How long will Eugenio Suarez be out with a fractured thumb?

It depends on the severity. In the past two seasons, time on the DL for players with fractured thumbs has ranged from a couple weeks to three months.

  • Martin Perez (2017): 2 weeks
  • Mike Moustakas (2016): 2 weeks
  • Robbie Grossman (2017): 2.5 weeks
  • Aledmys Diaz (2016): 6 weeks
  • Josh Reddick (2016): 6 weeks
  • Matt Holliday (2016): 7 weeks
  • Juan Legares (2017): 8 weeks
  • Miguel Rojas (2017): 10 weeks
  • Mallex Smith (2016): 12 weeks

When the Reds report how serious the fracture is, it will narrow the range. Watch here for more updates.




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  1. CI3J

    I just hope, no matter what, Suarez does not rush back from this and it becomes a lingering issue. He’s not playing for a contract, and wins and losses are meaningless this season (as they have been for the last 4 seasons or so).

    Heck, as I said in another thread, this might be a good chance for him to hang around AAA for a few weeks after he’s healed up and see if he can play SS with his newfound defensive prowess while Senzel mans 3B for the big club. It would solve 2 problems in quick succession and make another problem (2B) suddenly a lot closer to a solution.

    • Bred

      I was thinking same thing. It is his throwing hand correct? I don’t see why in a few days he could not work on foot work and take some light IF practice.

  2. Bill

    I read that Blandino was pulled from the Bats game and is likely headed to Cincinnati.

    • Colorado Red

      Hope he plays and does not sit the bench.
      Price may be an idiot, and play Dixon or Pennington there.

  3. Sowelo

    Blandino was pulled from his game tonight so it looks like he will be joining the Reds.

  4. Wobaisnotyoda

    This team is so dead that retaliation was not even attempted. Was it a coincedence that Eugenio was hit after he won it last night? They did the same to BP when was klling them. He never recovered that season.

    They get squezzed by umpires, hit by opponents and laughed at the other teams’ broadcasts. Lovely.

    • Colorado Red

      Two things,
      1. It did not look intentional at all, and as such no retaliation was need.
      2. The ump looked all over the place, for strikes and balls.
      Saw several bad calls on both sides.
      If your only hit, is by your pitcher, it is really sad.

      • Wobaisnotyoda

        1. Intentional or not, there’s too much history with the Buccos on plunking and hurting our best players to just let it go. That letany just sends the message of a dead clubhouse.

        2. Yes, terrible ump game calling the whole series, but it certainly hurt the Reds a lot more in critical moments, especially for a guy like Mahle that lives and dies at the corners. Arizona just blew out today for the same reason against the WLB. And won the game in St. Louis!.

        I concur is sad only one hit. It’s sadder when you first 5 hitters cannot get on base. Now with Suarez out things seem even uglier.

    • jay johnson

      The pirates pitcher had not walked a batter in either of his starts this year.All of a sudden he hits the guy who won the game for us last night.Just looks hokey.Probably not but….

    • Dave Roemerman

      C’mon man! This isn’t the Steelers punking the Bengals with a cheap head shot. Pitching inside is part of the game and it caught him on the thumb. It wasn’t thrown at his head or directly at his torso, where intentional beanballs are thrown.

      You go look up the numbers, since it’s your claim, but I’m pretty sure we don’t lead the league in HBP at any point in the last 5 years. Much the same, we don’t get laughed at because we fail to participate in some stupid, fake tough guy BS by giving the other team a free baserunner when a guy who threw a one-hitter lets one slip. The ump was all over for both teams (he’s human). Hitting a guy solves exactly none of the problems you listed and creates a new one – a potential extra run to overcome.

      There are times to plunk someone back to send a message. Every HBP doesn’t qualify and this absolutely wasn’t one of those times.

  5. Aaron Bradley

    Oh I am pretty sure his intent was to pitch inside tight and let it fly… whether Suarez could dodge or not didn’t matter, so maybe not intent to injure but intent to intimidate, certainly. The problem with retaliation is then they retaliate on the retaliation. This is why I think MLB needs to step in and address this issue. As it is now everyone is wearing face guards, elbow guards, etc. I don’t like it. The Reds are basically dead in the water with these HBP injuries.

  6. GO REDS!

    Brandon Phillips is still unsigned. Bring him back to play 3rd! LOL!

    • Jim Walker

      Sad part is that defensively Phillips probably still plays a better 2B than the guy the Reds have there now; and, who knows maybe a better SS than the guy they’ve got there too.

      • Chad Dotson

        That’s almost certainly true about Scooter.

        Peraza…well, if Peraza were left alone to play SS regularly for a couple of years, I think he’d be a Gold Glove caliber SS. But I’m not going to bet the ranch on Peraza hitting enough to justify being in a major league lineup for a couple more years.

      • Jim Walker

        I was really agitated with Scooter and Peraza both in that 2nd inning Saturday. Scooter did not make the pick on Romano’s throw to 1B on the pitcher’s bunt which really set up the inning.
        Then there was the force out at 2B which should have been a step and throw DP for Peraza. Instead he underhanded to Scooter; and, the Pirates batter beat the relay. Scooter seemed to be standing pretty much on top of the base so identifying the primary culprit there isn’t easy.
        Finally, on the short fly which Ervin seemed to have caught momentarily only to have it roll out of his glove on the ground, I thought it was quite possible Peraza was in his way (when he had no chance of playing the ball) and obstructed Ervin’s view and possibly led to Ervin sliding when he might have been able to make the play running through the ball.

      • Jim Walker

        Just to be clear I did not mean BP should be brought back just that on the defensive side he is probably still better than the guy(s) they’ve replaced him with so far.

      • Dave Roemerman

        Fangraphs defensive rating still has DatDude as a defensive positive, Scooter negative (though he’s plus .1 so far this year lol). Holds for the last few years. That said, BP is a big negative at the dish, offsetting his D while Gennett’s offense offsets his glove (especially hitting against righties).

        2.7 to 1.3 WAR (offense counts for more) last year. BP was an all-time favorite but, at this point, I’ll keep the guy we have now. I’m not so sure he doesn’t top our pair of backup shortstops, though.

    • CP

      Thom said the Reds have hit more Pirates than vice versa over the past 3-4 years. Reds pitchers have hit around 62 Pirates, and the PIrates pitchers have hit upper 50s Reds. Both teams are 1-2 in the most batters hit versus any team.

      Not making excuses, but the numbers kind of speak for themselves-both organizations are at fault and retaliation (as some have suggested, not you obviously) hasn’t proven successful at anything. Injuries are essentially a matter of luck unfortunately, unless you’re aiming for the head, which I personally haven’t seen.

      • VaRedsFan

        We have an excuse though….you’ve seen our pitchers in that span right? There’s your answer

  7. Jim Walker

    I’m not a doctor or trainer; but, the more I look at the pic of Suarez’s thumb at the top of this post, the more gruesome it looks and the more I fear his recovery time is not going to be at the short end of the spectrum.

    • CI3J

      I feel the same way, Jim. Doubt we see Suarez back in Cincinnati before June. Which makes it doubly more idiotic that Price allowed him to stay in the game to run the bases.

      Why, why, WHY would a manager ever do such a thing and take the chance of making a fresh injury even worse, especially in a meaningless game in early April in another non-competitive season?

  8. David

    Well of course. Suarez just signs a big multi year contract, and gets his thumb broken on a pitch. It had to happen. He will be out six-to eight weeks.

  9. Bill

    All the talk of a new rule on pitching inside makes me think we soon will have slow pitch baseball & flag football professionally.

    • VaRedsFan

      Here here….it’s only been happening since Doubleday

  10. scottya

    Too bad for the Reds and too bad for Suarez. He was looking like he was going to take another step forward and be even better than he was last year.

    Alex Blandino should play regularly. He looked good in spring training. There is absolutely no reason for Gosselin or Pennington to play ahead of Blandino.

    Senzel’s development in the middle infield needs to continue to be the focus for him, making the decision easy to keep him in AAA into June.