The Short Version: There really is no short version. It was a 12-inning game and in all the confusion of extra innings and bunts and pinch-hitting pitchers, I originally forgot to write the short version. So here it is: Reds lose.

Final — 12 innings R H E
Cincinnati Reds (2-9) 3 11 1
Philadelphia Phillies (6-5) 4 6 1
W: Rios (1-0) L: Brice (0-1)
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The Good
–Luis Castillo had a quality start, if you like those sorts of distinctions. I just like the fact that he kept the Reds in the ballgame: six innings, three runs allowed on five hits, no walks, four strikeouts.

Castillo gave up a couple of runs in the second when he allowed the opposing pitcher, Nick Pivetta, to single with two outs. A moment later, the umpire called a balk and it appeared to rattle Castillo a bit. The next hitter, SS JP Crawford — the #9 hitter — proceeded to hit a two-run homer.

–Jose Peraza was 2-3 with a double. Joey Votto was 3-5 with an RBI and a run scored. Scooter Gennett was 2-5 with a double and a run scored. Phillip Ervin had a hit, a walk, and a couple of RBI.

–In the seventh through ninth innings, Amir Garrett and Raisel Iglesias were simply lights out. Garrett struck out two hitters, permitting just one little flare hit. Iglesias struck out four in his two innings of work. It’s almost like these guys are good pitchers.

–Down 3-2 in the top of the ninth, the Reds put together a rally to tie the game. Scooter Gennett doubled off the very tip-top of the left field wall to lead off the inning. Devin Mesoraco and Phillip Ervin followed with singles to tie the game and give the Reds runners on first and second with no outs.

(I’m putting this in the “Good” section so I don’t bust up the narrative flow here. But more insanity from the Reds manager ahead.) But in yet another instance of Reds manager Bryan Price putting a roadblock in the way of Cincinnati’s odds of winning, Price sent Tucker Barnhart up to pinch-hit for Phil Gosselin. And he asked Barnhart to bunt. Which Barnhart did, successfully.

First of all, why send up a pinch-hitter to bunt? Why not just let Gosselin do it? Secondly, why give away a free out to the other team — when you have Cliff freaking Pennington on deck?. You take the bat out of the hands of Barnhart — a competent hitter, at least — give away a free out, and count on Pennington to get the run in?

Predictably, Pennington and Hamilton had two of the worst at-bats you’re ever likely to see, and the Reds left two runners in scoring position. And Price used up all his position players (he used Alex Blandino to pinch run for Mesoraco) in order to get a sweet bunt. And required Raisel Iglesias to bat for himself in the tenth inning.

–The Reds bullpen only allowed one hit and one unearned run in 5.2 innings of work.

The Bad
–In the bottom of the 12th inning, Scooter Gennett made a terrible throw to first, an error that permitted the leadoff Phillie to reach base. Said leadoff Phillie — named Pedro Florimon — came around to score to the winning run.

Scooter is an exceptionally likeable guy, and he hits pretty well against right-handed pitchers. But he’s going to have to hit awfully well to cover up his terrible defensive work. He’s just not good in the field.

–Going back to the the top of the sixth… with the Reds down 3-2, Peraza led off with a single, then he stole second base. Votto singled to left field, and third base coach Billy Hatcher inexplicably sent Peraza home, where he was thrown out by about a hundred miles. Just a bad decision, especially given the fact that there were no outs and the Reds could have had runners on the corners with the 4-5-6 hitters coming up.

–It’s completely ridiculous that, in the midst of what is supposed to be a “rebuild,” that this club’s manager started Gosselin at third base instead of Blandino. What’s the point of this Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Season if the manager can’t even play the kids who might have a chance to be a part of the next good Reds team? Seriously, what’s the point???

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–Reds lose again, but at least this one was entertaining. That’s something, right?

–In the top of the tenth, Votto got a two-out single. Scooter proceeded to hit a two-run homer…but he was completely robbed by Philadelphia center fielder Odubel Herrera. In each of his last two ABs, Scooter very nearly hit two home runs. But didn’t quite get either of them over the fence.

–Jose Peraza got his first extra base hit this season before Joey Votto collected his first one. Baseball is weird.

–Is it too much to ask that Amir Garrett pitch 180 innings, and Raisel Iglesias pitch 100+?

–Even Thom Brennaman was questioning Price’s moves in that ninth inning.

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64 Responses

  1. CI3J

    Bringing in a pinch hitter….To bunt. I just don’t even know any more.

    And why why WHY isn’t Garrett in the rotation?

    It’s criminal how poorly managed this team is.

    • Ghettotrout1

      The Garrett thing is insane no reason he should be in the pen.

  2. nicolecushing

    Predictions on how long we have to go until the Reds are Price-less? (Pun intended.)

    My guess is that he’ll be canned on June 11, after another home stand with terrible attendance and an especially humiliating loss to the Cardinals. (That way the organization can say that they didn’t jump the gun and react to a small sample size.)

    BTW, is it just me, or does Farrell seem to be doing most of his “scouting” on ESPN?! I’m not sure what his contractual time commitment is to the Reds, but he shows up a LOT as a media analyst. Does he have the time to do the job the Reds asked him to do? He’s supposed to be familiarizing himself with all levels of the organization, right? Is he acting more as an informal consultant?

    • Gonzo Reds

      I’ve discovered that through IHeart Radio I can listen to ESPN through Cincy so in the afternoon I can listen to some Reds talk now. It was pointed out last night that even though we all want Price gone, the replacement will be Riggleman or Ferrell (or Barry Larkin)… not much of an upgrade or able to fix things this year and we don’t want those guys in 2019. As hard as it is to stomach, might be better to suffer with Price all year and then be able to hire a better quality manager who’s currently not in our system like Girardi.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      There was a story after Farrell was hired in which Dick Williams said Farrell is considered part-time. He apparently does the scouting tasks when not working for ESPN.

  3. Jim Walker

    I didn’t see the Reds 9th in real time and, can’t make a bit of sense of it even after I’ve read Chad’s account twice and the MLB,com play by play three times.

    We are going to find out Gosselin was unable to bat for some reason, right?

    Did Barnhart show bunt on the 1st pitch of the AB before bunting on the 2nd, i.e. could there have been a mix up on the signs?

    • Indy Red Man

      Barnhart was bunting all the way. To get to Pennington and Billy. Even if he had a legitimate hitter on the bench like Scooter, Schebler, etc…they’d just walk them to easily K Billy for the 2nd out?

      Price is a complete idiot. If it works 1 out 5 times then he clings to the one success and doesn’t learn the correct lesson. Bright guy overall but zero instincts on how personnel matches up and a low baseball IQ

    • J

      Absolutely trying to bunt on both pitches. He was pinch hitting specifically for his bunting abilities. Price pinch hit for his starting third baseman so he could deliberately give up and out in front of Pennington and Hamilton. This actually happened.

    • pinson343

      No mixup on the signs. After Barnhart fouled off one bunt, I was hoping the bunt sign would be taken off. But no, he laid down the second bunt fair.

  4. Jim Walker

    Just about all this late inning craziness would never have happened if the game was being played with a DH. I get it that a lot of traditional folk and purists live for these bizarre moments; but, to me they simply take the game out of the hands of the players who are the ones most of us want to see deciding games.

    • Scott Carter

      Then maybe Price should manage in the AL where he has less strategy to think about.

  5. CI3J

    Here’s a simple question:

    Worst Reds’ manager of the last 20 years: Bob Boone, Dave Miley, or Bryan Price?

    Yes, it’s actually gotten to the point where Price is in that conversation. I was already there last year, but these early days in 2018 have infuriated me to no end. If the team is managed well and they still lose, ok, fair play, we lost, your team was better. But when the manager is actively making bone-headed decisions that have been scientifically proven to negatively impact the potential outcome of the game, as a baseball fan, it’s sickening and irritating to watch. Is it so much to ask for a nice, clean, well-managed game?

    • Matt WI

      I heard that comment… I was actually surprised he was in favor of starting extra innings with a runner on base. But yeah, he took what was a valid point a little too far. But of course he did. He’s THOM.

    • Jim Walker

      Well I am retired now going on three years; so, I guess that counts me as jobless. However thanks to being a short sleeper and having just a 20 minute commute, the last 15 years I was employed I typically didn’t hit the hay till midnight and was at my desk NLT 7AM. So I would have been up for the 12th inning regardless. The place where I worked had many folks who worked a variety shifts around the clock and had sleep/ wake/ work cycles which would have them up at the hour of the 12th inning.

      Also in a number of situations people who were working at the hour of the 12th inning last night might have been watching even as they worked because their job is to baby sit machines of various sorts, stand by for alarms or wait for a phone to ring with a trouble call;’ and, I know from experience, among the various monitors in front of such folks there is often a TV connected to cable to help them pass the time between incidents.

      All in all I think Thom’s statement was ill thought out rather than intended to be in poor taste. However I also believe it shows a profound lack of understanding of how the rest of the real world functions.

  6. Indy Red Man

    Scooter barely missed 2 HRs tonite but also made the error that cost the game. Its the same situation if you try to run Schebler out in CF. They’ve been outhomered 17-7 but you can’t support young pitchers with a bunch of hacks in the field either?

    I wrote it earlier…but Iggy, Peralta, and Garrett have combined for 1 er in 17 innings. Hughes is pretty decent. If somehow Lorenzen got back to his 2016 form then that atleast B grade for the bullpen. Rainey has a great arm and Shackelford is better then running out dregs like Gallardo or Quackenbush.

    Its just a young inconsistent rotation and lack of offense from the same cast of characters. Castillo just can’t groove an 0-2 pitch for a 2 run hr to a guy hitting .077. That cannot happen. I still like Castillo alot. Mahle is interesting. I’m not that high on Romano. He doesn’t have enough movement to just throw a sinking fastball 75% of the time like Lance Lynn or someone. Maybe Stephenson or Lorenzen at some point? Finnegan is kind of out of shape to me and thats a bad sign. Same thing with Billy still being a beanpole after 4 years. Modern weight training and proper nutrition should have these guys in optimal shape but they’re not working hard enough! Reed? Forget it….not happening. Somehow he never learned how to pitch.

  7. L.A. Red

    At this rate Garret is going to pitch 60 innings and finish with an ERA of 0.00 when we all know its better to have 180 innings of 3.00 ERA.

    In the words of Joe Pesci in Casino “What are we doin over here?”

  8. pinson343

    I wonder what the Reds record in extra inning games is since Price became manager. I know it’s awful, and it reflects on his in-game decisions.

  9. Dave Roemerman

    Bunting does make sense there. Your overall run expectancy drops (2nd & 3rd, 1 out v. 1st & 2nd, 0 out) but your odds of plating 1 or 2 increase. In close/late situations (such as tied in the 9th), it’s a defensible, reasonable (and out-of-character) call. Using a pinch hitter to do it is just stunningly, shockingly, stupefying (if more characteristic). Worse, it’s the pinch hitter you’d put in for one of the next two mediocre (at best) hitters.

    Add this nonsense to the “Reed starting over Garrett/at all, Hamilton leading off against lefties, Yovani Gallardo in the big leagues in 2-run games, Iglesias pitches once a week, Winker rotates and Ervin rots (even with Schebler out), Blandino benched after a rough first game, we’ll probably see Rainey again in 2019 (I’m calling in the pre-crimes department on that one)” flaming, fragrant pile of manure that has been the 2018 Reds’ managerial decision-making process. I’m not one to root for a guy to get fired, nor am I one to gripe about debatable but logical decisions (see above re bunting), but these are all clear-cut, “WTH?!” type of terrible decisions. I don’t care about 2-9 and yes, Mr. Votto (article in the Athletic), the players have underperformed – the worst performance of 2018, next to Gallardo (whom no one in their right mind expected anything from), has definitely been from Bryan Price. This is hard to witness!

  10. Timmy RedLeg

    The Reds have set team records in futility, during Prices tenure. I also wanna say that this current team/roster is not well constructed. This team just is not very good! They are at a point where, if they play a competitive or close game, it’s a victory. I mean, for myself, I found myself thinking that, at least we were in a position to win the game last night. Shame on me! There has too be a change in culture. That change needs to take place NOW! Not at the end of the season, not at the All-Star break, not this evening. NOW! NOW, I say!!!!!!!!

  11. Kap

    This is getting hard to watch. We’re only in the middle of April but still. Hopefully Senzel comes up this weekend, takes Cincy by storm, and lights a fire under everyone and they start winning games. Otherwise, it will be a long long long season

    • BigRedMike

      Where will Senzel play if he gets called up? Tough to beat out Gosselin and Pennington at this point.

  12. bouwills

    I saw the Gennet play in the 12th inning. Poorly executed throw. He kinda sidearm-submarined the ball over Votto’s head. That said, a somewhat lackluster effort on Votto’s part to catch the errant throw. Votto got glove on that ball. Some firstbasemen make that catch. The Reds relievers did have a good night, in particularly Garrett & Iglesias. Yet Hughes, Quackenbush, & Brice walked 6 batters in 2.2 innings. The Phils actually won last night’s game. Their cf made an outstanding play to rob Gennett of a HR in extra innings.

    • Eric the Red

      Nobody would have made that catch, except maybe Manute Bol. It was way over his head. Scooter is terrible defensively: no range, and a weak and inaccurate arm. (It was nice to see him hit the ball a little, though.)

      If I’m not mistaken, that’s at least three games where Scooter’s awful defense has had a direct impact on a Reds loss in a close game. Pretty impressive for this early in the season.

  13. Klugo

    Long gone are the days of Cozart and Phillips locking down the middle of the infield.

  14. scotly50

    I am now firmly in the “fire Price” camp. Been on the fence for some time. My last hope for this team is they are underperforming. A managerial change might help.

    The Reds have the highest ERA as a team in baseball and from 24 to 28 in baseball in most hitting stats. The Reds are where they should be with those team stats.

  15. GreatRedLegsFan

    Games like last night test managerial capabilities (roster management, decision making, mindset, etc.). Then you realize how limited Price is compared with other MLB managers.

  16. sanantonefan

    For the first time I have MLB TV and can see all of the Reds games in San Antonio. All I can say is the Reds are very frustrating to watch.

  17. tomn

    I’ve scanned thru the comments here but couldn’t find an explanation for why Mahle was sent up to pinch hit for Quackenbush. That might have been equally as weird as barnhart pinch-hitting for gosselin then asked to bunt. Though not as damaging I suppose. A truly bizarre late-game managing episode.

    • big5ed

      They were out of position players, and Mahle was deemed to be the best hitter among the pitchers. Obviously, one can wonder why they were out of position players.

    • Tom Diesman

      Yes, Mahle was sent up to pinch hit because Price had already exhausted his 4 man bench and had nobody left to pinch hit for the pitcher. Thus he sent up what they deemed to be a better hitting pitcher to bat for Quackenbush. Price PH Duvall for Castillo in the 7th with 2 outs and Castillo, one of his top 2 SP, with only 89 pitches. Then after the Reds hit in the 8th, he double switched Pennington/Iglesias for Garrett(8th spot)/Peraza(2nd spot). Then in the 9th Price completely depleted the bench by pinch running Blandino for Mesoraco and then later in the inning, pinch hitting Barnhart for Gosselin which effectively completed the double switch to get a catcher back into the lineup. This led to having Barnhart sac bunting as a pinch hitter. I suppose one could argue that Price could have let Gosselin hit here to do the sac bunt, and then subbed Barnhart in for Pennington who was the next batter, this would have resulted in either Blandino or Gosselin, both lesser fielding SS, playing SS the remainder of the game.

      • TomN

        Is mahle really better than Quackenbush? Or is that just a case of over-managing? As badly as we needed a run at that point, let Gosselin bunt and BH pinch-hit (though I suppose THEN, the Phillies could have just walked Barnhart and you are still left with Pennington only with the bases loaded).

        I thought at the time, Castillo should have hit and pitched another inning. He was having a pretty good night and really just two mistakes (though two bad ones).

  18. big5ed

    Scooter is starting to develop Sax/Knobloch Syndrome. I don’t remember last year that he threw so side-armed, and almost underhanded, but maybe he did. The play last night was thoroughly routine, where you would think a simple over-hand toss would have been in order. But there was one grounder earlier in the game that went to his left, and he very awkwardly (like Sax) threw it overhand to Votto for the out.

    He also seems to throw the side-arm throws much harder than he needs to, and almost all of them are high. The last two errors were high.

    They are going to have to start platooning him with Blandino or Gosselin, because he can’t hit lefties and he fields like Thom Brennaman.

  19. Jeff Reed

    At less than two weeks into the season and a record of 2-9, it’s less than obvious to say the next ten games with the Cards and Brewers will tell the tale of this season with the Price regime.

  20. Dewey Roberts

    Chad, I agree. Price is in way over his head. He is a terrible manager.

  21. sezwhom

    I’m in the camp Price must go but last night was on Scooter. Routine play and he botched the throw. I hate the bunt and Price is bunt happy and it rarely works. Drive me nuts. Logic tells you to use a SP to drop the bunt, not one of your position players. The Reds find new ways to lose every night. We’re not even to mid-April and sinking fast. You have to shake things up.

  22. Indy Red Man

    Price always playing for 1 run…example Peraza sacrificing as the 2nd hitter in the game. Castillo grooving an 0-2 pitch for a 2 run HR to a guy hitting .077. Inexecusable. Atleast try to let him get himself out. There is a reason he’s hitting .077. Peraza being sent home on a 1 hop single directly at their LF’er with NOBODY OUT!!!! Price with Buntalotta disease again in the 9th by bunting Tucker for Pennington and Billy?? Even if he had a legit pinch-hitter….they’d just walk him to K Billy for the 2nd out? Scooter airmailing a routine throw then Tucker has a shot at the same guy and makes a bad throw.

    Just another Reds loss. Atleast 5 critical mistakes by Price and his players to give away a very winnable game. Outhit them 11-6

  23. BigRedMike

    Is there an official confirmation that Peraza sacrificed in the 1st inning? If so, Price should be fired. That move is completely indefensible if that is the case.

  24. bouwills

    It’s about baby steps. Third time through the rotation both Bailey (6 IP, 2H, 1 ER, 0BB, 7 K) & Castillo (6 IP, 5H, 3ER, 0BB, 4K) have thrown quality starts. Hopefully Romano, Mahle, & Finnegan can build on that. It’s very difficult to have an effective bullpen w/o a reliable rotation.

    • Indy Red Man

      5 out of 11 quality starts and 2 of those are the 6 ip 3 er minimum. Unfortunately that’s getting this team beat usually (0-2).

      This baby is taking baby steps at 4. He might be able to tie his shoes by the 8th grade at this rate.

      • bouwills

        IRM you seem a little more sarcastic than you used to be. If Reds give starts to Castillo, Romano, & Mahle (which they should) you’re not going to get the consistency of using veteran sp. Finnegan should help some,but with Stephenson & Garrett as 6th & 7th options I expect some volatility in the rotation through July. I still believe the pitching staff will be better than the starting 8 + bench players next year unless several trades/ acquisitions are made.

      • Eric the Red

        Someone please explain to me why we treat Finnegan’s spot in the rotation as a given? Aside from the fact he happened to get a bunch of starts at the ML level before some other guys, he 1) Doesn’t have a huge amount of professional pitching experience; 2) Has the same problem as Reed and Stephenson of walking too many guys and running up high pitch counts; and 3) He can’t seem to stay healthy as a starter, like Iglesias and Lorenzen.

        I mean, personally I’d be running Finnegan, Garrett, Stephenson, and Reed out every fifth day as a starter in Cincinnati or Louisville for the next two years and see how things go, but it’s strange to me that Finnegan’s spot is “his”.

      • Indy Red Man

        You’re right. I’m not really questioning the rotation’s progress just the overall state of the “rebuild”. Homer doesn’t look too bad and the other guys are all young. Losing Disco/Lorenzen was the backbreaker for this year though.

  25. AJP

    Does anybody else wonder why Peraza didn’t slide when trying to score from 2nd on votto’s single ? If he would have slid on the outside of the basepath and swiped home plate with his hand,he would have had a better chance of scoring than remaining upright and letting the catcher tag him out, Was he so shocked that Hatcher sent him that he gave up on the play, or didn’t the on deck hitter give him the slid sign . My guess is the former.

    • Steve Mancuso

      Good question. My guess is that he figured Hatcher wouldn’t have sent him if it wasn’t 100% safe, so he wouldn’t have to slide. That’s a pretty fair assumption on his part, but where was the on-deck batter letting him know that the play was going to be close?

      That play was a great demonstration of the Reds not doing the little things to win games. That is the responsibility of the manager to create the right atmosphere, with positive and negative incentives.

      (1) The third base coach makes a truly terrible decision to send the runner with no outs,
      (2) The runner doesn’t slide
      (3) The on-deck batter doesn’t get the runner to slide
      (4) The batter doesn’t take second base even though the throw is nowhere near the cutoff man

      Just terrible baseball all around.

      • AJP

        Forgot that the runner didn’t even advance to 2nd. Just more terrible baseball. The play was right in front of Peraza, he had to wait to make sure the catch wasn’t made. He saw the fielder make a clean pick up and positioned well to make the throw home. Even though it was a questionable decision to send him, he should not assume that the play at the plate would not be close.

      • scotly50

        I though of this during that play last night. Surely with all the analytic data around: Is there data for a third base coaches decisions? I can’t think hatcher would be far from the top of runners thrown out at the plate.


    And we had a chance at a World Series in 2012. Wheels have officially fallen off.

  27. Eric the Red

    Someone mentioned a few games ago that the Reds regulars didn’t get enough playing time in spring training. Which might have an impact on things like hitters being “off” in their timing, poor base running, etc. Can anyone comment on that? I wasn’t paying close enough attention in the spring to judge, but if it’s true it’s another indictment of this management group.

    • Indy Red Man

      That might play a small factor, but at some point guys need to be held accountable. Not to always pick on Peraza…and I know he’s young, but hasn’t he been playing pro baseball for 5-6 years now? The ball got 20 feet away from the catcher on Monday night but he wasn’t paying attention and didn’t score. Of course they lose by 1 run. I happened to catch a few innings of Minn/Cleveland yesterday and the Twins young OF Buxton was on 2nd base. A breaking ball hit the dirt and went about 4 feet away…he was ready and used his speed to take 3rd. He ended up scoring and they won 9-8.

      That’s on our players primarily, but also on Price to set a tone for how this team needs to play. Votto getting doubled up on a little looper right in front of him in Pittsburgh? With a man on first? Incredibly stupid? Game 1 if I’m not mistaken. Lets set a tone with our best player making one of the dumber mistakes you’ll ever see.

  28. Redgoggles

    Thanks, Walt. For riding the coat-tales of the players drafted before you came (and credited for trading EE for Rolen…’s that looking now?), and creating a giant minor league system devoid of major league caliber players necessary to replace the aging/expensive players (rightfully) traded. That is who is to blame for this extended rebuild. Not Price or Williams……yet. Price – with all his warts – hasn’t been given a roster that’s even mediocre, and Williams draft picks/farm system development are just now starting to show. It would be interesting to see a chart of who drafted who over the past 10 years. I think that would reveal the true source of who should be blamed.

  29. jessecuster44

    What’s the point of watching this team struggle for 7+ innings, only to have Bryan Price muck it all up with his buffonery at the end of things?

    Being a Reds fan is not much fun right now. I fear any light at the end of the tunnel is actually a gorilla with a flashlight.

  30. Scott Carter

    It is the little things that often win these close games, and the lack of execution here is what really bothers me, and that falls squarely on the shoulders of Price. It is his job to make sure the players perform to the best of their abilities, are put into situations where the can succeed and to play fundamentally sound baseball. Price does none of these things. The excuse that he has never been given the talent and been hampered by injuries does not hold water. No one has asked him to win a World Series title with the rosters he has been given, just to be as competitive as possible. There is enough talent on this team to be competitive if it was managed decently.

  31. Zach Lee

    Bring Senzel up as an extra bat that can hit and ship Winker to the American League and hopefully get a top prospect for him because he can hit but if it isn’t a home run I guarantee it will be a single no matter where he hits it and once he gets on base the next hitter is stuck running behind him because Winker can’t run for nothing, it’s like all this time the Reds have been ignoring the fact that he has a problem running. They put him in left field and all he has to cover is left field and Billy can cover the rest and what does he do? let’s one fall right in front of him. Trade him before other teams figure out that he adds no value to their lineup. PH him then pull him for a PR every time. He has a career as a hitting coach but that’s about it.

    • jessecuster44

      Winker’s OBP right now is .415. Obviously a small sample size, but aside from Votto, he seems to be the only chap on this team that can get on base frequently. Not sure I would trade him, And given the Reds track record for on what they get back for good players? Now I’m definitely not trading him.

      • Zach Lee

        Let’s check and see how many times Winker scores after a base hit by the following hitter. While watching the games all the announcer talk about when Winker is involved in a player offensively or defensively how slow he is. He is not a big guy or a catcher so there should be no analytical reason why he is so slow. He is a good hitter but for the position he plays he needs some type of speed.

  32. Dave Roemerman

    I feel like this site is a “can’t win” space. Hamilton plays phenomenal defense but doesn’t hit well (at all) right-handed and people don’t want him to not play against lefties, they want him “banished, gone, done,” to quote a few. So we like our guys to hit.

    Gennett just missed a pair of homers (settling for one double in the two ABs) last night and made a throwing error. He’s below average at a non-premium position. These days, with all the fly balls and the shifting, 2B, despite being “up the middle” is not premium anymore. But he’s been arguably our best hitter so far, more than compensating for his subpar D. So we like our guys to be great fielders? See Hamilton.

    Most teams are constructed with flawed players who balance each other out. Very few elite defenders are also great hitters and vice versa. Correa’s D helps offset Altuve’s, Springer strikes out too much to bat leadoff and is not a good enough defender to roam the huge CF in Houston, and they have very few middle relievers. Houston is constructed from flawed pieces, yet they managed to pull off getting a 100 wins and a ring and are favorites to chase those goals again.

    I wish more Reds fans were more realistic. We shouldn’t hate Billy Hamilton (though maybe how he is used is a good target). Nor should we think Gennett’s d isn’t more than balanced out by being a good hitter. What we should be targeting are the managerial moves (and have been), the complete lack of any real plan for developing young pitchers for over 3 years (which is why this team stinks), the hodgepodge construction (grabbing Schebler and Duvall as secondary pieces for Peraza and Keury Mella, then discovering they are the same player from opposite hands who don’t platoon and block Winker), and the signing of two mediocre bullpen pieces – not to use so the young guys go to AAA to keep starting, but to instead insert over Garrett and Iglesias, not to mention the Yovani Gallardo show. There is more to hate about this team than a few of its better players’ flaws guys.

    • VaRedsFan

      That was one fine post…nicely done.