2017 Reds / Titanic Struggle Recap

Recap: Scooter Gennett hits another grand slam, but Reds fall to Boston in a close one

The Short Version: Reds waste Scooter Gennett’s fourth grand slam of the season — and perfect relief work by the home team — and allow the Red Sox to come back for a 5-4 win.

Final R H E
Boston Red Sox (89-64) 5 6 0
Cincinnati Reds (66-88) 4 9 1
W: Porcello (11-17) L: Romano (5-7) S: Kimbrel (34)
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The Good
–After Sal Romano escaped a first inning bases loaded, no out jam with just one run scoring, the Reds came to bat in the bottom half, down 1-0. Four batters later, the Reds had a 4-1 lead.

Billy Hamilton singled in his first at-bat since returning from the disabled list. Zack Cozart doubled off Jackie Bradley’s glove in center field, advancing Hamilton to third. Joey Votto walked on four pitches…then Scooter Gennett did what Scooter Gennett does. Grand slam.

–Cozart was 3-5. Votto singled and walked twice. Hamilton had two singles. Tucker Barnhart celebrated his new contract by getting a single and a walk.

–I don’t understand Ariel Hernandez. Another excellent performance tonight, with two perfect innings. Some nights, he looks like the best pitcher on earth. Some nights, he’s completely hittable. If he figures it out, he can really help the Reds bullpen next season.

–Asher Wojciechowski pitched two scoreless innings, allowing just one hit. You know, it’s a small sample, but his numbers as a reliever this year aren’t bad. You could look it up!

–Deck McGuire also pitched a perfect inning.

The Bad
–He’s been on a good run lately, but tonight wasn’t Romano’s best outing: five runs allowed on five hits and four walks in four innings.

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–Virginia leads Boise State 28-14 in the third quarter of an intercollegiate American football contest.

–The Reds had the tying run on base in each of the last six innings of the game.

–That was Scooter’s fourth grand slam of the season, best in the big leagues and a Reds franchise record. He’s also the first player in baseball history to have four grand slams and a four-homer game in the same season. (According to Zach Buchanan, Lou Gehrig did both, but in different seasons.)

Votto has reached base 304 times this season, the most in MLB. His career high (and all-time club record) is 319 in 2015.

–Eight games left. Why are we still watching? Why are we still recapping these games here at redleg nation dot com. Who am I? Why am I here?

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21 thoughts on “Recap: Scooter Gennett hits another grand slam, but Reds fall to Boston in a close one

  1. Going for the end of the season 12 game losing streak. A third of the way there.

  2. Todd Frazier tricked by the hidden-ball. I’m sure he’s still in shock over the child hit and seriously injured by the foul ball.

    • Tricked? It was a clever play and Frazier was off base for half a second. Frazier didn’t even know he was fooled.

  3. Chad, I am still following my beloved Reds and reading every recap. Please don’t stop! You are Chad and you are here to recap games.

    • Haha, yes, that’s why we’re here.

      I’m probably going to stop recapping games after next week. For a few months, anyway.

      • Actually, could you just keep recapping games after next week? Only have the Reds win more often? Thanks

  4. I’m probably a little looney for continuing to think about such things; but, Romano’s performance in the 4th inning was downright exasperating to me, Every hit in that inning came on a 2 strike pitch. He allowed an 0-2 double, a 1-2 double and a HR on a 2-2 pitch after being ahead 1-2. From what I could make out from the TV coverage all three hit yielding pitches if not exactly grooved were at least carelessly left in a prime hitting zone. Then of course there was the 5 pitch walk mixed in among the three hits.

    Hopefully we will see better situational pitches from BobSteve in Saturday’s game.

    • Was thinking the same thing Jim. The art of pitching dictates that a 2 strike pitch looks like a strike coming out of the pitchers hand but ends up out of the zone. Something for the youngsters to work on.

      • I hope it comes with more experience and it should.Big league hitters don’t miss cookies very often but they shouldn’t see one with two strikes.You must throw strikes to control the count but once ahead you have to do exactly what Jim T said.Good experience for Sal because the Sox aren’t the Bucs and Mets.Bob will learn something today as well but if he can control the count then his nasty stuff does look good out of his hand and often is no where close but they swing anyway to protect.You don’t blow people away you get ahead and make em chase.

      • Agree with you on an 0-2 pitch but a 1-2 pitch needs to be the pitch of decision for the AB which means it should be a uncomfortable pitcher’s strike that the batter has to chase at peril of being rung up. This still infers what you said, if the pitcher is going to miss on this pitch, it has to be out the hitting zone and not into it; but his intent should be to get a called strike if the batter lets the pitch go by..

  5. To Chris Garber, watching the Reds of Fox & the announcers I feel like Dizzy Dean listening to Harry Carey when Dean said “is he watching the same game I am?”. Last night whoever didn’t know what position one of the Red Sox played. Heard another say an outfielder made a catch against the wall when he wasn’t even on the warning track.

  6. Its all about throwing strikes with two pitches for Hernandez.If he does it he will have a bunch of good outing and a rare bad one.

  7. One more addition to the “bad” … the strike zone. Just looked terrible to me. MLB really has to do something to instill consistency and equity.

    Oh, and Billy being “too fast” on the steal. Had it by a mile and wend an extra 3-5 feet. Of course the booth says “slide feet first” which is really easy to say for a middle-aged guy who never stole a base and isn’t the fastest man on the planet. Billy did look “fresh” tonight, but we’ll see what the week brings. I’m hoping he keeps the margin enough to earn at least the SB crown if not that elusive Gold Glove. Then we find out where he plays in 2018.

    • Not much mystery if Price is still the manager; Billy will be leading off.

    • Actually, that zone looks pretty good compared to an awful lot I’ve seen. Honestly, I think there was only one “ball” call there where he really would have been shaking his head. Certainly a tight zone though.

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