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The Reds have unveiled their new batting practice caps. What do you think?

So, your Cincinnati Reds have unveiled their new batting practice caps. Are these the worst caps you’ve ever seen, or only in the bottom two?

Honestly, if these were all red with a white logo, I think I’d like them. I’ve had quite enough of the black on Reds caps, thankyouverymuch.

38 thoughts on “The Reds have unveiled their new batting practice caps. What do you think?

  1. Is that the pi symbol inside a crescent? I do not like it all. Whoever designed this and whoever gave the okay for selling this were trying way too hard…

  2. I like the look of it…. but in no way does it communicate “Cincinnati Reds” – I’ve been a Reds fan for over 45 years and if you didn’t tell me it was a Reds hat, I wouldn’t have guessed it.

    It’s an entirely new logo.

  3. I thought black stopped being the “in” thing on baseball uniforms about 10 years ago? At least they remembered to include some red.

    And the weird font for the “C”… Just why?

    2/10, would not recommend.

  4. speaking of caps and colors. it seems now that the cardinals, nationals and even phillies now have a more bright shade of red on their caps then the reds now.

  5. A few years back, they had an all-white cap with this logo that I thought was great. I agree with the thought that if it was all red with the white logo, it would be good. The red and black… I’m not a fan. Especially for $35

  6. Nope. I get the throwback logo but I don’t ever want to see it on an in game cap. But more importantly these look like someone left off the little propellers on top. Yikes. No thank you.

    • Very good, CFD. I would love one of those hats with the little propellers on top. That would make an outstanding white elephant gift for the upcoming holiday party season!

  7. This takes terrible to a new level. The “C” is OK, maybe, but the two-tone hat is incredibly ugly. It looks more like a University of Cincinnati hat than a Cincinnati Reds hat. A price of $35.99 is an outrage. MLB is trying to be more like the NFL in marketing and I hope it backfires big time. Selecting crap like this to market is another step in that direction.
    The person(s) responsible for this design should be publicly flogged.

  8. These hats are excrement. The logo isn’t even accurate to the 1869 team. If you want to pay homage to something, you have to make it authentic. The “C” if you can call it that, looks like a crescent moon with the letter n inside it.

    At least it’s only for BP. They are clownish – and literally the worst of the 30 caps.

    • I read your first sentence as “These hats are excellent.

      Was very confused as I kept going before going back and reading more closely.

      • I read it as at least it’s only for Bryan Price… which is actually perfect, especially if we add the propeller!

  9. Question to the group: Does the team actually have to wear these things during BP? This seems like a punishment for the team losing so many games over the last several seasons. It’s like the dunce cap.

  10. So, definitely not my favorite…. but I can picture Joey Votto wearing them and that makes them about 13943804928x better. So just picture Joey taking batting practice with one on, and, voila, it’s more bearable.

  11. I don’t like these either, but I can safely say that those on Redleg Nation most likely are not in the target market for these caps … we’re old, folks.

  12. I already own a hat with this C, looks great on and reminds people we were first. I like the logo, I hate the black. Unless the black is the whole cap its dumb looking.

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