Well, this is just wonderful:

As Steve noted in today’s recap, Billy Hamilton injured his thumb while attempting a bunt in the first inning. (Today’s lesson, for all you kids out there: never bunt.) An MRI was conducted, and it turns out Hamilton’s left thumb is fractured.

The Reds seem hopeful that the injury won’t end Hamilton’s season:

“He’ll be in a splint for 10 days, and then we’ll reassess,” Reds manager Bryan Price said. “This is not necessarily a season-ending injury. It’s not something that will sit in a cast for 4-6 weeks to heal. It will be about 10 days, and we’ll be able to get the splint off and reassess.”

This has been Hamilton’s worst season overall since his rookie year — which is a slap in my face, since I went out on a limb for Hamilton so publicly this spring, saying he was likely to break out — but he has a good chance of winning his first Gold Glove award. You may recall that Hamilton was likely the front-runner for that award last year, but he missed the final month of the season with a strained oblique. In fact, this is the third consecutive season that Hamilton has suffered an injury late in the year.

If he can return, it’ll be the first time in the last three that the injury didn’t end his season. In the meantime, Phillip Ervin will get a chance to show everyone what he brings to the table.

19 Responses

  1. earl99

    I’d like to see them get Scott Schebler some playing time in center along with giving Winker some starts too.

    • jim t

      I bet no one on that pitching staff wants to see those two in CF

  2. earl99

    I’m also thinking Adam Duvall should have been given a few more games rest over the heat of the summer. He seems to be running out of gas a bit in the second half.

    • Vicferrari

      you’re not the only one, but good thing Ervin and Winker got to watch all those MLB game up close from the bench, invaluable

    • Jim Walker

      I agree on Duvall. Over the season he appears to fatigue beyond what he can recover from with just the team’s off days and a few more thrown in along the way.

      On just a quick eye test, he played in 150 games in 2016, starting all but a handful and appears to have played every inning in at least 90% of them. I’d like to see him have a day off every week even when the team doesn’t; and, in the heat of summer, give him an additional day off when the team has one.

  3. Vicferrari

    So who bats leadoff- hope its someone who can create chaos or Reds are for shore to see a big drop off in runs scored

    • TR

      There’s no question in my mind that as long as Price is the manager that Hamilton, as long as he’s injury-free, will be the leadoff man.

    • greenmtred

      Better to have a leadoff hitter who gets on base more often, but I’m not so quick to discount the value of chaos. It’s easier to score from 2nd than it is from 1st, so Winker, for example, would usually require more robust hitting from the guys behind him than Billy often does. Of course, Billy could create chaos batting 9th, too. There’s an emerging consensus at RLN, or seems to be: We are disdainful of speed and grittiness (also known as character and determination) and indifferent to defense. The Reds won more games with Choo than they have this year (pitching had alot to do with that, I expect), but did not reach the promised land. Teams that can pitch, hit and field are the most likely to succeed.

  4. wkuchad

    This is one of several reasons I really hope they keep all four “starters” in the outfield next year.

    • Bill

      I agree, there is no reason to trade one of the corner guys if Schebler can play CF. Hamilton is injured often, usually from slamming into the wall or diving. Between days off for Duvall and potential injury for any of them having four individuals capable of being an everyday starter is beneficial.

      I think this is the perfect time to see what Schebler can do in CF and give the team a way to get all three bats in the lineup and use Hamilton as a pinch runner defensive replacent more often.

  5. msanmoore

    Well that leaves us with Ervin realistically. Schebler, while much loved, is not more than adequate in CF. And, yes, CF defense actually is important. So maybe we cash it in this year, but I hope Billy can come back for a few games and still gets his Gold Glove. He’s earned it. I also hope nobody else catches him in the SB department.

    • Bill

      The defense will suffer, but the Reds put Choo in CF for an entire year and did fine. I’m not saying Schebler will equal Choo offensively, but it would be worth taking a look at while Hamilton is injured. It’s possible that Hamilton’s baserunning and defense turn out more valuable than Schebler’s power, but now is the time to find out

  6. cfd3000

    Since there is no roster limit I think Hamilton will be back, if only to pinch run. That should cement his first stolen base title. As for the gold glove, who knows? He has deserved it before and still hasn’t won one. This is disappointing for Hamilton, but if it gets serious playing time for Ervin and Winker then it may be a blessing in disguise. If we see more Kivlehan then I may have to chew off my own arm to keep from typing what I’d want to say…

  7. james garrett

    Price will play this guy some and that guy some and that’s about it.How they play won’t matter because when Billy returns we go right back to the way it was.Its his team this year and next.

  8. jim t

    If we are worried about auditioning outfielders why not sit Votto and play Duvall at 1st and Winker in LF. If we are not interested in winning why risk a injury to Votto in a meaningless season.

    • vegastypo

      Votto is going to play every inning of every game, if he has his way, and Price doesn’t seem inclined to alter those plans. That topic came up in the last few days on Price’s pregame radio comments. … While it might be nice to see some other guys there once in a great while, the flip side is enjoying watching a guy build a Hall of Fame career.

    • Bill

      That would not go over well, and while I don’t think he will get MVP that takes any chance he has away