Sometimes, I like to poke around the Play Index over at Baseball Reference. If you aren’t a subscriber, I urge you to consider it. I love it.

Anyway, I’m a pretty boring guy, so I was poking around the Index last week. What follows are things I discovered. I am sharing because I was afraid you were bored too, and thought you might like to see what I discovered.

(Yes, I just repurposed a bunch of my tweets. That’s precisely the type of #content that you expect here at Redleg Nation dot com on a holiday weekend, right?)

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  1. Jack

    Forgot the Reds had Edmonds and Kent Tekulve! Good post. Love going back and looking at the old stuff. It’s OK with me to post more of this.

  2. redsfan06

    Why isn’t Jumbo Diaz at the top of the weight list?

    • lwblogger2

      Looks like he was looking at “hitters”… Maybe Jumbo didn’t have any plate appearances?

  3. larry

    Thanks for reminding me that we had Curt Flood and all but gave him away. Of course, we also let Trevor Hoffman, Frank Robinson and Tucker(?) the dodger star third baseman .I guess it evens out though… we traded for Joe Morgan, George Foster, C. Geronimo and others. Votto and Morgan, wow. I knew they were great, but they dominated so many important offensive catagories. Thanks for the information.

  4. Shchi Cossack

    This is another iteration providing confidence for Votto’s age non-regression. The top 20 OPS+ performances are grouped rather tightly from age 28-32 with notable outliers for true elite performers (Votto & Robinson) with multiple top 20 seasons prior to age 28. Votto is the ONLY contributor on the top 20 performance over the age of 32 (his age 33 season in 2017) coming in at #9, his 3rd highest performance. Of course Robinson would have also contributed several top 20 performances over the age of 32 had he remained a Red.

    The age regression after age 32 narrative is legitimate and well documented, but the exceptions are out there and equally well documented for a few very elite performers. Votto is, and should continue, to be one of those few very elite performers. As fans of baseball and Cincinnati Reds baseball, we should cherish and relish the career of Joey Votto. Perhaps we should equally denounce and condemn the efforts of BC and WJ that resulted in the complete waste of the Votto years from 2009-2017 and the current state of the Reds organization.

  5. cfd3000

    What happened to Adam Dunn in his age 23 year? Weird diet? Strange wasting disease? And is it possible Billy Hamilton is the lightest regular on a major league roster now?

    Plus. This just in. Again. Joey Votto is good at baseball.

  6. Sliotar

    Great lists, Chad.

    And, thank you for reposting here, “quality” holiday content or not. I stay away from being on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram, That dopamine can become a real burden to maintain (LOL).

    We always heard that the Scott Rolen had a lot of “clout” in the Reds dressing room. That takes on a whole new meaning now nin my eyes, with him on the Top 10 list in weight.

    Happy Holidays to all. Looks like the Hot Stove news is going to go right up to Spring Training this winter, with so many guys still unsigned.

  7. KDJ

    Thanks, Chad, for giving us a little treat this Christmas weekend.
    Interesting that 8 of the top 10 performances were post-30 and all were post-28. It is nice to see some veterans with already successful careers still improve their craft.

  8. cupofcoffee1955

    Thanks Chad! For the Age List, Johnny Bench came up with the Reds as a 19 year old in 1967. He played in 26 games that year.

  9. Redhaze

    Great off-season so far. The biggest Reds acquisition is Jim Day.

    • MrRed

      Hold the phone. The Reds just signed 32 yr old, non-tendered by Mil, FA reliever Jared Hughes to a 2, yes 2, year deal!

      Now, I don’t want to hear anymore bellyaching about the Reds’ hot stove inactivity by any of youse. It’s NL Central title or bust in 2018!

      Also, don’t think that this signing provides an opening to move Lorenzon to the starting rotation. Management has shown no inclination to turn that leaf over.

      • Bill

        The Brewers didn’t want Gennett either and that worked out well for the Reds.

        He should be an improvement over what the Reds ran out there last year and for only $2 million a year, but I know many will still complain that the Reds didn’t instead somehow use the $4 million Hughes will get over the next two years to get Yelich

      • lwblogger2

        Yeah, I really don’t like Hughes’ peripherals (hard contact %, K%…)and I’m guessing that MIL and PIT didn’t either. The end results are there though and this is a low risk signing. I do like his velocity last year.

  10. Bill Lack

    Chad, are the combined season for Votto (’10 & ’15) better than Morgan’s ’75 & ’76?

    • Steve Mancuso

      When you take everything into account, it’s not even close. Votto’s 2010 WAR (7.0) and 2015 WAR (7.6) pale in comparison to Morgan’s 1975 (11.0) and 1976 (9.6). In fact, Morgan’s 1972, 1973 and 1974 seasons all had higher WAR than any of Votto’s seasons.

      Those WAR figures include defense. If you look at just offense, each of Morgan’s five seasons were better than Votto’s best, by a clear margin in ’75 and ’76.

      • Bill Lack

        I’ve always said that Morgan’s 75 and 76 are the two best ML seasons I’ve ever seen, at least on an every day basis. Glad to see the numbers bear that out.