Crockett seems like a solid pick-up. He turns 26 in a couple weeks. He’s a LH reliever who was the victim of a roster squeeze and a stocked major league bullpen in Cleveland. He’s appeared in 107 games for Cleveland over the past four seasons with a 3.12 FIP and 3.23 SIERA.

Crockett’s major league debut came at age 22, after rocketing through Cleveland’s minor league system. He spent almost all of last year in AAA with excellent K and BB numbers. Under team control at least through 2022.

Crockett has faced the Reds 6 times.

Chad’s going to like this move because Crockett played his college ball at the University of Virginia (also where Dick Williams went to school.). In his three years at UVA, Crockett was 12-3 with a 1.98 ERA.

More info: Crockett throws a 90 mph fast ball on 70% of his pitches and a slider most of the rest of the time. Cleveland tended to use him against LH batters. He faced 167 lefties and 110 RH batters in his 107 games. His numbers vs. LH batters are even better than his overall numbers above.

Steve grew up in Cincinnati as a die-hard fan of Sparky’s Big Red Machine. After 25 years living outside of Ohio, mostly in Ann Arbor, he returned to the Queen City in 2004. He has resumed a first-person love affair with the Cincinnati Reds and is a season ticket holder at Great American Ball Park. The only place to find Steve’s thoughts of more than 140 characters is Redleg Nation. Follow his tweets @spmancuso.

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  1. A good addition and keeping with the opportunistic strategy.

  2. Can never have enough lefties.

  3. There goes the open 40-man roster spot the Reds had reserved. A wauiver claim is much more efficient than a rule 5 pickup and this fills a need in the bullpen if it pans out.

  4. we always have good dealings with the Indians.!

  5. Seems like a good move by the Reds as a replacement for Cingrani perhaps with more of an upside.

    • Cingrani had a great arm and a ten cent head. Price got tired of his stubborness in not taking instruction well. He was and is a real talent. But, like some other pitchers, has a big problem between his ears.

      • In 23.3 IP for Cincinnati last season, Cingrani had a -0.4 WARP. In 19.3 IP for Los Angeles last season, Cingrani had a +0.4 WARP. It may not have been Cingrani that was the issue. I could have been the coaching or it could have been the playing conditions. Cingrani went from 3.5 HR/9 and 9.3 K/9 playing for Cincinnati last season to 0.5 HR/9 and 13.0 K/9 playing for Los Angeles last season.

        • The trade may have been a wake-up call.
          Listen to your coaches.

        • From everything we have heard to this point, it just sounds like Tony was not happy here. I am glad the Reds traded him and he probably is too. Cossack, if I know anything about math, those numbers add up to 0. Which pegs Cingrani for right at replacement level. Clementina is a nice lottery ticket and I don’t think the Reds needed to pay arbitration for someone who didn’t even want to be there(and was performing poorly at the time). Hopefully we can all just move on from Tony, and he can do the same.

        • Could also have been the ball park (Playing Conditions?). Pitching in Chavez Ravine is like pitching in the Grand Canyon. It favors fly ball pitchers, like Cingrani.

        • This will probably get lost in threads but there was an article about Cingrani and the Dodgers. The Dodgers changed how he used his pitch repertoire. They picked him up thinking the Reds were misusing his skill set. Not sure if it was in fangraphs. I know it’s a small sample size, but if you would project it out the Reds get a -1 and the dodgers get a 1 from him. That’s a 2 war difference, until the Reds can do that type of targeting we will just be dreaming of wildcard slots.

        • Remember, LA has a huge stadium and you can pitch with a different mindset.

    • It’s also a positive financial move:

      4y 88 d service time & 2nd year arbitration eligible on a $1.8MM contract from 2017

      1y 160 d service time & not yet arbitration eligible playing for near league minimum

      What’s to like about Crockett?
      0.4 HR/9
      54% GB%

      What’s not to like about Crockett?
      8.5 H/9
      3.2 BB/9

  6. The stats tweeted out by the Reds are misleading.He has a lifetime ERA of 3.44, but last year he garnered an embarrassing ERA hovering very near 11. (Which is a good number if you’re Nigel Tufnel of Spinal Tap, but not for an ERA. It’s downright Arroyo-esque.)

    In 2016, his ERA was 5.06. He seems to have burst onto the scene with some strength in 2014, but has progressively worsened.

    Thus continues the front office’s practice of picking up turds and telling the fans they’re hot dogs.

    • You do realize that all of those statistics listed after 2014 are only based off a grand total of <35 IP right? Also you need to look at his minor league numbers and peripheral statistics(Major Leagues: 65.1 IP, 3.12 FIP, 8.5k/9, 3.2BB/9, .5HR/9 Minor Leagues: 155 IP, 9.2K/9, 2.1BB/9, .4HR/9). ERA is not a great way to track pitcher success, especially when it comes to relievers. I don't think the Reds (or anyone else for that matter) even remotely tried to sell this as a superstar move, since it was, you know, a waiver wire pickup.

    • That ERA you cite for 2017 is based on 1.2 (one point two) innings. The ERA for 2016 is based on 16 innings. ERA is a terrible stat in small samples like that. FIP and SIERA aren’t great either, but much better. That’s why those are the ones I used. He was rock solid at AAA all year, same as previous years. Just couldn’t crack the Cleveland bullpen.

      • Which in defense of Kyle Crockett, that bullpen had Andrew Miller, Bryan Shaw, Nick Goody, Dan Otero and Cody Allen among many others.

      • We’ll see how things shake out in the preseason. I hope I’m wrong. I’d love to see another reliable lefty arm in the bullpen. This just reminds me of all the el cheapo/ duct tape pitching fixes the team has tried over the last few years. While the wavier wire has occasionally brought some significant assets to the Reds, I’m just too burnt out on catastrophic seasons to give the front office the benefit of the doubt.

        • Thoughtful skepticism is warranted, always. No one is saying we should just take the front office’s word for it. That’s why we look at meaningful statistics to evaluate a player. A pitcher’s ERA that comes from 1.2 innings (2 earned runs) of pitching isn’t a meaningful stat. No one is saying Kyle Crockett is anything more than a potential bullpen lefty.

  7. Kyle Crockett WAR (per Baseball Reference): 2017: -0.1, 2016: 0.1, 2015: 0.1, 2014: 1.1


    • WAR is a cululative stat. As mentioned above, the MLB stats for 2017 and 2016 are based on 1.2 IP and 16.0 IP, respectively. Crockett’s performance at the major league level has actually been pretty good in a limited role and his AAA perfromance has be solid. He’s been especially effective against LH hitters, which bodes well for a LOOGY role. His ground ball rates and HR rates are excellent, which translates to just what the doctor ordered for GABP. Besides he was a waiver wire claim for goodness sakes.

      • All good points. I remain skeptical, though. The great thing about sports is we’ll get a chance to see how this all pans out in spring training.

        • I feel your pain and I’m with you in the leaky skeptical boat. We want to believe that things have changed regarding the Reds front office, but we don’t have a lot to support such a change during DW’s year+ as the GM. The FA market has yet to unfold and the trade market is almost completely stagnant right now. This will certainly change and I have to believe (a.k.a. HOPE!) the Reds front office will be players on the trade market this off season and avoid the FA market to any significant extent. As you say, we’ll just have to wait and see how things pan out.

  8. Know who else went to UVA?

    Nick Howard.

    Hope Crockett turns out better.

  9. Looks like a really nice potential Lefty specialist. Nice minor league numbers and good mlb numbers overall.

  10. Obviously, I love this signing. Crockett was absolutely incredible at UVa.

  11. This is a small move that could have bigger implications for the upcoming season if it pans out. A lefty specialist out of the bullpen is a lot like oxygen: you don’t notice it until you don’t have it.

    First really solid move of the offseason for the Reds. Not exciting, but necessary.

    • It is also high reward/very low risk.
      If he does not work out, but DFA him, and someone picks him up.
      Reds have had at least 1 HR in the last two years on waiver pick ups.

  12. Crockett seems to be a player of some value. Why did the tribe but him on waivers rather than try to trade in for cash or the player to be named later? Did they try to trade him?

  13. The Reds non-tendered Crockett…

    • Crockett elected FA rather than accept a minor league assignment.

      • This claiming guys and then tossing them right back on waivers in hope of having them accept minor league assignments stuff is starting to get old real quick. I’ve not been impressed at all thus far with the Dick Williams era thus far.

    • I don’t understand this move

  14. I’m right there with you Bill. I can understand the waiver claim then trying to sneak a player through waivers, but the Reds just claimed him and then let him walk as a FA.

    The only possibility I can imagine is that the Reds identified a couple of waiver claims that hit the wire as teams tried to whittle down their 40-man rosters to protect their prospects for the rule 5 draft and the Reds liked those players more than Crockett. It doesn’t look like Adelman is clearing the 40-man roster yet with his pending release and that delay may also be a contributing factor if the Reds identified available prospects they needed to add to the 40-man roster after a pending waiver claim..

    • Jared Hughes was dumped by Milwaukee. That would be a nice waiver claim for $2MM.

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