In a bizarre twist of events, the Reds and Pirates decided to play leap frog instead of baseball in tonight’s contest. The decision went all fine and dandy for both teams until the bottom of the seventh inning, when Billy Hamilton failed to clear Scooter Gennett on the non-oft tried outfielder/infielder hop, and John Jaso went to third. The first failed hop was compounded by a second failed hop of Michael Lorenzen over Stuart Turner, leaving Jaso to jog home for the game’s first run.

Jordan Luplow then ripped a dinger for his second big league hit an inning later, slightly ruining my metaphor but mostly ruining the Reds’ chances for a rally.

Pittsburgh Pirates 5 | Cincinnati Reds 0 | Reds ACLs Surprisingly Intact

The Good

— Tyler Mahle, i.e. Reds’ savior #2, pitched quite the game today, matching the Pirates’ Jameson Taillon for 6.0 innings. Mahle gave up 5 hits, walked none, and struck out three. With two solid starts in two tries, Mahle seems to be the real deal (note: sample size aside) and Twitter agrees!

— Billy Hamilton did Billy Hamilton things and robbed Josh Harrison of a (probable) triple in deep center in the third. Josh Harrison then got drilled in the hand by Mahle in the fifth, so it’s fair to say Josh Harrison had a bad day.

The Bad

— Josh Harrison’s aforementioned day.

— Outside of Billy Hamilton who led off the game with a double and had a solid line drive single later in the game, the Reds’ offense stink stank stunk today. Tyler Mahle should be sitting pretty on his first Major League win, but instead he’s stuck with a pretty aggravating no decision.*

*Sentence written before Ludlow’s home run, but I stand by the sentiment.

— Wandy Peralta had a bad night, giving up Ludlow’s homer and looking a bit lost on the mound in the process. He then landed a bit funny on his second pitch to Jose Osuna, brining the training staff out to the mound and Peralta out of the game.

Not So Random Thoughts

— Which is worse? This:

or this?:

— Bryan Price will be the Reds’ manager again next year, which is a fairly polarizing statement in these circles. I’m not opposed to keep him around personally, but I don’t feel strongly enough about Price to fight for him though.

— Tomorrow we play the best Twitter presence in baseball, Trevor Williams:

Worth the follow and should be a fun game.

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  1. Billy did his job.On base 3 times and had a great catch.Rest of the team didn’t show up.Third time shutout in last 7 games.Good starting pitching.Can’t wait till we no longer have to talk about the starters and start talking about the lack of offense like we have shown in these last 7 games.

  2. Looks like Grand Slam Gennett should be excused for the bad O along with Bham. He went 2-4 today.

  3. Bob Steve has looked pretty solid of late as well.

  4. Really bad play by Ervin to let in the first run. Probably didn’t matter because Peralta was coming in the next inning no matter what, but Ervin needs to take advantage of his limited opportunities. Bad decisions like that could really hurt him if only because he won’t get to play that much, especially when Winker returns.

    • Nick, I am not in disagreement with what you wrote.

      It’s just sad to me that it is true. Why in the world would Phillip Ervin have “limited opportunities” going forward?

      No excuse for Bryan Price to worry about September game outcomes.

      Duvall and Hamilton aren’t chasing personal records, the best use of their spots in September would be Winker and Ervin, Schebler in RF. Or, Elizalde. Or, Peraza, despite his bad track record so far in the OF, just to get on the field.

      Ervin is a first round pick of this team, and he is being used and evaluated as if he is Patrick Kivlehan, a soon-to-be 28 year old drafted by the Mariners.

      • Duvall has earned his playing time.

      • So Billy isn’t chasing a Gold Glove … the one that should be his 2nd or 3rd already?

      • Ervin should play more, no doubt, but the doesn’t mean that Duval,Schebler or Hamilton shouldn’t play. With Winker on the DL Ervin can play in left, one day, center one day, right one day and be available to pinch hit one day. The solution is so simple, it is pathetic it is not being done. There is no need to play Kivelihan. He is not part of the future.

  5. Sitting a couple of gold glove outfielders, one with a shot to steal 70 bases and another who will give you a 100 RBI’s and close to 35-40 Hr’s for the second year in a row is not going to happen and shouldn’t. If you sit me for a guy who barely hits 250 in the minors to see if he has the ability to take my spot. Well good luck getting any major leaguers to play for your organization. Duvall and Billy have earned their time. Ervin is not being blocked by two scrubs.

    • I would not lump Duvall and Hamilton together.

      Duvall was an All Star last year, nearly one this year and creates runs offensively with elite power while playing a solid left field. Statistically, across the board, he is one of the more productive left fielders in the NL.

      Billy Hamilton has the lowest batting average, OBP and power of any center fielder in baseball. His wRC+ is 40% below the average MLB player. . Hamilton is in the top 5 certainly for defensive CF play- but overall, he is one of the least productive centerfielders in all of baseball. His WAR is 1.1, the lowest of his career. His highlight reel catches once every 3 weeks don’t change any of that, nor do his 55 stolen bases. The game of baseball is changing and so is the value of Hamilton. In 2017 and beyond, when runs and home runs and offense are up, He will never save enough runs in aggregate in CF, to overcome his failures in producing runs at the plate.

      Kiermeier, Buxton, Bradley Jr, Zimmer, Conforto, Springer, Yelich, Verduco, Enciarte- these are the new generation of all around productive centerfielders. Even the older generation of center fielders aren’t 2 tool players-Adam Jones, Lorenzo Cain, McCutcheon, Dexter Fowler. That doesn’t even include the top 2 offensive CF in the game- Mike Trout and Charlie Blackmon.

      An aging and increasingly expensive Billy Hamilton has defensive skills and speed that don’t project well in this new era of offensive baseball, when home runs, walks, and strikeouts dominate the game. If he could walk and bunt and cut his strikeout rate, that would be different.

    • Been saying the same thing. Losing 25% of my playing time in some 4-man rotation in Hamilton, Shebler, and Duvall’s situation. Now, getting him a game a week shouldn’t be too hard.

  6. I’m just encouraged to see that a solid rotation is finally taking shape under Bailey, Castillo, Romano, Stephenson & Mahle. It remains to be seen what’s going to be the outcome for those in DL (Disco and Finnegan) and those still in Louisville (Garrett, Davies and Reed). The bullpen shows to have only three secured names into 2018 (Iglesias, Lorenzen and Peralta), so there’ll be plenty of competition for the other four spots. My concern is Price will be still at the helm, which doesn’t make much sense given his demonstrated inability to develop young players, line-up futility and bullpen mismanagement (and that’s excluding his non-sense double switches), but maybe with a full & healthy rotation during 2018 front office will finally take another direction.

  7. Price will do exactly what Dusty does in that he plays the vets and sends the rookies out for coffee.He thinks it good enough that they were called up and should be just so happy to be in the big leagues.I understand it but don’t agree with it.Next you will hear we must play our best to protect the integrity of the game.Dusty played and different rules apply for him and other former players.Price is just copying Dusty.As Chuck always said so we win 75 instead of 72 and that makes a difference.

  8. It’s nice to see the development taking place with the Reds starting pitching. Castillo, Romano, Stephenson and Mahle offers promise. Maybe Reed, Garrett and Davis too. I’ll give Price one more season but get ready for another year of a set lineup with no wavering plus meaningless bunts when they aren’t needed.

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