving him w/amazing catches. I’d still love to get him back as the 5th starter. He’s still only 29.

  21. Jack

    Wth I left the room for a minute and they scored.

  22. Old-school

    Brandon Finnegan’s career as a starting pitcher ended today. Stop the nonsense. He can’t throw more than 91-92 mph.
    Walt Jocketty needs Finnegan because 2018 is still not about winning or developing the best players…..but validating Walt Jocketty from 2014-16.

    Finnegan to the bullpen… Garrett to the rotarion. It’s simply indefensible at this point Bob.

  23. james garrett

    Joey said I can hit 90-91 so bring it on.

    • Bill

      This is obviously all Votto’s fault. He waited until the Reds were losing before getting any hits both today and yesterday.

      • J

        As I understand it from reading the comments here, that home run “didn’t count” because it didn’t tie the score or put the Reds ahead. Or something like that.

      • greenmtred

        It isn’t all his fault, but his fielding early in the game didn’t help.

  24. Old-school

    Winker and Votto with 2 professional at bats . Scooter adds another.

  25. Jeff Reed

    Finny needs time at L’ville to prepare for his tryout in the bullpen. While the Marlins are in town, DW should propose a trade to get Straily back to the Reds.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Clearly he is the weak link in the rotation at this point (but not by much). Finnegan will be the one to go when DeSclafani is ready unless there is a striking improvement in form between now and then.

  26. Jack

    Wow Riggleman has seen enough. Only 63 pitches. Good for him. Unacceptable performance. Hopefully Garrett will finish the game.

  27. Old-school

    Dan straily….the focus of reds announcers hitting futility….gets a hit in a 3-1 count on finnegan.

    Riggleman pulls him…. Riggleman had pitcher warming in first inning. I like Riggleman. Finnegan’s career is over. Stop pretending he can pitch . He can’t. Sorry Walt.

    • Jeff Reed

      It’s past time to say good-bye to the triumvirate the Reds received for Cueto a few years ago from KC, except for Finnegan and Reed to possibly do bullpen duty or be included in a trade. In whatever year of the rebuild this is, it’s time for the front office to face reality that without good starting pitching the Reds will never compete.

  28. docproctor

    Can’t believe they didn’t take this opportunity to bring in well-rested Garrett to stretch out for a rotation role. Seriously, this was the perfect situation for this.

  29. seat101

    I like this move by the manager. Very pleasant surprise he pulled Finnegan

    • docproctor

      Finnegan didn’t like it. Too bad. Tired of him telling managers when and how to use him.

      • Jack

        Tired of babying these guys. There is other guys who will take his place.

  30. seat101

    Hey say is hitting the ball hard and making out we could use some of his bloop singles

  31. doofus

    Sean Manaea was a Royal when the Cueto trade went down. Once again, our intrepid front office did well…it’s sad how the people running this team prove how inept they are more times than they prove how brilliant they are.

    • Aaron Bradley

      That is sad, was Manaea highly regarded at the time? Do you think we could have gotten him? He is brilliant right now for the A’s.

      • doofus

        Manaea was 2013 1st rounder, 34th pick from Indiana State. Yeah, he was on the list of lefthanded prospects in the league. Who knows how the Jocketty led front office rated him.

  32. docproctor

    Okay, I’ll say it one more time and then shutup. If this game resumes, it would be a great chance to give Garrett a “start” of 3-4 innings, stretching him out to replace Finnegan in the rotation.

    • doofus

      I like Garrett a lot. I just hope Danny Darwin is the one to guide him to becoming a good starting pitcher.

  33. Jeff Morris

    We have only owner Bob C and prior gm Walt J for all this mess. Though its the players that preform either good, average or poor. The front office is the one that acquires the players via trades, draft, ect…look at the last 3-4 years for the Reds. Look at the record this year. Look at the trades of Johnny C, Todd F, and Jay B. Who all did we get in return? Look at football, front offices of New England and Pittsburgh. Look at front offices of Cincinnati and Cleveland. That is why the owner, and in particular the gm, is so crucial of a team. Reds have owner Bob C, and the person to blame for the Reds poor place, prior gm, Walt J.!

    • Bill

      Frazier gave the Refs their starting RF and SS, it could have been better, bit not a complete failure. Cueto returned three well regarded pitching prospects, it didn’t turn out well but Cueto was gone any way. The Bruce trade has turned out to be horrible, but Herrera could get a bionic shoulder and still provide some value. If you want to point out failed trades Chapman should be first followed by Bruce. On the other hand Suarez for Simon was a steal and Castillo for Straily may turn out to be a a good trade also

      • Ernest

        Reds received nothing trading Chapman to the Yankees.

        Yankees received Torres trading Chapman to the Cubs. Obviously different circumstances.

  34. WVRedlegs

    The Finnegan in the rotation experiment should now come to a close.
    Cody Reed isn’t ready, but had a good scoreless outing yesterday.
    If Garrett doesn’t want the rotation spot, dip down to AAA and bring up Nicolino. Give him a shot until DeSclafani is ready.
    Finnegan’s efficiency as a starter is horrendous.

    • docproctor

      Couldn’t agree more. Finnegan didn’t look good in ST and he didn’t pitch well in his rehab assignment.Why anyone thought he would come up to the bigs and suddenly perform well is beyond me.

  35. docproctor

    I hope the ump has to answer for both of those awful strikeout calls against Joey and Scooter.

    • Aaron Bradley

      When do umpires ever answer to anything?

  36. J

    Votto with 3 RBI coming on 2-out hits today, but they don’t “count” because they didn’t tie the game or put the Reds in the lead. Or so I’ve heard.

  37. Aaron Bradley

    Did anyone hear the news about neck tat requiring emergency surgery on his groin?

    • Bill

      Sounds painful. Fouling a ball off your leg is painful, fouling one off your ball I can’t imagine

  38. Jack

    Lol Welsh saying the Reds are catching the Mets at the right time. Ummm I would say the Mets are catching the Reds at the right time. Nothing like stopping the 6 game losing streak with a 3 game set against the worst team in Baseball.

    • doofus

      I thought the same thing when Welsh said that. It’s sad to listen to Welsh and Day try to cover for this team during a broadcast.

  39. Old-school

    Brandon Finnegan and Homer Bailey aren’t major league starters. Shame on you Chris Welsh for lecturing Reds fans on why Amir Garrett should be in the bullpen. Just Shut up! Amazing how Welsh and Jeff Brantley have become apologists for a 100 loss
    horrible baseball team.

    The reds are a terrible team and Bob Castellini and the current GM Walt Jocketty continue to play bad players and bad pitchers

    Homer Bailey is done
    Devin Mesoraco is done.
    Brandon Finnegan is done
    Adam Duvall is done
    Hamilton is done.
    Gennett is done.

    100 losses.

    The 2018 Cincinnati Reds are done.
    Thanks Bob.

    • Aaron Bradley

      What was his logic for keeping Garrett in the bullpen?

  40. Jack

    Looks like the team who stripped it down over the winter is going to win their 4th series in a row. The Reds, well they are getting ready for the rebuild of the rebuild.

  41. Ernest

    Marlins are really bad. Marlins are truly awful

    At least Votto is starting to heat up. That is always entertaining

  42. TurboBuckeye

    Not sure why I keep watching. This team is hideous.