Today’s matinee at GABP between the Reds and Mets closes out the series, homestand, and month of August for the Reds. The Reds lost the chance for a .500 homestand along with the game Wednesday night. However with a win today, they can  take the series and secure a winning month of August, which would be their first .500 or better month of the 2017 season.

Starting Pitchers

Righthander Robert Stephenson will make the start for the Reds, his sixth since being put in the rotation.  Stephenson is hoping to build on his strong effort versus the Pirates on August 25. In that game he struck out 11 batters, including the first six of the game; and, over 5.2 innings he allowed just 2 runs. However, the flip side is that he also walked four batters. Since Stephenson has been in the rotation he has shown he has excellent to outstanding stuff; but, he continues to struggle at times with his control. His results have looked solid in his last three starts; but, his FIP for them suggests that due to his high base on balls rate he has lived a bit on the lucky side .

Righthander Jacob deGrom starts for the Mets. deGrom is the lone remaining member of the highly touted projected Mets 2017 rotation which was expected to help propel the team toward a playoff berth. Nevertheless, deGrom  has upheld his end of the bargain. In 26 starts he has pitched 172.2 innings with an ERA and FIP closely clustered just under 3.50. In the process he has struck more than a batter per inning along the way.

Robert Stephenson 5.16 1.88 14.1% 22.1%
Jacob deGrom 3.26 1.25 7.0% 28.6%


Tim Adleman was the only Reds reliever to see action on Wednesday. He threw 3 shutout innings and figures to be unavailable today.

Mets starter Rafael Montero pitched 8.1 innings before giving way to closer AJ Ramos for the final 2 outs of the game. No availability issues here.


1. Jose Reyes (2B)
2. Amed Rosario (SS)
3. Asdrubal Cabrera (3B)
4. Brandon Nimmo (LF)
5. Travis d’Arnaud (C)
6. Dominic Smith (1B)
7. Juan Lagares (CF)
8. Travis Taijeron (RF)
9. Jacob deGrom (P)
1. Billy Hamilton (CF)
2. Jose Peraza (SS)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
5. Scooter Gennett (2B)
6. Scott Schebler (RF)
7. Patrick Kivlehan (LF)
8. Stuart Turner (C)
9. Robert Stephenson (P)

Kivlehan in for Duvall who has looked like he is running on fumes. Barnhart to paternity leave (more below).

News and Notes

As anticipated

After Homer Bailey’s start Wednesday, make this 8 of 14,


Final Thoughts

The Reds lost their second pitchers’ duel in the last four games Wednesday night. It is always tough to lose these kind of games. As fans, we tend to go back and replay them in our heads time and again trying to discern where the game was lost or could have been won, if only….

Last night after the game, I became fixated on my belief Bryan Price had mismanaged the Reds ninth inning by sending Billy Hamilton instead of Patrick Kivlehan to the plate to lead off the inning as his pinch hitter for the pitcher. I even wrote in this space then deleted (twice) a paragraph explaining why I thought Price’s choice was so grievous. Finally I decided of all the things Price has done, or not done, to indicate he isn’t the person to be the Reds manager going forward, this was among the lesser and unworthy of  deeper attention.

Instead, by the light of a new day I have chosen to be happy that the Reds have actually been involved in two pitching duels in the last four games. Given the path their pitching has been down in 2017, this in itself is a sign of progress and a victory of sort. Now if I can just get past wondering why Luis Castillo grooved a first pitch batting practice fastball to Gerrit Cole on Saturday night……   Go Reds!

Data and stats from and courtesy of, Baseball Reference and Fangraphs
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  1. With the top of the Reds lineup against de Grom today, runs again will be at a premium. On paper, that is a weak lineup. However, Duvall needs a couple of days off. Looks like a spring training game lineup. Nevertheless, I hope they score 8 runs today.

    • Taking the starting eight listed above as a constraint, I would be tempted to put Schebler in the four spot and move Suarez up to one or two and then move at least one of Hamilton or Peraza well down in the lineup.

      • Peraza was demonstrating signs of improvement, significant improvement, until Price opted to relegate him to a reserve role. Hamilton…well not so much, yet Hamilton sits there in the leadoff spot starting virtually every game. I guess Hamilton has gained a veteran status and Peraza still has a non-veteran status.

        If Hamilton and Peraza must (and they don’t) be in the lineup together, Peraza should be the one in the top of the lineup with Hamilton relegated to the bottom of the lineup.

        Yes, Suarez should be in the top of this lineup, but he should also always be in the top of the lineup and with the way Schebs has been barreling up the ball, hitting him behind Votto in this lineup is far from the worst idea.

  2. The Pensacola Wahoo’s game recap indicated Nick Senzel was hoping to be back soon from an inner ear infection. ICYMI.

    • Thanks Old School. I was wondering what happened to Senzel to cause him to disappear from the lineup. Inner ear infections are potentially significant, career threatening significant, for athletes, especially baseball players. Let’s hope this is just a routine situation that resolves quickly and doesn’t become a recurring issue.

  3. Mets TV feed today …

  4. After years of referring to him as “Bob Steve,” just heard that Stephenson actually goes by Bob now, not Robert. (I guess the Steve part is still a work in progress!)

  5. De Grom says here its is boys and see if you can hit.We can’t.

  6. Just as Marty says de Grom will give up the occasional gopher ball, Scooter obliges !!

  7. Scooter hit it.Go Scooter.

  8. Reyes as he did the other night twice just stands there and never swings and walks.

  9. Wow, that was a shot right back at Bob. As the saying goes, that had to hurt. Probably still does.

  10. What a wonderful play by Suarez to get a force at second. Wow.

    • Plays like that make me think Senzel had better be quite good defensively if he’s gonna displace Suarez. Of course, I’m also liking more and more the idea of Suarez moving back to shortstop.

  11. I think Suarez will move back to short as well and if he just makes the basic plays we will be fine.

  12. A Hamil-run !!!!

  13. Great at bat by Peraza but his job was to get Billy to third right there.He saw 10 pitches though

  14. Anybody on gameday? Was that a strike to peraza?

  15. Peraza has some upside but he’s not moving Scooter out of the lineup. The Triple S boys on the infield….Senzel, Suarez, and Scooter!

    • If anybody was expecting 30HR/100RBI by Gennett this year should be a wizard

  16. Is there anyway I can watch this game in Cincinnati?

  17. Any update on Winker?

    • Apparently, he won’t be ready to return when his 10-day DL stint ends. He still hasn’t resumed ‘baseball activities.’

  18. Thanks Vegas.Would love to see him play the rest of the way.

  19. Bob looking like he wants to try to go 7 innings today. Interesting …

  20. ScooteRBI

  21. I am not watching but Bob’s stuff can be filthy at times.As with all young guys he just needs to throw strikes and get ahead and then you get a lot of swing and misses.

  22. Collins is an old school guy.Just like last night when he put Joey on he puts Schebler on today and makes somebody else get it done.I respect it but its August 31st and neither one of these teams are gong anywhere so just let em play Terry.

  23. Six innings for Bob. Probably it for him with Lorenzen warming up, but not a bad performance. Who ARE these guys???

    • Bob seems like he’s turning the corner? I have to question the loss of velocity a little bit….yahoo had him at 91 in the 1st inning, but I think he was around 94-95 last start? Its promising!

      • If I remember he hit 97 on a couple against the Bucs.I think he can still bring it when he needs it.

  24. I realize his last two starts were against teams that don’t hit very well but he has looked good.Next start in 5 days go Bob.

  25. Joey goes deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Makeup call !!!!!!!!!

    • All the pitches were called correctly, if you can believe Gameday.

      • That inside-corner pitch was still a dandy, regardless of whether it actually caught the plate. But the strike three pitch looked like it ran off the plate outside.

        • I can’t see today’s game, so I have no frame of reference.

          I thought the pitch tracker seemed mis-calibrated last night, but it’s usually pretty good. Maybe it’s been off a fraction this series.

  27. Turner’s got some pop or so it seems.Go dude.

  28. Apparently having a baby agrees with Mr. Turner!!!

  29. Now why would Price send up Duvall in a 5 run game in the eighth inning?The guy is just so full of doing it his way.

  30. Price just couldn’t let Duvall have a complete game off in a meaningless game…geez!!!

    • Insurance runs. Who is available in the bullpen today with a 5 run or more lead? Iglesias will be in for the 9th I would imagine. He needs the work. (sarcasm-wink.)

  31. And Billy does what Billy does…

  32. Maybe Irvin was out getting coffee.

  33. There is almost more action today than on the July 31 trade deadline. The LA Angels getting Justin Upton from Detroit is a coup for them and Mike Trout next year. Tigers may be dealing Verlander too after saying they decided against it.
    Phillies picked up Nacasio from the Pirates, so Reds won’t see him this weekend.
    Reds sitting this one out too after Cozart got claimed and blocked. I thought there might be a chance Storen got dealt today, but it doesn’t look like it. He is about the only player not on the DL the Reds could possibly deal. Adelman and Wojo would probably get claimed on waivers and be pulled back. They both have the minimum salary and have pitched OK out of the pen.

  34. And this one belongs to the Reds.

    • What’s taking so long to get the game recap up?

      • It’s been up for hours! You must be having trouble with your computer. Maybe it’s time to get rid of that commodore

        • You have a VERY good Point Seat. As I tell the Little Cossack’s…”I’ll take that under advisement!”

  35. Hope its not because we are looking for Irvin to show up after his coffee run.He may be gone for awhile.

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