Final R H E
Atlanta Braves (12-10) 7 11 1
Cincinnati Reds (5-18) 9 12 0
W: Jared Hughes (1-2)   L: Max Fried (0-1)
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Tyler Mahle flirted with a no-hitter. The Reds now have a winning streak for the first time in 2018. But what happened in between those two things sure was an adventure.

After the Reds built a 7-3 lead against the Braves on Tuesday night, the bullpen blew it in the ninth inning, soiling what had been a brilliant pitching performance to that point. It had all the makings of another devastating loss until Scooter Gennett saved the day, launching a walk-off, two-run homer — his second of the day — in the 12th inning.

Let’s relive the roller coaster of a game.

The Hurlers

Not much can erase the taste of a 4-18 start to a season. But Tyler Mahle sure tried his best tonight. The right-hander didn’t allow a hit through the first six innings and set career-highs in strikeouts at any professional level with 11, including six of the first nine hitters he faced. Naturally, he also set a personal best in swings and misses (20), as well, becoming just the 18th pitcher to top that mark this season. His previous career-bests in strikeouts and whiffs? Seven and 13.

The fastball was dancing all over the place for Mahle tonight, and the Braves couldn’t do anything with it. Aside from two walks to Nick Markakis, Mahle’s location was impeccable. He pounded left-handed hitters inside and elevated his fastball to get swings and misses all night, while dropping in an occasional slider to keep Braves batters off balance. In what looked similar to Homer Bailey’s no-hitters, Mahle’s velocity also ticked up and up as the game went on, reaching 97.5 mph in the sixth inning.

It was one of the most exciting performances by a Reds pitcher in quite some time — enough so that the crowd of about 10 people in GABP was getting louder and louder with each pitch. The no-hit ride ultimately came to an end for Mahle in the top of the seventh inning when Freddie Freeman led off with a solo home run, and his night was over after a two-run blast by Kurt Suzuki two batters later. But that doesn’t diminish what Mahle, still just 23 years old, accomplished on Tuesday night in only his ninth big-league start.

Amir Garrett took over for Mahle with no outs in the seventh inning and pitched the next two frames without trouble.

Then, it all fell apart.

Jim Riggleman let the southpaw go back to the mound for the ninth to pick up a save with a 7-3 lead, but Garrett ran out of steam. The southpaw finally allowed his first run of the season — another solo home run to Freeman — followed by a single and a double before he was pulled for Raisel Iglesias with the tying run coming to the plate and one out

Iglesias walked the first hitter he faced to load the bases and struck out the next batter. He got to 2-2 on Johan Camargo but lost him, walking in a run to make it 7-5. Ender Inciarte then lined a ball that Gennett couldn’t knock down at second base, and two runs came around to score to tie the game.

Wandy Peralta gave up a hit in one-third of an inning in the 10th. He gave way to Jared Hughes, who threw 42 pitches over 2 2/3 innings of scoreless baseball and allowed two hits, a hit batter, and two strikeouts to pick up the win.

The Hitters

In what had to be a welcome sight for Mahle, who had only one run scored for him this year coming into tonight, the offense has (hopefully) woken up from its season-long slumber.

The Reds got on the board early in this one, scoring three runs in the second inning thanks to some shoddy defense from the Braves. That gave Mahle a nice cushion and probably played a big role in him staying so aggressive throughout the game. The Reds also got the first home runs of the year from both Joey Votto and Gennett, who combined for 63 dingers last year, to make it 5-0.

Gennett also had a suicide squeeze bunt in a two-run seventh inning, which is always fun! Sure, it was with the bases loaded and one out and he’s the cleanup hitter — but hey, it was exciting!

Alex Blandino had a nice night, scorching a pair of singles up the middle — one at 104 mph and the other hitting 102 — and walking once. He’s showing why he should’ve been playing every day since Eugenio Suarez went down.

Jose Peraza also picked up three singles for his second consecutive multi-hit game. Jesse Winker added a sacrifice fly and a double, his third of the year.

Let’s do this more often, huh, Reds?

Not-So-Random Thoughts

  • You can argue Riggleman should’ve pulled Garrett after Freeman’s home run. Totally fair point. But there’s a silver lining to what unfolded in the ninth inning: at least the Reds got burned with their best two relievers on the mound tonight. That’s better than watching Yovani Gallardo or Kevin Quackenbush blow a game.
  • More fun Mahle notes!
    • Mahle’s previous career-high in strikeouts at the professional was nine, which he did on seven different occasions.
    • The four-seam fastball is typically not a big swing-and-miss pitch. Coming into tonight, only 15 pitchers had more than 10 whiffs in a single game with the offering this season. Add Mahle to that list. He got Braves hitters to swing through the pitch 13 times on the night, a number surpassed by only two other pitchers this year: J.A. Happ (15) and Jacob deGrom (14).
    • His 20 whiffs were the most in a game by a Reds pitcher this season, topping the 19 by Luis Castillo on March 31. Mahle wasn’t that far off the best single-game mark in baseball either. Shohei Ohtani and Noah Syndergaard are currently tied at 25.
  • Suarez played in a rehab game for Triple-A Louisville tonight and went 1-for-2 with a run and two walks.
  • Hopefully, this was the night the Reds begin stretching out Garrett to transition back to starting. Riggleman was fully planning on getting him through three innings before he ran out of gas.
  • Thom Brennaman noted it during the game, and it’s hard to disagree: Peraza is looking better and better each day at shortstop. He made a very impressive sliding stop capped with a strong throw to retire the speedy Peter Bourjos in the eighth inning.

Up Next

Brandon Finnegan (11.05 ERA, 6.48 xFIP) will look to erase his ugly start to 2018 when he toes the rubber for the third time tomorrow evening. He’ll be opposed by Matt Wisler (1.29 ERA, 3.08 xFIP), a highly regarded prospect at one time. First pitch is again set for 6:40 p.m. ET.

70 Responses

  1. J

    Scooter giveth, Scooter taketh away, and Scooter giveth back again.

  2. Davy13

    W-L are always great. From a fan’s perspective, keep them coming. But this season, I’ll be looking for the moral victories of young talent, like Mahle, developing to be the nucleus of the next wave of team success.

    • Matt B.

      I doubt we flirt with .500 after this start so this is exactly what this year is all about. Watching Mahle, Romano, Garrett, and Castillo mature. Watching Senzel come to The Show (hopefully). Watching Winker prove why he should be the everyday leadoff guy. Watching Suarez continue to become a team leader and Peraza finally mature at the plate and in the field (hopefully). And of course, Votto should heat up in the coming weeks and even if his power numbers are down we should see lots of line drives in the gaps and a huge .OBP while he serves a big helping of Shut Up juice to his critics.

  3. scotly50

    I thought Scooter’s execution on the squeeze was great.

  4. Colorado Red

    Did not mind trying to extend Amir.
    I would like to see him start, but we need to get him extended.
    Else, that is the way the game goes sometimes.
    At least we win.

    • Dave Roemerman

      Amen! Seriously, agree 100% with everything you said. We even threw our four best relievers! Mahle, Garrett, Peralta, and Iglesias is a good formula for quite a few Ws.

      • Dave Roemerman

        My apologies – Hughes isn’t in the top four yet, but running him out there a lot isn’t too bad either. He’s looking like a good signing. Hopefully, the other veteran middle reliever pickup can return and give us some legitimate stability in the relief corps for the first time in half a decade!

      • Tom Mitsoff

        He looked fantastic. I was super-impressed.

  5. Hanawi

    Didn’t mind the bullpen usage in the 9th. Went with the two best guys they have. Would have liked to see Mahle get pulled one or two batters earlier, but that’s pretty minor. Liked what I saw overall. Good job by Hughes to keep the Braves down.

    • jay johnson

      He was pitching a no hitter
      youve got to leave him in.I thought Riggleman managed the game fine.
      Should have been over,save iggy,win Mahle.

  6. Jim Walker

    All’s well that ends well I guess.

    Garrett seemed to hit empty all at once. They were really rocking him in the 9th.

    Iggy hasn’t seemed to be really sharp to date in 2018. 5 BB in 9.2 innings before Tuesday night plus 2 more in 0.2 tonight put him at 7 in 10.1 innings. Not good if he is brought in with runners already on base and probably even skating on thin ice when he starts an inning.

    The Gennett play looked terrible; but, I’m not sure how many 2B make that play cleanly. The was one nastily struck ball that dove right at his feet. The best case for most 2B I suspect is they knock it down,. maybe get an out but at least hold the damage to 1 run versus 2.

    • Dave Roemerman

      To Iglesias, it’s hard to look sharp throwing once a week. He’ll be fine now that he’s getting some work.

      • Colorado Red

        Agree with you.
        Needs to pitch more to stay sharp.
        Now if the rest of the team, can help that would be good.

    • Reaganspad

      That ball has to stay in front of him with the bases loaded. Just like a catcher on a pitch in the dirt. At most you have no play and one run scores.

      BP would have had it

    • greenmtred

      It was a tough play for Gennett, and nearly cost them the game. The Braves had defensive lapses, too, and those helped the Reds. Defense still matters, surprisingly.

  7. CI3J

    To this day, I’m still baffled why Garrett was not in the rotation coming out of Spring Training. They had him on the path to getting stretched out there, and he was obviously one of the 5 best pitchers. Well, here we are. We’re going to have to wait a few more weeks before Garrett can start. Hopefully by mid-May, he’ll take his rightful place in the rotation.

    • David

      I think the word from the Reds is that Garret’s strength in his injured hip (from last year) is still a concern, and they want to make sure he is 100% before asking him to pitch 6-7 innings. That may just be a stamina factor.
      I know we all have to bash the Reds Management for a lot of things, but it is conceivable that they are actually making decisions based on things that we fans may not know about.

      • greenmtred

        Thom and the Cowboy intimated as much last night. I imagine that hip injuries are slow to heal, especially for pitchers.

    • VaRedsFan

      Not to wish any ill will on Finnegan, who starts today, but if he has big time struggles again, it would be a perfect opportunity for he and Garrett to swap roles.

      • Colorado Red

        Do not think Garrett is ready for that.
        If that is the plan, I would like to see him go down to AAA for about 3 or 4 starts, to stretch out a bit.
        Cannot have 2.1 innings from a starter.
        But I do like the idea.

      • Chris Miller

        No way! Please don’t send him down. Historically, players have moved from the bullpen to the rotation, and in this day and age when guys are only going 5 and 6 innings half of the time, there is absolutely NO reason Garrett can’t take over the 5th spot in the rotation.

  8. Jreis

    Was at the game the last 2 nights.
    Announced attendance was 14k
    There were no more than 1000 people in the stadium. Half were from Georgia.

    Come on reds fans it looked like a pirates game tonight !

    Random thoughts

    -Jose Peraza is looking really good at short.
    -I think there is something physically wrong with Duvall. Just looks like a different person then when he first played for the reds. Maybe he has diabetic neuropathy or something.

    -can we find an outfielder that can hit, run AND play D?

    Where are the Eric Davis’s and Billy Hatcher’s of the world?

    • jazzmanbbfan

      When healthy there weren’t many players with Eric Davis’ ability. He was a joy to watch.

    • Daytonian

      I was one of the 3,000 or so at the game last night, far short of the announced 14,000 attendance. Tt was a fun game. Mahle was great, outstandingly great. Our hitting came around. Riggelman used the ‘pen well, even if things did not always work out as anticipated. The squeeze plays was unexpected and excellent.

      Of course, I had to leave for the long drive home in the bottom of the ninth. I left with only two outs to go and a four-run lead. I asked what could possibly go wrong? I drove back to Dayton and was in bed before the game ended. Still, a fun night and a good good showing that gives Reds fans hope.

    • lwblogger2

      Eric Davis is a pretty tough ask. Eric Davis when healthy, as Jazzmanbbfan said, was an absolute joy to watch. One of the best to ever play the game.

  9. sezwhom

    You can argue Riggleman should’ve pulled Garrett after Freeman’s home run.

    You could but it’s pointless. How’d Iglesias do? Not so good. Riggleman was trying to let Amir get the save. I have no problem with that strategy. In fact, i thought Riggleman managed a good game. The squeeze was a gem. He also pulled off a double steal. Better than anything I ever saw from Price.

    • Still a Red

      Yeah…the dbl steals was like wow!

      • Still a Red

        Except, why, after Winker doubles and Erwin put in to pinch-run, is Peraza bunting?? Two terrible misses…at least he ended up singling up the middle. Also, seemed like he was p___ed that Erwin didn’t score on it (altho I think Hatcher was correct to hold him).

        Seemed like Riggleman was pulling out all the tricks to try and jump start the offense.

      • greenmtred

        It was a fun game to watch, and I sensed a puff of wind in the sails that hints at relief from the doldrums. I did wonder about pinch-running for Winker. He was on second, and I can only think of a few scenarios where Ervin (who is no BH) scores when Winker doesn’t. Winker’s bat could have been missed later in the game. Small quibble, though, and I’m probably wrong.

      • Kyle Farmer

        If you’re planning to put Ervin in for defensive purposes (I’m NOT arguing that you should) then that is the perfect opportunity to gain a little baserunning speed.

  10. Mason Red

    A win is a win. Ugly or otherwise.

  11. VaRedsFan

    I agree with several comments above, about Riggelman’s managing and pitching changes.
    Mahle was yanked at the appropriate time IMO. We need to keep trying to extend these guys to 7 innings and over 100 pitches. Riggleman gave him the opportunity by allowing him to face one more guy after the double (which unfortunately ended up being a HR). Good call.

    I also agree that Garrett was given extra rope in the 9th. 3 of the 1st four batters were leftys. He would have probably been pulled 1 batter sooner, if the batter wasn’t a lefty.

  12. Jeffery Stroupe

    First thing i thought of as Scooters ball cleared the fence……….Hal King

    • james garrett

      I remember that one seems to me the good guys went on a 40 out of 50 win streak to make up 10 games or more in the standings.Gosh I am old.

      • Colorado Red

        You and me both.
        Was a lot of fun from the staring of that streak till the last out of Game 7.
        Went nuts.

  13. Klugo

    Our pitchers gotta be on pace for some sort of HRs allowed record. Sheesh.

    Defense is improving, Gennett’s late game gaffe not withstanding.

    Finnegan might look over his shoulder and see Garrett there. Time to put up or get out of the way.

  14. JB WV

    Lost in the numbness of the blown lead, Joey made a hell of a play to end the ninth. Could have lost it right there.

    • Daytonian

      Joey was also great on a critical double play–fielding it by first base, making the long throw to second, and giving the fielder position to make the throw back to first just in time to edge out the runner.

  15. Indy Red Man

    Its good to see the bats waking up! I would just leave Schebler and Winker in there and let them get into a groove! Once Suarez gets back then they may put up runs at last years pace or better?

  16. Dewey Roberts

    With this victory, the Reds have kept pace with the historic season of the 1962 Mets. Both teams were/are 5-18 after 23 games. Can the Reds win more games in 2018 than that the juggernaut Mets of 1962? To do so, they will need to find 36 more victories somewhere this season. That will not be easy to do.
    Thanks Walt Jocketty for the “reboot” button you pushed on this franchise. NOT. Also thanks to you, Walt, for the sorry state you left the farm system in with few position players with potential to be starters in the major leagues.

  17. Jeff Reed

    I like the way the manager is using the relief core with multiple innings, if possible, instead of just one inning and done. Lineup construction is improved with Winker and Schebler regulars in left and right field and Duvall and Ervin as the 4th. and 5th. outfielders. And Blandino looks like a solid ballplayer, and time will tell where he fits in. Patience is the key this year as we see how things develop.

  18. Scott Carter

    I don’t think you can quibble too much with the moves Riggleman made particularly with the pitchers. Yes he might have left Garrett in a batter or two too long but the good news there is that Garrett pitched into three innings. The suicide squeeze is iffy but how many times have we had the bases loaded and not scored? The only real issue I had was pinch running for Winker. Yes he is not the fastest player on the team but he is, at least right now the best hitter on the team. Why do you take him out. He doubled and he has the #2, #3 and #4 batters following him.

    • VaRedsFan

      defensive upgrade as well, just a minor quibble though

  19. JB WV

    A new test for the GM will be: do you send Blandino down or waive Gosselin/Pennington? After some initial struggles Blandino is starting to look like a MLer. PLEASE waive one of the other guys.

    • Jeff Reed

      The Reds should play Blandino where he’s needed. He’s a part of the future, not Gosselin/Pennington. And being concerned about Winker’s speed makes no sense to me. The guy is a hitter and knows how to get on base. The Reds need more of those.

  20. wizeman

    Couple of things. Nice they battled back. Hoping as others are that if Finnegan is not effective… 5 days down the road perhaps Garrett and Finnegan share the start and get Garrett up to the 50-60 pitch count continuing the process.
    If you are concerned about the hip then see what Stephenson does tonight. His last start not too concerned about because with all the snow he had not thrown in 9 or 10 days. Big start for both he and Finnegan. Finnegan got a pass and I think we all agree he was rushed back to the rotation.
    Going to be a short pen tonight. 2 days in a row for Iglesias and both Garrett and Hughes unavailable.
    Great about Suarez and I agree that Blandino starting to get a feel for everything. However… do you keep him up here to get 1 start a week? Not sure that is the best long term answer for either him or the organization.
    The big question is finding a place for Senzel. Pretty apparent the organization does not think he can be a shortstop. Garrett mediocre in the field but on a team with some weak offensive spots hard to take bat out of lineup.
    Wonder if the guy can be a corner outfielder. Duvall needs a couple of weeks at Louisville. Looks totally lost. Out of the realm to see if Senzel can be the 4th outfielder in the platoon?
    Just wondering. Do not kill the messenger.

    • wizeman

      I meant Gennett mediocre in field. Not Garrett

    • james garrett

      Finny got a pass from 2016 and that’s ok because he was rushed back this time.Lets him get a few more starts and see what happens.Velocity is down which tells me he wasn’t ready and too me that is the key.

  21. seanuc

    Went to the game last night. Really fun to watch Mahle pitch that way. Biggest takeaway for me was Blandino. He moves on defense like a MLB regular and his approach at the plate is far more advanced than Billy, Peraza, even Gennett. I would like to see him continue to get regular playing time at SS and 2B after Suarez returns.

    • Jeff Reed

      Blandino gives off the vibe that he’s going to be a successful ML player. Where he fits in, who knows? For awhile, he could be a super sub until a regular position opens up.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      I hope when Suarez returns that Blandino stays and Pennington or Gosselin are cut loose. But I’m not holding my breath.

  22. SultanofSwaff

    With Peraza looking a little better and Blandino looking capable I don’t know if the impetus is as strong to slide Geno over to SS to make room for Senzel. Now you could almost imagine a scenario where Scooter slides to LF and platoons with Duvall. Senzel takes 2B most days and Blandino is your utility guy.

    All of the sudden we have a team built like the Cubs and Cards—positional versatility nearly everywhere. 4 guys could potentially play SS in a pinch, and Gossleington doesn’t sniff the field (free Rosell Herrera!). Now the manager could really mix and match.

  23. SultanofSwaff

    Billy Hamilton is doing with the bat exactly what people want him to do—hit the ball on the ground and use his legs. 57% ground balls so far. .267 BABIP. 41% soft contact, only 4% hard contact.

    He is what he is, and it’s nowhere good enough to start or even bat 9th. He’s a pinch runner, defensive replacement.

    Schebler/Ervin need to play full time. It opens up RF for Jesse as well.

    • Jeff Reed

      Schebler/Ervin have stronger arms and should be in right field. Winker’s best position is left field.

      • lwblogger2

        Ervin has a good arm. Schebler’s arm is rather anemic. He generally makes accurate throws and throws to the correct spot but the arm strength isn’t there. Duvall has a much better arm. Winker has a better arm that Schebler but less of an arm than Ervin or Duvall.

  24. Shchi Cossack

    First a disclaimer…the Old Cossack watched the first 7 innings last night before losing the battle to the Old Recliner, so I had to pick up the remainder of the game from replays and box scores. Now a few observations.

    I saw no indication that Garrett was warming up prior to the Freeman HR in the 7th inning. After seeing Mahle’s fastball suddenly spike at 97 & 98 mph in the 6th, I thought he may be in for hitting the wall very quickly. Certainly no manager would pull him while pitching a no-no with a reasonable pitch count, but having a reliever ready just in case would seem to have been warranted and Garrett was the obvious, best choice to get warmed up to come in whenever a reliver was needed. I liked the bullpen usage for the game and the 12-man bullpen.

    Replacing Winker with Ervin in the 7th inning was an interesting move. This is exactly the role that would perfectly suit Hamilton’s utility. I have no issue with Hamilton starting in some sort of OF rotation this season, but this is how Hamilton should be used as a 5th OF if a team has a better option for a starting CF. The article in the Atlintic by Corey Brock from his conversation with Dee Gordon provided some insights from Gordon regarding the utilization of speed within a modern baseball lineup. The details regarding a team’s use of speed during the regular season and during the postseason was poignant as it relates to Hamilton. The 2018 trade deadline might provide the perfect opportunity for trading Hamilton to a contender for a reasonable return since Hamilton will have just 1 season of arbitration eligibility remaining for 2019 and most of his 2018 salary would have already been paid by the Reds.

    There are roster decisions pending as Suarez and Lorenzen come off the DL following the DFA for Quackenbush and activation of Hernandez to the 25-man roster. These decisions should provide some insight to the Reds future approach to their handling of the 40-man and 25-man rosters. Blandino will provide a challenge for regular playing time if he is retained on the 25-man roster, but filling in regularly around the IF and being the #1 pinch hitter off the bench could make that work.

    After seeing Votto’s HR in the 5th and his defensive gem in the 9th, I’m looking forward to the coming Votto offensive dominance.

    I want to see Garrett in the starting rotation sooner rather than later, but I am very comfortable giving the current starting rotation time to succeed of fail before making any moves in the starting rotation, including Finnegan. I think Finnegan was activated too soon, but that’s water through the spill gates. Just let the situation play out now with Stephenson starting in AAA and Garrett getting regular, extended appearances from the bullpen. Having Garrett inserted with the intent to go 3 innings last night was refereshing and if there is any issue or cioncern with his hip being 100%, then the additional time in the bullpen would be a positive way to utiize Garrett to achieve maximum short term effectiveness. Garrett is on his last option and I would hate to see it wasted on a demotion to AAA to stretch him out to start. I feel the same way about Stephenson. Keep him in AAA until he has really demonstrated that he has exorcised or effectively limited his control demons and an opportubnity on the 25-man roster opens up in the starting rotation.

    If anyone hasn’t seen Doug Gray’s interview with Eugenio after last night’s Bats game, you should hop over to his website and have a gander.

    • daytonnati

      I thought Riggleman should have had someone throwing in the pen to open the 7th. Mahle was at 88 pitches and needed 9 more outs. I would have pulled him after Freeman’s homer. I remember the Dodgers’ manager pulling a kid with a no-hitter a few years ago and taking flak. It is one night versus a career. Besides, the way he was dealing last night assures me there will be plenty more opportunities.

      • big5ed

        I remember that game. It was Ross Stripling, in his major league debut, returning from Tommy John surgery. I just Googled it, and he had thrown 7 1/3 hitless, then walked a guy to get to 100 pitches. Dave Roberts then replaced him.

        I didn’t have any problem with leaving Mahle in after the Freeman homer–he had a few starts, and he wasn’t coming back from an injury. But he was pretty clearly gassed when they did relieve him. The adrenaline must have been pumping in the 6th, because he was up to 97 mph, but doing so drained the tank.

        Other than Finnegan, we’ve seen a lot from the rotation recently to give us some hope.

    • big5ed

      I think the Astros may be a good fit for Billy Hamilton. Big outfield, and they don’t have a speed guy in the outfield. He would be a very useful piece for a post-season team. Don’t know what they have left to trade.

      Votto’s homer did not yet convince me. He still had a weak grounder to second with the bases loaded to end the 2nd, and then fanned with runners on 1st/3rd-no out in the 7th, immediately before the Gennett squeeze. The homer was on a 91 mph 4-seamer, in the geometric center of the strike zone, and landed in the first row. He got a cookie, and he banged it, but I believe Votto himself would tell you he has a ways to go. The defense was nice.

    • Old-school

      Bats playing early. Stephenson pitching line is almost impossible

      4IP 2H 1R 8 BB 1k.

      89 pitches .

      • VaRedsFan

        Is he pitching AGAINST the Reds? Only they can get 10 baserunners and only score 1 run.

      • Shchi Cossack

        Bottom of the 10th inning…Stuart Turner placed on 2B at the beginning of the inning (yes that Stuart Turner and that new rule!). Steve Selsky (yeas that Steve Selsky!) replaced Turner running at 2B. Blake Trahan lays down a sac bunt to 3B with an error on the throw by 3B, Selsky scores. Game over, Bats win 2-1.

      • Shchi Cossack

        Wow that’s just wierd on so many levels!

        Single and BB in 1st inning. No run scored.
        3 walks in 2nd inning. No run scored.
        Single and 2 walks then sac fly in 3rd inning. One run scored.
        Walk, CS, walk in 4th inning. No run scored.

        Robert Stephenson has some of the best stuff I have seen from a young pitcher and some of the worst control I have seen from any pitcher.

  25. Shchi Cossack

    The Bats have 5 players with an OPS >= .800 and that does not include Suarez on his rehab assignment.

    Suarez played again in today for the 2nd consecutive game (0-3 w/ BB)

    Suarez is probably on track for activation to the 25-man roster within a week. When Suarez is activated from the DL, there should be 4 transactions:

    DFA Pennington
    DFA Gosselin
    Activate Suarez from DL
    Assign Herrera or Dixon to 25-man and 40-man roster

    That will be a net loss of 1 slot on the 40-man roster, leaving the 40-man roster at 38.

    It’s time to take the final stage of the rebuild completely serious. That leaves one open spot on the 40-man roster for Disco when he comes off the 60-day DL and another open spot on the 40-man roster to use for a temporary assignment if Mesoraco or Barnhart has an injury requiring a stint on the 10-day DL and a temporary backup catcher is needed.

    • Old-school

      I’ll second that.
      Rest easy on Senzel and Suarez today. The bats faced Michael Kopech…a top 10 prospect in all of baseball who the white Sox got in the Chris Sale trade. He is dominant with Chapman-esque velocity.

    • lwblogger2

      Was close… Pennington went to AAA. Gosselin stayed. Suarez was activated. Herrera’s contract was purchased. Ervin was optioned.

  26. tomn

    Mahle reminds me of Tom Seaver. I’m not saying he is going to be another Tom Seaver, only that his form, aggressiveness and appearance reminds me of him.