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Reds vs. Pirates – September 2, 2017




Prior to tonight’s middle game of a three-game series against the Pirates at PNC Park, the biggest Reds-related news didn’t happen in Pittsburgh.

I will echo what our Doug Gray said in his report about not being a doctor. But I was a die-hard Reds fan at a time when a young slugger named Nick Esasky came up through the minor league system. He could crush any pitch that wasn’t a curve (at least while with the Reds). Before the 1989 season, he was traded to the Boston Red Sox for first baseman Todd Benzinger and pitcher Jeff Sellers. (Benzinger, of course, was the first baseman on the 1990 World Championship Reds team.) Esasky had a great season in Boston in ’89, hitting 30 homers, driving in 108, with an OPS+ of 133.

Esasky’s contract expired after that season, and he signed a lucrative free agent deal with Atlanta, the team near his home area in Georgia. But he played only nine games for the Braves, as an ear infection that caused vertigo ended his career.

Ear infections are not career-ending for every player, but with the cruel fate suffered by a former Reds farm system product still fresh in our memories, we must hope for the absolute best for Senzel, who — barring any illness or injury issues — seems to be destined to make his major league debut sometime in 2018.

Starting Pitchers

Tyler Mahle 5 5.40 5.20 21.7% 17.4%
Jameson Taillon 106 4.75 3.90 21.7% 8.7%

Mahle is making his second start since his recall, and both will have been against Pittsburgh. It provides a chance to see how a team that just saw Mahle a few days ago will fare against him. In his first start last Sunday, Mahle pitched well in the early innings, and that is often easy to attribute to a team seeing a pitcher for the first time. We’ll see how things go this evening for MLB.com’s 86th overall ranked minor league prospect (and the Reds’ second-ranked pitching prospect behind Hunter Greene).

Taillon struggled in his last outing, which was against the Reds and Mahle, throwing 108 pitches in just four innings of work. He allowed five hits and four walks (three went to Votto, who walked five times overall in that game) while striking out four. We’ll see if Taillon chooses to throw Votto any strikes this evening.


All Reds relievers should be available, with the possible exception of Asher Wojciechowski, who pitched two innings Friday.

Starting Lineups

Reds Pirates
CF Billy Hamilton 2B Josh Harrison
SS Zack Cozart LF Starling Marte
1B Joey Votto CF Andrew McCutchen
LF Adam Duvall 1B Josh Bell
2B Scooter Gennett 3B David Freese
3B Eugenio Suarez C Elias Diaz
RF Phillip Ervin RF Jordan Luplow
C Stuart Turner SS Jordy Mercer
P Tyler Mahle P Jameson Taillon

In Mahle’s first start, his catcher was Chad Wallach, who had caught him in the minors. It’s not clear if Stuart Turner has ever caught Mahle except maybe in the bullpen, so we’ll see what effect, if any, that has tonight. The Pirates’ lineup is not their best, so that may help.

Jose Peraza is 8-for-11, with a 1.659 OPS, career-wise against Taillon, but not in the lineup.

News and Notes

Bryan Price explains why he pulled Luis Castillo after four innings and 89 pitches Friday …


Too bad Reds TV will likely miss this priceless moment …


Photo captions, please …


If you have a few minutes before the game, take a look at this video. I was at an event near Chicago recently where he performed. He mentioned to the crowd that he formerly played minor league baseball in the Reds system, so I looked him up. He has the trick golf shots down to an absolute art form.

35 thoughts on “Reds vs. Pirates – September 2, 2017

  1. You’d think this would be a game that Peraza would start, right? Not a fan of how the organization is handling the situation.

    • Related to your thought on why Peraza isn’t starting again….

      “Ervin, if Don Long hadn’t reminded me that Schebler is 1 for 13 lifetime vs. Taillon, you wouldn’t be in the lineup tonight. Consider yourself lucky.”

    • And Cozart will probably get an off day tomorrow, when Peraza probably has a better chance to succeed today

  2. “September baseball is winning baseball in Cincinnati. I have an option for next season still to get picked up. 5 more with the Pirates, 4 left with the Mets, 6 with the Cardinals. Plenty of wins out there versus also-rans, playing their kids, left to convince DW I am still the man.

    Development? Those kids coming up from Louisville can develop by sitting and watching Cozart play, every night, for the rest of the season. I sure am going to miss that guy.”

  3. Just got an alert….Price will return in 2018. Not only is this season almost over, now next year is a goner

    • Said he was informed of this in July. I can’t think of a reason that it was withheld from the public, other than to prevent an immediate fan revolt.

  4. According to Cincinnati.com Bryan Price was informed back in July he would be coming back next season… not sure these comments slandering him are necessarily warranted.

    • Where is the “slander”? There is none.

      The fact that Price knew in July he was staying and still not playing Peraza and Ervin is even more appalling. He had the job security to do so, and still, we are watching a guy start at SS who may very well not be with the team in 30 days.

      Bryan Price is years behind most other MLB managers in how they execute their jobs. That is a fact.

      Sadly, Reds ownership is happy with this.

  5. What’s the forecast? I don’t mean for the rest of the year or next season… Will this game get started at all?

  6. I said Price would return.As I recall saying somebody had his back primarily because he just did what he wanted to do and nobody did anything about it.How sad not because he is a bad person but because as the Reds did 4 years ago they just settled again for a Dusty clone.

    • That was the worst call strike I have EVER seen. Angel Hernandez is the worst umpire I have EVER seen. The catcher didn’t even think the pitch was a strike. It wasn’t close enough to even consider.

      Angel Hernandez is the poster child for robo strikes

      • Hernandez has everybody upset when he is behind the plate.Not only is he bad at balls and strikes he is very inconsistent.

  7. Way too many pitches for Mahle in the first.Needs to throw more strikes.

  8. Feast or famine with our offense lately.Lets support Mahle with some runs.How about it.

  9. Mahle is probably done and so am I.Five scoreless innings for the young man.Wish we could have got him some runs.Another good start by a young guy.Wish this was May 2nd.

  10. 6 STRONG innings for Mahle….Well done young man. Your turn tomorrow Romano

  11. Mercy…all kinds of bad happened there…bleeder drop and Jaso scores from 1st. Error on Irvin, but Votto not there to cut the throw off….hits side of the mound, nobody covering home

  12. And off come the wheels…Peralta gives up a run HR….1st of career for Ludlow

  13. Real good outing by Mahle. Reds starting pitching continues to look promising for 2018.

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