The Cincinnati Reds (2-6) will begin a three game series tonight at Citizens Bank Park against the Philadelphia Phillies (3-5) at 7:05 PM. The Reds lost 3 of 4 over the weekend in Pittsburgh, and as bad as that was, they also lost their best right-handed hitter. Eugenio Suarez will be out for at least a couple weeks with a fractured thumb. The Reds made a bunch of moves today: They called up both IF Alex Blandino and RP Zack Weiss. Scott Schebler joins Suarez on the DL.

The Phillies are being managed by first-year skipper Gabe Kapler. He has come under fire for his analytical approach to managing his bullpen, and also forgetting to get a pitcher warmed up before making a pitching change. It will certainly be interesting to watch Kapler over the next three games, and maybe even more interesting to hear how Marty discusses Kapler. The Phillies had two big free agent signings this off-season in 1B Carlos Santana and SP Jake Arrieta. The Reds will miss Arrieta in this series.

Starting Pitchers

The following are 2018 ZiPS projections with the exception of fastball velocity (FBv):

Cody Reed will make his first, and likely his only start for now in the Reds rotation (unless Brandon Finnegan has a setback in his start with Louisville tonight). Reed got hit around pretty hard this spring, allowing 20 hits in 12.1 innings (5.11 ERA). He did however strikeout 10 batters while walking just 2. It is pretty amazing how far Reed has fallen down the Reds SP depth chart over the last year and a half. When he made his debut on July 18th, 2016, it was thought that Reed would never go back down and end up being a top of the rotation starter for the Reds. He is only 24 years old.

Ben Lively was drafted by the Reds in 2013. He dominated the low levels of the minors for the Reds in 2013-14, but was traded to the Phillies prior to the 2015 season for Marlon Byrd. Lively made his MLB debut for the Phillies last year, and had a respectable 4.26 ERA/4.97 FIP in 15 starts. He pitched well in his first start of 2018 for the Phillies on Tuesday against the Mets: 5.2 IP, 6 H, 2 ER, 1 BB, 5 K. Lively has never faced any of the current Reds hitters.

Starting Lineups

Reds Phillies
1. Scooter Gennett (2B)
2. Jose Peraza (SS)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Adam Duvall (LF)
5. Tucker Barnhart (C)
6. Phillip Ervin (RF)
7. Cliff Pennington (3B)
8. Cody Reed (P)
9. Billy Hamilton (CF)
1. Cesar Hernandez (2B)
2. Carlos Santana (1B)
3. Odubel Herrera (CF)
4. Rhys Hoskins (LF)
5. Maikel Franco (3B)
6. Scott Kingery (SS)
7. Aaron Altherr (RF)
8. Jorge Alfaro (C)
9. Ben Lively (P)

Jesse Winker is out of the lineup sick.

Other news and notes


The Reds had a big gut punch yesterday losing Suarez. That is certainly a tough loss, but the Reds can’t afford to fall back any further or this 2-6 start could really spiral out of control. The good news for the Reds is the days of getting beat up by the Phillies are behind them. The Reds have actually won 12 of their last 16 games against the Phillies. Go Reds!

Nick is a lifelong Reds fan who was born and raised in Cincinnati. He acquired his love of baseball from his late grandfather. Nick moved to the Cleveland area in 2014 with his wife, and his currently fighting to convert his beautiful baby daughter Emma to Reds fandom. Nick has been writing for Redleg Nation since 2013. Follow Nick on Twitter @nicholaspkirby.

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  1. No Winker. No Suarez. No Schebler.

    That is one BLARGH looking lineup.

    • Not even as good as the lineup the Jackets put on the ice Saturday when the whole world knew the object was not to win

    • Suarez and Schebler on the on the DL.
      Took 7 days to put Scott on the DL, so it is only retroactive to Friday.
      Stupid move.

  2. What a underwhelming MLB lineup

  3. I would love to know the logic Price uses in his lineup construction. For example, Peraza is hitting second. He has 29 career walks and none through the first eight games. His BA = OBP. This has to at least bother Price.

    • OBP seems to be the very last thing Price thinks about. His top concerns are speed, power, left/right, and past success against the starter.

  4. No bullets.
    No Blandino

  5. How ’bout that Lively for Byrd deal? Way to go Walt!

    • Lively would probably be pitching middle relief in AA if he were still with us. After getting one ML start, at Wrigley with the wind blowing out.

      • In less than 100 ML innings (94.1) Lively has 1.6 WAR, Garrett w/75.2 IP has -1.6 WAR, Romano w/98.0 IP has 0.4 WAR, Mahle (only) 30.2 IP has 0.6 WAR & Castillo w/99.1 IP has 2.5 WAR. It’d be a pretty crowded field pitching middle relief down in Pensacola wouldn’t it?

  6. Why, exactly, is Winker not leading off again?

  7. That’s…an interesting lineup. I never know what to root for: if it works, he’s even more likely to do it again. But I hate the idea of rooting for it not to work. Sigh.

    • That just may be the worst lineup in recent memory,price days has to be numbered

      • Billy leading off against a left hand pitcher took the cake for me.

      • Regrettably, I think Price is very secure in his situation. Castellini loves him just like he loves Uncle Walt—who has systematically destroyed this franchise. Castellini made a lot of noise about winning when he first bought the Reds but now he seems to be content with just making money. I have pulled for the Reds for 57 years but I am not sure how much more of this I can take. This season is looking like the very worst in Reds history with no hope for the future.

  8. Tonight’s Reds lineup features a total of 2 HR (both by Duvall) & 11 RBI (6 by Duvall). Talk about your potent lineups!

  9. The Schebler thing is pretty annoying. From the way they’ve talked about it, it seems the blame probably lies more with the Reds crack medical/training staff than with the GM. It sure sounded like Price expected him back quickly based on what he was being told. Either way it’s not real encouraging.

  10. Senzel is playing 2b tonight in Louisville. Kivelahan at 3b. I was hoping Senzel would play next 2-3 days at 3b then get the call on Friday.

  11. In other news, is Molina really going to get away with shoving an umpire?

  12. Positive energy is just incredible

  13. Feel bad for Suarez but he will be fine this summer. His injury simply reinforces the notion the Reds aren’t playing in 2018 to win. Move past that. They are playing for 2019 and all baseball activities need to be viewed from the lens of 2019 Opening Day.

    Does this lineup…does this transaction..does this role …does the playing time fit with winning in 2019?

    It will be messy and ugly in April and May …. but I’m hoping thevreds plan will crystalize by June or July so the Oasis of 2019 starts to be seen in the distance.

    • I think you are hoping on a pipe dream. The Reds will not field a winner in 2019. They are not going to go from terrible to good in one season. No way, no how.

  14. For those that can get the pregame shows….any Suarez news? Blandino plans?? ect

  15. 3 straight singles to start the game. How about a crooked number fellas?

  16. Nice AB Duval…bases loaded walk. No breaking stuff was thrown

  17. How many times have the Reds had the bases loaded this year and didn’t score? At least they got 1here I guess.

  18. 2 hanging breaking balls and Ervin whiffs on both. Pennington follows suit with a whiff…
    Bases loaded 0 out, 1 run in….and that’s all they get.

  19. Peraza has to score on that ball? His instincts are terrible. Normal team and he scores anyway….even a groundball double play would’ve scored him.

  20. Well, that was depressing. On the bright side, first inning run. Should have been at least 3.

  21. That was not a great at bat by Duval. They went to easy pictches for him to hit. Yeah he got the base on balls but he should’ve done better

  22. If Peraza had been paying attention at 3b he could have scored on the wild pitch.

    • If my aunt had wheels she be a tea cart. he should’ve been ready for the wild pitch, but I’m not sure he scores

      I blame the last two batters for this any much more than I blame Peraza.

  23. A chance to blow the game apart in the first inning, bases loaded no outs and the Reds score one run.

  24. Nice play by Pennington. He can pick it fairly well.

  25. Tucker swings at 2-0 and lines out.Ervin and Pennington strike out on 6 pitches.Can’t expect much when you start your bench players and you already have two holes in you line up with Peraza and Billy.First 4 guys get on then well the others are just not good at all.

  26. Pennington nearly hung Votto out dry on that throw. High and into the baserunner

  27. We have been spoiled by good 2B play all the way back to Morgan really, but Scooter is just plain bad.

    • He better start hitting again or his fielding will outweigh any benefits from his bat.

  28. Scooter sails one high…for an error

  29. The Reds have an extreme lack of depth. We have 2 starters go on the DL., & this is the best lineup we can muster.??? What pitcher would fear this lineup?

  30. Reds 3 hits and a walk 1 run
    Phillies 1 hit….2 runs

  31. The first pitch to Hoskins was called a ball. The first pitch to Ervin was worse, but called a strike. Maybe it wouldn’t matter, but there’s a big difference between 1-0 and 0-1. Frustrating

  32. No pitcher will fear this lineup until Hamilton and Peraza set and Senzel comes up.Way way too many holes in this lineup

  33. That was funny…Votto chased the foul ball down the line, just so the fans couldn’t get it.

  34. That look of exasperation by Reed after the Hoskins HR says it all.

    That meatball pitch is going to get crushed by a lot of guys in MLB in 2018.

    Reed’s raw stuff got him this far, but becoming a starting pitcher that makes a difference is a step forward he still has to master.

  35. What a pathetic excuse for a major league line up.I will be back in July after the break.

  36. Reed is not good. He has no change of speed pitches which is crazy for a professional. Either wild out of the zone or wild right down broadway. No….him and BobSteve need to get on with their lifes work because its not baseball. Maybe Reed could pitch in Japan or something?

  37. Hurry back Finnegan. I hope never to see Reed again.

  38. Inside, and 6 inches off the ground, and Kingery golfed it out. Reed is throwing well IMO. 1 bad pitch, and he’s losing 3-1

    • 4 K’s in 2 innings…several changeup K’s
      2 longballs unfortunately.

    • Shhh, you’re not suppose to say anything good about Reed around here.

    • 17th HRs allowed in 67 career innings…..and 38 walks. If he could bend that slider over to righties and throw it for a strike. It is rarely (if ever?) over the plate? He also needs a decent change-up. He’s too old to not have the basics down?

      • Amir Garrett 23 HRs in 75.2 Innings, older than Reed.

        • Amir has a changeup and a curve though. They showed a stat on Reed in the first inning…fastball 94, slider 88, changeup/slurve or something 87. Thats not enough change of speeds? Plus Garrett came up throwing 92 and now he’s 94-96. He has a much better approach then Reed.

          Bottom line…I hope they all make it but at some point guys that can’t hack it are blocking people that might? I’d rather try Peralta or Lorenzen (both former starters) then to just keep hoping Reed gets it.

          • This is just me but I’d rather have Reed over Garrett. Garret is 94-96 in relief. I doubt he would be able to maintain than velocity as a starter. I hope they both make it but at this point they both haven’t been very good.

        • 23 hr and older in age , but not in baseball age. Remember Garrett didn’t play very much in high school because of basketball and was still able to compete with Reed. Also you seem to forget Garrett played with a hip injury. Look at Garrett’s stats before the hip injury. Garrett was drafted a basketball player who could throw 96mph before his injury. I prefer Garrett and his low baseball experience.

      • and 41 walks.

        • Amir was much better in the minors. If he’s no better then Reed then there is no hope

          • Phillies announcers are even saying Reed isn’t good enough to be in the bullpen. He doesn’t throw enough strikes to be a bullpen pitcher. I honestly think the guy has no confidence. I was hoping he would come out and blank them tonight

          • His only walk tonight was a pitch around to Hoskins

  39. Tucker!

  40. Tucker ties it…2 run jack!

  41. Somewhat effective lineup so far…..

  42. Tucker .353 obp vs righties last year. Like to bat him 2nd with Suarez out but maybe too many double plays?

  43. 0-2 hanging slider….says please crush me. Santana is bad right-handed too

  44. Santana kills us, no matter the uniform

  45. With Reed struggling….it would a perfect chance for Garrett to come in.
    Brice is warming

  46. Heck of a throw by Billy, even though he was safe

  47. Memo to Reds mgmt. Cody Reed is like Bob Steve, both are not ready for prime time. Please let us know when you acknowledge this obvious fact.

  48. Not sure what game they are watching but he has thrown 45 strikes and 28 balls and some off those balls were actually strikes.

  49. Ozuna 2-2…now hitting .350 for the Cards. Thats the guy we needed behind Votto….much more dangerous then Yelich

  50. Scooter Legend…rbi double

  51. Finnegan 4 runs 5 ip for Lville. Not looking good either but he has the veteran-ness Price likes.

  52. Here’s what we know about Reed…he needs more work. LH starters often need more time to get it together. Finnegan continues to have the same problem with high pitch counts and lots of walks, so I don’t get why we treat his spot in the rotation as a given while so many people are ready to give up on Reed and Garrett as starters. (All 3 of them should work all year as starters, in Cincinnati and/or Louisville.)

    • Agree about Finnegan. He is just being handed the spot. His arm just doesn’t seem to be able to handle starting. I’m resigned to the fact that it is what’s going to happen. Just let it be his last chance to prove himself. Garrett should be starting…Price decision…disagree. Keep Reed starting at AAA like you said

    • Finnegan doesn’t impress me much and Reed even less. Garrett impresses me much more than either of them, even if he imploded last year after a great start.

      That said, we have NO pitching prospect that is putting it together quickly. Thankfully none have worn out welcomes and have another year or two before passing any real judgement.

      I was certain Garrett would get a rotation spot over Romano, Stephenson, Finnegan and Reed, so much so I drafted Garrett in my fantasy baseball league expecting a late round diamond. Then I get the deflating news that, although he was the best SP in spring for the Reds, he’s going to the pen and we’re starting less deserving pitchers.

      Romano, for all the heat, sure hasn’t been very impressive in minors, majors or spring. His 6 seasons in the minors he has a career 1.41 WHIP, that’s pretty awful for a teams top 5 or 6 pitching prospect. Doesn’t make me think he’ll ever be more than a fringy SP4, 4.25 ERA type that can’t make it through 6 innings regularly. I don’t know why he gets a rotation spot over Garrett. He barely average 7 Ks per 9 innings against minor league hitters even with mid-high 90s fastball.

      Had I been manager Garrett would have been my SP3 after Bailey and Castillo. Throw in Mahle and make the 5th spot an audition for a couple of floundering or recovering SP prospects,

  53. I agree. They are all pretty much the same pitcher right now. Price likes Finnegan, Redleg Nation likes Garrett and I prefer Reed. I hope they all work out.

  54. 2 perfect innings for Brice. A welcomed sight

  55. Duval and Hamilton hitless

  56. Greene …3IP 2 ER, 5 hits….8 strikeouts!!!

  57. Reed career minor league #s 3.63, 1.42 whip, .263 allowed
    Garrett 3.48, 1.27 whip, .235 allowed.

    Era is close but Amir has been much harder to hit. He changes speed better. We need somebody to make it? If those 2 fail and Finnegan can’t get it done then I’d try Peralta. We need atleast 1 decent lefty in the rotation!

    • Gosselin DP …rally killer

    • Romano has equally bad minor numbers to Reed. 1.41 WHIP, 2.2/1 K/BB ration (not great) and just doesn’t look like anything more than a mediocre SP4/5 type. That said, he is a few years from his prime, so maybe he figures it out and stops putting runners on base like a carousel.

      Garrett was the best pitcher in spring and his reward was bullpen mop-up duties. Then he gets insulted by having Gallardo signed to do that job.

    • basically, Price should be cut lose as soon as possible. His decisions are not very intuitive or confidence-building. He seems like he either has been ordered to tank or he has been ordered to make all the pitching prospects stink for a few years and lose their confidence so they can be extended on the cheap. I just can’t figure out how Garrett didn’t merit a couple of starts as SP3 out of the gate (at least SP4 if Mahle as SP3).

      Maybe, just maybe, we’ll be patting Price on the back if this banishment to middle-relief allows Garrett to really blossom, but like most of us, I fear the same old Reds management in that now Garrett is locked in the bullpen because he is pitching well there…like you can only be good at either relief of starting but never both. As if Sandy Koufax or Pedro Martinez would have sucked as a relief pitcher or something. So freaking frustrating. I am counting down the gays (or decades, not sure) till the Reds have an above-average manager (last one was Davey Johnson I think).

      • I meant “days”, so hopefully that ironic typo doesn’t get my comment deleted.

  58. Pennington looks like a smaller Laynce Nix at the plate. You wouldn’t think he’d be such a bad career hitter?

    Nice hit/steal from Ervin. I like his game! He should be playing more w/Schebler out.

  59. I’d say it’s been a very effective Lineup. Perhaps an order of crow should be served

    • I wouldn’t start doing cartwheels just yet. Lively’s career isn’t very. Atleast they’re fighting though. Looked like they were mostly frozen in place in Pittsburgh

      • I’m not doing any cart wheels. I am merely stating that the manager has put together a lineup that score is five runs in six innings.

        And with the whinging that went on Before the game started I’m a little surprised there hasn’t been a little contrition

        • 90+ losses 3 years in a row. You’re in the wrong place if you don’t want complaining. Sorry

  60. Billy ties it…infield hit

  61. Just a little too much Havoc! on that last play.

  62. Hatcher waved Billy home on the WP…worth a shot…2 outs…2 strikes on Scooter vs a lefty

  63. Hughes has some nasty movement.

  64. Garrett and Winker are sick.

  65. Scooter is awful defensively

    • Really awful.

    • Hasn’t looked good but that ball wasn’t hit hard enough. Kingery can run and was right on top of him and he couldn’t really unload a hard throw

      • I concur, Gennett just does not look comfortable with the turn. Not in the proper position and seems to always feel the runner coming, which is understandable.

        • He was a bad second baseman his last year with the Brewers. Not sure why we would think he suddenly transformed defensively once he came to Cincinnati. Last year his bat helped make up for the defensive deficiencies. Hope that can continue but not convinced it will.

  66. Hughes has a lot of movement on those pitches

  67. Drove up to Dayton to watch Hunter Greene’s three innings (53 pitches). His fastball was 96-100 mph. He threw an off-speed pitch 85-87 mph. He didn’t walk anyone and had 8 strikeouts. Impressive first start. Lots of raw material to work with.

  68. Good AB to work the walk by Gennett

  69. Peraza is truly a horrible MLB hitter

  70. Price took the bat out of Peraza’s hands

    • Peraza should not be in the lineup to start with. If your #2 hitter can’t even be trusted to go up there with a runner on 1st and no outs…well…might be time to find another #2 hitter.

      • So, you are saying Price made the right move having Peraza bunt.

        I disagree

        • No, not at all. Peraza should not be up there to begin with, but REALLY should not be up there trying to sac bunt.

          • You can’t have it both ways. Either you think Price was right to have him bunt or you don’t think Price was right to have him bunt.

            I understand that you disagree with every professional talent evaluator Employed by the Reds. I get it. But was he right to have Peraza bunt?

          • The sac bunt was not the correct call there, but, since it was Peraza, not sure it really matters. The Phillies would have walked Votto in the event of a successful sacrifice

    • I agree. 9 outs to go in a bandbox park. The Reds don’t have the Nasty boys bullpen either. Why are you playing for 1 run in the top of the 7th?

      • Yep. Many teams are placing their best hitter in the 2 spot, the Reds bat Peraza there

  71. Nasty pitch to K Duvall

    • He had some hittable pitches before that though….scuffling big time:( He’s one of my favorites too…ball explodes off his bat when he’s on!

      • True. Duvall is not on the baseball. That sinker on 3-2 was a tough pitch to lay off.

  72. Now that Price has figured out that BH shouldn’t be leading off every day, is it too much to ask that he start to realize Duvall has no business hitting cleanup?

    • I’m no Price fan, but to be fair, Reds don’t have enough high-OBP players to put in the top of the lineup.

      • As long as Price puts Winker lead off and Suarez and Votto after, the rest is pretty much the same. Except Hamilton and Peraza of course

      • I’d rather see anyone other than Duvall (aside from Hamilton or Peraza, obviously) hitting behind Votto until/unless Duvall starts making solid contact on a regular basis.

  73. Ok….Tucker needs to bat 2nd vs righties. Atleast until Schebler, Senzel, or Suarez are available

  74. Duvall now has an 8-game streak with at least one strikeout and 13 K in 31 ABs for the season.

    He turns 30 in September.

    The owner loves Hamilton and apparently, Price has some loyalty to Duvall. If everyone is healthy, sitting Winker for any reason other than health to play Duvall in LF is a crime of baseball.

    As this relates to the disagreement up above, the Reds lineup has punched enough to compete tonight. But, look at the age and potential of both teams’ starters tonight and it’s not close which of the two is closer to contending (sadly, not the Good Guys).

  75. I am yet to be convinced that Winker’s bat will make up for his glove

    • Cubs have Happ in CF plus Schwarber is bad and Fowler was bad before him. If Winker hits 15+ Hrs then he will more then make up for his defense. He’s still new to RF….thats my current excuse anyway:)

    • As you noted earlier,

      I understand that you disagree with every professional talent evaluator Employed by the Reds

      • “Professional talent evaluator employed by the Reds”
        That’s sort of like the professional nutritionists employed by KFC.
        …Sorry, couldn’t resist! lol

      • You need to work on your critical reading skills. I didn’t say I disagreed with them, I said I have yet to be convinced they are right.

        A distinction with the difference.

        • Keep us updated as to when you are convinced. Peraza labeled as a fine hitter is a great indicator

    • Hamilton is going to play, for reasons we all know.
      1B is Votto, who refuses to take a game off.
      No DH
      LF is easier than RF, given Winker’s arm strength (or lack of).

      How else does Winker get blooded, but in LF?

      The old adage “if you can hit, they will find a spot for you” applies to Winker.

      Duvall’s age, and high K rate at the plate don’t make up for his glove. Especially when blocking Winker’s development.

      • In response to your earlier post….who do the Phillies have? Hoskins looks good but Duvall has a slightly better ops then Herrera the last 2 years. Franco has been worse then Herrera. Hernandez is a decent player but nothing really notable. Kingery? Nobody knows yet. Their lineup wouldn’t excite me.

        • Hernandez had 3.9 WAR in 2016 and 3,3 WAR in 2017.
          Hoskins, Kingery, Alfaro…youthful, potential still ahead.
          Herrera, Franco…not old by any means.

          Santana the only guy 30 or older starting tonight, it looks like.

          Not playing wash-ups like Duvall, Pennington.

  76. Thats an rbi double if Schebler is out there

  77. That 1st inning for the Reds is the huge difference right now…Let’s see if they can overcome it.

  78. A bunt hit for Billy???

  79. Quackenblast….not feeling it from him. Prove me wrong sir!

  80. And there it goes ………… Because of course it does.

  81. Not my first rodeo. High 90 mph heaters…thats where they end up. Great job Dick Williams! Got any other washed up scrubs that Price can use to untie games?

  82. QuackerHooverJumboOhlendorph

  83. Garrett has very good stuff so lets use him in 5-0 games when their guy is throwing a 1 hitter. Save Quackenblast for the good stuff. So sick of this bs

  84. Quackenbush and Price gets it done.

    • Just the fact that Quackenbush and Gallardo are high fastball pitchers without a good fastball. Thats not going to work in GABP. Cmon? Common sense. Hughes is a groundball machine. That works. HRs allowed do not work. We try to play partially play a speed game in a bandbox park. Billy/Jose….we’ll always get outhomered. Every year.

  85. And Peraza swings at a ground ball. Nice.

  86. Peraza has no idea how to work the count. He swings at everything.

  87. Miami’s whole payroll is worth less then Derek’s Jeters house and they have 3 wins. Thats after playing the Cubs/Red Sox for 6 games. When does Price get fired?

  88. Wow, how did Duvall pull that ball??

  89. Have we broke the record for men LOB in a season yet?

  90. And Barnhart gets ripped off on a called third strike to end it.

  91. How can Castellini NOT be tired of this?

  92. And this one belongs to Bryan Price

  93. Only getting 1 in the first plus Reed/Quackenbush. Garrett and a decent reliever from DW and we win easily

    • The Reds tie the game twice and actually, the last time, keep the opposition from scoring in their half inning. Then, in the 8th. inning, Price brings in Quackenbush and there goes the game. Another game the Reds should have won. Change is needed. This team cannot continue to be the doormat of the NLC. Rebuild or not, Reds fans need smart baseball.

  94. I don’t know what the answer is but I do know Price has got to go. This team needs a new voice in the dugout. Having Peraza try to bunt in the 7th with Scooter on 1st and NOBODY out caused me blow a gasket. So sick of him calling for the bunt. We can’t execute it anyway. Ask Reed.

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