The Short Version: Despite a nice start — all things considered — from young Robert Stephenson, the Reds drop their fifth consecutive game, 5-0 to the Boston Red Sox. At least there was a post-game concert by Bronson Arroyo.

Final R H E
Boston Red Sox (90-64) 5 7 0
Cincinnati Reds (66-89) 0 3 2
W: Rodriguez (6-6) L: Stephenson (5-6)
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The Good
–Robert Stephenson had a strong outing, allowing just two earned runs over six innings on five hits and two walks. He was cruising along through five innings, looking as sharp as he’s every looked on a big league mound. Then he began the inning by committing an error that allowed a runner to reach, then surrendering a walk — his only unintentional walk of the day.

Boston first baseman Mitch Moreland then crushed a 3-run homer to center, and the game was effectively over at that point.

The Bad
–Amir Garrett walked four and gave up two hits in two innings of work. He only allowed one run, though.

–The Reds were only able to manage three measly singles. Joey Votto did reach base twice, however, with a hit and a walk.

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–That’s five straight losses for the good guys. Not the way we wanted to finish up this season.

–Stephenson only threw 79 pitches through six innings. Was this a glimpse of what a pitch-efficient Bob Steve could look like?

–Luke Farrell pitched a scoreless inning (though he did walk two) against his father’s team.

–Seven games left. Mercifully.

–The day was pretty brutal, except for the retirement party thrown by the Reds for Bronson Arroyo:

Representing the team with which Arroyo won a World Series, Boston Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia gifted Arroyo his jersey number – 61 – from the manual scoreboard in left field at Fenway Park. The pièce de résistance was a custom-crafted Reds guitar, along with a hand-painted case that featured Arroyo mid-windup, iconic leg kick and all.

The gifts were great, of course. But Arroyo, who still uses a flip phone, never has been one for fancy earthly possessions. What meant the most to him – and what he admits brought a few tears to his eyes – were the messages played on the big screen from the teammates, coaches and general managers who have crossed paths with him along his lengthy baseball journey.

It was a sweet looking guitar. I want one.

I also want to be in the park in a few years, when Arroyo is inducted into the Reds Hall of Fame. Great career, Bronson. Redleg Nation tips our collective cap to you.

12 Responses

  1. D Ray White

    Did Jesse Winker make a pass at Price’s woman? Why else would he be sentenced to the bench? Is he getting on base too much? Giving too many professional at bats? This is getting ridiculous, especially given Duvall and Schebler’s struggles down the stretch.

    Free Winker!!!

    • Steven Ross

      Another year awaits of Price’s head scratching moves or non moves. Oh yeah, let’s call for a meaningless bunt too.

      • Scott Carter

        See Jesse Sit! See Jesse yawn! Stay put Jesse!

    • lwblogger2

      I don’t sit Duvall with a LHP going but an argument could be made that Winker in RF last night would have been an easy move to justify for “winning the game” reasons. Schebler, although possessed of a good platoon-split against LHP, had been starting almost every day in Hamilton’s absence. Could have used a day off and gotten to see Winker against a LHP.

  2. Proudpapa

    Winker is an everyday OFer and should be played as such. His D has been solid and his approach at the plate is better than good. What he needs is more experience and at bats. Simply stupid for him to be on the bench.

  3. Aaron Bradley

    Here here, this is a ROOKIE STUD on a team with nothing to play for, this is a no brainer… at this point chaps, I must reference that one guys comment where he said it was like the Anti Rose betting against the Reds.

  4. Shchi Cossack

    As things stand now heading into the final week of the season…

    Four teams vying for the #1 selection in the 2018 rule 4 draft:
    61-94 (.394) —— SF
    61-94 (.394) —— PHI
    62-93 (.400) +1.0 DET
    62-92 (.403) +1.5 CWS

    Two teams vying for the #5 selection in the 2018 rule 4 draft:
    66-89 (.426) +5.0 CIN
    66-88 (.429) +5.5 NYM

    FIve teams vying for the #7 selection in the 2018 rule 4 draft:
    70-85 (.452) +9.0 SD
    70-85 (.452) +9.0 PIT
    70-83 (.458) +10.0 ATL
    71-83 (.461) +10.5 OAK
    72-83 (.465) +11.0 TOR

    Two teams vying for the #10 selection in the 2018 rule 4 draft:
    73-81 (.474) +12.5 MIA
    74-82 (.474) +12.5 BAL

  5. Scott Gennett

    May the good Lord have mercy of all loyal Reds fans for another (and hopefully last) season with same manager.

    • TR

      Yes, no managerial change come Opening Day, but the next six months will, hopefully, make a potentially good Reds team even better. It all depends on the front office. And since Tony Perez has been released from the Marlins by the owner-to-be, Derrick Jeter, and if the position is not taken, the Reds should appoint Tony as an assistant to the GM in charge of scouting for Cuba.

  6. Old school

    Price was a student of Dusty to long tends to manage just like him , never play’s the best just who has been with the team longer,or is a older player.

  7. Centerfield

    Any chance that Brice Turang will be available at #5 or 6 in the draft? SS should be a high priority for the Reds. I also wouldn’t mind seeing trader Jack back at the helm of the Reds.

    • lwblogger2

      At 86 years old, I don’t think ol’ Trader Jack wants to deal with the rigors of travel or running a crappy baseball team. Not sure why he was replaced though. I’m really not.