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Four Reds are named finalists for 2017 Gold Glove Awards

To much fanfare, the finalists were announced today for the Rawlings Gold Glove Award. As you will recall, each year there are three finalists announced for each big league position in each league. As expected, several Reds were among the finalists.

This is Tucker Barnhart’s first selection as a finalist for the Gold Glove, and it’s well-deserved. Everyone knows that Barnhart gunned down more would-be base-stealers than any other catcher, but he also ranks as the best defensive catcher in either league by most of the advanced metrics. Tucker stands a good chance of winning his first Award.

Joey Votto has been named as a finalist for the third time in his career; he won the Gold Glove back in 2011. You may remember that Votto was pretty bad defensively in 2016, and Votto admitted as much publicly. This spring, Votto was pretty vocal about the fact that he wasn’t happy with his defense, and improving with the glove was a priority for him in 2017. Mission accomplished (Votto also continued to hit pretty well.)

For the second consecutive year, Adam Duvall earned a nod as a left field finalist. Duvall’s metrics aren’t as good as they were last year, but he did lead the majors in outfield assists. A deserving finalist.

Finally, for the fourth consecutive year, Billy Hamilton has been named a finalist for the center field Gold Glove Award. Will this year be the year for Billy?

From a Reds perspective, there was one pretty big snub: Eugenio Suarez was not named a finalist at third base. From my perch, I’d say it’s pretty clear that Suarez was the second-best defensive 3B in the National League behind Colorado’s Nolan Arenado. There was no chance Suarez was going to win this award — Arenado is amazing — but being named a finalist would have been a nice confirmation of all the hard work Suarez has put into improvement with the glove.

Zack Cozart also had a pretty good case to be named a finalist for the NL’s shortstop Gold Glove, but I’m not particularly surprised that he wasn’t picked.

Clearly, Barnhart, Votto, Duvall, and Hamilton all deserve to win, right? We’ll find out on November 7.

21 thoughts on “Four Reds are named finalists for 2017 Gold Glove Awards

  1. OF all 4 finalists I think Barnhart is most deserving. he really put on a show behind the plate this year.

    • Hear, hear! I think Billy might be a good candidate as second most deserving.

    • That’s pretty good company Barnhart is keeping. The young man has really worked hard to develop his craft, at the dish and behind the dish. He deserves any and all accolades he receives.

  2. David Freese of the Pirates is a finalist over Eugenio Suarez? Really? I didn’t know Freese was that good defensively, but I have a hard time believing he was more deserving than Suarez. But what really irritates me: According to Baseball Reference, Freese played 116 games at third base this year — about three-quarters of a season? — compared with 153 for Suarez. There oughtta be a law ….

    • I am with you, Vegas, on Freese.

      Rendon was a lock to be a finalist. So much praise, home and away feeds all season long, on his all-around play.

      I don’t even know who I would have guessed at being the third finalist at 3B before seeing the list…..Travis Shaw seemed to play sneaky good D, but certainly not Freese.

      • Assuming Suarez was still going to be snubbed, that is. It’s too bad he was so badly overlooked.

  3. Can’t see how anyone could be better than Hamilton in CF. I’m biased, of course, don’t watch those other guys nearly as much, but Billy runs down everything catchable and sometimes uncatchable. Terrific arm for such a slender guy as well.

  4. Just wondering if anyone thinks Tucker could have gotten more money without the extension.

    • Doubtful. While the process is getting better, arbitration has tended to not value defense as effectively as offense, and Barnhart is a negative offensive WAR player.

      Plus, arbitration awarded contracts aren’t guaranteed and Barnhart just started a family, so the security was probably worth passing on the possible financial upside.

  5. Nice validation of the Reds defensive prowess in 2017. Probably should have been 5 of 8 starters – I thought Suarez was a lock for a finalist slot. Barnhart and Hamilton really deserve to win, and Votto just might get the nod as well. A little bit of good news after a rough year, and a little bit of promising news for 2018 as well.

    • Remember that there’s a great deal of sentiment here in favor of trading Duvall and Hamilton. 2018 might not feature as much good defense from the Reds. Cozart may well be gone, too.

  6. Some Gold Glove love was what the Reds needed. Four of the starting eight named as GG finalists. Plus add in to that defensive equation the snubbed Suarez, and Cozart’s defense if he comes back, and that is a great selling point on any potential free agent pitchers the Reds might be pursuing this winter. Not necessarily starters, but a quality reliever or two might be swayed.
    Ironically, that leaves 2B and RF as the weak links in the defensive chain. BP’s and Bruce’s old spots. Offensively, the weak links are at CF and maybe RF. SS if Cozart leaves.
    Offensive upgrades have to be weighed against what defensive decline that might incur. And visa versa.

  7. Not bad for a last place team to have half of their starting eight as finalists for the Gold Glove, but there’s a chance one or two will not be Reds in 2018.

      • Best wishes to Billy in the Gold Glove balloting despite if they are really worth anything when a DH (Yeah we are looking at you Rafael Palmeiro) can win one. But I want to point out that if Inciarte or Taylor edge him out like Gordon did in the SB crown race, it could help the Reds bottom line in regards to Hamilton if his case goes to Arbitration.

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