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Happy Thanksgiving: A Redleg Nation Tradition

Happy Thanksgiving all, from your friends at the Nation.

It has become a tradition here at Redleg Nation to enjoy this classic Thanksgiving episode of WKRP in Cincinnati together. The Big Guy was right. It was a great promotion idea. It should have worked.

Feel free to discuss WKRP or whatever you want — on-topic or off-topic — in the comments below. A suggestion for this yearly Thanksgiving open thread: What Reds players – one past and one present – are you most thankful for being able to watch play?

12 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving: A Redleg Nation Tradition

  1. It’s the calm before the storm which is the invasion of the Old Cossack’s home by a plethora of friends and family. The Old cossack is blessed with a wife who has the supreme patience and tolerance for the old guy (and she’s pretty hot to boot!), a passel of kids who are wonderful people and kids who cause any parent would simply burst with pride, not to mention the grandkids.

    Mrs. Cossack has Thankgiving preparations well in hand. The house smells like I’m sure heaven smells on its best days. The young Cossacks are driving the Old Cossack bonkers with their boundless excitement and enthusiasm as they await everyone’s arrival.

    Happy Thanksgiving and Best Wishes to Everyone!!!

  2. One reds fan from the past and one from the present…..

    Well, as far as the past goes, it’s hard to pick just one. But I’ll pick one from the only world championship that the Reds have won during my (permanent) tenure of Reds fandom….Chris Sabo. Eric Davis was a close second if not tied with Sabo.

    As far as the present goes it’s no surprise that it’s the G.O.A.T. = Joey Votto.

    I would pick a future one but I’m not gonna have anymore favorite players after Votto. But if I were gonna pick one of the very near future it would be Senzel. I think he’s gonna be something special.

  3. WKRP was far ahead of its time, television programming-wise. The use of so many neuroses as a central driver of the weekly plot.

    The pendulum swings back and forth on what we value/tolerate as a society (Fourth Turning, anyone?), so it almost certainly could not be re-introduced today. Almost too raw in showing its characters’ flaws.

  4. I will nominate someone not at top of the list of all-time Reds greats, just for variety’s sake.

    Chris Sabo.

    All that “playing the game the right way” stuff, which seemed to matter more in defining a player when I was young, before the age of sabermetrics. Makes me feel all nostalgic.

    Of course, I am thinking of World Champion/All-Star “Spuds”, and not the sad end to his career and that corked bat incident in 1996.

  5. Best case: 2.5 WAR or traded
    Worst case: Status quo and playing every day, leading off.

  6. Back to the reason we all meet on RLN…

    Joe Morgan was the one past performer I am most thankful for having the opportunity to watch play.

    Joey Votto is the one current performer I am most thankful for having the opportunity to watch play.

    The one non-Reds player I always enjoyed watching was Ricky Henderson.

  7. Eric Davis and Joey Votto. I suspect if the BRM had been available to me as a kid to watch regularly I’d say Johnny Bench. The Reds franchise has been blessed with some amazing players, many of whom were Reds for a long long time. I’m thankful for that.

  8. Mario Soto. a shining beam of light in the midst of sad, barely passable baseball. Best change up ever.

    Tony Perez, Concepcion’s defense, and….can’t separate the whole big red machine, in my mind one giant glorious ride that will never be replicated

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