The Reds and Eugenio Suarez have reached a deal on a 7-year contract. The Reds already had control of Suarez (26) through the 2020 season. So this buys out three years of arbitration and four years of free agency. The club option in 2025 would be a fifth year.

Details from C. Trent Rosecrans: $2M signing bonus, $2.25M (2018) $7M (2019), $9.25M (2020), $10.5M (2021) $11M (2022) $11M (2023) $11M (2024) then a club option for $15M (2025) with a $2M buyout.

Suarez will turn 33 in July of 2024, the last guaranteed year of the contract.

In what may prove to be one of the most lopsided, favorable trades in the history of the organization, the Reds acquired Suarez from the Detroit Tigers before the 2015 season in exchange for a year of Alfredo Simon.

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  1. Streamer88

    Absolutely stunning deal for the reds. By the end of this deal a free market WAR could easily be 12 million.

    This is a jay Bruce like deal that I simply could never imagine Suarez would take. Congrats to him for salary certainty, and congrats to Dick Williams. I strongly feel Senzel lurking motivated Suarez to get the job certainty this contract also suggests. Just wow.

    • Colorado Red

      There are about 65 million reasons why.
      This takes care of him and his family for generations.

  2. scottya

    Suarez said, “this is my family… Awesome signing!

  3. MrRed

    Great news for Reds and Eugenio! The terms look fair to me, maybe a little team friendly, but interesting to see this unfold now. Lots of dynamics both on the roster and FA market in general. Here’s to good health and productivity for Suarez in the years to come!

  4. Thomas Jefferson

    Wow. Amazing contract for the Reds. I like Suarez a lot as a player. Additionally, as someone who has learned and improved his play in key areas (defense, swing selectivity/walk rate), he can be a role model for younger players. And his demeanor – while being a hard worker – seems to be fun and playful, which is a great combo. Well done, Reds.

  5. Jordan Barhorst

    Love this deal. It’s not far off what I predicted about a year ago.

    The contracts are obviously laid out a little differently, but the money is nearly the same. It’s a very friendly team deal that will either see a very good player in Cincinnati for the better part of a decade, or will be very easily tradable if events lead themselves to that point.

    Add another W to the DW column. The Jock(etty) stench is fading fast.

    • abado

      Great deal for the Reds. Jordan, in your deal, the Reds would pay $92M for 7 years; in this deal, they pay $66 for the first 7 years — a difference of $26M. This deal is much better for the Reds than your prediction.

      • Jordan Barhorst

        Absolutely! What makes this even more awesome is that my deal is more realistic 😉

      • Thomas Jefferson

        I hope you keep making predictions. :))

    • Keith

      Was Jocketty the GM who traded for Suarez? I’m certainly not a WJ fan by any stretch of the imagination, but he does deserve the credit for getting him into the organization, I tihnk

      • sezwhom

        Yes sir!

        Dec. 11, 2014 — in separate deals for Simon and Latos, both of whom were potential free agents. (Jocketty said the Reds definitely wanted to trade Latos but not necessarily Simon, and jumped only when the Tigers agreed to part with Suarez).

        How’d that work out?

      • vegastypo

        Jim Leyland, then of the Tigers was none too happy about the trade, which tells me something about how badly the Tigers got taken. …. Just stay healthy, Eugenio.

    • Kettering Reds Fan

      Good sound deal. I really like it. Had some initial misgiving when I saw duration but that was resolved when I saw year 7 was club option. Break even around 1.5WAR p/a over the contract…remember that in the worst case (I.e. he regresses from last years 4.0 to -only- 2.0 to 2.5……chuckle) and he is movable at any point in the term sheet. (The green eyeshade part is based on WAR staying at around 8M per point. Unlike some, I’m wondering if we are going into a period of cost management and (relative) deflation in the value of WAR instead of regular annual increases)

      Relived to have his bat, his glove and, most importantly, his attitude around for the next few seasons…could fill the same role that Rolen did. Don’t expect it to block Senzel but it will put a lot of pressure on Perazza, Gennett and any other prospective 2B of the future to deliver because we will have to deploy Senzel -somewhere-. .

  6. Optimist

    Would love to see the risk management policies/hedging strategy in place for these long term deals. Given DW’s background, I expect the Reds financial management may be setting up very nicely. Seems the talent evaluation is also developing very well. With this and the Barnhart deal, and the pitching pool in place, the window may be opening very wide.

  7. WVRedlegs

    A 7 year / $66MM deal is good for both sides. Geno just became a multi-millionaire. Great for him and his family. Reds get an ever improving stick for their lineup. This make Geno a cornerstone now to build around. Votto-Barnhart-Suarez. Senzel and Winker are around for the next 7 years. That is 5 of the 8 positions locked down in the batting order, maybe not so much on the field. They will have to decide where Winker and Senzel fit on the field. Three more positions to lock down. A 2B/SS, a CF and a corner OF. Schebler making a big statement for that corner OF spot opposite Winker.
    Big Bob made the earlier statement about Hamilton. Maybe there will be only one middle INF spot open opposite Senzel, whichever he lands at.

  8. Patrick Jeter

    Love it. Both for Reds and Geno and his family.

  9. earmbrister

    This is great news. It wasn’t too long ago that many lamented the poor defensive play at 3B by Suarez. He has certainly worked hard at his craft, and now the Reds have a true stud at an important position. Keep him at 3B and let Senzel grow into another position. Senzel has shown the ability in the past to learn a new position, and he would be a great asset if he can play a decent SS.

    Great signing.

  10. Chad Dotson

    Great news, as far as I’m concerned.

    And I just can’t forget that the Reds acquired Suarez in exchange for the bloated corpse of Alfredo Simon.

    • Wayne Nabors

      I agree,remember thinking at time how in the world did they pull that off,Simon only had 1 good half year

      • Tom Mitsoff

        Suarez was not considered a top prospect in the Tiger organization. He was someone that the Reds scouted and liked, and that judgment worked out very well.

    • Dave Roemerman

      I’ve quoted you on that one a few times today Chad, lol. Good trade (aging, ineffective pitcher for a poor-fielding, potentially very good SS), great improvement, incredible move to extend him!

  11. Wobaisnotyoda

    Great news for the rebuilding process and for Eugenio and his family. Very team friendly contract that allows them to go after some more youngster down the road.

    This move made by the most hatred – by some- Walt Jocketty might come down as one of the best trades in Reds’ history. Already pretty good.

  12. WVRedlegs

    If Scooter is not looked upon as a long term 2B, and assuming Nick Senzel is the SS, what about moving Billy Hamilton back to the INF to platoon with Peraza at 2B? This would allow the Reds to have Duvall, Schebler and Winker as their main outfielders. Hamilton wasn’t a good defender as a SS in A ball. But he has significantly increased his defense as a CF. That could help at 2B. The 2B position would be very different from SS for Hamilton. I think Hamilton can succeed if he were to move to 2B.
    Big Bob can keep Hamilton in Cincinnati.
    Winker, Senzel, Votto, Suarez, Schebler, Duvall, Barnhart/Mesoraco, Hamilton/Peraza makes for a fairly potent lineup. There isn’t Hamilton and Peraza in the same lineup as often and one of the 3 OF is not on the bench.
    I don’t think it would be an April lineup, but one that might be seen in June or so. This would give the Reds time for Senzel, time to see if Scooter’s 2017 was a fluke, time to see if pacing Duvall’s play will help improve his BA and OBP, and time to see if Schebler can hit in Cincinnati. Maybe the Reds should start to give Hamilton some reps at 2B and see what he can do there. Hamilton would be part-time 2B and backup CF. Peraza would be part-time 2B and backup SS. It might be the move that starts to get the starting 8 lineup to coalesce and gel.

    • Jazzmanbbfan

      Maybe it’s worth a try but I think it is a huge stretch to think that Billy could even be a mediocre 2B. It’s just very hard or impossible for me to imagine.

      • greenmtred

        The objection to BH is his bat, which would presumably be the same at 2nd as it is in center. This move would weaken the outfield defense, too, but I get that Winker has to play.

    • Wobaisnotyoda

      As I see it, we all have to relax on the Billy Hamilton saga. He will be there until one of Siri/Trammel is ready. And I’m ok with that since his defense is most needed with the young pitchers. You can complain all you want about him leading off. The same will happen if he hits before or after the P spot, so my advice is: save it and pray for the kids in the minors to pan out soon or a trade/FA signing move is done.

      • msanmoore

        +200 on the sheer practicality of your response. RELAX!!

      • Redlegs64

        Nice reply – Billy’s got some positive traits and the Reds need some of those. We’ve got some talent on the pitching staff, so let’s sit back & watch Billy the magician in CF and hope for healthy/developing pitching!

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Moving Hamilton to 2B doesn’t improve his hitting skills. He’s a Gold Glove caliber defender in center, so moving him out of that position defensively doesn’t make any sense. It would if he had a great bat and wasn’t a good CF defender, but neither of those is the case.

  13. Tom Mitsoff

    This is the way a so-called “small market team” has to do business to retain star-caliber players over the long term. There is risk, but not $20-million-plus per year risk.

    • Kyle Farmer

      Absolutely. Great move. And, one of these has to work out in our favor eventually, right?

      • lwblogger2

        Cueto and Bruce both did but can’t think of any that have worked out since. Rather it works out or not, this sure looks like the right move.

      • MrRed

        I don’t think it’s too premature to say that the Votto deal worked out as well, eh?

      • lwblogger2

        I think the 2-3 years on the back of that deal might get pretty ugly. No reason to think that he won’t be worth the money up until then. He’s going to age though, just a matter of when it really hits. Even having said that, the deal still looks like it was a good deal, even if the back end gets ugly. Votto has been one of the top 5 hitters in the game for most of it and last year may have been his best season yet.

  14. Eric the Red

    Good player, has worked to improve himself, doesn’t seem the type to quit trying now that he has his big payday. And seems financially very manageable for the team. And locks up a position player, which–knock on wood–are less prone to injury than pitchers. Best day to be a Reds fan since they unexpectedly held on to Votto.

    Good work by Jocketty to get him for Big Pasta, and good work by Williams to get this deal done.

  15. sultanofswaff

    Great move!

    Who else is ready to wipe the slate clean in a big way and start 2018 fresh? I am. To that end, I’d bench Hamilton, put Bailey in the bullpen, and option Peraza to Louisville a week and a half into the season.

  16. Shchi Cossack

    YOWSSER!!! This has now been a successful off season!

    The Old Cossack had to first check the date when I saw this post and make sure it wasn’t April 1st, then I screamed like a little boy with a cranky, deep, wraspy voice.

    Extending Suarez was the single most important item needed after last season. I know the pitching had the be sorted…still…and the issues regarding SS and CF remain unresolved and getting Winker regular playing time still hasn’t happened and the manager…yeah, there are still issues, but without Suarez locked up for the Votto years, this rebuild falls flat on it’s face.

  17. Matt WI

    Great signing. Pretty please continue to make it worth the while. Don’t stop there.

  18. Eddiek957

    I like bailey and finnigan in the pen to start the season if they can get some regular long work

  19. Tom Mitsoff

    You may see many, many more young players on all teams willing to go this route rather than wait a full six years for free agency, based on what happened this off-season with free agents.

    • Streamer88

      Isn’t it interesting how market forces work? Clearly it isn’t what the collective bargaining agreement framework had in mind. Aside from generational talent like Pujols, Bryce Harper, Kershaw, etc, this seems a reasonable choice for many if not most.

      The trends will be interesting. If small market teams go to this model aggressively it will reduce the impact of stars going to the big cities for their primes.

  20. Indy Red Man

    Good news! Now its time for Eugenio to take his game to a new level like Anthony Rendon (937 ops last year). Suarez has all the ability and he works hard. He hits the ball hard the other way, but just gets pull happy occasionally. I’m thinking he could approach 900 ops this year and his defense is very solid!

  21. Bill

    This answer the 3B of the future question. 1B is accounted for, hopefully Senzel can stick at SS.

    It also disproves the theory that the Reds did Suarez wrong by going to arbitration.

    • scottya

      The funny thing is; I don’t think anyone is seeing this Reds train coming! But I’m really beginning to believe the window of contention is very near.

      • greenmtred

        Irrational exuberance, but I share it. It’s March after all, not withstanding the 31/2 feet of snow on the ground.

      • Redlegs64

        Whoa cowboy! It all begins/ends with some good pitching!

        We’ve got a long way to go to be healthy/mature when it comes to pitching.

      • Jeff Reed

        Suarez extension greatly strengthens the offense but contention rests with a solid pitching staff.

      • scottya

        Agree: Castillo, Mahle, Romano and Garrett; along with the extension of Suarez; has me fired up.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Clearly Senzel will find a permanent home at either shortstop or second, which is a good excuse to send him to Class AAA to figure out which position will suit him best.

      • Colorado Red

        And which one fits the Reds the best.
        If Jose is hitting 250, and Scooter is last years Scooter, it is really easy.

    • Sliotar

      Taking Suarez to trial over 450K does not to dispel the insular #RedsWay view of the front office and ownership that is prevalent among MLB media. It only enhances it.

      Many teams have a track record of refusing to go to trial, period, and others won’t go for such a small (in MLB terms) amount.

      The Pirates front office took a hit over nickel-and-diming Gerrit Cole that they have yet to recover from, and led to having to dump the player early for less than fair value.

      Suarez’s extension currently does not even rate a mention on, despite being a steal based on market value for the Reds front office. That speaks volumes on how the Reds as an organization are not really respected at all.

      • scottya

        Your measurement of respect for the Reds organization is measured by mentioning an extension for Eugenio Suarez?? The extension is all over the news,,, etc, etc.

      • Colorado Red

        It looks like it did not hurt the extension at all.
        Both sides may have been well on there way to this.
        Water off a ducks back.

      • Matt WI

        The Pirates took a hit because Gerrit Cole was the one doing the hitting. Suarez signing is literally the opposite of expressing dissatisfaction with the team.

      • Patrick Jeter

        If you read Jeff Sullivan’s chat earlier today, he said he’s writing a piece on the Suarez extension.

        FG doesn’t usually report news. They do analysis. And sometimes it takes a few hours.

      • MrRed

        Sli, you almost always contribute good stuff. But this one’s off base. It’s just as likely that the Suarez camp and Reds were working through this deal as arbitration occurred. The Pirates situation is much more nuanced than just the Cole drama. Unless I actually hear some substantiated complaint on the Reds handling of their players, I’m not buying.

  22. Sliotar

    Tom Mitsoff,

    Excellent point regarding how the current system is so skewed, small market teams need these deals to assemble enough talent in one period tor a contention window.

    The real window for the Next Good Reds Team (TM) looks like 2020-24.
    Votto, Suarez, Senzel and Winker all under control during that time, maybe Barnhart and Schebler stay decent long enough to stick, plus whichever kids win SP slots. And Bailey’s money freed up for signings.

    Feels similar to the Royals core of Hosmer/Cain/Gordon/Moustakas/Perez that got to 2 World Series and won 1.

    Dick Williams still has a lot of work to do to get ahead of the Cubs/Brewers/Devil Magic, just in the division, but he got Suarez for cheap and locked up a key position.

  23. David

    Fine job by Dick Williams. A lot of Reds fans will be very pleased by this.
    Puts Eugenio at 3rd base for a lot of years. He is a good guy, with a great work ethic and a very well liked player.
    Now they HAVE to find a position for Senzel, and frankly, the outfield is a bit crowded (barring a trade).
    Options for Reds:
    Senzel works out at SS and can play there. A big maybe. But the best possible outcome, in my opinion.

    Senzel plays second base, and very soon Scooter gets traded. Kind of too bad, as I like Scooter too. He seems like a good guy that WANTS to play in Cincinnati.

    Or the third option, that they work Senzel into the outfield and one or two present outfield guys get traded.

    Very long shot: Senzel is the centerpiece for a blockbuster trade to get a key player. And I think they missed the boat on that this winter, to get Yelich. He would have anchored CF and made the Reds a much better team immediately.

  24. Shchi Cossack

    OK, now the Old Cossack is feeling funky.

    Tucker Barnhart (27) just signed a 4 year contract with an option for the 2022 season. Devin Mesoraco (29) is a FA after the 2018 season and has struggled through multiple serious injuries for the past 3 seasons. Chris Okey (23) and Tyler Stephenson (21) are the top catching prospects in the Reds system but both are 3+ seasons away from MLB readiness. Neither has played an inning at AA or above and both have plenty to prove as prospects. Turner (26) and Hudson (26) are both outstanding defensive catchers but both are seriously challenged offensively. Tromp (21) doesn’t look like a reliable, serious prospect.

    Could or should or would the Reds consider floating a 3-year contract to Mesoraco as a backup catcher? Something with a low AAV and serious incentives for games played.

    • Bill

      It wouldn’t be a horrible idea, and if I was Mesoraco I would strongly consider signing with that injury history

    • Dave Roemerman

      I would definitely back that, especially if it were tied to performance incentives at 250+ PAs or 50 starts or something similar. He strikes me as a Tyler Eifert “I owed them something” kind of guy, as well. Depth is the biggest asset you can have in baseball (okay, maybe the biggest not named “Trout”), so sign him up midseason if he’s healthy (iffy), productive (likely, if healthy), and willing (hopeful).

    • Kettering Reds Fan

      A definite possibility…a little soon to discuss it. We probably need up to the break to see whether the bat is back and what his durability is behind the plate. (Might be better than a lot of people expect simply because the long time off has mitigated wear-and-tear on the body. Injury as rejuve — -there’s- a paradox). Need to know both to determine, for himself and for the club, what his path forward is beyond this season (prime catcher, backup catcher, DH – he doesn’t seem to fit any other position) and I’m assuming Barnhart stays based on relative age and compensation.

      Even feeling that Okey and Stephenson may be three years out does not -demand- that all of the gap may be covered up front and there may be other ways of addressing this in any proposed extension:
      (a) Rolling one-year extensions. Would probably work because, even with a good season, I don’t think clubs would ante up in free agency what he currently makes- look at what a healthy Lucroy ended up settling for as a cautionary guide> Buys time for time to restore value and improve negotiating posture while not letting too much time slip away. By the same token, even with great numbers, can the Reds affort to carry -two- high value catchers on the payroll for a protracted period?
      (b) Two year with club option for year three – an attenuated version of the above. Desirable if he puts up above average numbers this year and/or Barnhart, for any reason, goes to the sideline for a period of time.

      As pointed out, any deal – particularly (b) would require slightly lower base offset by performance incentives.

  25. earl99

    This is the best thing they could have pulled off. Votto, Suarez and Barnhart is a nice platform to build a winning team.

    I hope Mesoraco has a nice career, but I think the best place would be for him to go to the AL where he can be a platoon catcher and DH.

  26. earl99

    I’d say if Senzel has the speed and arm to play shortstop, you would figure he could hack CF some.

    I’d think Senzel could be used a bit like Joe Maddon has used Ben Zobrist over the years if he gets good enough to play OF.

  27. Jeff Reed

    Now we have a General Manager. Congratulations to all concerned. Joey and Eugenio will lead the offense from the left and right side. Just the jolt the Reds needed.

  28. Ron Cee

    Another mega bucks ,man crush deal by the owner. It’s his money to throw away as he see’s fit. Hamilton next since Mr. C said he hopes he’s a Red “Forever”.

    • Bill

      You consider the Suarez extension a waste of money?

      • MrRed

        Second that question. Ronald, why wouldn’t BH already have had a long term contract if he’s BC’s man crush? He’s been here longer.