Four Reds were named finalists for Gold Glove awards in the National League. When the winners were announced tonight, only one Cincinnati player came out on top.

Congratulations to Tucker Barnhart, the 2017 National League Gold Glove award winner for catchers.

This is the first career Gold Glove for Barnhart, though he did win a minor league Gold Glove award back in 2011. Tucker gunned down more would-be base-stealers than any other catcher, and he also ranked as the best defensive catcher in either league by most of the advanced metrics. The last Reds catcher to win a Gold Glove? Johnny Bench, who won his tenth and final award back in 1977.

Bench had some kind words for Tucker tonight:

The other three Reds finalists for Gold Gloves are more disappointed tonight. Joey Votto lost out to Arizona’s Paul Goldschmidt at first base, while Adam Duvall lost to Miami’s Marcell Ozuna in left field. Meanwhile, Billy Hamilton — who appeared to have his best shot at finally winning that elusive Gold Glove — lost again to Ender Inciarte in center field.

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  1. kmartin

    Well deserved. I am happy for Tucker. I really enjoy watching him play.

  2. Sandman

    So…is this the end of Mesoraco as a starter in Cincinnati or in Cincinnati period?

    • Sandman

      I mean, after all, how do you justify benching a gold glove winner even relegating him to split duty.

    • VaRedsFan

      Nope…Mez was never gone to be the full time starter…with or without TB’s Gold Glove

      • lwblogger2

        Yeah, he just can’t stay on the field and his defense, never particularly good, looked pretty bad last year. I think, assuming he’s healthy, he will get 40-60 starts behind the plate next year. I’d probably start him against every opposing LHP if he’s feeling well. He has always hit LHP well and there is no reason for me to think that won’t continue if he can stay on the field.

    • Jim Walker

      I say celebrate Tucker today. Consider how the pieces will fit together another time

  3. cfd3000

    Congratulations to Tucker Barnhart! Well deserved.

  4. Shchi Cossack

    I’m pleasantly STUNNED this morning. I didn’t think Tuck had a chance in Hades of winning a gold glove despite being the runaway most deserving defensive catcher in the NL. Sometimes hard work and dedication really do pay off. Congrats to Tuck for his breakout season and official recognition for his defensive excellence. He earned that piece of hardware!

  5. Greg Dafler

    Congrats to Tucker Barnhart on being nationally recognized as we all know him to be, the best defensive catcher in baseball!

    Also, if you recall, that 2011 minor league gold glove is awarded at each position for all minor league levels. So, he wasn’t just an A-ball gold glove winner that year, but the GG catcher across all minor league levels.

    We are watching a very special player calling games behind the plate!

    • lwblogger2

      I agree and will add that I think his framing skills are better than the numbers are saying.

  6. msanmoore

    Congrats to Tucker. Well-deserved against a tough field.

    And Billy got snubbed (again). But everybody still knows what he can do in the field.

  7. TR

    Congratulations to Tucker Barnhart. Well deserved in a key position.

  8. TomN

    Love that Tucker won. He deserved it. He had a great defensive year and came on offensively. I am really bummed for BH and AD especially. Both those guys play excellent defensive baseball. BH not winning for the 4th consecutive year is simply a crime against humanity. Duvall has been a great surprise in many ways, but especially defensively. In my mind, both of them deserved the GG. Votto – I think Goldschmidt is extremely tough defensively and I can understand why he won.

  9. james garrett

    Well they got one right but wiffed on Adam and especially Billy.No way Billy isn’t the best in center and Ozuna is really a centerfielder to begin with that plays left.Hard to figure sometimes because Molina is great and hasn’t fallen off much but Tucker stepped up big time while working with a well not so good group of pitchers.

  10. Ethan L

    Excellent. I think we might have a catcher controversy. How do we balance Tucker with Mes? I say Tucker is my #1 and Mes is my backup.

    • Shchi Cossack

      Even in a strict platoon, Tucker would start in ~70% of the games. Unless Mes begins hammering the ball again, a strict platoon looks pretty close to what I would expect for playing time. That provides Tuck with ~120 starts.

      • scottya

        This may be just what the Dr ordered for Mez. Quite a combo if mez can return at least close to how he has hit at his best.

  11. JB WV

    Great for Tuck! Well deserved and kudos from the best ever. Brass has to think about training Mes at another position. Took some reps in left a couple years ago, and could possibly spell Joey at first. Otherwise trade him when he reclaims some value.

  12. joshtrum

    I think TB benefits from a couple days off a week, having someone with the former power in Mes to allow that may not add the defense but adds some premium pop at the C position. TB deserves the gold glove. Now Votto for MVP

  13. scottya

    Congratulations to Tucker Barnhart!. He has really come a long way. Great move by the front office to sign him and add an extra year of control.

  14. Steve Mancuso

    The Reds have to play Mesoraco enough in the first half that he can prove he’s healthy and productive so they can trade him at the deadline.

    • WVRedlegs

      That is very true. There will also be an influx of new starting pitchers into the NL Central for 2018 as StL, CHC, and MIL will probably have 2 new SP’s each and PIT may have 1. How many will be LH? The Cubs already have Lester and Quintana. That would be a nice 2018 storyline, Mes the Cub Killer and Mes the Card Killer.

  15. Ed Koverman

    Good for tucker can’t believe billy was past over

  16. Ed Koverman

    Tucker didn’t look good against lefties having mez may not be a bad thing I mean we can’t trade him

  17. MrRed

    Congrats to Tucker. Well deserved even if it was a surprise that he won over the incumbent.

    Disappointing result for Hamilton although Inciarte is a great CF in his own right.

    I’ll also use this opportunity to vent my spleen about Votto being denied, again, for the Silver Slugger. What a joke of a result. How is it that one of the greatest hitters of this generation hasn’t won this award even once. Nothing against Goldschmidt, but Votto was superior in every meaningful hitting statistic, except for HR and RBI. Even then, they were tied for HRs and their RBI totals have more to do with the contributions of teammates and not the individual hitter. For as much praise and deference that he receives from other players and managers in the game it sure is strange that they passed up an opportunity to acknowledge Votto here.

    And Cozart also has a legitimate gripe. He was better at the plate, though not significantly, than Seager.

    I guess this is the indirect result of being on such a terrible team.

    • lwblogger2

      Yes, Goldschmidt winning the GG over Joey I can perhaps understand. He was not the better hitter in 2017 though. It really isn’t even that close. That’s just garbage.