The Reds played poorly today and did not win. The pitched poorly and hit poorly. Some thoughts:

  • Certainly, the result of the game is most heavily dependent on the players. However, when a team is struggling like this one, I have no patience for a manager not putting his best lineup on the field. Alex Blandino needs to start at third base every day and that’s all there is to it. It should be directed by the front office if need be.
  • If things hadn’t been so bad lately, I probably wouldn’t be so bummed about Finnegan’s start. He wasn’t great today, but he was healthy and, considering last year, that’s a pretty big deal.
  • How many players can get hurt at this point? I mean, come on. Winker, Schebler, Suarez. That’s 37.5% of the starting lineup. Really not good. And also no one’s fault.
  • The Reds need a full bench.
  • At some point, the Reds will play better. This is absolutely not a situation where you burn things down and start over. It takes a much larger sample to have that happen in baseball.
  • That said, no one is having fun watching the Reds right now and the stadium is super empty. I’m sure this bothers management. As it should.
  • We do need to do a little tip of the cap to Tucker Barnhart and Dylan Floro, who were the bright spots today.
  • It can’t get worse, Reds fans. It will, eventually, have to get better.

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  1. reds lose

    I don’t think it will get better.

    • kmartin

      I think it will get better when Schebler, Suarez, and Winker are healthy and they bring up Senzel. I am also optimistic that they will figure out that Garrett should start.

      • big DEAD machine

        WORST. TEAM. IN. MLB. . . . . PERIOD.

      • Dewey Roberts

        They remind me of the 1962 Mets. That is really, really bad. But these Reds seem incapable of winning.

      • Bob Purkey

        The problem is that the 1962 Mets had absolutely no talent on the field AT ALL. The Reds do have SOME talent,

    • CDDiehard

      Time to clean house with management!
      Bad baseball decisions have caused this debacle. Castellini treats the fans great, but those making decisions about personnel, hiring those who coach and train the players and making trades have failed miserably!
      I never thought I would say this, but they are making Mike Brown look like an expert at football! Cincinnati deserves better than this!

      • Eric

        Bite your tongue. Mike Brown is an expert at making money off of Bengals fans, the Queen City and Hamilton County, Ohio. While it does reach the point (more often than not these days) when it appears that the Reds can’t get a win, even when they really want to, at least they DO actually want to win.

        Mike Brown does not want to win. He is perfectly happy with losing as long as he can continue to pay himself that GM bonus every year, which is why he’s kept Marvin Lewis and changed absolutely nothing!

        All that said – and it hasn’t sounded like I do so far, but – I do agree with you about the piles of bad personnel, coaching and training decisions. Something has to be fundamentally changed.

  2. MrSaturdayNite

    Please stop saying it can’t get worse. It seems the team is trying to prove you wrong. Which is the only thing it seems like they’re trying at anymore…

    • RedDawg2012

      Agreed! A week ago people kept saying it can’t get worse, then Winker got hurt…

  3. Broseph

    I’m interested to know the economics of this team. If I’m correct, hasn’t the value of the club almost doubled since Castellini took over.

    I ask because all we heard was talk from him about “not taking a profit” and putting it towards the team. With the payroll and team net worth, I’m calling bs but would like to know for sure.

    Something tells me there a #2 and #4 type starter money available in the Reds vault and has been around for a while.

    • Jason Linden

      I agree completely. Frankly, I think almost every fan can call BS on their team. Especially after what we saw this offseason. Their is obviously and enormous amount of money flowing into MLB and team values are exploding. Any front office that claims they have a budget crisis is either lying or incompetent.

    • Jeff Reed

      With the injury bug not cleared from Bailey, Deslafani and Finnegan over the offseason, I thought Alex Cobb was a pitcher who could help solidify the Reds starting pitching but the FO, seemingly, made little effort to acquire him. I think the Reds powers that be have become a little too enamored with their prospects and the reality is prospects often remain prospects. Some of the young pitching prospects should work in the bullpen and, eventually, be moved to the starting rotation or be included in trades. This rebuild business cannot go on forever.

    • Wayne nabors

      More than that,he bought em for 270 mil,Forbes just this month put the worth of the reds at 1 billion with a 243mil revenue

    • Colorado Red

      The value of the team, and cash flow/profit are two different things.

      • Wayne nabors

        It is but broseph asked if it doubled since he bought reds and more than has

      • Broseph

        I agree, but profit gain or loss will happen once he sells the team. So while the Castellinis may not be taking profit now or the last couple years, if he sold tomorrow, he will no longer be breaking even either.

    • DetroitRedleg

      The only thing is value and cash flow are not in the same, that said, I’m not spending money for this team, add a decent player or two and it’s not a train wreck and you would see me at the stadium, spending cash

    • Bob Purkey

      There is a HUGE difference in the value of the team, which rises simply by all of the other sports franchises rising in value, and profit. Vacant stadiums, reduce souvenir and food and beverage sales reduce profit. Sports franchises will continue to rise as long as media rights keep rising.

      The only sports owner that lost money was Art Model.

    • doofus

      Didn’t Dick Williams say he couldn’t comment how the Reds were using the $60 million they got from MLB for some recent league-wide deal?

  4. Bill

    Chris Welch said they’re not as bad as they think they are and he’s right, they’re worse. It’s always good to see so many happy fans after a Reds loss.

    • GO REDS!

      Those guys on TV ( Welch, Day, Piecoro, Etc..) make me want to puke! They spin things SO much you would think the Reds are 14-0. Wish they would tell the truth just once. The Reds suck and it’s not getting any better. Those people banging on that counter makes me sick too. They just want to be on TV.

      • VaRedsFan

        People got ticked off because Marty told the truth. I love it when he holds people accountable on the air.

      • Colorado Red

        Here the same thing when I watch the Rockies out here.
        I do like Marty he tells it like it is.

  5. Steve Best

    This team needs a charge of something. About the only thing that can really be done right now is to change manager. Injuries aside, this team looks like the past 3 years — no pitching, poor baserunning, lax fundamentals, and head scratching lineups. Time for Price to be replaced has come. People aren’t going to show up for absolutely no changes.

  6. Indy Red Man

    It really is this bad. Yeah….if they were 100% healthy and Disco put up 180 ip then they might’ve gone 74-88 or something. Whoop-de-frigging-do

    The Braves were rebuilding…now they’re about to be 9-5. 5th overall in runs scored coming and 3rd in era. Now their pitching won’t hold up, but these kids Albies and Swanson are going crazy! Albies has 8 doubles, 5 hrs, and 11 rbis already. Swanson is hitting .352. Some kid named Preston Tucker is hitting .308 with 3 hrs/12 rbis. The Phillies have Hoskins and Kingery. Nola is only 24 and looks like he’ll be one of the best pitchers in the NL for years. I like Castillo and Mahle but they don’t have his command and movement. Its just frustrating….this is the 4th year of losing in bulk and just don’t have that much on the horizon compared to others.

    • VaRedsFan

      I was going to mention the poor poor Braves. The 1st six players in today’s lineup.

  7. Shchi Cossack

    Scooter Gennett showed the Old Cossack something today, something that makes me want him on my team and playing.

    Leading off the 2nd inning, Scooter smacked the heck out of the ball, grounding it sharply up the middle, just to the right hand side of 2B. As he crossed 1B, Scooter raised his arm inquiring what the SS was doing making that play by shifting so far out of mormal playing position against him.

    The next 3 plate appearances, Scooter lined the ball directly through where the SS would normally line up defensively for hits to LF with the SS shifted out of position, finishing 3-4.

    I want that attitude and baseball IQ on my team.

    • Jreis

      Cossack. This is the best post I have seen on this site in some time.

      We talk about stats, era, obp, ops all the time but rarely is attitude and effort ever brought up.

      What is been most disheartening over the past few years is that the players don’t seem to care that the team is so bad. They go out about their business , do the post game interviews like “ everything is ok”. They never show any anger or disappointment.

      I think maybe the fact that Scooter is from here and was a reds fan growing up is the reason he is the only one showing any emotion right now

      You are right. We need more guys like him.

      • Ron Payne

        JREIS. Now you have the best post on this site in some time. Attitude and effort can often make an average player perform like an above average player.

    • Eddiek957

      Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. That adjustment was heads up baseball. I’d like to see a dozen more ball players on this team to take notice. Nice observation Cossack

    • VaRedsFan

      No Doubt Cosasck. Scooter can play for me any day. That’s why I’m disappointed that Senzel was asked to play 2B in AAA. He could still switch to SS, but the love affair with Peraza will never let that happen.

      • Colorado Red

        Scotter is an FA at the after the 2019 season.
        Just a note. By the way, I do agree with you

    • doofus

      The attitude in the dugout must change. That needs to come from the manager and players who are leaders.

  8. Sliotar

    The recap tone “no big deal, we lost, guys are hurt” is missing the point. By a lot.

    The Reds aren’t going 2-160, but there is a gap in talent, in talent development and in organizational vision to the Cardinals that the “hurt guys” aren’t going to make up at the moment.

    And it showed today. The responses so far show people are bummed out by it. I know I am.

    Two examples:

    -2-4-5 hitters (Dejong/Ozuna/Molina) went 0 for 11, Cards win 5. Even with 100% health, Reds aren’t winning many games under those circumstances, let alone by 5.

    -At game’s end, Marty and Brantley are discussing Jordan Hicks, and how the Cardinals are going to stick with Hicks in high-leverage situations, in front of Greg Holland, and plan on him replacing Holland next season.

    Where is this “next man up/assembly line of talent” with the Reds? Castellini (Mr Winning Baseball) won’t do it, but if Dick Williams said Monday morning “we are playing kids every inning we can, and we might lose 110 games”….at least that is a plan.

    What is going on at the moment feels rudderless, and only 2 weeks in….this goes beyond Bryan Price, who of course needs to go at some point. But, his exit won’t fix what ills this club.

  9. nicolecushing

    Ways it can get worse:

    — all home games at GABP cease being home games because more fans are there to support the away team

    — Bryan Price contract extension

    — injured Votto

    — injured Tucker B.

    — Ken Bone bobblehead night

    — rabies outbreak at “Bark at the Park”

    — another fire emergency with the smokestacks at GABP

    — the Reds hire Barry Larkin as the new manager, and he turns out to be even less competent than Price, and thus a beloved ex-player gets his legacy tarnished.

    — Rosie Red files for divorce from Mr. Redlegs, and runs off with the Phillie Phanatic. Neither party wants custody of Gapper.

    — Reds suspect that Mat Latos cast a curse on the team after he left, and decide to spend 15 million dollars on “paranormal investigators” to remove it.

    — Mat Latos returns as a member of the Reds Rally Pack, and turns off fans with his gruff and surly demeanor.

    — Bronson Arroyo decides to try and come back AGAIN

    — Hunter Greene takes a long look at Cincy and starts to adopt a (fake) “bad boy” , Odell Beckham, Jr.-esque persona in an attempt to get traded.

    — Flooding of the Ohio River forces the Reds to play at the Dayton Dragons’ facility….and they still can’t get the place more than 25% full.

    And it just goes on from there…. 🙂

    • Sliotar


      This made me laugh. I am glad you posting more here this season.

      However, rabies on Dog Night would be the last straw. Seeing the dogs on camera, often with Reds scarves, is usually better than the game itself.

    • Indy Red Man

      Large blimp suddenly appears over GABP (google 70s movie Black Sunday)….frightening 12,000 fans. Half are already headed for the exits which lessens the stampede:)

      • Colorado Red

        you mean 12 fans. Total Attendance.

  10. DRE

    I have been a Red’s since I was 9 years old when my little league team attended a Reds game. I realize no one reading this really cares but I have had it with the Red’s. I no longer am a Red’s fan. This is sad because I love BB. I will return as a fan someday once the current owners sell the team and replace the front office and coach.

    • Walt S.

      Good riddance. Fans support the team in good times in bad. Teams have bad patches and I will remain a fan.

      • VaRedsFan

        Well said. Fan since 9??? That makes him about 14 now.

      • doofus

        Fans voice their annoyance with how the team is run in many ways. The point is, if we weren’t fans we wouldn’t care what the ownership/front office knuckleheads are or are not doing. Therefore, we wouldn’t be speaking out on this “Obsessive” forum.

    • Colorado Red

      I know not, how long you have been a Reds fan, I have been a fan for 48 years.
      I am a fan, and will one till I die.
      This start hurt, but I am still a fan

      • doofus

        55 and counting. Pissed off, but still a fan.

  11. seanuc

    Miserable game to watch but actually encouraged by Finnegan’s outing. Good velocity, decent command, worked fast. Peraza is not an MLB regular; he is a mess at the plate right now, hips moving everywhere. Duvall is guessing every pitch. Small surprise that STL starter needed less than 4 pitches per out over 7 innings. The lack of energy with this team is tangible, and I think they cannot ride out the year with Price like they did last year. A new voice is needed, even if temporarily. I’d like to see: DFA Gosselin and Pennington, keep Blandino when Suarez is healthy, promote Senzel, and get each of those young guys 300 or so PAs this year.

    • Darrin

      I think if Peraza can learn to square up a little better and lay off the low and away pitch it would be a giant improvement to his hitting. Where’s the batting coach?

    • VaRedsFan

      Peraza hits the ball with more authority when he pulls the ball. That chip shot swing to RF is a flawed swing.

      • Mike

        Great comment .. I thought I was the only one who noticed.. PULL the ball more Jose ! PLEASE

  12. vidaismyhero

    Jason, how large of a sample does one need to “burn things down and start over”? Check the records. This is now going on 4 years! It is time! Start with new ownership who might know something about hiring knowledgeable baseball people to run the front office. A similar continued poor performance in the business world would result in significant changes much sooner than 4 years. Mr. Castellini would not tolerate this in his “real” business organization. It all starts where the buck stops. A once-proud franchise is being decimated.

    • Larry

      I would agree, it has been way too long. Price needs to go and we need to clear house. 4+ Years may not be long enough for you to want a tear down, but it sure is for me!

    • doofus

      The Red’s are a “Toy” to the billionaire owners. The Red’s a “Passion” to the fans.

  13. Jeff Reed

    Cut ties with Gosselin, Pennington and Price.

  14. Shchi Cossack

    Castillo jumped over AAA and went straight from AA to MLB. In A+ and AA, Castillo was pitching in notoriously pitcher-friendly leagues. He had some success at the MLB level during the 2nd half of 2017.

    Sal Romano pitched a total of 10 games at AAA with questionable results but a good ERA. He had marginal success at the MLB level during the 2nd half of 2017.

    Tyler Mahle pitched a total of 10 games at AAA with very good results. He had good success during a September promotion to MLB, pitching against a lot of minor league and AAAA prospects.

    Cody Reed pitched a total of 34 games at AAA with some success but significant control issues. He pitched 22 games with sub-optimal success and the same significant control issues.

    Brandon Finnegan pitched a total of 15 games at AAA with poor results and poor control. He pitched just 4 games at the MLB level in 2017 with poor results and terrible control before going on the DL for the bulk of the season. He pitched 31 games at the MLB level in 2016 with marginal success and poor control.

    Those are the 5 pitchers annointed by the Reds management as MLB ready and granted a pass to the 25-man roster in 2018 as starters. None of these pitchers has actually proven themselves at the AAA level prior to being promoted to MLB.

    Amir Garrett has a very similar history and experience as the previous 4 pitchers, but he has been designated as a reliever and sentenced to the bullpen since he is a LH and was pitching injured during the bulk of the 2017 season.

    Robert Stephenson has a very similar history and experience as the previoous 4 pitchers except he has more than 40 games at AAA and apparently become the scapegoat for the control issues at AAA and MLB suffered by all of the young starting pitching prospects except Castillo and Mahle, who have little or no experience at AAA.

    I do not trust Price to manage the pitching staff, starters and relievers, effectively for either good results or good development. Retaining Price as manager simply pushes the problem out another year with no real progress.

    • Eddiek957

      I agree I said before spring training began and everyone was saying Amir should start in Louisville that if he pitched as well this spring as he did last year price would be a fool not to have him in the rotation. Anyone wanna disagree with me now?

    • Walt S.

      Garrett was not good last year and he does not deserve to start. Stephenson should just be cut from organization he will never be good.

      • Eddiek957

        He was very good before injuring his hip

      • VaRedsFan

        But what matters is where they are at now. Garrett was great in Spring, showing the pre-injury form he showed last year with added velocity. Finnegan has done neither, but yet, he is handed a starting rotation spot like it was cotton candy.

      • I jay walk

        Before his hip injury he was on fire and twice he played in the Futures game and I agree he should start because he doesn’t need all the negative press those starting pitchers are getting and once Price extends his innings he might get an All Star spot as a reliever I know it’s a long shot , but possible. Era 0.00 will do it

      • Ghettotrout1

        Walt come on you cannot be serious you don’t just cut a young pitcher with potential and Amir is better than the jokers we have starting now.

  15. vegastypo

    “That said, no one is having fun watching the Reds right now and the stadium is super empty. I’m sure this bothers management. As it should.”

    If it bothers management, Jason, I believe management would be doing something about it. If management wasn’t prepared for this bad start and had no contingency plan, shame on them. Day after day after week after month.

  16. Shchi Cossack

    This season, Peraza has 3 P/PA. He has 0 BB in 51 PA.

    Last season, Peraza had 3.5 P/PA. He had 20 BB in 518 PA.

    What has Peraza learned or demonstrated or even remotely indicated he is working on to improve his approach at the plate?

    In addition, how does Peraza batting immediately behind Hamilton make any sense to anyone with any common sense, not to mention any baseball sense?

    • Dave Roemerman

      I had that same thought about how it’s just the fast guys up top. But then I looked at our sad lineup. Gennett is the only one hitting and Hamilton at least has been getting on vious walks. It’s hard to make something outta nothing right now…

    • scotly50

      I agree. Neither Hamilton or Peraza should be on the field at this point. Putting them at the top of the line-up is plain dumb.

      But i guess it doesn’t matter anyway. The rest of the line-up not named Scooter, or Tucker are stinking the place up.

  17. Dave Roemerman

    Blandino should start. So should the other lefty pitcher – not Finnegan. You know, the big one, used to play basketball? I know he’s thrown some, high value in the pen when the other team has a lefty…what’s his name? I’d throw him if I could remember…

  18. Eric Wade

    Strength and Conditioning is a FAILURE for several years with this team Price has to go…

  19. james garrett

    Nothing new from me because it all has been said.Once Suarez and Schebler return we get better and once Price is told to play Blandino,Winker and Senzel every day we get better.The young starters will get better or show they don’t belong but they have to be given the ball for 15 starts or more at the very least.If any falter give Garrett and Bob the ball for 15 starts.Price has to go period and its not about any more then he is just awful.His reasoning for bunting Tucker the other night was because he feared he would hit into a double play and give him only one chance to get the run home.Bunting is rarely good and to leave it up to Pennington and Billy is well just dumb.He did mention it would force the Cards to make the plays defensively and to make good pitches.Of course their pitcher was scared to death so he just said here it is hit it and of course we didn’t.No manager will make this team winners this year but Price just has to go.

  20. Big Red Dumpster Fire

    Reds management: You know it’s over when fans start comparing you unfavorably to the Bengals management.

  21. Shchi Cossack

    Mesoraco has logged playing time in each of the last four games. His swing is looking much better with more regular playing time. With Bailey pitching tomorrow against a tough RHP, I’m sure that Barnhart will start at catcher. I just hope that Mesoraco can log a pinch hit appearance during the game.

    Over the last 4 games, Mesoraco is 4-10 w/ 1-HR. His ISO is now up to .150 but he has yet to work a BB. Getting Mesoraco producing could yield some serious dividends. The market for starting caliber catchers is opening up and any offensive force has value as the trade deadline approaches.

    I wonder how effective he could be defensively at 1B with a little work at the position. Having him available to spell Votto at 1B rather than Duvall could be beneficial and allow him a start in nearly 50% of the games. He is certainly the Reds most potent bat off the bench right now and a prime option as the DH when needed.

  22. Kap

    I think part of the problem is that management thinks every pitcher can be a starter. Out of all the young starters, they have mahle, castillo, and maybe romano who can actually be big league starters. Everyone else doesn’t have the health or control to be consistently solid throughout an entire season

  23. mountaineer redleg

    Spend the money for a two and a three starter . The tv money is flowing and the franchise value is soaring . What did we lose by letting Cozart leave when he could have been retained with an affordable contract? A team leader an all star shortstop and a role model for 24 other players. This was a disgusting move that was a slap in the face to the fans. This shows a complete breakdown in the ability of management to evaluate and retain talent. Now we have Peraza that makes Billy Hamilton look like a silver slugger

    • Bob Purkey

      If you think that Peraza is the ONLY thing wrong with this team, you are mightily mistaken!

  24. Indy Red Man

    Senzel with his first HR in AAA tonite. CF Rosell Herrera 3-5 with a double & triple. Now hitting .353 and can run and play infield too. What are they waiting on? Pennington and Goose can’t so any of that. Ervin has been bad too.

    Blake Wood of the Angels….9 ip, 0 runs, 4 hits, 3 walks, 7 Ks. He couldn’t get 27 mannequins out without walking atleast 6 or 7 with the Reds? What is it about wearing a Reds uniform that makes these guys so awful?

    • vegastypo

      Also, JC Ramirez was in the Angels rotation until he got hurt. I think the Reds gave up on him a little too soon.

  25. GreatRedLegsFan

    This has been a very disappointing 5-years period in terms of bad trades and lousy player development. I hope there’ll be somebody out there to take over business control and right the ship. I see no other option.

  26. Doug in Dallas

    Jason you assert that things can’t get worse but they can. Remember the adage of the man who hit rock bottom only to find out life hands him a shovel lol. What concerns me the most is the notion that the younger players would accept the losing and allow it to affect their approach. Would it hurt to sometimes knock these rival hitters off the plate a bit like the Pirates manager? You know Clint Headhunter Hurdle. Duvall lays off pitches right in the zone that he should crush. Whatever the coaches are telling these guys it isnt working obviously.

  27. Alex

    Trade Iglesias, trade Barnhart, trade Scooter, trade em all. #BlowItUp

  28. sezwhom

    I don’t think it’ll get even marginally better until Price is gone. I get it, not all his fault but this team needs a shake-up in the worst way. However, one shouldn’t just let Price shoulder the blame. I’m a firm believer that it starts at the top and right now, Mr. C is not a good owner.

    • james garrett

      Certainly a change at manager won’t make this team become winners overnight.I do believe this team doesn’t expect to win and only hopes they do.They need a new voice or voices if you will that won’t accept losing and it would be great to see DW or Bob come forth the and state what the plan is and more importantly follow it up with action.Unfortunately I don’t think they have a plan at all as it pertains to this year and will just let Price drive this train wreck however he chooses.They will again blame it on injuries but good teams overcome those and don’t make excuses.We are not a well ran organization and if folks on the inside looking out would be honest they would admit what the rest of baseball is saying about the Reds is true.Regardless I am with them all the way as I have been for 55 years or so.

  29. Bob Purkey

    You have to treat all PRO sports as part of “How do I spend my entertainment dollar?” Gone are the days when we would back the hometown team regardless…. If you read a movie review and the critics say it is terrible, do you still go? Unless you are a die-hard music fan and a band has been reviewed for only playing for 55 minutes on tour, do you go? Hell no!

    If the Reds or Bengals suck, why would you spend your hard earned cash to buy tickets, parking, food, beverages, etc. all at outlandish prices.

    The answer is a resounding NO!

    • jazzmanbbfan

      It wasn’t actually a conscious decision but last year I attended zero games for the first time in (close to) forever. The only thing that might have gotten me there was to watch Votto bat. I have season tickets to FC Cincinnati soccer. I have gotten more bang for my entertainment dollar there than I may have ever gotten from the Reds, outside of the 1990 playoffs and world series.

    • Jeff Reed

      Only if you are a die-hard Reds fan and there’s been enough of them around since 1890 to keep the Reds in the NL for the last 128 continuous years, and the Reds eventually will emerge from this low point.

  30. mountaineer redleg

    I drive 4 hours from wv 3 times a year to see the reds My Dad took me i take my sons and hopefully the team will be there for my sons to take their children From old Crosley field to Riverfront stadium to Great American ballpark. There have been bad teams and there was the Big Red Machine. Lets figure it out and offer our opinions but not supporting my Reds was never an option for me and my family