Happy Easter, Nation! The Cincinnati Reds (0-2) will try to avoid being swept by the Washington Nationals (2-0) today at 4:10 PM. We all certainly miss the days of opening up the season against the Phillies. The Nationals have looked as good as their hype through the first two games. The Nats beat up on the Reds top projected starter Luis Castillo yesterday, and then piled on against the Reds wounded bullpen on their way to a 13-7 rout. The Reds will need a big start from Sal Romano today to avoid being swept to start 2018.

Starting Pitchers

The following stats are 2018 ZiPS projections, with the exception of FBv (fastball velocity):

The Reds former 23rd round draft pick Sal Romano is coming off a solid rookie season (16 GS, 4.45 ERA, 4.24 FIP). Once it was discovered that DeSclafani and Finnegan wouldn’t be in the rotation to start the season, Romano was a lock for the rotation. Romano had a good spring, posting a 3.00 ERA in 15.0 innings pitched. The most impressive part of his spring was that he struck out 18 batters in 15 innings, while walking just 2!

This will be Romano’s first career appearance against the Nationals. The only batter he has faced is Matt Adams, who is 1 for 3. However, that 1 hit was a home run.

Gio Gonzalez is coming off a season where he finished sixth in the NL Cy Young voting after posting a stellar 2.96 ERA in 32 starts. However, Gonzalez had a 3.93 FIP and 4.24 xFIP, which makes him a good candidate for some serious regression. Gonzalez has a career 2.56 ERA with 69 strikeouts and 17 walks in 9 starts against the Reds. He pitched 8.1 scoreless innings allowing just 4 hits in his lone start against the Reds last season. However, the Reds individual numbers vs Gonzalez are very good. The Reds beat him around a bit in 2015 & 2016.

Starting Lineups

Nationals Reds
1. Adam Eaton (LF)
2. Anthony Rendon (3B)
3. Bryce Harper (RF)
4. Ryan Zimmerman (1B)
5. Trea Turner (SS)
6. Michael Taylor (CF)
7. Miguel Montero (C)
8. Gio Gonzelez (P)
9. Wilmer Difo (2B)
1. Billy Hamilton (CF)
2. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Adam Duvall (LF)
5. Scooter Gennett (2B)
6. Devin Mesoraco (C)
7. Scott Schebler (RF)
8. Jose Peraza (SS)
9. Sal Romano (P)

Joey Votto has 3 career home runs in 21 at-bats against the lefty Gio Gonzalez. Eugenio Suarez also has a home run against him.


Please don’t get swept to start 2018.
Please don’t get swept to start 2018.
Please don’t get swept to start 2018.
Please don’t get swept to start 2018.
Please don’t get swept to start 2018.
Please don’t get swept to start 2018.

Go Reds!

139 Responses

  1. Brandon

    I wonder if Winker is always going to sit against left handers in this rotation.

    • Eric the Red

      Schebler hits LHP. Duvall hits LHP. Hamilton isn’t going to sit every day. If Winker gets most of the starts against RHP, he’ll be fine.

    • Shchi Cossack

      With a 4-man OF rotation, Winker or Schebler were on track to sit this one out. I think Price opted to sit Winker rather than Schebler in order to get Hamilton back hitting leadoff today. I don’t think this sets up any trend in the OF rotation other than Hamilton leading off when Winker sits, Just like Schebler playing CF when Hamilton sits.

      • jay johnson

        why should hamilton ever bat particularly off a lefty.Its an automatic out.

  2. Scooter Rolen

    I looked into Hamilton’s splits to see if he was better against LHP, but it seems that he doesn’t have a sharp L/R split – if anything he’s worse against LHP.

    Still, I don’t mind Hamilton in the lineup against a LHP. I just don’t know why it has to be at leadoff. Even if Winker is not the leadoff hitter, as he does have bad splits against LHP, that doesn’t mean Hamilton has to do it. Maybe Suarez or Schebler?

    • Shchi Cossack

      I agree that bumping the lineup up with Suarez leading off and Votto in the #2 hole when Winker sits is probably a better baseball decision, but Price does have to balance the egos of elite athletes and ultra competitors too. I’m OK with Hamilton occasionally hitting in the leadoff spot during the 2018 season since the Reds have obviously set themselves up to NOT go for it on the off chance that such an opportunty might have presented itself. Maybe Hamilton will turn things around offensively, although that doesn’t look promising. As long as the intent is to move toward solid baseball decisions next season rather than massaging egos, I’ll let the season play out in 2018, if Price continues to move in a positive direction, without being overly concerned.

      • VaRedsFan

        I agree with Billy batting leadoff when Winker sits, but NEVER against a lefty

      • Jeff Reed

        If Hamilton is in the lineup, he should always hit 8th. or 9th. The Reds need hitters with offensive pop in the top three positions of the batting order.

      • B-town Fan

        If Cozart was still the Shortstop then Hamilton probably would be batting 8th or 9th but with Peraza in the lineup what are you going to do bat Hamilton , Peraza, and the pitcher back to back to back makes for a large black hole you have to split them up some what, Cozart added a lot of length to the order.

      • Shchi Cossack

        Another big game for Cozart last night, going 2-4 w/ 1-3B and 1-2B from the4 leadoff position.

        For the young season, Cozart is slashing .357/.400/.857 w/ 1-HR, 1-3B, 2-2B and 1-HBP in 15 PA. What a nice pickup by the Halos.

      • jay johnson

        its still the same 3 guys just in a different order

      • Big56dog

        Never 8th, why bat him in front of pitcher, do not get this repeated logic

    • scottya

      .267 on base percentage as a right handed batter vs .308 as a left handed batter.
      .600 ops as a Right handed batter (100% against lhp) vs .642 ops as a left handed batter.
      WRC 41 as a right handed batter vs WRC 146 as a left handed batter.
      .19 BB/K as a right handed batter vs .40 BB/K as a left handed batter.

      Simple numbers .267 on base percentage as a right handed batter, .600 ops as a right handed batter = He is THE worst hitter in baseball as a right handed batter. He should not be hitting against left handed pitching or leading off.

      .608 was the worst ops in all of baseball in the 17′ season and there was only one other batter in all of baseball with less than a .267 obp (roughned odor).

      • Big56dog

        Any capable MLB manager would know this, some how Reds continue to employ the equivalent of a football coach to having Tom Brady run the option or Mike Vick be a pocket passer

  3. Old-school

    Love the 410 start.
    Headed down to GABP.
    Let’s go Sal.

    • Shchi Cossack

      Bring hoe a victory Old-School.

  4. JB WV

    Cold day again, good for the pitchers. Can we keep them off the scoreboard in the first inning for once? GO REDS!!!

    • Jeff Reed

      Yes, getting out of the first inning without being scored on is a positive.

  5. Sliotar

    For all of the angst in yesterday’s post-game comments here, the old Bill James adage came to mind. Something like “every team is going to lose 50 games decisively and win 50 games decisively, it’s the 62 games that can go either way that defines a team’s season.”

    Saturday was a decisive loss. More often than not, for right now, the Nationals are going to outclass the Reds and it showed yesterday.

    Iglesias activated and available, and Winker off the bench as a pinch-hitter. Some really good options if this is one of those “go either way” games.

  6. Scooter Rolen

    Will be interesting to see how Mez performs in his first start of the year. Hopefully he can be a nice power bat of the bench!

    • Shchi Cossack

      Mesoraco looked strong and ready to play during ST. I hope he presents a power RH bat against LHP while starting and coming off the bench this season. I also hope that Price will utilize his catchers as premium pinch hitters this season rather than turning to Gosselin and Pennington during high leverage plate appearances.

  7. Darrin

    Yet again the mlb.tv app starts the season off poorly. Every year this thing is buggy.

  8. TyGuy85

    I sure can not wait until Eaton is out of town. He has been impossible to get out.

    • Eric the Red

      I’d like to see someone try moving him off the plate a little.

    • Shchi Cossack

      Not just Eaton, but the Nats.

      Gio Gonzalez ($12MM)
      Stephen Strasburg ($18MM)
      Max Scherzer ($22MM)

      Bryce Harper ($21MM)
      Daniel Murphy ($17MM)

      The Reds can’t compete with those contracts, making competitiveness VERY difficult. The competitive gap between the haves and have nots is becoming wider and wider. If this isn’t effectively addressed in the next CBA, we may see a one-way ticket to the long-term demise of MLB. Fans will not support teams financially in a non-competitive environment.

  9. VaRedsFan

    All 3 games, the Reds are trailing before they come to bat.

  10. Sliotar

    34 pitches for Romano. Bullpen went 4 innings yesterday. Big fella needs to settle down and act like he can get these dudes out, or Iglesias is likely to get some work at the end, regardless of score.

  11. vegastypo

    Geez, what a bad start, Brantley critical of not wasting more pitches against Rendon, wondering why they only went down with a pitch once, kept coming inside until he finally missed over the plate. Bang. ……. marty asked whether the pitch-calling was coming from Mes or the bench. Brantley seemed to think it was Mes.

  12. Indy Red Man

    2 runs and 34 pitches in the top of the first….in other words what else is new? Romano throws hard and has nice sink but you have to bring more then just a fastball? Just show them something slow if nothing else? 5-6 fastballs in a row to Rendon? Of course he’ll prob jack one! Price is a pitching coach, but somehow most of these guys are so unpolished? Castillo has the great changeup but the fastball is very straight. They need to work on some deception in the offseason somehow? I watch other teams pitchers throwing 94-95 and their opponents can’t time it. Our guys guy throw 97 and it goes out of the park at 110?

  13. Eric the Red

    The Nats don’t need as much help from the ump as they’ve been getting.

    • Jazzmanbbfan

      @Ericthered: my nephew in California texted me with the exact same comment. Sal settled down after the first inning. Four straight shutout innings since the first.

  14. Darrin

    I really like Schebler going the other way

    • Indy Red Man

      Cozart 2-2 up to .438 now. So glad we cut him loose so they could unleash all this havoc on the bases with Billy and Peraza. Move Senzel back to SS and call him the day he’s eligible past the Super2 thing. Surely Dick Williams can’t be this blind?

      • VaRedsFan

        A big time mistake sending Senzel to 2B IMO. Hate that decision. They have a need right now at SS and for the foreseeable future. Plug him in so he has at least a few months of experience and bring him up

  15. jay johnson

    I dont comment very much on this site,and when I do its usually some snarky little quip that doesnt really go too deep into anything.Today I feel obligated to really sound off.
    I had really been looking forward to this season during ST.Even though we still had the worst manager in baseball,it appeared that some things might have been different this season.Then the final roster and the totally ridiculous signing of Gallardo.Boom just like that ,this organization proofed once again that they have no idea what a rebuild means and they continue to be clueless in every aspect of there jobs.
    I live in south Florida where the weather has been low 80’s every day for a month,just gorgeous.Any person with a brain is outdoors doing some activity that the great weather provides.Not me.3 days in a row I made sure I was planted in front of the TV to watch my favorites prove me wrong about being bumble heads.The first 2 days I misjudged traffic by about 15 minutes.Boom game was over both days when I arrived.Not today. I made sure I wasnt going to miss todays beginning.I didnt miss it,however after the first 2 batters it was 2-0 and I am certain a 3rd L is in the making.
    I could sit here and vent that Hamilton is a bum and Peraza doesnt get it,or why the rotation is what it is or why do all our pitchers go on the DL but all I will say is I cant stand it anymore.A complete redo from ownership to bat boy,from mascot to announcers(I wont go there)is needed in REDSWORLD.
    Its killing me and I am sure I am not alone.
    Please baseball gods help.

  16. VaRedsFan

    Gio just keeps pumping in strikes at 90-91 mph.

    • vegastypo

      My recollection of Gio is that while he has great stuff, he could get wild at times and walk some guys. No sign of that guy today.

  17. Sliotar

    R.I.P. Nuxy.

    That montage has been the best thing about this game so far.

  18. scottya

    Romano looks sold through 4. Minus the Rendon (missed location) blast. Looking forward to seeing Mahle and Reed.

    RE: Gallardo: “Our scouts liked what they saw, especially in shorter stints — 1-3 innings,” If he stays in the bullpen, he may have a rebirth of his career??

    This Hamilton leading off as a Right handed batter has me a bit chapped. To quote Nick Kirby’s Tweet: Billy Hamilton’s OBP vs LHP over the last two years is .252, and his OBP vs RHP is .330. I don’t exactly get why you bench him yesterday vs RHP and start him today vs LHP.

    Scooter is En Fuego!

      • vegastypo

        I’m just shocked that Mes escaped the 8-spot in the lineup. I like him hitting higher in the lineup. Since we’re still evaluating players and not expecting to win, might as well see what he can do.

  19. james garrett

    All I expect this year is to see what the young starters do.The rest of the team is the same guys minus the changes in the pen.

    • earmbrister

      Romano has really settled in (after very questionable pitch selection vs Rendon). Very encouraging.

  20. Hanawi

    Peraza is still only 23, so young to give up on. But they can’t keep running him out there everyday at SS. Put him in AAA and tell him that he won’t make it back to the majors unless he learns the strike zone. Bring up Blandino and let him have a couple of months at SS until Senzel is ready.

    • VaRedsFan

      That’s a real solid plan, except Senzel is playing 2B at AAA.

  21. vegastypo

    A few mentions of Cozart already. The Angels have him playing second base today.

    • VaRedsFan

      Yes, because Kinsler starting on the DL

  22. earmbrister

    This ump’s strike zone can only be explained by his being a Nats fan …

    • vegastypo

      There’s some justice in Duvall getting a double out of that. That 2-0 pitch was way outside, and he would’ve walked otherwise.

      • earmbrister

        He’s called that midzone/well outside pitch for strikes multiple times this game for Gonzolez

  23. Brandon

    Ok, so this game isn’t over yet. Maybe the Reds come back, probably not but maybe.

    You can look at this one of two ways or perhaps both ways.

    1. The Nationals are one of the best teams in the league. They may be the best, but the Dodgers and Cubs etc…might argue. There isn’t really any shame in losing to them. It’s only a few games and they are really good.

    2. Losing to them and getting swept is slightly different. It does suck to get swept to start the season. If the Reds are really as close to being a playoff team as we want (2019 ?) then man it does seem like there is a big gap between these 2 rosters. Their lineup, especially with Murphy is pretty good. Their number 3 starter is probably better than Castillo even in 2019.

    You can be positive or negative but I feel like both number 1 and 2 are true even though the attitude and tone are really different. It kind of leaves me where I’ve been as a Reds fan for awhile, which is just blah.

    Maybe the Reds can come back and win. With the Cubs coming to town though, 0-5 is also very much in play.

    • VaRedsFan

      Even the worst teams are going to win 60 games. There is no such thing as “we got swept, but it was the Nats, so it’s sorta OK.” that never flys in my book. Even the awful Marlins beat the mighty Cubs 2 games out of 4.

  24. earmbrister

    If you could pick any Red to be up now, Scooter is it

  25. Indy Red Man

    Gallardo!!!!! Yeah….great signing DICK Williams…emphasis on the front end

    • james garrett

      Gallardo in and the game is over.Signing a guy that has nothing and at the same time blocking a much younger guy.Its almost like we have a meeting and ask what is the most foolish thing we can do and then do it.

    • vegastypo

      I wonder if Steve is still banging his head on the desk. I might ask if I can join him.

  26. Indy Red Man

    Its one thing that the Reds don’t match up with Scherzer, Strasburg, and Gio….but then they have Kintzler, Madsen, and Doolittle in the pen. We have Iggy and thats it? They knew they couldn’t count on Lorenzen and Peralta so what did they do? Picked up 3 old guys in Hughes, Hernandez, and Gallardo

    Not even close….1 team is trying and 1 team isn’t?

    Adam Eaton – White Sox were shopping him and we needed a CF
    Gio Gonzalez – Oakland was shopping him and we always need a starter

    On and on and on and on…..this team loses atleast 95-96 games. The front office doesn’t know the game and refuses to learn from their mistakes

    • Peter the Great

      Looks like you spotted the team that’s not trying – and its not Washington (who thinks they played a little league team this week-end).

    • earmbrister

      I’m sorry. Gonzalez? He was traded for in December of 2011. Our pitchers in 2012 were Cueto, Latos, Bailey, Arroyo, and Leake, all of who started 30 games.

  27. Brandon

    Now I will be negative. It didn’t take Gallardo long to do what he has done the last 2 seasons.

    Hernandez may be ok or above average. We’ll see, but there is no lock with Lorenzen. He wasn’t very good the second half last year. The Reds bullpen may be just as bad as they ever were. Gallardo was brought into a 2 run game here today. That’s scary.

  28. VaRedsFan

    So did the 1 inning that Amir Garrett pitched on Friday mean he was not avaible to come into a 2 run game on Sunday?

    • J

      He’s just way too young to pitch today.

    • Indy Red Man

      They brought in Hughes (2nd best guy) for 1 out yesterday in a 13-5 game so they can allow Gallardo to lock down this loss. Genius!! They also have Garrett like you said. What happened to Ariel Hernandez? What about Reed….AAA doesn’t start yet.

      • vegastypo

        Isn’t Reed listed as the starter on Tuesday, while Garrett loogyies in the bullpen?

      • Aaron Bradley

        Yea I have to say that is insulting to the fans… make a big deal of signing Hughes and let him play in a 13-5 game while throwing washed up Gallardo in a close one. Let Quackenbush take the beating, it was 13-5 who cares if he lets 5 more in. Just makes it that much easier to cut him. Speaking of which if someone makes a claim on Turner, can the Reds withdraw waivers and cut Quackenbush instead?

  29. Peter the Great

    Well time to turn this off as the Reds management doesn’t seem to care so why should we?

    And Washington Generals, you will definitely have competition this year as the happy LOSERS as this series has clearly indicated that the Reds brass (all the way down to Bryan Price) wants the Reds to tank (why else insert what’s his name into a HOLD situation. So why not start the losing right away in the opening series. Guess crowds of 2,000-3,000 are on the horizon.

    • Jeff Reed

      I assume season ticket holders are more than two to three thousand.

  30. TyGuy85

    Here we go again. The start of the Marquis, Arroyo, Adelman reclamation project with Gollardo. There isn’t a bullpen guy in AAA that isn’t better than this guy??

  31. vegastypo

    Schebler must’ve missed the memo. You make a nice running catch like that, you have to dive to make it look like an even tougher catch!

  32. james garrett

    Good job by Romano today and Homer on Friday.

  33. Peter the Great

    Guess the Reds figure they are going to lose their fan base anyway – so why wait, do it right away.

  34. redsfan06

    Yovani Gallardo’s career should be over. He’ a good fit for the Reds.

  35. Seat101

    How often does a catcher get injured in a game?

  36. Indy Red Man

    They give the MLB package for the first weekend on Directv. I watched the Cards bring in some kid named Hicks in the 8th throwing 101 mph. The Brewers have a great pen. The Cubs will pick up whatever they need. Pittsburgh will atleast throw out some young kids nobody heard of but atleast they have a live arm. Nobody goes thru retreads on their last leg like our Reds. Quackenbush is just as bad as Gallardo.

    They obviously aren’t making an effort to be competitive? I doubt I make it thru April.

    • TyGuy85

      My question is why we cannot consistently develop good bullpen arms. Seems like that has been lacking for years.

  37. Jeff Morris

    Not sure if this Yovani Gallardo or Kevin Quakenbush will work out for the Reds. I would say given the Reds past on acquiring pitchers that other teams have given up on, examples Kevin Gregg and Jason Marquis, I would be willing to bet on No! But, we shall see. I will say this…if the Nationals don’t reach the World Series with all this talent they have, and that pitching staff, it will be a huge disappointment for them!

    • Indy Red Man

      April 1st and already 3 games back to Milwaukee (Pirates too?)

      No…its not April Fools

  38. Indy Red Man

    And then they’re making a video trying to convince Ohtani to come to Cincinnati. Yeah a Japanese superstar is really going to come to the Midwest to shoot for 4th place. How bout trade for someone that will actually pitch for the Reds? Idiots!!!

    • Aaron Bradley

      Yeah that was bizarre. And from what I read DW was perplexed why his offer wasn’t even considered.

  39. Scott Carter

    What a way to start the season. I knew it would not be good playing the Nats, who arguably have one of the top rotations in the majors., but this is down right ugly. Baily has decent start and Romano except for two pitches pitched well. Unfortunately both Hamilton and Peraza are both 0 for the season, and yes it is a small sample size but they have both looked terrible doing it, neither has any clue where the strike zone is located. Then we sign our obligatory washed up veteran yesterday who promptly comes in to a a relatively close game and gives up 3 runs. You have to ask, does anyone in Reds Management have a clue?

  40. Aaron Bradley

    Can only assume they thought Gallardo had more in the tank. Could flip him at the deadline to a contender if he showed something. They have done that with success in Simon and Strailey. Still it means they are playing bingo while other teams are playing chess when it comes to roster management. The way this outfield is being handled is a major head scratcher as well. This should have been figured out in the off season. Billy’s role needs to be defined for his own sake as well as the teams. I think he is a pinch runner defensive replacement but that means they need another CF on the roster. They dabbled with Revere which was fine by me, but then they let him go so what was the point. I sense a lot of confusion and a lot of mediocre signings that if you just didn’t do you could actually sign 1 or 2 decent guys. Our Reds like to play bingo, sign a bunch of guys on the cheap and see if anything works out then flip it for prospects. I mean at some point this has to stop and you have to know what your getting. But truth is we are a long way off from beating these solid playoff teams, such a contrast in talent.

    • Indy Red Man

      No excuses for Dick Williams! RLN knew Gallardo was worthless. Anyone that owns a computer could figure that out. Did he even go to Spring training anywhere? Why a 2 run game for his debut? We’ll be down 5+ runs multiple times this week!

      They had Peralta, Iggy, or Garrett? Cmon?

  41. Jeff Morris

    Reds better start thinking about a backup plan for Peraza, if he contiues to hit like this. I thought he would be lucky to hit 250 this year, it remains to be seen…but he could be lucky to hit 150 this year….

  42. VaRedsFan

    Attendance 10,335. Fans are responding to the product on the field

    • vegastypo

      I’m sure Easter and a later start had something to do with it, but definitely a good point.

  43. Brandon

    Using Gallardo in this game down 2 runs is Price at his worst. I don’t think Price should have managed this season. I’d rather give the new manager a season of sorting than Price. At any rate, I don’t want Price managing in 2019 if we are supposedly expecting to be competitive for a playoff spot.

    I don’t know what the magic number is for him being brought back once again, but I hope the Reds win one less than whatever the heck that number is.

    On the same note, what is it about Cincinnati pro sports and coaches having longer ropes than anyone else in the country lol

    • Scott Carter

      Yeah all I had to do was complain about his 0 for the season start. Of course it wasn’t even a strike.

  44. VaRedsFan

    Billy gets an RBI double…making the Gallardo decision hurt even more

  45. Peter the Great

    Memo to Bryan Price: Washington has their poor pitchers as well (guess you can’t pay everyone $10M plus), they just wait until they are up 4, 5, 6, or even more runs to put them in.

  46. Indy Red Man

    Martinez is pulling a Price himself…they have 3 hammers in the pen. Leadoff walk and I’m pulling this guy.

  47. Indy Red Man

    Battle of dimwit managers….see who pulls it off?

  48. Brandon

    This is exactly why you don’t throw Gallardo down 2 in the 6th inning. Not with others available which they were.

    Who knows the outcome here, but Price made a poor decision that has made this game much more difficult to win.

    Maybe a big hit here and they come back and win anyway.

  49. VaRedsFan

    Big AB in a big time of the game??? Queue up the rally killing DP

  50. Peter the Great

    Time to start a poll –

    How long will Bryan Price last as the Reds manager this year?

    My vote is June 1st.

    • Aaron Bradley

      Nah he has more rope than that. I think he survives the season.

      • HoosierRed

        No way. He will be fired this year.

    • J

      I see no evidence that anything Price does or doesn’t do, or anything the Reds do or don’t do, has any bearing whatsoever on whether Price keeps his job. So I assume he’s here for the next 15 years, at least.

    • vegastypo

      I keep hearing that the front office expects ‘real progress’ this year toward being a factor in the division. And then they give him Gallardo to work with?? I’m no Bryan Price fan, and June 1 is fine by me. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they wait until August and really begin to look toward 2019.

  51. Jeff Reed

    If they can split with the Cubbies and hit the road 1-4 with four in the Burgh and three in Philly, they should be able to stabilize the ship unless Gallardo becomes a regular in the bullpen.

    • Indy Red Man

      Stabilize the ship? This is more like when they’re searching the ocean floor for a wreck. This ship was sunk when Yelich/Cain went to Milwaukee and Ozuna went to St. Louis. When Price was retained.

      This is the Colts season without Luck. Zero chance to do anything competitive. Zero

  52. J

    The Reds are exactly one halfway decent manager away from tie game.

  53. Aaron Bradley

    Duvall didn’t offer on a 80mph curveball that hung with the bases loaded and no outs. To me that is as much a story of this game as Gallardo. He should have slaughtered that pitch. Instead he grounds into double play on low inside fastball on next pitch. UGH.

  54. Aaron Bradley

    These guys are so dirty… been pitching at our heads all series long. Then we finally hit someone, probably by accident, and they are retaliating in a big way.

  55. Indy Red Man

    Peraza, Gosselin, and Billy coming up. Watch Winker sit this one out….getting on base is overrated here! Ervin would make sense too but won’t happen

  56. renbutler

    Peraza is a fine shortstop, but the way he “hits,” the ONLY way he should be a starter in the MLB is if he is the best fielding shortstop in the league.

    And he’s really not even close to being that.

  57. Aaron Bradley

    I hope the Nats choke again like last year. I have no respect for them. They outclassed us but that wasn;’t enough Scherzer threw inside and high all game long to back us off. We accidentally plunk a batter and now they hit Votto and Schebler. Disgusting.

  58. Brandon

    I realize the weather isn’t good but it’s the 3rd game of the season on a Sunday afternoon and that stadium looks like a college game in the seats.

    Fans really are done with the losing. It’s so empty.

  59. VaRedsFan

    There you have ….those add on runs hurt so much….Gosselin 2 run shot

  60. Indy Red Man

    Price pinch hits Winker for Peraza and maybe its a tie game right now?

    Give Price 9 innings and he will usually find a way to give the Reds their best chance to lose!

  61. Aaron Bradley

    So many what ifs. Duvall double play hurt. Iglesias letting them add on. But yea the Gallardo appearance was inexcusable.

  62. Indy Red Man

    Price putting Hughes in for the last out yesterday down 13-5. They should’ve had Hughes, Peralta, and Iggy and they only get the 1 run. We win the game

    • Aaron Bradley

      Have to agree. Hughes is your set up guy but they can’t even use him in middle relief, instead waste him in a blowout loss. Doesn’t make a bit of sense. Plus he only threw one friggin pitch to get out of it yesterday, so he should still be available. I realize the season is a marathon but Jesus, all the more reason to let Quackenbush take the beating that he deserved.

  63. Peter the Great

    Somebody simply has to let Price know you don’t get that a boys and congrats for laying an egg on Easter Sunday. That choice by Bryan to bring in Gallardo was the team’s undoing (sort of saw a spring training game in the making or at least a white flag being hoisted by that decision).

    So here comes the Washington Nationals Redleg fans – the happy LOSERS.

  64. Brandon

    Gosselin and Pennington haven’t started a game and both have more hits now than Peraza who has started 3 lol

    And with a good front office and field manager, the Reds may have won this game without a Gallardo 6th inning.

    Last out made by taking a strike 3 from the Reds hitter who got the most at bats today, Billy Hamilton.

    I’ve ranted and raved a lot today. Price using Gallardo there and the fact he is even on the team just set the mood I guess.

    • Aaron Bradley

      I think we are all in agreement. Gallardo should be treated like gun powder until he proves otherwise. He has been cut loose by the Brewers who had every reason to give him another chance in a second go-around with them, that is a red flag. His recent numbers are a red flag. And he wasn’t in camp so what could Price see in him to throw him in a close game?

      • Peter the Great

        Price saw the same thing we did – a 2 run HR to put the game away for the Nationals.

    • Peter the Great

      Senzel will be up June 1st just in time for Bryan Price to be packing his bags for his exodus from the Reds at the same time.

  65. Peter the Great

    Oops, sorry, meant the Washington Generals – as this Reds team has a long way to go to measure up to the Nationals.

  66. VaRedsFan

    Any beat writer with a backbone would ask Price this question in the post game interview.

    “What was you reasoning behind bringing a pitcher into a 2 run ballgame, that couldn’t make a MLB roster this spring?” Was it the same reason that you used Jackson Stephens yesterday…because he gave up 12 runs in 8 innings during Spring?

    I understand that beat writers have to have a good relationship with the manager…ect. So they will continue to lob softball questions, because we don’t want to hurt anybodies feelings anymore.

    • Aaron Bradley

      I think its a valid question that should be asked, but maybe frame it a little bit different so its not wrapped around obvious second-guessing. Also ask why Hughes wasn’t available. Was it because of one pitch he threw yesterday?

  67. Indy Red Man

    You need to get someone on base….Winker sits in the 9th while Peraza and Billy hit. If Winker gets on then the HR ties the game. If Winker gets on for Billy then Suarez comes up with a chance to win the game. Price is always worrying about players feelings and their confidence? Grow up…if they can’t hack it then they’ll out of the game. It is what it is. Your job is to make the best decisions to try and win the game!

  68. Aaron Bradley

    Well the Cubs dropped two to the lowly Marlins, so a win in the foreseeable future might be a tangible thing.

  69. Brandon

    Winker on bench. Winker has some power and a high OBP. Suarez and Votto coming up if the inning is extended and Price let Hamilton hit down 1.