The Cincinnati Reds will try to rekindle the magic of yesterday’s ninth inning 5-4 victory against the Milwaukee Brewers in the second game of the series tonight at Great American Ball Park.

Robert “Bob” Stephenson looks to continue his recent success and will be opposed by another young right-handed pitcher in Zach Davies. First pitch is at 7:10 ET.

Starting Pitchers

Pitcher IP ERA xFIP K% BB%
Robert Stephenson 58.2 5.52 5.02 22.6% 13.9%
Zach Davies 163.2 3.85 4.46 15.6% 7.0%

In the month of August, Stephenson finally looked like the first round pick Reds fans expected him to be. (Granted, most fans just haven’t been patient with the man. He was drafted out of high school and is still only 24). He went 3-0 with a 2.22 ERA in 24.1 innings, giving up six earned runs on 17 hits and striking out 28 batters.

Stephenson’s problem continues to be walking batters, though he has done less of it during August. He has walked 38 batters this season at the major league level, and just 13 in 40.1 innings at Triple-A Louisville. It’s a far cry from the 70+ batters he walked in each of the three previous years at Double-A and Triple-A. While it may look like Stephenson has walked more batters (13) in August, he’s also faced more batters in August (105 plate appearances). For example, in April, he walked 10 in 57 plate appearances.

It really doesn’t mean anything, but Davies is tied for the MLB lead in wins with 16, in just his second full season in the league. Davies has eerily similar numbers to 2016, specifically in innings pitched, ERA and home runs allowed. The one difference, however, is that this season he has struck out noticeably less batters than 2016, and has already walked more. In 2016, he struck out 135 in 163.2 innings. This season, he has struck out just 109 in the same number of innings. He’s also walked 49 batters this year, compared to 38 all of last year. Davies is very much a ground ball pitcher, as nearly 50 percent of his batted balls are grounders.

Despite Davies’ success in his first two years in the league, the Reds have hit him fairly well, with four players all hitting above .300 against him. He has not faced the Reds since April, however, when he faced them twice. He gave up three runs on five hits in five innings in Cincinnati and pitched five scoreless innings ten days later in Milwaukee.

zach davies stats


Brewers                                                            Reds

1. Eric Sogard (2B)
2. Neil Walker (1B)
3. Ryan Braun (LF)
4. Travis Shaw (3B)
5. Domingo Santana (RF)
6. Stephen Vogt (C)
7. Jonathan Villar (CF)
8. Orlando Arcia (SS)
9. Zach Davies (P)
1. Billy Hamilton (CF)
2. Zack Cozart (SS)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Adam Duvall (LF)
5. Scooter Gennett (2B)
6. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
7. Scott Schebler (RF)
8. Tucker Barnhart (C)
9. Robert Stephenson (P)


News and Notes

-The minor league season is now over for most teams, with the exception of Billings. Dayton and Pensacola are both in the playoffs. Here is the schedule for Dayton this week.

-And since the minor league season for Louisville has ended, the Reds have recalled most of the pitchers there. I would expect to see some of them make a couple of starts after Luis Castillo and Tyler Mahle get shut down for the season.

-I forgot to add this into the preview yesterday, but Votto made his major league debut 10 years ago yesterday. Time really does fly, doesn’t it?

-This isn’t a Reds highlight, but Scooter Gennett now has company in the 4-HR club in 2017, as Diamondbacks outfielder J.D. Martinez hit four home runs against the Dodgers last night. It’s also the first time since 2002 that two players each have four home runs in the same season.

Final Thoughts

Just sit back and enjoy the Billy Hamilton highlight reel from yesterday. He can be frustrating at times, but when he’s on his game, he is such a fun player to watch.

The only thing that would’ve made it more exciting was if it would have been an inside-the-park home run, which was Hamilton’s goal as the ball was sailing to the fence. It’s why he was running so fast.

Even Bryan Price was surprised at the home run.

Billy Hamilton talks as fast as he runs.

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  1. In other words, Bryan Price was hoping that Billy would get on and create chaos.

  2. Looking at the lineups for today and Reds have hit more Home Runs, have more RBI’s and stolen more bases. The biggest difference between us and Milwaukee? Starting Pitching.

    • Your post reminds me of this story:

      One day, Dr. Watson received a call at his home from his friend and mentor, Sherlock Holmes.

      “Watson”, said Sherlock, with no greeting. “I fear this time I am stumped. I need your help.”

      “Why, whatever is the matter, my dear Holmes?”, asked Dr. Watson.

      “It’s the Hooded Bandit.” Sherlock said, pacing around Watson’s living room. “The people around town claim to be attacked and robbed by a man wearing a bedsheet. He strikes quickly and then vanishes, leaving no clues or traces behind. We must uncover his true identity, but I haven’t the slightest notion of where to begin.”

      Watson laughed. “Why, my dear Holmes, how could you have overlooked the obvious solution? All one must do is go door-to-door and examine the beds of the people nearby where the attacks are happening.”

      Holmes was intrigued. He stopped pacing and fixed his intense gaze on his friend. “Yes, my dear Watson, go on.”

      “By examining these beds,” Watson continued. “You should be able to find one that is different from the others, lacking in one key feature.”

      The answer dawned on Sherlock Holmes. “Why, my dear Watson, are you saying we only need to find the bed that has….” he trailed off.

      Watson nodded. “Yes. No sheet, Sherlock.”

  3. 16 pitches for Bob Steve to get through the 1st. If he keeps that up, he’ll barely make it to the 7th.

    • it’s the waste pitches with 2 strikes that elevates his number

    • MLB average for SP is 16.6 P/IP. Reds SP average 17.3.

    • Are we really complaining about 16 pitch innings? to get 96 pitches through 6 would be pretty good, I will take 112 through 7.

  4. I’m not always a Contrarian: Yet I must say if you look at the replay of Billy Hamilton’s homerun you see a team that is cohesive and not lying down on the job.

    Let’s spin this into something bad about the Reds manager

  5. Price is a Dusty clone including being a player’s manager,speed at the top and vets play and rookies watch.They liked Dusty and they like Price.Same style.

  6. Give Bob Steve a lifetime contract if he can keep Braun in the yard tonight

  7. Another assist by an outfielder

  8. Bunting again.



  10. George Grande would love all these “loopers”

  11. Giving away outs is never a good thing especially when you next two hitters get hits.

    • I dunno. With Billy, a bunt is preferable to a strikeout or a short flyout that doesn’t advance the runner. If he could learn to bunt for hits, I’d be totally ok with it.

      • I agree and that’s why he doesn’t need to lead off.

      • Almost all bunts reduce run expectancy and the main reason managers bunt is to stay out of a double play. With Hamilton there’s even less of a reason for him to bunt, unless he is trying to bunt for a hit, because he is less likely to hit into a double play than most people.

        • Just following on Gameday- was he trying to S- I assume he was actually trying to bunt for a hit, otherwise a really dumb strategy in the third

  12. My boy Adam Duvall has to have lost more rbis in this 2nd half then anyone? Either popping up or doubleplays with less then 2 outs and risp.

    • Just think how many more RBI’s who would have gotten and lost had Suarez led off or Winker or even Branhart, anybody got a stat for who leads league in PA with runners on, would have to think Duvall’s got to be up there

      • He wouldn’t have gotten those rbi’s popping out, striking out or hitting into dp’s. I think he’s tired and slumping.

  13. I understand that one reason that the network pays for the rights to MLB is so they can promote other shows. But I’m turningoff the TV and listening to radio now.

  14. Trouble brewing here. (Har!)

    Let’s see how the kid handles it.

    • That was impressive.

    • Very well.Bob is nasty.

    • That was perhaps a big turning point for Stephenson — to walk two guys, have bases loaded with no out, and to get out of it. There’s no way that happens like that earlier this season.

      • We don’t know that. He never got the chance.

        • Your right.Got to let young guy pitch.

        • The people who are charged with developing these young pitchers are not stupid people. They know what it takes to pitch in the bigs.

          • Yeah..thats why Castillo & Mahle sat in AA for half the year while Arroyo was handing out 440 ft. souvenirs right and left. Castillo has over 400 ip in the minors…they rushed Lorenzen up with 185 ip in the minors. It shouldn’t take all year to turn these kids loose

          • Many others factors contributed to making those decisions. Innngs, service time and injuries. Hindsight is always 20/20.

    • He handled it with flying colors.


    Bases loaded, no outs, then 3 consecutive strikeouts against MLB hitters.

    I think that young man just took a tremendous step forward right before our eyes. That’s the kind of moment that sticks with you.

      • It is amazing. He’s been so bad in every other big league stint that I’m not sure what to think? He’s always had the stuff. A 0.99 whip at AAA is very impressive…thats hard to do at any level!

        • Indy command has been his big issue. When you walk guys and pitch behind in the count your not going to have very much success.

    • I kind of get the feeling we collectively are excited about Castillo and Mahle’s early success and even looking forward to see if Romano can maintain his consistency. So many wrote off Stephenson but he has been pretty solid since his call-up. I feel Price took him out in a few of his starts and did not give him a chance to work out of his jams. Lets see how he does third time through, can he make it through 7?

      • Actually, a lot of us here wanted them to give Stephenson a chance to start. An inning here and an inning there of garbage time baseball wasn’t helping him develop. It really wasn’t rocket science to see that he needed to be given more opportunities. I mean he’s not out of the woods yet with all his walks but at least he isn’t being treated like Cody Reed.

  16. Really think Stephenson is moving forward but when he figures out how to be more consistent throwing strikes he could be dominant.

  17. Would like to see Stephenson get through the 7th and turn it over to the pen.

  18. Suarez sells inurance…I’m buyin’

    • Love the changes he has made in his game. Him for Simon was a steal.

      • Jocketty deserves a lot of the criticism he gets but that trade and the one for Latos were really good deals in my opinion.

        • The fact that Jim Leyland was so opposed to the Tigers’ trading Suarez pretty much tells me everything I need to know there — for a return like Simon.

  19. As much as I like how Stephenson is throwing tonight 5 walks in 6 innings is to many.

  20. Brewers just bunted the tying run to 3rd. The

  21. Would love to have a lights out LOGGY right here.

  22. Expanded rosters and we don’t have a lefty we can use in this spot. Wow!!!

    • Reed was just called up, but I trust Wojo more…even Peralta has been shakey

  23. Nice job Wojo!!!!!

  24. Wojo tiptoes off the hook…nice job

  25. Fully expect the bunt from Billy here

  26. FS Ohio (and the Reds) are a bunch of cheap skates for not broadcasting all 162 games, like other teams do, but that was some great camera work staying on Craig Counsell, showing his stress and exasperation, catching him with his guard down.

    Brewers lost yesterday on Billy Hamilton hitting a HR off a LHP and losing today, despite getting 7 BB’s in 7 innings.

    Seeing a 17% chance of a wild card slipping away to a last place team. Stressful.

  27. The Legend of Scooter!!! 3 run tater…off a lefty to boot.

  28. The legend of the man called Scooter grows……

    He crushed that one

  29. Getting tighter. Aint ever easy it seems

  30. Aerial can’t find the zone…3 walks.
    12 walks in the game

  31. Not sure why you would leave him out there this late in the game.Two in two on and nobody out.Time to try somebody else I think.

  32. 4 batters, 2 runs and still on 1st and 2nd with nobody out. And NOW Bryan comes to fetch Hernandez in favor of Iggy.

  33. Iggy aint fooling no one either

  34. That famous cliche’ among English soccer fans….

    “It’s the hope that kills you”

    definitely applies to the Brewers tonight and in both games of this series.

  35. Sui squeeze…always a thing of beauty.
    Cozart then tacks on another with a single.

  36. Kind of dumb to send Iggy back out in the 9th for a 2nd inning.
    I’m assuming he wasn’t going to pitch again tomorrow anyway, so give him a 2nd inning, so maybe not too very dumb

  37. I agree he wasn’t pitching tomorrow anyway.

  38. Bob was good enough.Obviously the walks hurt but the 3 straight strikes out in the 4th with the base loaded was the ball game.He has major nasty stuff.

    • His stuff is absurdly good. Honestly, if Stephenson could throw strikes consistently, he has ace stuff.

      And if a bullfrog had wings, he wouldn’t bump his butt on the ground.

      • I recall some dude named Randy Johnson had similar issues until things finally clicked. The Old Cossack hasn’t yet lost hope for Stephenson’s potential, as frustrating as the process can be.

        • I recall the same about Nolan Ryan. I have more than a little hope that the bullfrog is growing wings.

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