As the Reds close out the 2017 home season against the Red Sox today at Great American Ball Park, the stadium crowd will be a “partial sellout,” a term I use to describe professional sports stadiums and arenas with small crowds.

Many of the people who will be there today are the kind of Reds fans that join us here at Redleg Nation on a regular basis – people to whom the Reds are part of their core. People who would watch or follow game number 155 in a season being played by a team 23 games under .500 and long since eliminated from any post-season hope. People like us don’t let a day go by, even in the off-season, without checking our sources of Reds news and information. It’s fair to say that we have a passion for and even love the Reds, and – like a strong marriage – have stayed together even when times have been tough.

By chance, I happened upon this video story about Dayton-area Reds fan Jeff Crews, who passed away from the most aggressive cancerous brain tumor known to man in 2013. With three weeks to live, the Reds got word of this passionate fan’s fate. The result was an irreplaceable memory for both he and his surviving family members.

This is a few years old, but I dare say many of our Redleg Nation readers will see a bit of themselves in Jeff Crews. It’s a 10-minute video story that I think you’ll be glad you watched, if you haven’t seen it already.

Starting Pitchers

Doug Fister 79.2 4.86 4.49 19.9% 10.7%
Jackson Stephens 15 4.80 5.04 21.3% 6.6%

Fister is the third straight starting pitcher with mediocre statistics that Red Sox Manager John Farrell has sent to the Great American Ball Park mound in this series, and his team is looking for the sweep.

Stevens, at this stage, appears to be a Class AAAA-type player who can be available at Louisville in 2018 to be summoned to the big-league team as needed to fill a roster spot that comes open due to injury. Of course, he’s only 15 innings into his big-league career, and has an opportunity to make an even better, lasting impression with a good outing today.


All of the score of bullpenners should be available today except Amir Garrett, who threw two “wild” innings Saturday.

Starting Lineups

Red Sox Reds
SS Xander Bogaerts CF Billy Hamilton
2B Dustin Pedroia SS Zack Cozart
LF Andrew Benintendi 1B Joey Votto
RF Mookie Betts 2B Scooter Gennett
1B Mitch Moreland 3B Eugenio Suarez
3B Rafael Devers RF Scott Schebler
CF Jackie Bradley Jr. LF Adam Duvall
C Sandy Leon C Tucker Barnhart
P Doug Fister P Jackson Stephens

News and Notes


Today is the final home game of the season, and Fan Appreciation Day …


Another unique accomplishment for Joey Votto …


The one that got away …


I like this move. Why not see what this former first round draft pick has to offer?

About The Author

Tom Mitsoff is a lifelong Reds fan who grew up in the Dayton suburb of Beavercreek, Ohio. He lived a teenage life atypical of most his age by prioritizing following the Reds. At one point in the 1970s and early 1980s, Tom kept complete scorecards on more than 1,000 consecutive Reds games. Now that adult life has forced him to move on from his beloved Southwest Ohio, he follows the Reds daily through MLB.TV and other online media sources, including Redleg Nation.

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41 Responses

  1. D Ray White

    Free Jesse Winker! Free Jesse Winker! Free Jesse Winker! Is it too late for a manager change? That is all.

    • CI3J

      Wee Jesse Winker, rides on the pine,
      Eats seeds, watches games, waiting for his time,
      Thinks to himself: “Wouldn’t it be nice,
      If I had a manager who wasn’t Bryan Price.”

  2. seat101

    I watch the whole video, crying most of the time. Wonderful story wonderfully told

    Go Reds! Go Votto!

    Go Redleg Nation!

    A sidenote, believe it or not I don’t comment every time I come to Redleg Nation. I know I don’t thank The writers and the other commenters enough.

    Thank you!

    Chuck Schick, RIP.

  3. Sliotar

    Tom, very nice write-up.

    The last home game always feels a little sad, whether it’s the last game of the year or not.

    About “what this former first round draft pick has to offer” …..another day where Adam Duvall starts and Phil Ervin does not.

    Adam Duvall has not:
    -hit a home run in September (not since August 29)
    -had a hit in last 18 at-bats (7 games ago)

    Many here have commented that his form/patience/whatever at the plate is awful. This goes beyond just “dropping him down the order” to fix.

    He may go in the off-season, but it is hard for me to see that the Reds have managed Duvall well in 2017, given his health condition, seeing a 2nd-season slump (again) and the logic of seeing Ervin get playing time.

    • Steve Mancuso

      It sure seems like Bryan Price is beating Duvall into the ground. No shortage of alternatives.

    • CI3J

      The only logical reason I can think of that the Reds refuse to play Winker is they want the other outfielders to get their “counting stats” up in hopes of getting more in an offseason trade.

      However, if that’s the plan, it has backfired spectacularly as Duvall has continued to crater. And if they go into next season with the same situation in outfield, then I’ll just bang my head on the wall even harder.

  4. TR

    Thank you for including this. It is what life is about. Regards to the family of Jeff Crews.

  5. vegastypo

    On Dick Williams’ Q&A in Sunday’s pregame show, he was asked about Lorenzen as a starting pitcher next season. Williams answered that it largely was up to Lorenzen to decide what he wanted to do — an odd comment since Lorenzen already said he wanted to start, right? But he continued by saying that Lorenzen would go to spring training with a chance to stretch out, but that Williams thinks Lorenzen has shown his best stuff in the bullpen and thinks that is his likely destination.

    • CI3J

      Sounds like some front office doublespeak to me. Or, as Henry Ford classically said about the Model T: “You can have any color you like, so long as it’s black.”

  6. Shchi Cossack

    OK, I give up. We’ve seen Duvall play full time all season and full time all last season with the exact same results in the exact same situation. Price continues to force the issue and expects different results. We’ve seen Hamilton play full time all season, and full time all last season and the season before that and the season before that. Price continues to force the issue and expects different results. Winker has done nothing but produce at the major league level in the very limited, inconsistant opportunities he’s had. Price continues to deny Winker additional opportunities to prove his capability and readiness to produce at the major league level. I don’t believe Price is stupid or ignorant. I do believe Price has stubbornly dug in his heels and refuses to adapt and change what is obvious to those ‘people to whom the Reds are part of their core’. I also believe that DW and BC fully support such an approach as evidenced by committing to another year with Price as the manager. The Old Cossack is frustrated beyond words and beyond what I believed was possible. I can handle the losing. I have been through decades of losing over the years. I have been through the embarrassing Marge Schott debacle. I have been through the callous Carl Lindner episode. This Bob Castellini period feels worse than any period previously, more empty and inept. Maybe it’s age and time catching up wth the Old Cossack, who knows? This just feels bad right now.

    • Scott Carter

      I don’t know Cossack, but from another guy who has been around for a long time, (pre Big Red Machine) I am feeling those same frustrations. It is not the losing, It is the callous indifference, or lack of attention to making the team better for the future. The mishandling of Stephenson and Reed early in the year and the refusal to play Winker and Ervin in the second half unless there are no other options. Insanity!

    • CI3J

      The Big Bob Era was looking so promising with a rockstar manager, superstars at 1B and 2B, a dominate pitching staff, and a shrewd trade to bring in Choo to hit at the top of the lineup. It’s truly stunning how lack of foresight led to that house of cards tumbling down as rapidly as it did.

  7. kmartin

    Tom, great write-up. Thanks for taking the time to do this. You captured exactly why we are still here every day at Redleg Nation.

    I concur with Seat101’s comment above. Chuck Schick, RIP.

  8. Sliotar

    TOOTBLAN by Cozart.

    He was yukking it up with Pedroia the previous pitch, looking back at the ball after the hit.

    If he doesn’t want to take it seriously, put Peraza in.

    Really poor.

  9. Sliotar

    Jackson Stephens now eligible for win, could move to 3-0 (!!!)

    Wins aren’t really valued at RLN (rightfully so), but for a fringe guy like Stephens, beating the Red Sox in the Reds home finale would be a nice story to tell people buying your beers in old age.

  10. Scott Carter

    Fantastic rendition of God Bless America by the Mystics. Gave me goosebumps.

  11. seat101

    Is Billy Hatcher such a bad third base coach that the players do not pay attention to him? Even Billy on his triple wasn’t looking at him

    • msanmoore

      Yeah … I’d have to ask the same question. I’m thinking BHatch has proven his bad judgement too often and some of them take that into account.

  12. msanmoore

    What in the heck was that? Does Boston not realize that is Billy-Freaking-Hamilton running? They screwed up the run-down yes … but they left a base uncovered??

    A run for the good guys. And he does get credit for SB #59.

    • Aaron Bradley

      According to the article at this was “heroic” baserunning by Hamilton, not just what seems like his millionth time picked off… sure he got away with it… so nothing learned, just keep doing what your doing Billy, your OBP might get down to .250 if you keep it up.

      • Aaron Bradley

        To elaborate, in my opnion getting picked off base should subtract from your OBP since you in effect removed yourself from the basepaths negating whatever you did to get there in the first place.

      • Shchi Cossack

        Yes. Simlilar to how a sac fly reduces OBP but has no impact on AVG. If a baserunner is soley responsiible for an out on the bases (i.e. CS or PO), it should be reflected as an out just like he had never reached base (i.e. a fielder’s choice). In addition, if a hitter is responsible for more than one out (i.e. GIDP), the hitter should be charged with two outs for the same AB.

        Radical thinking, but a statistical adjustment I have long espoused.

      • Aaron Bradley

        You and me Cossack, on the same wavelength! Really enjoyed your analysis this season, see ya next year!

  13. msanmoore

    And the booth is correct .. the real steal should be his run Home. So perhaps it SHOULD have been 59 & 60 … still way fun to watch.

  14. Sliotar

    Not accusing, but boy, it’s easy to speculate that both teams stayed and rocked out to their mate Arroyo’s post-game concert yesterday.

    Probably won’t matter in the end to the Red Sox, but both teams looks sloppy and just a little disinterested today.

    Did I hear Chris Welsh proclaim, “Small ball at its finest” after probably Boston’s worst infield defense of the season?

    That guy. He must really dislike the playing of baseball in 2017.

    • msanmoore

      Small ball results yes … sloppy playing indeed.

  15. msanmoore

    And the SB goes away … which is more legit as he gets the CS. However, the alert taking of Home will keep some of us warm and happy for a while.

    Well it will if Iggy can clean up Lorenzen’s mess.

  16. msanmoore

    So the hometown hero playing for the Sox is on the spot now.

  17. Indy Red Man

    Fitting for this turd sandwich of a season

  18. msanmoore feed is behind, but I see from other sources we’re now tied. That usually means we lose in the end.

  19. msanmoore

    I’m guessing this is how the homestand ends. Go Tribe!!

  20. TR

    Leading 4 to 1 going into the eighth. Now down 4 to 5. What a season.

  21. msanmoore

    I’ll propose a recap to Chad & Company …

    Reds squander a lead and can’t come back. Milton. BLARGH!!! No more home games in 2017.

    Does that about cover it, friends?

  22. bouwills

    Not a single comment about the Red Sox 8th. Duvall catches that double. Period. Ervin is not a ML outfielder. 3rd bad route on a line drive that I’ve seen out of him. Not a nubbin to Chris Heisey.

    • msanmoore

      I’m trying to ignore that little “fact”