As you see from the crack reporting of Zach Buchanan, the Reds have activated Jesse Winker from the disabled list. Interestingly, he’s in tonight’s lineup (in right field) and is scheduled to be the leadoff hitter.

In other news, the Reds have called up pitchers Deck McGuire and Keury Mella. Mella, you may recall, was acquired in the Mike Leake trade, along with Adam Duvall. When McGuire or Mella appear in a game, they’ll be making their big league debut.

Finally, Barrett Astin was designated for assignment. So long, Barrett. We barely knew ya’.

8 Responses

  1. Steve Mancuso

    Glad to see Winker back.

    I’ll be encouraged by him leading off when Price does it on a day that there’s a fast hitter elsewhere in the lineup. No Hamilton, Peraza or Ervin starting today.

    • David

      And how will they win with so little veteran presence? – Darth George Grande

      • greenmtred

        They didn’t win with so little veteran presence.

    • Shchi Cossack

      I’m right there with you Steve. I have no confidence in Price managing the roster on any level. Many of the options that might be considered during this off season require the manager to make consistent, sound decisions. Price has played Duvall and Cozart until they have nothing left in the tank for two straight seasons. Price has never demonstrated the wherewithall to manage a platoon or job-share arrangement. When I see or hear someone comment (validly) that the GM must make sure the roster is Price-proof, I just cringe. Those issues are in addition to his lineup construction.

      • james garrett

        Unless DW intervenes and tells Price what to do then its the same old thing again.Vets play,rookies go get coffee and speed at the top.

  2. J

    I find myself hoping the Reds never acquire another fast player as long as I live.

    • jessecuster44

      Well since speed and defense were cornerstones of the rebuild, you’re going to be disappointed

  3. Scott Gennett

    Astin should clear waivers and remain in the organization, he’s only 25 and with still two options.