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Reds vs. Pirates – September 15, 2017

The open audition for 2018 continues tonight at Great American Ball Park, as the Reds host the Pirates.

Thanks to a combination of injuries and innings limits, the Reds pitching staff is now without Luis Castillo, Scott Feldman, Drew Storen and Wandy Peralta. That’s on top of Anthony DeSclafani and Brandon Finnegan, who have both essentially been out for the year.

We had a brief stretch there a few weeks back where the Reds were getting pretty decent starting pitching on a regular basis. Since then, Reds watchers have been “treated” to several walk-fests in which both starters and relievers can’t find the plate to save their lives (or perhaps careers). One thing that can be said with some certainty is that the front office will have a much better read on the pitchers on this roster moving ahead. In the wake of rebuilding and losing, we always look for the silver lining.

Starting Pitchers

Chad Kuhl 147.2 4.21 4.62 20.7% 10.7%
Homer Bailey 74.1 7.26 5.00 15.2% 10.1%

Righthander Kuhl advanced quickly through the Pirates’ farm system after being drafted in 2013. He made 14 starts for Pittsburgh last year, and has been in the rotation all year this year.

Of Bailey’s 15 starts, only six have been of the so-called “quality” variety (six or more innings, three or fewer runs allowed). He’s in the process of hopefully reinventing himself as a pitcher who hopes to get batters out by superior location instead of nasty velocity and stuff.


All Reds relievers should be available, with the possible exception of Jackson Stevens, who pitched three shutout innings yesterday in relief of Amir Garrett. But the bullpen is full of arms. The real question: Will we ever see Raisel Iglesias again? He’s pitched three games and five innings now 15 days into the month of September. He’s not on any sort of innings limit that we’re aware of, but hasn’t been seen much probably due to the lack of save situations.

Starting Lineups

Pirates Reds
2B Adam Frazier RF Jesse Winker
LF Jordan Luplow SS Zack Cozart
CF Andrew McCutchen 1B Joey Votto
1B Josh Bell 3B Eugenio Suarez
3B David Freese CF Scott Schebler
RF Gregory Polanco LF Adam Duvall
C Elias Diaz 2B Jose Peraza
SS Max Moroff C Tucker Barnhart
P Chad Kuhl P Homer Bailey

News and Notes

Hunter Greene apparently has seen the light, that his future is as a pitcher and not as a hitter …

Silver Sluggers alert …

25 thoughts on “Reds vs. Pirates – September 15, 2017

  1. In all fairness to Homer, his last 2 starts should have been quality starts if I’m not mistaken. He was sent out for the 7th in both cases and in each case had 2 inherited runners score. Picking nits I know, but trying to see the positive in his work lately and think those two starts he pitched better than his final line.

      • Missing your point. Since Price made the lineup…jabbing Price-haters? Or jabbing Price when he makes the right lineup?

    • I would like to see Winker hit #1 every game for the rest of the season even if Billy comes off the DL and is able to play. Also, if we lose Cozart next year I could see Eugenio hitting second if we have a reliable #4.

  2. Its homer or nothing for the good guys.Its as good time as any to ask what will the Reds do with Schebler?

      • I agree with that Aaron but I think the Reds and especially Price value Billy’s speed and defense more.We will see.

  3. Giving away outs is well not so good most of the time as it was this time.Suarez with 4K’s tonight.

  4. A 40 homer season for Votto would go a long way to dull the pain of this season. And a couple of 30 homers for the other guys thrown in would be great too. #thelittlethings

    • Better than individual accomplishments – winning the next 10 in a row would provide hope for next year. Rather have that even if no one hits another homer on the team.

  5. For the record Kuhn was sent to minors this season after a poor beginning. He has been excellent since being recalled.

    • Play, I checked Fangraphs, and there is no record of him having any minor league statistics this year. But he may have been sent out for awhile and not pitched.

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