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Reds at Brewers – September 26, 2017

The Cincinnati Reds (66-90) will start their final road trip of 2017 tonight at 7:40 PM against the Milwaukee Brewers (82-74). The Reds have lost six straight games (3 of those games by just 1 run), and would like to end 2017 strong.

The Brewers are currently playing for their playoff life, as they trail the Rockies by 1.5 games with six games left in the season. The Brewers are 6.0 back in the NL Central, and the Cubs can clinch the division tonight with a win or a Brewers loss. The Brewers have lost 4 of their last 5 games, including three straight heartbreaking losses in extra innings. The Brewers were surprising swept by the Reds at GABP at the beginning of September, losses that are now looming large in their postseason push.

The second NL wild-card spot is basically the only thing still up for grabs for the playoffs, so most eyes around baseball will be on this game, and Rockies-Marlins tonight.

Starting Pitchers

Deck McGuire 5.2 6.35 0.00 0.00 2.27 0.1
Zach Davies 187.1 5.96 2.25 3.84 4.12 3.0

Deck McGuire will be making the first start of his MLB career tonight for the Reds. McGuire has done a great job in 5.2 innings of relief for the Reds in September, not allowing a run or walk. McGuire was originally the 11th overall pick in 2010 by the Blue Jays, but never panned out. The Reds pick him up as an unsigned free agent this off-season. He has had a great season for the Reds at AA, posting a 2.79 ERA/3.18 FIP in 27 starts. Doug Gray wrote more about McGuire today on his site.

Zach Davies has a had a terrific season for the Brewers. The 26th overall pick has been worth 5.7 fWAR since the start of 2016, which is good for the 28th best in the MLB, ahead of guys like Gerrit Cole, Adam Wainwright, Dallas Kechel, and Cole Hammels. Davies has dominated the Reds in three starts this season, posting a 2.30 ERA with 4 BB and 14 K.

Starting Lineups

Reds Brewers
1. Billy Hamilton (CF)
2. Zack Cozart (SS)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Scooter Gennett (2B)
5. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
6. Scott Schebler (RF)
7. Adam Duvall (LF)
8. Tucker Barnhart (C)
9. Deck McGuire (P)
1. Eric Thames (1B)
2. Neil Walker (2B)
3. Ryan Braun (LF)
4. Travis Shaw (3B)
5. Domingo Santana (RF)
6. Stephen Vogt (C)
7. Orlando Arcia (SS)
8. Brett Phillips (CF)
9. Zach Davies (P)

2018 Draft Order

If the season ended today, the Reds would draft 5th in 2018. Depending on how this week pans out, realistically the Reds will draft between 4th to 7th. Here is the race for the #1 pick.

Phillies 62-95
Giants 62-95
Tigers 62-94 0.5
White Sox 64-92 2.5
Reds 66-90 4.5
Mets 67-90 5.0
Padres 70-87 8.0


This is a huge series for the Brewers. It will be nice to see the Reds play two teams in playoff contention to close out 2017 (the Reds play at the Cubs this weekend). Hopefully that will give the young Reds a taste of what postseason baseball feels like going into 2018. Go Reds!

51 thoughts on “Reds at Brewers – September 26, 2017

  1. Nice to see Winker leading off. Oh wait? Never mind. SOS with Price.

  2. We discussed the Reds trying to spoil the Cardinals season, I feel the same should apply to the Brewers. They aren’t Stupid Devil Magic or the Cubs, but they are in the Reds division.

    And, Milwaukee had the opportunity and assets to go for it and acquire JD Martinez, Sonny Gray, Jonathan Lucroy, etc, etc. …but stood pat.

    The Rockies acquired Lucroy mid-season in a push to secure a wild-card spot.

    Fortune favors the bold…..and all that.

    (Adam Duvall has hit 6 HRs vs. the Brewers this season, 4 in Miller Park. Would be a nice time to play spoiler by hitting his first HR of the month. Just sayin’.)

    Go Redlegs.

    • Duvall has had some good games at Wrigley too. It would be nice to see the big guy finish strong. Whether he is with the Reds or elsewhere next season, I hope they get it figured out how to manage his use so he doesn’t rundown in the second half (and last third particularly) of the season.

      I’ve been taking some looks at his numbers on a monthly basis. What happened with him in 2016 isn’t exactly the same as this year. Last year, he seemed to simply lose his power but other parts of his offense stayed the same or were even better than the first half resulting in a better OBP but decreased OPS because of the power drop. This year be has fallen off the end of the earth. His K rate has ballooned and his BAbip really dropped. Yet in the midst of this he hit 8HR in August, the most of any month of the season.

  3. Duvall has not hit a ball hard since before you know who was born. Just saying.

  4. Thank you for not saying that he was a “former first round draft choice”.

    It’s a pet peeve of mine

    • Most likely there’s an injury that’s not being disclosed. Just like the last time, before he went on the DL

      • There was a theory advancer here yesterday that the team is protecting Winker’s rookie status for 2018.

        I don’t know that I buy in; but, it is accurate he is about 20 AB’s under the maximum allowed to still be a rookie in 2018; and, also makes the cut to stay a rookie based on his days on the 25 man active roster (September and DL time doesn’t count).

      • not true VA
        read the Zach Buchanan article.
        Paraphrasing….Winker says I can play here. Ive proven it. Stop talking about my AAA power. Im dont with it. Price says 100 at bats means nothing.
        Winker is defiant- I can play every day. Price….Mehhhh

      • “You have to always be chasing putting together your best ball club,” Price said. “I think both [Winker and Ervin] of them are going to play in the big leagues, without question. And play regularly. If it’ll be on the Opening Day roster, I don’t know that.”

        This is the man chosen by BC and DW to run the major league club. He has their blessing and support. Get used to it. Price will have Hamilton leading off every game he can crawl, whether he can swing a bat or not. If Winker is on the 25-man roster, he will be located in the dugout. I hope Reds management enjoys the continued attendance drop and ratings drop after they acquired almost a third interest in FSOH.

  5. I’m looking forward to seeing what Deck can do. Winker should be in the lineup and leading off.

  6. Nine pitch inning.This won’t take long.Loss 7 on a row coming up in a little over 2 hours

  7. Its going to take a little longer because the Brewers will hit for awhile.

  8. Is it a TOOTBLAN if the third-base coach makes a bad decision on sending Duvall home with no outs?

    • And Thom is rambling about the virtues of Hatcher as a 3B coach.

    • I’ll defend Hatcher most times, but that ranks up there with one of the worst of all time. If it were 2 outs would be the only justification

          • If that is so, at this time of the season I think it shows a complete lack of respect for Milli Hatcher’s ability as a third base coach. I have seen other occasions where the runners pay no attention to Hatcher

          • No….it’s a no brainer….rally in progress….schebler hits a towering bomb to get us back in……….duvall with his best swing in 3 weeks…barnhart rips a gapshot….yet…..a solid 10 year old team doesn’t blow up an inning like that.. Losing teams find excuses.

    • No outs, the starting pitcher on the ropes, runners on 2nd & 3rd after the double by Barnhart and Hatcher send Duvall home, only to be thrown out on an errant throw 20 feet up the 3rd base line. It only took a bad defensive play to record the out at home.

  9. El Hatcho helps kill the inning early by sending Droopy Duvall home. If this were June, Duvall might have made it, but he’s obviously been playing a tick or two below max for about the last 2 months. And the result was just what everyone expected, except Hatcher.


  10. Breaking fake news from the RNN ….the Reds News Network…..anchorman Thom Brennamen reports Billy ” reds rally killer” Hatcher is one of the best 3rd base coaches in the game….as he explains away another reds slow runner being thrown out at home with none out by 8 feet.

  11. Jim – Agree with you on Duvall. If he has to go to better sort things out, he has to go. But, I feel like experimenting with his playing time all through 2018, while still on a league minimum, isn’t the worst decision the Reds could make.

    Shchi – That Price quote reads like a manager on a one-year deal, already worrying about whether he will be with the Reds in 2019. Like it’s beyond just showing tough love to Winker (and Ervin), more like “no developing, play the vets.”

    • I agree. That’s how Price managed 2017 on a one year contract and that’s how he will manage the team in 2018 on a one year contract. Yet, BC and DW chose to have Price managing the team both seasons after seeing what to expect the previous two seasons.

  12. Yeah….ball gets cut off and doesn’t make the wall, but he sends Duvall with nobody out??
    This team just isn’t good enough to give away runs on a weekly basis like this?

  13. For those who claim the Reds didn’t quit….yes they did. Price is the proud owner of 3 consecutive 90 loss seasons for the first time since the Great Depression. For those who wanted them to tank….yes they are.
    Bob castellini.could have fired Bryan price in mid August. He could have gone to a 6 man pitching staff….and still shut down Castillo. Mahle Stephenson Romano Bailey Reed and Lorenzen. He could have rewarded Jesse Winker…not punished him. He could have played the best players for the future. he didn’t.

    Sell the club Bob. You don’t know baseball. Neither does Walt. Neither does Price. You’ve done what Marge and Lindner never did or any other owner in nearly 90 years.

    This team quit when accountability left the building. This team quit when you empowered your terrible manager publicly… Winker got screwed. Shame on you Bob.

    • I think they are punishing the fans for demanding Baker get the axe. They wanted to prove to us we were wrong, even though we weren;t, by simply letting a moron run the team into the ground. I am sure Price is a good pitching coach… but big league manager? He has proven to be a huge FAIL, and yes, worse than even Dusty Baker… but that doesn’t prove anything about the fans knowledge of baseball it just proves Castellini is a degenerate.

  14. Yeah Price has really made sure the Reds intensity is at a fever pitch:) They’ve been on the golf course for a week already. Nothing says resign your manager like closing on a 12 gm losing streak! Maybe the Cubs 3rd string will give Price a game for mercy?

  15. Wow.

    The Brewers are in control, for sure, but 3 runs in Miller Park is very doable.

    That is a half-inning that Milwaukee hitters, Craig Counsell, someone sure did not maximize.

  16. Maybe they should resign Cozart? The guy is amazing! It really blows things up if they did? Senzel would prob end up at 2B….Jeff Kent lite hopefully? They’d prob need to trade Scooter, Duvall, or Schebler? Scooter in LF all the time would be a huge drop off defensively? Alot to consider…really makes more sense to let Cozart walk but he’s been so good?

  17. I think its incredible that Milw is 7th overall in era! Miller Park is a launching pad….same as gabp. No wonder they’re in contention!

  18. It looked to me like Winker was hurting a bit running around the bases. Maybe he is injured and this is why he is not starting.

  19. Really glad that young fella Winker is going to get the chance to work on his power next season in Louisville. /s

  20. Oh that’s why Price isn’t starting Winker… so he can come in and hit a pinch hit a home run.

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