I was joined again this week by Doug Gray. We try to predict the Opening Day roster for the Cincinnati Reds, and also discuss where some of the Reds top prospects will begin the season, and where they’ll end up.

Most importantly, we talked about the reasons why the Reds weren’t able to sign free agent pitcher Yu Darvish.

Music for this episode provided by Freekbass, a big Reds fan and a friend of Redleg Nation.

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4 Responses

  1. old-school

    Great discussion. I think its time for Phil Ervin to be outfielder #5 and get some time in CF. Injuries happen too. I also think its time Blandino is #25. Duvall can play 1b 2x a month as the back up first baseman instead of Kivlehan.

    As to the Reds belief that Suarez cant play SS….I don’t think that’s a given, but Suarez wont play SS. WJ traded Jay Bruce and Todd Frazier for Dilson Herrera and Peraza ( and Schebler). The Reds want to see what Herrera and Peraza can do.

    I think Cody Reed is in the bullpen long term. Finnegan and Garrett are ahead of him on the depth chart as lefty starters as well as Mahle and Romano and Stephenson as righties.

    Is Brandon Phillips career over?

  2. Colorado Red

    Living in Colorado I do miss the skyline.
    Had it over Christmas when I visited my family or Christmas.
    YU is overpriced.
    Next year I hope to see them make some moves.

  3. Jeff Reed

    2018 is not the year for the Reds to sign Yu Darvish. It appears to be a season to wrap up the rebuild.

  4. maxblue

    Tuesday morning, February 13th – ‘Pitchers and Catchers report,’ the four happiest words in the English language! Hope never dies, it just hibernates.