I hear you, Joey. I hear you.

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  1. kmartin

    Great clip. I love this man. I have never felt apathy, just frustration. Important decision need to be made this year and I want the correct decisions to be made.

  2. old-school

    Votto also used the term “propaganda” in reference to the official shirt from the Reds he was wearing. Some strong language coming out of Reds players.
    “Propaganda”- Votto “Bitter”-Reed . “Lets see what you got”- Lorenzen
    Garrett not backing down.

    I think the players are striking a tone to management.

    • Sliotar


      You have nailed it.

      I hope Chad is just doing his pre-season optimism thing and not falling for this.

      Go look at David Freese speaking out on the lack of a winning culture in Pittsburgh, while being a current member of the Pirates. Quite the coincidence.

      The players are frustrated with the off-season, Dodgers/Yankees sitting out free agency (for once) and the new bias against big deals for aging players, and the players are striking back.

      Votto saying he doesn’t want Reds fans getting used to losing made me laugh. Since his first full season in 2008, the team has had only had 3 winning seasons out of 10.

      And, before he broke in….Yikes.

    • Jeff Reed

      Similar but not as strident as the players and fans in Tampa Bay. Those teams who are not members of the Big Boys Club (Yankees, Dodgers, Red Sox, Cubs) get little notice unless they win. Losing is no fun even if your following a rebuild that never seems to end.

  3. cfd3000

    I’m too old for baseball players to be my heroes any more. But I’m not too old to admire and appreciate the talent and achievements and dedication and thoughtfulness of Joey Votto. He has earned my fullest respect, and I’m proud that he plays for and represents my favorite team so well.

  4. Scott Shrewsberry

    Well, one thing is for sure…. I’m never NOT going to cheer for the Reds regardless of how bad they are. Sure, I want them to win and they will eventually. I have no doubt. It is quite refreshing to hear a player of Votto’s caliber speak like this. Let’s get the season started!!! Go Redlegs!!!

  5. James

    I hope management reads b/w the lines regarding Votto’s comments. Otherwise, we may lose Votto in the next year or two.

    • redsfan2017

      How? He’s contracted for several more seasons, and is getting paid 25MM a year. I don’t think he’s going anywhere.

      • Carl Sayre

        The Reds will eat a good sized portion of his contract to try to get some prospects ! The other version is the Yankees or Red Sox take the contract as a DH if JV keeps hitting!!!

    • Bill

      The only way the Reds lose him is if he retires or demands a trade. Even demanding a trade doesn’t mean he gets traded

    • Still a Red

      I’ve have said it before, and it sounds like it now, he could jump if things don’t improve..and I wouldn’t blame him. He wants 2 rings. He wants them there in Cincy, but…If he wants to go, the Reds will let him go…just like Seattle let Junior come to Cincinnati…and hopefully they’ll get a bunch in return.

      • lwblogger2

        I will point out two big differences between the two situations. The first is age. Votto is 34. Junior was entering his age 30 season. The second difference is the money and years left on the contract. Junior was going into his last year under contract with the M’s if I recall. Votto has 5 guaranteed years left (including 2018) at $25-million a year. The last couple years of that deal may be pretty upside down and that’s going to affect any return the Reds would get in a Votto deal, unless they move money in the deal too. Right now, I think that Votto could be moved if he wanted to be. I just don’t think the Reds would get a whole lot for him without moving money. Of course, I may be wrong and a contender may be willing to pay the back-end for 2-3 more years of the Joey Votto we know and love in those front years (now).

  6. David

    Joey is trying to light a fire. Good for him. I hope it works. He is the premier player on this team, and if he doesn’t speak up, who will? He is really trying to show real leadership for this team, and is speaking right to the fans.
    Applause. Really.
    Set a standard and push EVERY player on this team to do his best.

  7. JR

    Nice comment David. Here’s the question Chad— does Dick Williams have a “Plan B” formulated in case the Reds get off to an atrocious start? To me, Votto reflects a growing restlessness among Reds fans that things need to change. But if Price is canned, who do the Reds turn to?

  8. james garrett

    I think we will see very quickly if DW has a plan at all.If Price continues to play the same guys and bat them in the same order game after game then there isn’t a plan at all.As for now both guys are saying all the right things but we will see.Joey is not a fool.He knows that having Peraza and Billy hitting in front of him was a joke and he also knew it was just dumb to watch Bronson flip up batting practice while Bob and Reed watched from the pen.Maybe DW and Price will listen but again we will see.

  9. Redlegs64

    This is great to hear! God bless JV – what a player/leader. All the comments are spot-on. Does Coach Price have the ability to manage platoons, teach young pitchers and mold a winner? If not, does DW have a manager that can?

    Change has been sloooooow to this point. Which may be ok if the crop of young arms can compliment the crop of rehabbing arms. If the Reds are competitive in 2018 – then 2019 optimism is justified. If 2018 is another struggle, then we just delay again…